Score for Dawn Treader in Top Ten of 2010

Although it is not an accolade comparable to an academy award or golden globe nomination, the score for The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has been selected by as one of the top ten movie scores of 2010.  The article praises the work of composer David Arnold, and claims that the Dawn Treader score “is the best score the Narnia series has produced yet.”

You can read the entire article, as well as see the other top ten scores of 2010, by clicking here

12 Responses

  1. LL says:

    I loved the new score. It was a nice change yet it incorporated a lot of the Narnia themes from the first two films. It deserves recognition for sure!!

  2. narnian resident says:

    i really love the music too. it made Voyage of the Dawn Treader seperate and unique from the others yet still felt very Narnian.

  3. WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    I loved the music. Music makes a movie come alive (that sounds weird, but I don't care.) And I love how he brought in some of Harry Gregson-Williams' music too! It sounded so Narnian and so different too… the good different, I mean. 🙂

  4. WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    Yes, I totally agree!

  5. Narnia-Fan1 says:

    I think Arnolds music was still quite good and some themes are stunning but it will never top Harry Gregson-William's score. It's a mixture of Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and other movie Soundtracks. But still great to hear that many people like it!

  6. Kelly says:

    The music and score in VDT was really good but I still will always love Harry Gregson-William's more!

  7. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    Arnold's score was VERY disappionting in my opinion. in fact, that was probably the reason i didn't like VDT as much as i should've. It didn't have the same magestic Narnia feel that Harry Gregson-William's music did in the first two. Arnold's score wasn't nearly as memorable as Gregson-Williams's. please bring Harry Gregson-Williams back!

  8. Nick Milos says:

    David Arnold did a great job — his style is different than Gregson-Williams, but then again this movie also treaded into new creative territory.

    The dashing, chivalrous Reepicheep inspired me to write a song several years ago, after reading the book. The primary inspiration was Reepicheep's yearning to travel to Aslan's country at the end of the world.

    I recently pitched the song, "Eastward," to Twentieth Century Fox hoping they would pick it up as a trailer for the movie… but alas it was not meant to be.

    Anyone interested can have a listen here:

  9. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    i'm sorry, but i will definitely listen to it. 😉 i love the title.

  10. Talvi says:

    This exactly. I was disappointed by Arnold's score. To me, Gregson-Williams score just absolutely captured the heart and soul of the movies – his music WAS Narnia, at least to me. But Arnold's seemed extremely derivative to me… it sounded like a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Eragon… it seemed very un-Narnia. 🙁 The only Narnian parts I heard were when he brought back William's wondrous invention for the theme – other than that, I was extremely disappointed, and I think I liked the movie less because of it. I want Harry Gregson-Williams back!! :'(

  11. BladeKing says:

    Although I enjoy the soundtrack for "Voyage of the Dawn Treader", I was very disappointed. It didn't have that unique flavor that Harry Gregson-Williams brought to the previous two soundtracks. Sometimes it had the beloved Narnian feel but most of the times it had that generic fantasy feel. Listening to the soundtrack, it seems as if it was written by two composers. I was also very disappointed in the fact that David Arnold did not bring back the Pevensie's theme, Aslan's theme, Caspian's theme, and even Reepicheep's theme because hearing them being developed was one of the main things I was looking forward to the most. Another thing is that "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Prince Caspian" both had a serious sound to it. "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" had a more uplifting feel, and (if this make sense) a slightly younger feel to it than "Prince Caspian", and in "Prince Caspian" the music sounded a bit more serious than its previous installment, since it matured. On the otherhand, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" had a very immature sound, even more immature than "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". The soundtrack should mature with the characters as they move along. I hate to compare one series to another, but Harry Potter is a great example of soundtracks maturing along in a series.
    Although I have these negative thoughts, I can still be able enjoy the soundtrack for what it is; but I can't say I'm not surprised that it didn't get an award.

  12. Maulyadi says: