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  1. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    I would really like to have Tirian on as well. I know he liked the film from the pre-screening story, but I never saw his review. Anyway, here are my following thoughts.

    Edmund was king, but not High King, but since he was from long ago and sailed before, maybe Drinian should have let him half part control.
    Maybe Caspian didn't want to attract attention on a seemingly empty island with 30 some men?
    Maybe if something did attack the kings and queen, weak Eustace could get caught first while the strong got away!No,no probably not.:)
    Bern seriously sounded psychotic. And the mist scene is like a family version of Lost! I just wonder what the Lady of the Green Kirtle was doing over the sea?
    I wonder how the slavers did not notice a huge, obvious ship?
    I thought Caspian punched someone handcuffed, not Lucy.
    The modern audience cannot seem to stand problems being solved without fighting.
    Rhince should have had a better reason for joining the crew. A lot of people probably had family kidnapped, so are they all supposed to come as well?
    I also thought in the books the Lords didn't fear the sea? Correct me if I'm(probably)wrong.

    I can hardly wait until we get to Cheesy Dialogue 101 on Magician's Island! I'd better mark my calendar! 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    Great podcast! Just one thing: about the swords, they said they were given by Aslan in the Golden Age, so I assumed the lords picked them up at the Islands. And I think they might be the same kind of protection as the Tree.

  3. Lillyput90 says:

    Yep, that pretty much summed it up.

    For me the mist scene was a total face-palm moment, you know, in my brain it was "AAAAAAHHHHH! WHY???? It had started so well……sigh."

    There were so many characters not even named in this film, Gumpas was one of them. I mean, after shouting "Queen Prunaprismia has given birth to a son" in PC why would you not even name Gumpas? Who was Pug? Pug was never named in the film – anyone reading the credits is thinking "Who are these Gumpas and Pug guys, I don't remember them? Speaking of the credits, I don't know if you spotted it but there is a character listing for "Gael's Mother", and she is actually named in the movie! She is called Elene or Helene (I'm not sure which), and Rhince actually says it.

    The mist just looked sooooo cheap, it didn't even look convincing, it was probably a preset effect in the editing system that they coloured green and hoped no one would fault them for it. AAAAAHHHHH, WHY??????? Oh Well……

  4. Nice listening to your opinions. The mist idea was pretty cheesy, but I couldn't help admire the scene and the mist for its evil beauty. Yes I know, I sound like an idiot but I really did.

  5. Her name was Helaine.

  6. Rilian The Disenchanted says:

    I heard some of the Prince Caspian podcasts last month and you guys were talking about analyzing The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe after you were done with Prince Caspian. Still plans for that?

  7. Princess Lucy says:

    i agree totally what you guys are saying…i love the sets, the landscape and backgrounds of the film…i am soo upset they didn't add the scene with Gumpas and King Caspian…that was one of my favourite scenes of the Lone Island…like yous have said and LOL yous made me laugh about the swords where Eustrace was trying to defeat the mist…the way Rilian did the expression that was hillarious BAHAHAHA……….thanxs guys 😉

  8. jedi rudi says:

    Okay I think the green mist was the lesser of evils. I mean for a book the plot line of finding lost lords and a hint at reaching the end of the world works but for a movie it doesn't. If you think about it the story would have been lost in the islands. The characters would go from one island have an adventure get back on the ship and go to the next island. There would be nothing tieing the islands together and no coherent plot line. Aa such by the end of the movie audiences would be going what was that movie about anyway.
    So having the green mist as a obvious bad guy that the characters had to defeat tied the movie together, and the fact that the swords are on each island makes them stop.
    But also the fact that Drinian stays with Caspians leadership is common. A man can't serve two masters so the men of the ship had to have one obvious leader not two.
    And I did like the way they had the four of them catpured.

    I did miss the scene of getting rid of gumpas, but since they needed to keep the movie rolling I guess it was okay to cut it.
    And lastly Lucy… well in the books expecially in The horse and his boy, they say she was the one who went to battle and fought along side Edmund and Peter. So the fact that she knew how to fight and could kick butt was believable to me. It did make sense that in PC she would be set aside, because she still was young.

  9. Roger says:

    Good podcast. I have seen the movie 15 times to do my part. Good movie; poor adaptation. Every time I have seen the movie I have cringed at the Narrowhaven act. I think that the movie does this completely wrong. When they were advertising about "epic battles" I was very afraid that is was what they were going to do. Rilian, I agree that Caspain is not allowed to show character. Caspian is not allowed to be the hero nor show intelligence and maturity. What I liked about the book was that they solved the problems of Narrowhaven with their brains not brawn. I wish that Lord Bern were portrayed as a stronger man, not as a broken man. The green mist is a laugh. I am most disturbed by the seven swords and the way they were introduced. The Telmarines did not know about Aslan until Caspian X, so how could Aslan have given Caspian IX swords? To me this was the largest plot hole in the movie. Very illogical. None of the actors get to shine here. Narrowhaven was poorly done.

    Georgie Henley got a black eye while filming the Narrowhaven fight seen. I am a huge fan of Georgie Henley, but I think that they should have shown Lucy nursing a black eye in the next scene.

  10. Arvan says:

    You guys are a lot of fun to listen to! I agree with basically everything you said. The Lone Islands – where everything went downhill. Thanks for the listen!

  11. Thyservant says:

    "They're from your Golden Age, gifts from Aslan to protect Narnia. Your father FOUND them and INHERITED them to us." I think that's what the film told us. So it makes sense to me. It's not a problem.

  12. glumPuddle says:

    Hopefully we're going to record a LWW audio commentary soon. There are some technical issues we need to overcome first.

    "I call all times soon." –Aslan

  13. glumPuddle says:

    So Caspian's father was walking along one day and just so happened to stumble upon seven swords that were programed to destroy the an evil green mist when they were all united? How did he know what they were able to do? If he did know, why would he ever split them on? If they were given to protect Narnia, why not use them on Miraz?

  14. Thyservant says:

    1)Well, as a King, Caspian IX may find anything valuable of the old Narnia in the ruins or somewhere;
    2)He may know that these swords can protect Narnia as they're gifts from Aslan through some tales or 'myths';
    3)Whether he believes in the Swords, tales, myths, Aslan or not, someone always shares his precious with his loyal friends so he may have given the seven swords to his beloved Seven Lords as gifts. Then why not to his own son? Here's the possible story: He's Crowned – He Finds the Swords – He Gives them to the Lords – He Has a Son – He's Murdered. And the part that the Lords are Sent Away may happen at any time between the Swords are Given and the King's Murdered or possibly the King gives them to the Lords when they're sent away as a kind of protection or good will;
    4)The Lords know sth about the Mist ONLY AFTER they are sent away so Caspian IX has nothing to do with the Mist;
    5)The way to destroy the Mist is only told in the film by the Magacian Coriakin so the Lords have no idea of how to destroy it; they are just determined to find the 'Source of the Mystery' and destroy it in their own way but don't know they should lay all of the Seven at Aslan's Table, the place where the last three Lords fail their mission;
    6)Caspian IX just regards the Swords as treasure with some good will of his own and perhaps he has some superstition in them but he knows nothing more about it. So he cannot use them to handle Miraz; what's more, he possibly doesn't know Miraz is going to kill him though he may know that he's definately not a decent relative.
    So here's my ideas. Imagination can always run free, lol.

  15. Thyservant says:

    Adding sth:
    1)The Treasure Chamber of the Pevensies is of course not in the list of 'anything valuable' to be FOUND;
    2)Caspian IX's knowing sth about Narnia doesn't mean he's going to tell anyone, you know, politicians;
    3)Coriakin's telling the crew of Dawn Treader the way to destroy the mist doesn't mean he has to tell the crew of the Seven Lords (Aslan always has his plan); even though the Seven Lords sail the same route of Dawn Treader and hear Coriakin's instruction, their failure is expected because they don't have Aslan in their heart. It's doom for them to give in to the temptations;
    4)As we don't know how the Seven Lords sail, maybe the three Lords at Ramandu's Island are not the Last ones (my mistakes) as we can deduce it from Lord Rhoop in the Dark Island according to the sequence of the islands in the film. Anyway, they are just trying to solve the problem on their own but not totally by Aslan.

  16. Thyservant says:

    As for the reason why Aslan gives such swords to protect Narnia (thanks to the film adaption), I guess it's probably because the Four leaves and the Narnians need protection. I've been wondering why Aslan doesn't come to help in PC. Yes, it's the same reason: the loss of faith. Although the book LWW doesn't tell much about it at the end of the story, history tells us that men start to fall at the top of their golden age. I don't know why the Four need to chase the White Stag. Is it a kind of supersition? Is it a kind of behaviour Aslan likes? I have no idea. But more or less, the loss or 'shrink' of faith of Aslan rather themselves (the Pevensies or the Narnians) has led to the fall of Narnia like the chosen people in the Old Testamony. First, the Four are 'sent away'; but Aslan still whants the Narnians to repent without great pain and he shows his mercy by giving them the Seven Swords to protect themselves as the Swords in some way represent Aslan; but their faith just keeps falling and the Telmarines are in His plan; It is only after 1300 years or so that their faith strongly returns after so long the pain and along the return of faith of the Four. I do believe the Green Mist is a somewhat 'decent' idea. Weaker the faith, stronger the mist (though we don't know when the mist starts to appear; maybe the film adaption of MN or SC can help us if they're ever going to stick with what changes they've made in VDT). And finally, the sail of Dawn Treader put an tempory end to the Mist (lol) and the Seven Swords are no longer needed.

  17. Thyservant says:

    I'm sorry I've gone so far… and please forgive me for my errors in the language 'cause I'm not a native English speaker.
    Have a nice day!

  18. NARNIER says:


  19. NARNIER says:

    I really loved the movie, but I see why they have these points. It's kind of hard because they did change a lot, but I really loved the final product. Great podcast and website. Narnia#4!!!

  20. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    yes! we neeeeeeeed a lww commentary!!! 🙂

  21. Rick Doherty says:

    Just a quick technical comment. You have the wrong year associated with name of the download (2010 vs 2011). I downloaded a few at a time and started to listen to this one first and it was out of order. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

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