Devin Brown: Lent in Narnia

In an article posted at Christianity Today, Devin Brown asks the question: “Would C.S. Lewis have renounced Turkish Delight from Ash Wednesday to Easter?”

In his short essay “Some Thoughts,” C. S. Lewis examines the paradoxical fact that the Christian calendar is as full of feasts as it is fasts, as full of fasts as it is feasts.

How did the Christian faith come to have this unique “two-edged” character, a stance which is both world-affirming and world-denying? Lewis explains that on one hand “because God created the Natural—invented it out of His love and artistry—it demands our reverence.” But at the same time, “because Nature, and especially human nature is fallen it must be corrected and the evil within it must be mortified.”

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  1. WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

    I love C.S Lewis!!

  2. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    haha, when i saw the title of the post i was like "um…is that possible?" 😉
    great Lenten reflection! thanks for posting!