‘Narnia Trilogy’ Box Set Coming April 27

Since Disney still owns the first two Narnia films, fans have been wondering if a 3-movie box set would be possible. It appears the legal issues have been sorted out. The ‘Narnia Trilogy’ box set will be available in France on DVD and Blu-ray on April 27.

The word “trilogy” might spook fans who are hoping The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will not be the last Narnia film. It has been in theaters for two months now, and still no word from Fox or Walden about the future of the series. Keep checking back…

Thanks to Narnia France for the alert.

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  1. glumPuddle says:

    This would not be the first time Fox has mislead people with their marketing. So I don't think fans who want another film should let the word "trilogy" spook them.

    • I hope you're right.

    • Not Of This World says:

      I don't think this means the series is over. The trilogy doesn't "spook" me either. If they've made a discision, I think they would of had all ready said it in an interveiw or something.

      • Tribunal says:

        I can see this box set being the last effort to see if people are still interested in this series. Having just performed poorly at the box-office it could also be Walden's last chance at making some profit on the franchise if they do choose to not continue with it.

      • aiglos says:

        Studios don't usually say hey are not making another film in a series. Its not something you put on a press release.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I ment if they were trying to send the message the serise was over, I think they (Dougles Greshem or Mark Johnson or somebody who can make an official statement) would have said it.

      • samuel says:

        @Aiglos: not usually, but disney did, of course that was because dawn treader was already in production

      • Insurrbution says:

        Warner Bros. every time a new HP movie comes out…

    • Reepicheep says:

      Misleading meaning that the White Witch would have a much more important role than she did. Yes, something we can agree about! I think Fox will confirm the next film once VDT is out of theaters, but I desperately do not want the kiddy marketing, never again! They must model the campaign on the first one because that clearly worked.

    • waggawerewolf27 says:

      I expect it took some very fancy legal negotiations to do that, for both Disney and Fox, as well as Walden. It shows that should there be more movies, that further combinations will be possible as well.

    • Reepicheep775 says:

      I know they packaged the first three Shrek movies as "The Shrek Trilogy" and, lo!, they still made afourth one so…

      • Queen Helen says:

        Absolutely, and what about star wars? The last/first 3 were known as the star wars β€˜trilogy’ and hey they’ve doubled the amount of movies since then.

    • Twinimage says:

      Well said. Trilogies are common today. Sadly now they're becoming cliche. Almost every movie franchise does this, even when there's promise for more potential sequels. It's just Fox's chance to make more money by selling all three together. So yeah, I agree, this isn't really a sign that the franchise ends here. Whether it continues, and, if it does, whether that's a good thing or not, we'll just have to wait and see.

    • Not Of This World says:

      Are there any Vennesuala (Probobly just totally spelled that wrong) VDT numbers yet?

    • ~DaughterOfEve~ says:

      I would be surprised if they didn't green light SC because VDT was Fox's for $100 movie in over a year! But then again… it is much lower than the first two :/ I am not spooked by the trilogy set. It makes sense because VDT ends the Pevensie storyline and the other four films are Eustace and prequels.

    • Kim says:

      HONESTLY…. which sequels do well without their main characters? Uh none really
      I think you could do a 3 hour movie that completes the series! Usingthe pevensies and caspian ect…you could always have parts of a HHB in there and comPlete the series with the big stories. But the last battle must be done. Get a good writer that can do that and you would have a phenomenal ending and satisfactory to all of us, because honestly there is no way the rest can financially survive! Have one last movie and tie it all in! That would make a huge killing at the box office! Then before that have a narnia day where you watch the first three and end with the The Last Battle! Which would include compilations of the otter books!
      That's my 2 cents!

      • narniafreak13 says:

        Just saying, IMHO I think that it would be almost impossible to combine the rest of the books into one movie. The movie would be terrible!

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      I wouldn't exactly characterize this as " intentionally misleading"- like a vicious, underhanded ploy-

      there are three films that tie in together, so here they are packaged together. It's just marketing strategy, not like they are "pulling one over on us".

      no need to be so suspicious, in this case. I understand though, you feel burned in other aspects.

  2. Praying Pevensie says:

    What ? Does this mean France is going to get the movie too ? I'm confused, again !!

  3. Queen C The Gentle says:

    I want to see HHB next!

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      Me too !! I absolutely can't wait !! I love the part in LWW where Phillip, the horse talks. Infact, usually, when we play Narnia more than half of us wants to be a Narnian horse !!

    • Lucy says:

      I am simply DYING to see a horse and his boy motion picture, BUT I don't want it next. What they need to do is make silver chair before Will gets too old to play Eustace. Even people who didn't like VDT the movie (unlike myself, who LOVED it; it's my favorite movie now, actually, and I've only see it once) adored Will's portrayal of Eustace and since it would be very, very hard to find a replacement actor that could be even half as good at the role, I would feel bad for anyone who got hired because no matter how well he acted in the film, he would automatically be compared to Will and get called a hactor (that's a balaconism for "Second-rate actor" by the way). Or, worse, the replacement could completley suck and be as bad as the replacement for Bastian Bux in the second Neverending story movie (though I blame some of that bad preformance on the poopy script for that movie. "why are you wearing that rag?" "I like it!" "Well I don't!" "Mom made it!" -uncomfortable silence…righty, then…but seriously, even the kid from free willy played him better than that!).

      To save all that trouble, I say film with Will as quick as possible and then do Horse and his boy later when the franchise is on more solid footing.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Hmmm…….I am, uh, I mean, I am dying to see Horse and His boy. I hope that after Silver Chair they make Horse and his boy. It is so neat, I mean. You get to see Horses,Fighting,running, romance,stealing, anger, happiness, all in one movie !!

      • ruhleowyn says:

        I hope that they do the silver chair next because of some of your aforementioned points I also believe though that if a studio is going to stop making the chronicles it would be best for them to stop after the silver chair….. Now wait and read on before you getting upset. I'm not saying they should stop I am just saying that if there is a place to run out of money it is after the silver chair where the series could be picked up again at the Magician's nephew without redoing the entire series. The Silver chair is a continuation of the Pevensies story as Eustace is there cousin. It also concludes the stories exclusively about narnia. Sure, they go beyond narnia to the northern expanse but, they also are doing it to save a narnian prince. The giants have already been conquered and are a sort of a territory of Narnia.

        The other three books are about a different thread. There are different children(last battle is the exception) and they deal with not only with narnia but with the kingdoms of Archenland and also to some extent Calormen. I am not saying I don't want these movies made. On the contrary I want them to be made very badly because the horse and his boy, the last battle and the magician's nephew are my favorite books. I am simply saying that after the silver chair there is a slight change in the manner of the storytelling. And if you really want to know some of the details read the next paragraph. If you want to take my word on it skip to the fourth.

        The focus is no longer solely on Narnia but also on the countries around. The magician's nephew begins with the creation of Narnia itself King Frank's descendants become the kings of both Archenland and Narnia. This initiates the relationship between Archenland and Narnia. It also has a familiar antagonist, The white witch or Jadis. The horse and his boy follows Shasta and the others through Calormen (an entirely new land for those not familiar with The Chronicles. (they did mention it in the VOTDT movie and I am glad they did that) Calormen is a land of great difference to Narnia they are the true (if I may phrase it this way) "Barbarians" and become Narnia's enemy through out the book and into the last battle. In the last battle the Calormens take over Narnia with subversive and cunning tactics. They are made to show the opposite of the free Narnian's, a contrast probably best shown when they try to create Tashlan. It is the incorporation of Calormen thinking into the Narnian's belief about Aslan that leads to their enslavement and defeat.

        I believe that there are problems no matter what order someone may try to do the remaining movies break or no break. My belief is that after the silver chair. People need to return to the beginning. The magician's nephew. Then when you reach the Horse and his boy Anna, Will, Skandar and Georgie would be just about old enough for the parts in that book and the Last battle. However this would cause the problem of the actors who play Eustace and Jill in the silver chair, regardless on who they are, becoming to old for their reprise in the last battle.

        I personally am kind of hoping that I would be able to be on the crew somewhere somehow for these films. It would be a dream come true for many of us Narniawebbers, and as we all hope for the continuation of the series, and all want them to be the best that they can be and live up to our complex imaginations, I guess the best I can sum up is LIVE ON NARNIA, and LONG LIVE ASLAN

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        LONG LIVE NARNIA !! I do read the full comments.Sometimes it is hard though, cause they are SO long ! ( No offensense.) I am not upset, or near upset. I agree that sometimes I am hot tempered. ( Like Aravis.) But I have asked the Lord to forgive me, and I am trying to stop that. I understand your points. It's just that, well, I hope they have enough money for HHB. LONG LIVE ASLAN !!

      • Arvan says:

        I'm looking forward to HHB, but if they stop anywhere besides The Last Battle, they should stop now. VDT is then end of the Pevensies' story in Narnia (besides The Last Battle), and it really is better to leave off there than after The Silver Chair.

      • stateofgreen says:

        Agree with Ruleowyn. They need to make Silver Chair now and soon! Then they can make the prequels and Last Battle.

      • Lucy says:

        No, if they stop anywhere it should be after SC, not now after VDT. My reasons: One) Eustace went through a big change, it would be nice of them to let us SEE, on screen, a little more of that change in another movie. two) um, hello, they MENTIONED JILL at the end of voyage of the dawn treader! they have to show her to us, it's mean of them if they don't, that's like waving candy under a little kid's face and saying, "none for you, hah-hah, it's just a CALLBACK to candy! Ha!". Three) BBC did up to SC, so Walden should show that they are willing to do the same, at least.

      • Arvan says:

        But The Silver Chair is so vastly different from the previous films, and is almost entirely disconnected.

        1) I think they demonstrated Eustace's change quite well and I'd actually rather stop there than have to see him be rude to Jill in SC (if they stop at all, of course). The change makes him so likeable that we love him by the end of VDT, but when reading The Silver Chair, I don't really have any extremely pleasant feelings toward him.

        2) Having Jill Pole mentioned at the end of VDT was more of a nod to fans than anything else, and actually means they'll have to change the beginning of SC.

        3) They did stop there, and it feels very unfinshed. There's no, "ahh, that was a good series". The two books that actually feel like a good ending point are VDT and The Last Battle. Personally, I hope they finish the series. I don't want them to stop at all, but I just think if they ever stop I'd rather it be here than after number 5 or something.

      • Little Lu* says:

        Listen (or look !!), personally HHB is not my favorite,I have not read it but once when my mom read the series to me when I was little and HHB one was my least favorite then so I haven't read it since. But HHB is not why I'm writing, I'm wirting to say that they should do SC because Aslan promised or at least nearly promised that Eustace would come back to Narnia so why wouldn't they continue and bring Eustace back since VODT got good box office rates!??!?! And yes I agree Will Poulter did an Excellent portrayal of Eustace!

    • wolfloversk says:

      Oh I know! The only reason I'm hoping for SC next is because I don't want to lose Will Poulter as Eustace, but they'd better make HHB right after SC, that book is my abesolute favorite of the seven.

      • Anhun says:

        I know I've already said this, but it bears repeating: There is absolutely no reason why they need to rush production of SC for Will Poulter's sake.

        1. He's already had his growth spurt. Physiologically speaking, he's an adult. If the fear is that he'll be too old to play Eustace as the little kid he is in the book, well, sorry to say, he's *already* much too old for that. In fact, if you believe in Hooper's timeline, he's 9 years older than Eustace in SC, and he looks it. The best they can do is pass him off as a high schooler.

        2. Because he's already done about as much growing as he's going to do, he's past the phase where people age dramatically in a few years. He's not going to look all that different 4 or 5 years from now. They can easily fit in another movie (HHB! HHB!) between VDT and SC.

  4. Duffleglum says:

    Walden I believe have the dominant rights to all three films, so I suppose they could do a trilogy despite 2 of them being half-disney and VDT being Fox

  5. Snicket says:

    I will pick this up seeing as the chance for a new movie is very slim.

    Why do people want HHB? That would be the worst book to adapt to film hands down.

    • -centaur- says:

      Why do you say that? I think it would be the easiest, actually, to adapt to film. It has suspense, intrigue, romance, the Pevensies (a big one lol), not to mention a climactic battle. It obviously would have problems (Aslan tearing Aravis's back–PG?) but as far as plot changes go, it should work well.

      • Samuel the Magnificent says:

        I agree completely -centaur-! I think I think HHB could be my favorite. It's such an awesome and beautiful storyline. A boy who thinks he's a nothing but a lowly slave practicly only to find out he's a prince destined to be king. And not only does it have a plot, but romance, pevensies, beautiful scenery. I think HHB would be a huge hit. They could follow the book so closely and it still be great. They would probably change the aslan-tearing-aravis'-back though.

    • Lucy says:

      Ah, but I disagree. I think the horse and his boy would be easier than any of the books (even silver chair, which is the one I want to see next, actually) to make into a film. It's the most straight-forward of all the stories. It doesn't need an added quest or invented battle because it's a quick paced story already and the battle between Edmund's army and Rabadash's men will be more than enough to sastisfy the movie-makers' excitment/battle lust. Also the writers don't have to invent a wildy out there romance to make the story more appealing to romantic-minded viewers (such as Susan and Caspian kissing at the end of PC, or the supposed crush between Lucy and Caspian in the leaked VDT script, which I've never read but have heard about regardless), because Aravis and Cor/Shasta DO get married in the book, so hints of a romance between them would be natural and would not get even the most hard-core of book purists all that upset comparatively.

      • Malfhok says:

        Both SC and HHB have the two things that keep a book from being chopped up when made into a movie: A cohesive plot throughout, and conflict between characters everywhere.

        LWW had both, so excellent adaptation.

        PC somewhat had the plot, but no conflict (everybody agrees with everybody), so more changes.

        VDT had the conflict (Eustace!), but the cohesive plot wasn't really there, so lots of changes.

        And you can fill in the gaps with the other four books. πŸ™‚

      • WilliamMOseleyand Skandarcrush says:

        Well, we all have our favorites and dislikes (Sorry to sound all "mature" and "Miss No-It-All" but i don't mean to sound like that). Snicket, all the books are eventually, and hopefully, are going to be made; which do you prefer to be done next?

      • ruhleowyn says:

        I completely agree on all of the points. I LOVE HHB and would love to direct it. Hehe. I'm sure we all would. It is easily adapted and a FANTASTIC story, though I'm sure when it get's made (optimism, a great policy, might make it happen) we all have our different ideas about the details probably but, the story is very cohesive and should not need much adaption to hit film. Which would make a lot of people happy.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        oh noooo! it's not aslan running next to the horse- it's THE WHITE WITCH!!!

      • coracle says:

        Lucy wrote:
        "Also the writers don’t have to invent a wildy out there romance to make the story more appealing to romantic-minded viewers…because Aravis and Cor/Shasta DO get married in the book, so hints of a romance between them would be natural and would not get even the most hard-core of book purists all that upset comparatively".

        They'd be pretty subtle hints, Lucy, the sort that you would see in a series of squabbles between a peasant boy of 13 and a rich girl of 12 would give out. Not enough to suggest romance, but enough to show how friendship began from serious dislike across social classes.

      • Anhun says:

        @Shelly: LOL, and the Hermit turns out to be none other than Father Christmas!

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        sure, at this rate, why not? LOL

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        but the rule is, ya gotta fit tilda in each movie somewhere-

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      Totally !! I SO agree with you centaur !! I think HHB would be the best. Infact, I think that that one should have been the first to be made !! I don't understand Why you would say that !! It is SO exciting. It was and still is, my favorite book in the whole series !!

      • Lucy says:

        Hmm, I would love to see horse and his boy as a movie, but I disagree that it should have been first. LWW or MAYBE and I mean MAYBE MN are the only stories that could have started off the movies without being confusing. No one would have gotten horse and his boy if it was made first. However, I do think that either while they were making PC or shortly before, they should have done horse and his boy with the older Pevensie actors and then just released it on a different year. On the other hand, with things the way they are now, I really like the idea of Anna, Skandar, and Georgie taking on the HHB roles. (After seeing VDT, I think I would really, really enjoy watching Skandar as Edmund fight Rabadash).

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Yeah, I guess your right. I still would like to see it though because of all the adventures and horses. Yes, I do agree that maybe not the first, but….second ?

      • Arvan says:

        The Horse and His Boy should be 5th or MAYBE 6th. Much as I can't wait to see it on film, I think that doing the films in the books' original published order is the way to go, and I really would prefer to see the Pevensies played by the same actors in all the films. You can't exactly start with adult Pevensies and change them to children later. actors don't "grow down", unfortunately. πŸ˜€

      • Not Of This World says:

        The actors and actresses will need more time to grow up. Although I'm looking forward to this one the most, I think the will have to make this # 6.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        ………Sigh……….I guess your right. But as soon as possible I would like to see Horse and His boy. I think that would be so cool to see th horses, the actors, the Pevensies, Shasta's twin, Even the end part where the evil king turns into a donkey by Aslan would be cool !

      • Anhun says:

        @Not of this World: actually I don't believe they would. If you believe Hooper's time line, the 3 older Pevensies are in their mid-20s and Lucy is in her early 20s. Anna and Will (if they want a cameo of him riding off to fight the giants) are already in their mid-20s, so that's not an issue.

        For purposes of character fidelity, it is never explicitly stated in the book how old the Pevensies are or how long it's been since they defeated the White Witch, the only material point is that they are all young adults. Skandar is already a young adult, and he looks older than his 19 years. Georgie is in her mid-late teens, and it's the easiest thing in the world to style a girl that age to look like a young woman. They do it in the fashion industry all the time.

      • Not Of This World says:

        In movies, they usually have older kids play younger roles. Plus they don't look old enough yet. They need a couple more years to grow and get older.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Also the way Lewis described them makes them seem older then the actors are right now.

      • Anhun says:

        I thought Anna in VDT looked old enough to play Susan as she's described in HHB. Really she (the character) could be anywhere in her 20's. As for Lucy, it surprised me to hear that she was supposed to be 22 in HHB, because the book made her sound more like late teens. She is described as a girl, contrasted with Susan the woman. She is seen as being closer to an equal to Aravis, rather than a mentor type. Then again, Lewis wasn't all that big on consistency.

      • Not Of This World says:

        I just don't think they're old enough yet. In a couple years I think they will.

      • Arvan says:

        Not of This World, it'll be a couple years before we see SC, and by the time they get to HHB (if they do), Georgie Henley will be a young adult. I wouldn't worry about that. As for the others looking too young still, it sounds like you've only seen them as they are in the films. William Moseley and Anna Popplewell are PLENTY old enough right now. They made them look much younger in the last two films with makeup and hairstyling.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Well it looks like we are just going to have to agree to disagree.

    • Fireflower says:

      What?!? I LOVE HHB! I think that it would make a great, no AWESOME movie!!

    • Snicket says:

      I think the people here are the only people I know who like HHB, to each his own I suppose. Seeing another Narnia movie does not look like its in the cards at this point, I think Fox may be waiting for DVD/Blu sales to make the final call, but IF and its a huge if, more movies are made I think this should be the order:

      The Silver Chair
      The Last Battle
      The Magicians Nephew

      I honestly (IMO) could care less about HBB, if it doesn't get filmed I would have no bad feelings. But assuming that the series has enough gas in it for 2 or 3 more HBB will probably make it out anyways, although I doubt even 1 more movie will be made.

      • Arvan says:

        Snicket, you can't have The Last Battle next to last. Sorry, but that's just ridiculous.

      • aiglos says:

        It actually makes some sense, if you look at Hollywood today they are quite fond of prequels. Having it in between SC and LB would confuse the general audience I believe, you can't jump around in the timeline, lots of people have no prior knowledge of the Narnia universe.

      • Anhun says:

        While I agree that prequels are popular, how many of them relate to franchises where everyone dies at the end?

    • Arvan says:

      Are you kidding? HHB is almost LB in epic-ness. It's VERY easy to adapt, too.

      • Snicket says:

        I don't see it that way, no characters from the other films, with the exception of the VERY brief Pevensie children cameo. The screenwriters are already putting the White Witch where she doesn't belong just to add some continuity to the series. Same with the Pevensie children.

        And also talking horses…this is a very hard sell, you don't see talking horses for a very good reason, it looks goofy. Aside from the fans, nobody cares about HBB, heck, from the box office returns, nobody cares about anything Narnia.

        Putting out HHB now would be a surefire way to shoot this series in its already bleeding head.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Well, Hello !! I mean, that's what makes it cool. It is a whole new movie, a whole new start. Fresh, Fun, and exciting. You would get to see Shasta, Bree, Hwin, and my favorite…..Aravis.

      • aiglos says:

        LOL @ Snicket "Putting out HHB now would be a surefire way to shoot this series in its already bleeding head."

        I'm on the same page though, HAHB never interested me as a book let alone a movie, making it now would be a mistake of epic proportions. Its not like we are going to get another movie anyways so there is little point in debating. I hope this set makes it to the US because I will definitely grab it.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Well, Hello !! I mean, It is the best book of all time let alone a movie !! I think that it should be made !! I do know that they are making Silver Chair, and that They probably will not be making another movie for another year. But we still can dream and show our points of view !!

      • Arvan says:

        I don't want HHB out next at all. SC should be next, if they make another. And whatever order they do the films in, HHB and MN need to be next to each other. They're related: one's a prequel and the other's a "takes place during…" type story.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        that's the whole point !! It is different then what we've seen. A whole new fresh start !! I can't see why ANYONE would want to miss out on such a good movie !!

      • Anhun says:

        @Snicket: Did you read the book? Lucy has a cameo, but Edmund and Susan have key supporting roles, Edmund in HHB is similar in importance (and page time) to Tumnus in LWW. Speaking of which (NOT witch!) we also see the return of Tumnus, a popular character played by an increasing popular actor. Also there are a number of Pevensie scenes that are left off-page in the book (the escape of the Splendour Hyaline, the stag at Cair Paravel, etc.) that I think they should show on screen in the movie. It would be more cinematic that way, it wouldn't be unfaithful to the book, and it gives the movie fans more time with their beloved actors.

      • Arvan says:

        Well said, Anhun!

    • narniafreak13 says:

      I'm sorry, Snicket, but reading the rest of the comments on this page, how can you think that HHB is the worst book to adapt? It is one of my favorites, and so many other people's.

  6. Anna Pendleton (For Christ Alone) says:

    Yes, yes, yes! This looks GREAT!!!!!!!!

  7. narnian resident says:

    the cover is just absolutely beautiful. i love it. right now im not gonna let the "trilogy" thing spook me. i've still got hope (and am praying!) that another movie will come (Silver Chair Silver Chair!!!)

  8. Not Of This World says:

    Will all the money go to Fox and Walden, or does Disney get some too?

  9. Starlily says:

    That's neat, I guess. But right now I'd rather see an extended version of VDT (not likely, I think), the Silver Chair made into a movie (possible), and the Horse and His Boy also made into a movie (much less possible, but there's still hope). A trilogy box set doesn't appeal to me much since I already have the first two movies, and plan on getting VDT. I'll just paint a box pretty, stick the three DVDs in it, and call it a Do-It-Yourself Trilogy Box Set. πŸ™‚

  10. Praying Pevensie says:

    I think that this is good. It does not "spook " me though and I don't know why it should.

  11. Lyle says:

    Ugh! When's the countdown for Silver Chair!? I wanna see who plays the LOGK.

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      I'm anxious to see Jill and Puddleglum.

      • Lucy says:

        Same! Plus also, I'd like to see the CGI for Glimfeather (cheeks flush at the thought).

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        I'd like to see Rillian too. Who is CGI ?

      • Arvan says:

        Computer Generated Imagery

      • Ruhleowyn says:

        Puddleglum is one of my favorite characters even though the SC is not my favorite book. I've never really enjoyed being underground so I probably couldn't quite enjoy it as much as other people. I share that with Jill Pole. I really enjoy the part with the giants though. It cracks me up everytime I read it. Especially when puddleglum reads that Marshwiggles are generally stringy and tasteless. Hehe. That's just great.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        I am most excited to see though, ( If they stick to the book. They don't it seems like.) is when they first see Aslan. The owls will be cool to see too. I do think though, that I may stop seeing the movies, just because that I think that the way I pictured the Dawn Treader and all were much better. Believe me, I love the movies too. But When I gallop on my imaginary talking steed and am headed for Cair Parravael, I can picture it so much better. I really hope they DON'T do Last battle, or Magicians Nephew. I think that would be so wrong. I wouldn't feel bad seeing Silver Chair, I guess, or Horse and His Boy. I just think that they are throughing away the hopes, dreams, and imagination of the kids and adults who read the books. I think they should stop near here. = [

      • Lucy says:

        I think saying that is laying it on rather thick, Praying Pevensie. Making the books into movies doesn't destory anyone's oringal view of it. The books are the books, and the movies are the movies, even if they are BASED on the books. That's just how it is. If you can't imagine a book the way you once did because of a movie, maybe it's your imagination itself that has the problem, and even if it isn't, maybe other people still want to see movies of all seven regardless; no one's making YOU see them if they get made. I personally would love to see a MN or a LB movie, as well as SC and HHB.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        I just know that When we read LWW and we had already seen the movie, it was our least favorite because we just remembered the movie. But when scenes in the book came that was NOT in the movie. We all smiled and had WAY much more fun. I just think it would be a disappointment to make the others.

      • Arvan says:

        Wow, I didn't realize… I thought you really loved the movies and didn't care about the changes! I think if done right they could do MN and maybe even LB, but you just went up ten points on my record. On Narniafans.com if you say anything bad about the movies you're attacked for "not supporting the series"!

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        So it's like the communists in Asia. Don't say what you feel or you are marked that you don't care about Narnia ? I didn't mean it like that. I was just boldy saying how I really think it is better in the books, than the movies.

      • Arvan says:

        Well people (including myself) say what they think, but then usually about three or four people reply with comments like "how could you say that about a NARNIA movie!!!!!" It's rather tiresome.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Totally !! I know that whenever I say stuff like this, I usually get nasty comments saying how " I don't care about Narnia " or something like that. It drives me crazy !! I know that I am bold, and usually don't say the right things, but I think it's good for Walden and Fox to understand, that I think they are ruining the books for others. I do think this is serious.

  12. LittlePrincess64 says:

    You know that a sequel for Percy Jackson has just been put on development, it's a fellow fantasy movie distributed by Fox who did poor on domestic but good on the rest of the world, and it was on the edge of not getting a sequel, a year later it's finally on development, those might be good news for Narnia since they have similar circumstances, but of course I'm no expert on cinema numbers so I wil let the speculation sitting here πŸ™‚

    • fae says:

      -sighs- They're making a sequel to that? Noooo… the movie was the worst adaptation I have ever seen. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*
      Must rant… somewhere… someplace…

      I am not ready to compare Narnia movies to the PJO ones, because while the first PJO movie is rather weak as the beginning to a possible series, LWW was great. We may be able to go back to the awesome epic-ness of LWW. So this does give me hope. Still- barely scraping by with a big enough box office for SC to be made does not bode well. Especially since the box office numbers seem to be going down with each movie.

    • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

      really?! is there some kind of website(s) that will keep me updated???? i know a lot of ppl hated Percy Jackson 1, but i saw it before i read the books, so i liked it. Even after i read the books, i still liked it, actually, it's just annoying how many important things they left out. πŸ˜›

  13. Reepicheep says:

    For all you down fans, here may be a sliver of hope. Sounds like Silver Chair (which makes most sense)

  14. Reepicheep says:

    For all you down fans, here may be a sliver of hope. Sounds like Silver Chair is next(which makes most sense)

  15. elton says:

    It's great that all three films will be in the same box

  16. Pepper Darcy says:

    I don't get how that's misleading or 'spooky' for wanting another movie. I thought it just means they're selling the first three together as a market strategy… maybe I'm just super stupid. I don't get how that's misleading… :/ Sorry guys…

  17. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    at first i was like "OMG, that will be soooooooooo COOL", and then i thought "WAIT a minute……this isn't a triology!"
    well, sorry guys, but I know I'M spooked.

  18. Ugly Pig says:

    The use of the word "trilogy" means only one thing: Fox and Disney know that people love trilogies. It sounds epic, dontchaknow. But it means nothing beyonf that. NOTHING. I'd be surprised if they DIDN'T put the word "trilogy" on this. By the way, several movie franchises have been released as "trilogy" sets and yet spawned sequels later (Alien, Indy Star Wars… ).

    • Snicket says:

      Except that all those movies were successful at the box office…

      • Ugly Pig says:

        I realize that. I'm not talking about the general chances of further Narnia movies here, only specifically the use of the word "trilogy". Which, again; is not significant one way or the other. There may or there may not be more movies, but this should not be seen as an indication in any case.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      the first 3 books have been known as the Pevensie trllogy previously….

  19. Hm…sounds interesting. I wonder, will it be released just in France, or in other countries and regions as well?

    Now which am I going to buy? DVD, Blu-ray, or box set?

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      Elizabeth, I do read your blog every morning, but for some reason, When I try to comment, I CAN' T !! I have asked you about this a few times already, but no response. Do you know why it is doing this ?

      • Sorry that I have not responded sooner πŸ™ You may have to become a 'follower' first before you can comment. (the follw button should be on the right side of the blog screen) if that doesn't work I'm really sorry I don't know how else to do it.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        I'll try. Thanks for your help. I just wanted to let you know that even though I don't comment, I do read it this morning. I hope we get to talk again soon. Wether it is on your blog, or on here.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        = { It didn't work. Sorry.= {

      • Aww πŸ™ I would really like to hear your imput. Tell me exactly what happens when you try to comment, and maye The Other Pevensie Girl can help me out, I had that problem with her blog for a while. If it still doesn't work and you want to comment to me, just comment on here πŸ™‚

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        That would be great !! Thanks for your help I will comment at least on here if I can. What happens, is I write a comment, then The ask for something of a google account. Then. they won't let me comment unless I make one !!

      • Making a google account is really easy, and not a big deal. My whole class had to do it so we could all be able to e-mail each other for assignments. You don't have to give out personal info or anything I don't think.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        They ask for your e-mail address, which, as social as I am, I don't want to give out. My dad was justing warning us about a virus. I know, I am probably making a BIG deal into this, and I'm sorry. I just, don't want to get alot of e-mails from Google, or get a big bill on the internet.

  20. Alambil and Tarvis says:

    Meh, it doesn't spook me. Franchises do this all the time. The group a few of the films/books together in a set to sell so they can get some extra money out of the whole thing. My guess is they're just waiting until VDT has had its run in theaters (worldwide) to do/say anything regarding SC. For a Fox film, it's actually been pretty successful. As far as I know, each Alvin & the Chipmunks movie made less domestically than VDT did and yet I think they're still planning a 3rd movie for that franchise.

    • narnian21 says:

      noooooo they each made more then twice what VDT earned domestically. which is why there's going to be a third one

  21. freya says:

    It's not really related to this, but Aslan's Country reports that Georgie Henley and Ben Barnes will be attending a Dawn Treader special premiere in Japan on February 13th.


    Finally they're using the stars of the movie for some promotion.

  22. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Will VDT really make u cry?

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      I thinnk that is based on your emotions. I know that I can't help but cry EVERY time I see the end of Prince Caspian. Lion, With, and the Wardrobe I have never cried to, and as for the Dawn Treader. I did tear up at the end. Not like Prince Caspian, but I did. I miss Reepicheep so much, and wish he was with me here in my world. I usually try to act like him and every time we play Narnia, I play as Reepicheep, or one of his buddies. Sorry, I know I talk alot. =}

    • Lucy says:

      I know it made ME cry, at least. My mum had to hold my hand in the theater.

    • Anhun says:

      If the last scene doesn't leave tears in your eyes, then there's no hope for you. πŸ˜›

    • narniafreak13 says:

      I know the end of the movie made me cry. My friend came to see the movie with me, and she hadn't read the book. I started crying for like 5 minutes and she looked at me funny but I didn't mind.(it was for Reepicheep)

  23. countessofthewesternwoods says:

    yay! that's my birthday!

  24. Seiko says:

    The movie cost 140 and it made over 375 million. I'd say a sequel will definitely happen. I think they might still be talking over "The Silver Chair" or "The Magicans Nephew," though I personally think it is ridicoulous not to do "The Silver Chair" next. The 5th one should be "The Magicans Nephew."

  25. Lucia says:

    I just hope whole movies of Narnia will be made!
    Ah…I wish I was born as a Narnian & I could get into the adventures…!
    Well,I know,it's an impposible dream.

  26. Sub says:

    In my opinion it makes a great trilogy since none of the other stories are any good anyway, compared to these three. These are the best, and most interesting, and follow my favourite characters in the book. Though for those people who do enjoy those other four stories, I hope their movies get made. I feel fortunate these three were, and this trilogy probably ends my time in Narnia as a movie fan anyway.

  27. ajSilver X says:

    Narnia is a very magnificent film. Hoping that Silver Chair and other remaining movies will be in cinemas soon. And just found out that Dawn Treader Named β€œPeople’s Choice” for 3D Live Action Film!" And it was named the top of best pg movies of 2010. So still hoping that all Narnia books will be released in cinemas. For Aslan! πŸ™‚

  28. Not Of This World says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the dancing scene at the end of LLW? We were watching the bloopers last night and there was a part with Peter dancing with narnians. I can't find it πŸ™

  29. Meh, I already own all of the movies (except VDT, but I'm planning on getting that one), so I'll pass. Had I known there would be a cool box set I might have waited… ha, no I wouldn't.

  30. Narnian Peace says:

    The trilogy set will NOT be in America πŸ™

  31. claireyy says:

    : O

  32. pselpevensie says:

    i really hope narnia isn't going to be a trilogy! i love the other books and really want to see them get made!!!!!!
    (ps_ i love how the box set is coming out william moseley's birthday <3 )

  33. The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

    Ooo, I wanna get this set! I'm not worried about the phrasing, makes sense to market it as a trilogy, it just sounds better than "3-pack" or something πŸ˜‰ LOL I love the new poll! I think I would scream "NOOOOO" AND throw my computer out the window. I don't have a Reepicheep plush toy, but I wish I did πŸ˜‰

  34. Aslan's Girl says:

    I gotta say, right before I went to Narniaweb my brother and I were discussing; I was like, we aren't actually sure if they're going to make Silver Chair… I went to Narniaweb and my heart dropped to the floor when I saw the title! But I'm feeling better about it, now that glumpuddle said not to let it spook us! πŸ™‚ I agree with a lot of the commentors above; SC should come next, and then HHB. I definitely feel that MN and LB should be right beside each other, because prequel and endquel (yes, I did just make that up on the spot) go hand in hand in this series; so much Christian symbolism in both, and breaking it up would throw off the viewers. Also, the more we can postpone MN, the better-I want the effects to be ASTOUNDING! And, it seems that HHB is a very popular book among fans-probably 2 or 3 overall, after LLW and VDT-ish(don't anybody eat me over that. I confess I could be wrong!!) Anyway, if HHB rings in a lot of moolah, then the effects will be cooler in MN! Because you know there's going to have to be a lot. But I definitely want SC next, before Eustace grows too much! Remember, he's gotta be a school boy in SC!

    Hmmm… what else was I going to say?? I suppose I'll wrap up since either I didn't have anything else important or I forgot (likely the former) To sum up…

    Long Live Narnia! And Long Live Aslan!!

  35. Gabby says:

    April 27th is my birthday!!! Sweet! πŸ˜€

  36. The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

    *sighs* aslanscountry.com is reporting that the trilogy won't be available in the U.S…


  37. Braden Woodburn says:

    Oh this is so awesome! I have the first two already on DVD! Having all three all renewed into a package like this would be even greater! If they do continue with these films, I am sure there will be a whole 7 disc set just like how you can get the books in a complete set! Mannn I do hope The Silver Chair gets announced to be filmed soon! Yay Narnia.

  38. Raeley says:

    Does this mean that the usa will get the Trilogy set on April 27th as well?

  39. sachin says:

    Too Bad That Americans Are Not Getting The Narnia Trilogy Set?
    What About India ?

    And Official Pruduction Budget Of Narnia VODT Is 140 Million $

  40. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    hey this is off topic- sorry- but im desparate- just heard a christian song that sounded EXACTLY Like dave matthews band- but kept saying "changing neighborhoods" anyone know who or what the song is? thanks.

  41. Hwin says:

    I am quite all right if it is only in France (since I happen to not live there), and also I already have the first two so I do not think buying them all in one set would be necessary. It could be nice and handy in a way, however.

  42. TheValiantLucy says:

    Oh my! Good, because I am in dire need of a new LWW DVD. I just hope I can wait until April!

  43. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Cooooooool. . .it looks so pretty! And rich. Kinda like the Lord of the Rings. But, too bad I can't get it. . .I already have the first two!

  44. Glimfeather says:

    They have to release an Extended Edition,I mean this is the first fox film to achieve 100 million after along time and they cuted like 30 minutes.

  45. Edmond's Queen says:

    trilogy? i dont get it! i know there are only three vidios, but there WILL be more, if there's not not very many people will like me much!!! but, anyway, there will be exactly 7 movies, because thats how many books there are. but if they do like harry potter and split it up to make it MORE like the move instead of cutting stuff out, im ok w/ that.

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