Georgie Henley on ‘The Magician’s Nephew’

Georgie Henley (Lucy) was asked about The Magician’s Nephew at the Empire Awards on Sunday. You can view the video here (Georgie’s interview begins at 0:50)

GH: “I really have no idea what’s going on with the Narnia franchise. … [Will Poulter and I] won’t be in The Magician’s Nephew, but I know that our characters are in some of the franchise, an older generation. So I wonder what will happen there, I don’t really know.”

DS: Maybe a flashback or flashforward or something?

GH: “A little cameo would be nice, it would be good.”

C.S. Lewis actually included a few “flashforwards” in The Magician’s Nephew, and one of them mentioned Lucy:

The lamp-post which the Witch had planted (without knowing it) shone day and night in the Narnian forest, so that the place where it grew came to be called Lantern Waste; and when, many years later, another child from our world got into Narnia, on a snowy night, she found the light still burning. And that adventure was, in a way, connected with the ones I have just been telling you.

–The Magician’s Nephew, Ch. 15

It will be interesting to see if The Magician’s Nephew film ever flashes forward to footage from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And, if they ever make The Silver Chair, there is always the possibility that the filmmakers will give Lucy and Edmund cameos, just as they did with Peter and Susan in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Of course, Lucy and Edmund appear in The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle.

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  1. Queen_Emilie says:

    first comment!!! i hope we learn more than that soon!!!

  2. NarniaQueen411 says:

    Yay! I think this is really cool, and I hope they keep bringing all the actors back somehow.
    I think they should do the movie where Prof. Kirk starts by finally telling the pevencies his story, so the whole thing is a flashback.
    But whatever they do I am excited 🙂
    – Second comment! teehee

    • Secrets of Excalibur says:

      That's exactly what I was thinking too, that they should make Magician's Nephew where the Proffessor is telling the Pevensies how he first went to Narnia. It's scary how us Narnia fans think so much alike!

    • The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

      Sweet idea, both of you 😀

    • narnian resident says:

      you know what they should do! instead of having him telling the pevensies his story (cuz the actors are just too old to play them at that age anymore), it should start with Jim Broadbent, who played Prof. Kirk, narrating! i think would be a good helpful touch for those who arent familiar with the books and wouldnt know whats suddenly going on when they go to see Magician's Nephew. it would help them understand it better. they would be like "oh i see, its that professor's story. ok, that makes sense. so i guess he went to Narnia too as a boy, i see i see…." and etc 🙂

    • narnian21 says:

      I always pictured it as advertising that it's a prequel to LWW so people have that in their mind when watching it. I think it should they should just tell the story as it is but then at the very end it should show the footage of Lucy discovering and opening the wardrobe in LWW. For me it connects the movies together and gives some nostalgia like "hey I remember watching this in theaters long ago." I actually don't really like the flashback idea. Sure it establishes that it's Professor Kirk's story and that it happened in the past, but it's kinda unnecessary. Advertising will cover that it's in the past so people will get that so people will have that in mind, but then imagine at the end when you find out it's the professor. It adds a little surprise at the end for those who haven't read the book, and for me makes a better movie IMHO. Sorry for the rant, i'm a freshman film major and it's starting to change how I look at movies =)

    • Knight of the Prince says:

      That would be cool to have the Pevensies in MN!!

  3. Austra says:

    Sounds neat. I think a cameo would be good, actually.

  4. Austra says:

    Of course, there's that other part in MN where it talks (near the end) about four children going through the wardrobe that Digory made out of the tree from Narnia that blew over.
    🙂 So that's another part for them.

    • Noelle says:

      but if they do that, then they can't show the pevensies going through the wardrobe at their ages today because they were all younger when LWW was made. So I don't know where they could have the actors do a cameo, they were also younger when they were acting in the professor's house and that would probably be when he would tell them his story.

  5. ajSilverX Farsight says:

    Second to reply. Perhaps all the pevensies will have a cameo role in "The Magician's Nephew" in the near end of the film. But they are too old to do that. But wait, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy will be in "The Horse and His Boy." In "The Last Battle", Peter, Edmund, and Lucy will be there for Peter plays a big role in LB while Susan was not considered to be a friend of Narnia that's why, she will be not in LB. We can learn the latest in MN's cast and movie release sooner or later.

  6. Mayor Wilkins says:

    Perhaps at the end of the story.
    The only cameo that makes sense is Jim Broadbent's Professor.
    But I'm no purist. 😛
    If they want to include the Pevensies, by all means.

  7. Not Of This World says:

    I like the idea of "flash forwards" in the movie. Although put at the wrong time, it might look cheesy. But as long as it's done right I like the idea.

    • Austra says:


    • Starlily says:

      I like the idea of flash-fowards too. In fact, when I read the end of Magicians Nephew a few weeks ago (probably for the twentieth time), I got shivers when I read about the "girl from our world" going into the wardrobe on a snowy night… I bet if they referenced that in MN, it would make people think fondly of LWW. I hope they can find a good way to put a flash-forward in.
      And I don't have a problem with Georgie making a cameo. As long as the movie is good, and the cameo isn't stuck in the middle of everything for no reason, I wouldn't mind. 🙂

  8. Austra says:

    And there's another part in MN near the end where it says about four children going in through the wardrobe that Digory made out of the tree from Narnia that blew over. So that works too for putting them in there. 🙂

  9. WishIwerePolly says:

    I really hope that they get to make it!!! I am just DYING for another Narnia film. And I'd also be curious to see who plays Polly and Digory!! 😀

    • Lucy says:


      • R u the real Lucy? Georgie Henley? Hi!

      • Lucy says:

        No, sweetie, I am not Georgie Henley. Although that would be really cool! LOL. The only thing I have to do with the Narnia movies is that I'm a big fan of them. I'm just an aspiring young writer who loves fairytales, myths, and Narnia very much. I just don't want to give out my real name online and one of the shortened versions of my fanfiction penname happens to be "Lucy".

      • WishIwerePolly says:

        I have a friend who really wants to be Jill Pole too. I would too…but she already clamed it 😀

      • QueenSusan says:

        Oh! Are you LucyCrewe11? I'm a big fan of your fanfictions! They are wonderfully written. 🙂

      • Lucy says:

        @QueenSusan. YES! I am LucyCrewe11. I can't believe someone on here actually knows about me and my fanfictions, and actually guessed who I am. (Just so you know, though, there is another person that goes by Lucy on here sometimes that's not me, only I THINK she as a lower-case L instead of upper-case like me but I could be wrong.)

      • WishIwerePolly says:

        Lucy, I would love to read some of your fanfictions if you would tell me where I could find them!! I'm an avid reader!!!

      • Lucy says:

        This link will take you to my fanfiction profile, you can find my stories there:

      • WishIwerePolly says:

        Hey thanks so much!! Can't wait to start reading!!

      • Christ's girl says:

        @Lucy- Just started reading your FanFictions, and I must say they are very well written. I also love to write and would one day love to be published. I have started just reading IAM TEMPTATION, SHE IS LEGEND. You are a great writer!

      • QueenSusan says:

        @Lucy- About a year ago I stumbled across your fanfictions and instantly loved them. My favorite is Diamond Flask. 🙂 So, when you were saying that your penname was Lucy on I pretty much knew who you were. Again your fanfictions are great! Oh, would you consider writing a story about Susan after LB? I always love those. 🙂

  10. eclipse14 says:

    I really hope they get Georgie a cameo! That would be great! I will definately miss the Pevensies, but I am sooo excited for MN!

  11. MinotaurforAslan says:

    The flashforwards weren't really flashforwards…they were merely reminders to somebody who had already read LWW what the connections were. (I read MN first, and was rather confused by the segments.)

    If they were going to do flashforwards like that, though, I would think that they'd just reuse a little bit of footage from LWW.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      evidence right there for the published order-of reading the series

  12. Eustace says:

    I personally would rather go without a cameo because it might feel really forced.

    • Are u the real eustace? I mean, will poulter? Hey there, nice to meet ya. You did a great job in TVOTDT

      • Lucy says:

        I can't speak for "Eustace", but personally I highly doubt he's Will Poulter. I've never heard of any of the actors being on this site, though you never know as it is a public website, but still…

      • reepicheep's_fangirl says:

        haha, I must say, unfortunately, I think i agree with Lucy 🙂
        Although, just in CASE….
        Will Poultler, you ROCK!!!!!
        Hey, you can never be TOO sure 😉

      • WishIwerePolly says:

        Hehe I would freak if the real actors were on here. I would prolly lose my mind and begin talking nonsense till they thought I was the craziest person they ever met 😀

  13. Twinimage says:

    Ugh, please, no more cameos. They are already getting Tilda Swinton, what more do they want?
    This sort of goes to show you that people really don't know what the stories are about. It's a prequel story that does not include the Pevensies. It sounds like it would be quite difficult for them to add cameos of the Pevensies. Unless they are being told about the story by the Professor, or maybe they are telling Eustace about it. Still wouldn't seem right. It would be a cheap way of doing things, IMO.

    • jono says:

      you're so unimaginative! i'm sure you're one of those people who, if locked in a room with no windows, one door, and a key to the door, would need a complete, 300 page book explaining how to use the key to open the door or you would never escape…lol not everything has to be done EXACTLY like the book! that would be ridiculous! the movie directors are creative, so don't worry

      • To use your analogy of the locked room, Jono, I think what Twinimage is trying to say is why use a 300 page manual when there's a key right in front of you? Why have an actor's cameo when it is unneeded and wouldn't do anything to benefit the story? Magician's Nephew isn't about the Pevensies, so why chuck them in? We saw the results of what happens when uneeded characters are thrown back into the story in VDT. Some, such as Peter and Susan's, were unneeded but didn't do a great deal of damage. Others, such as the White Witch's, completely ruined the film (in my opinion anyway).
        I think that the filmmakers should let Lewis' brilliant work speak for itself, and stop thinking they know better than him! Green Mist? *cringe* Not only was it unoriginal, but it took away screen time for the important aspects of the story, for example, the theme of discovery.
        I guess what I'm trying to say here is that if cameos are just going to be chucked into MN simply for the sake of being cameos without adding to the value of the story, the filmmakers shouldn't bother.

      • Twinimage says:

        Yeah, IBR pretty much said it for me. Thanks. 🙂

        Why try to add the Pevensies in a story where they won't even be born for a few decades, you can tell the film makers are trying too hard to add cameos and just shows how much they don't believe that the story will be good enough without reminding people of LWW… again.

        They got Tilda Swinton, and the lamppost. Oh, and Aslan, though they must not like him, cause they keep making his role smaller every movie. lol 😛

      • jono says:

        i totally agree that cameos wouldn't be a good idea in the movie, i just brought up the analogy to say that twinimage just sounded unimaginative and unresourceful when they were bringing up examples of why cameos would be added. for instance, twinimage said that maybe cameos of the Pevensies would be added if they were being told the story by the Professor or if they were telling the story to Eustace…a first grader could come up with a better scenario to bring the Pevensies into MN! again, i'm totally against the Pevensies being in it, but seriously, i get annoyed when people make up ludicrous movie scenarios and speak of them as if the film makers would actually use them and then make that their reason for being against it! it's pathetic…wow, i'm pretty sure that made no sense lol 😛 but anyway, that's what i meant when i said twinimage would probably need a 300 page instruction manual on how to use a key because they wouldn't be resourceful enough to figure it out for them self. no offense haha

  14. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    I'm really going to miss our current actors, I hope they find other opportunities elsewhere. I'm especially going to miss Will Poultler and Georgie, but Will mostly, since VDT is probably going to be the first and last Narnia movie he's going to act in, now that MN is officially being made. 🙁

  15. yeswelovenarnia says:

    It would be interesting to see what they did. I think it would be cool if they did it like the Professor telling the children the story!

  16. The Inscrutable Rutabaga says:

    I hope all the Pevensies can cameo, whether they're playing themselves or other characters. They may not be strictly from the book, but cameos connecting one film to another are those little added sparkles that work so well in movies, connecting the stories to each other and to the fans.

  17. Fireflower says:

    You have to remember that we didn't have any idea how Will and Anna would fit into VDT. So we can hope for a cameo for Georgie, Skandar, and everybody else!

    • Anhun says:

      We didn't? I couldn't visualize the scene with the magician's book without a cameo of Anna, when Lucy gets to the part about the beauty spell. Of course, I didn't expect it to turn into a whole dream sequence. Also, I rather anticipated there would be something at the beginning to explain why Peter and Susan aren't at the Scrubbs', although I expected it to show Will and Anna, not just Anna.

  18. the other Pevensie girl says:

    I'm starting to think that there's this top secret Interviewer's Code that prohibits them from asking any questions other than the ones we hear all the time. But hey, that's just one girl's opinion… o.O
    I still think that The Silver Chair should be next, for Will Poulter's sake since he's such an incredible Eustace, but at least they're continuing the franchise, right? As far as cameos go, to me having the cameos of Peter and Susan in VDT was somewhat unnecessary, so having cameos for any of the Pevensies in the next film would be too. Why risk the storyline not making much sense just to squeeze in some familiar characters? That's one of the best things about the Narnia books: the variety of characters, and all their differentiating stories. Mashing them together just seems wrong. But don't get me wrong — I do miss them! Hopefully we'll see our favorite actors and actresses in the near future in other projects. (:

  19. Patrick says:

    I'll just be happy when it get the green light. At the moment talks of cameo's are just pie in the sky, so come on Fox say yes already … you know you want to !!

  20. I really would like it if Georgie was in MN, but only the way that they had Susan and Peter. Not overdoing it too much.

  21. Anhun says:

    I think they should start out the film with Lucy taking Eustace to go see the professor, the oldest member of the "Narnia club." The professor proceeds to narrate the story of his adventures in Narnia as a boy, while Lucy and Eustace listen, enthralled. I think the story would benefit a lot from having a narrator. It could add coherence and a sense of perspective. Whether they want to switch back and forth between 1940s and the turn of the century, or just have him do voice over for most of the film, is up to them. I think either could work. This would also ensure that audiences don't completely forget about Eustace in the mean time (in the off chance that the series doesn't die with MN).

    • stateofgreen says:

      I like the idea of that….allows for cameos for Georgie and Will!

      • Anhun says:

        I also think if the professor's talking to Eustace, and the conversation takes place the summer before the events in SC, then MN would be connected to Eustace's continuing story, so we would have chronological order after all.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        great idea!

    • WishIwerePolly says:

      That is a really good idea!! I hope the prducers see it so they can use it 😉 cause I think that would make it SOO much better like you said!

  22. Shastafan says:

    I have nothing against the Pevensies and/or Eustace having cameos in MN at the moment, as long as they do it the right way. The WW has lost some of her popularity by appearing in every single movie, and I don't want to feel like that if there's other character's cameos. So, if they want to go ahead and do something like that, may they try, but they must be careful to how it's done.

  23. Come on! Why can't they make the silver chair next so
    I can be Jill pole?

  24. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    I wanted them to do SC first since it is one of my most favorite books of the series. But I reread MN and I'm REALLY excited!!:)
    I have faith Fox and Walden will do well with MN! Since they exceeded my expectations for VDT (other than not going with the book like LWW) Man I am so excited I could jump up and down.
    Another Narnia movie!
    And a cool Blockbuster if they do it right.
    I'm sure!

    • WishIwerePolly says:

      I totally agree!!! I'm SOOO excited too! I just with they would confirm it, get the casting done, then start filming so we can see it!! Can't wait!!

  25. elton says:

    i wish that georgie has a cameo in the magicians nephew

  26. Christ's girl says:

    It would be cool if maybe Lucy, Edmund, and Eusatace are going to Professor Kirke's and he tells them the story. Maybe he introduces them to Ms. Plummer, and they tell the story. Just green light the film alrady! 😀 🙂 😛 ;D

    • Narnian Meerkat says:

      Hey, that actually sound like a GREAT idea!!!! THEY SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE IT LIKE THAT!!!! 😀 😀 <3 <3

    • WishIwerePolly says:

      Anhun already said that idea…but yes it would be awesome!!!

    • Omac the centaur says:

      oh, good idea! 🙂

    • jono says:

      oh, what an original idea…personally i think that would be really cheesy…but thank goodness the movie writers are more creative! 🙂

    • Anhun says:

      I don't see what Edmund would add to the proceedings, but introducing a grown-up Polly might be interesting. Back and forth between the Professor and Polly could make the narration more dynamic.

    • Christ's girl says:

      Thanks for the feedback! 😉

  27. Braden Woodburn says:

    It would be cool to see an flashforward of Lucy and the lampost. It would just be weird because now she looks so much older and different than when she was in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I believe if The Magicians Nephew is a sucess, they NEED to do The Silver Chair because Will Poulter already looks too much older than he should be for the franchise. Then, possibly do The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle since that is when the Pevensies and all the Narnia traveller children are adults. Any comments?

  28. hiba keynes says:

    I M WAITIN 4 THE MAGICIANS NEPHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Narnian Meerkat says:

    I always imagined the trailer for MN. . .There will be no narrator, and the words will just appear like: Before all of there adventures started. . . .Before all Evil arose. . . .Before Life. . . .Before Light. . . .Before Narnia was born. . . .There walked a Lion. . ." Or something like that. . .^^

  30. LucyLove says:

    Is it me or does Georgie have too much make up on? I've noticed somthing about her face and eyes ever since Perry Moore's death. Is she depressed? If any one knows can you please tell me? I know God knows though…

    • WishIwerePolly says:

      I don't know if she's depressed, but it certainly would be likely that she's deeply sad. Death is hard. I hope she's not depressed, and if she is, I hope she can overcome it.

    • Cynical Narnia Fanboy says:

      you're right… she looks really really sad

    • Anhun says:

      Really? I saw the exact same "something" in her earlier Dawn Treader interviews. Seems to me like nerves.

  31. Cynical Narnia Fanboy says:

    Is that Will's mom?(in the backround of his interview) LOL, she looks like him…

  32. claireyy says:

    cool : )

  33. Anhun says:

    I don't know if the 2014 release date (on IMDb) is accurate, but if it is, I'm inclined to think Walden has decided they can only realistically carry on with one more Narnia film. So MN is their last hurrah. 🙁

    I'll never get to see a film version of HHB . . .

  34. Reepicheep says:

    In order to be completely secure about the franchise's future, I need to know these four things:

    1. The release date of Magician's Nephew
    2. The director (possibly Michael Apted but who knows)
    3. The writer/s. Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely were snacked up by Marvel to write a sequel to Cap. America. (My guess is Micheal Petroni and one or two other writers, but then again who knows)
    4. Any plans to do the Silver Chair! It's my favourite book in the series and I'm sure us fans would have satisfaction in knowing its current status.

  35. ChristProclamer says:

    I still have to look twice every time I see Georgie; she looks so grown up. I think it's funny, too, that her sister Rachael Henley (who played adult Lucy in LWW) is standing right behind her during the interview. The resemblance between the two has definitely grown.

    On the cameo; I think there might be one, but it doesn't sound like Georgie is totally pushing for it. I think she might have been just humouring the interviewer. I wouldn't mind if there was; Lucy's in the books more than anyone but Aslan (so there,Tilda!) and it would be nice to foreshadow SC with Eustace and Lucy appearing breifly in MN. I believe Anhun suggested that somewhere up the page, and I very much agree with him/her.

  36. littlej_thevaliant says:

    It has been to over used and it doesn't add anything to the story. (And quite frankly I am getting sick of the White Witch reappearing)

    The MN should end simply like this:

    The apple tree is blown down in a storm. it is taken away and a carpenter shapes it into a wardrobe….with a close up shots of carving the pictures.

    The next shot is of the wardrobe in the spare room. The proffessor hangs up a fur coat, smiles and shuts the door



  37. C.S. says:


  38. nikabrik says:

    well hopfully they dont screw it up with MN and i also hope they are going to make more narnia movies if not il make my own lol and good job keep it up and hurry it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. pselpevensie says:

    It would be so cool if they did put in a flashforward to LWW in MN!

  40. Juzuma says:

    @Lucy Hey, my favourite film is PC and VDT. I saw your comment about your profile at fanfiction. I clicked into the link and I found great stories. We like both few films and books!!! I don't have profile at fanfiction but I love fanfictions and I'll read your stories!!!

  41. 100th comment…again…and my prize is absolutely nothing…again…LOL!!! 😛

  42. LucyMyHero says:


  43. I do hope they get a little cameo, that would be cool. 😉

  44. Lucy's Prince BT says:

    GEORGIE HENLEY! Anything and Everything with Gorgeous Georgie is the Ultimate Treat for All! Lovely Lucy, Our Valiant Queen, has been and will forever be the best of Narnia. The films NEED Her! Other roles would so triumph with the Great Actress, GEORGIE HENLEY! Lucy Forever!

  45. melissa says:

    all I want to know is whether or not they will even make it!
    soon anyway.

  46. Sasha says:

    Will Georgie Henley be in the next Narnia?

  47. caitlyn says:

    I hope Tilda Swinton plays Jadis again. It would make a lot more since to me If Tilda Swinton played Jadis In this film, because she played Jadis In the last two films.

  48. caitlyn says:

    I think Tilda Swinton makes a better Jadis then that Barbara girl In the other version of the wardrobe. Tilda never screamed or over did It. I hope Tilda comes back to do the Magician's Nephew because she did pretty good In the lion, Prince Caspian and the Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

  49. AslansChild says:

    So in the background, we see:

    Mrs. Henley
    Rachel Henley
    but whose the guy with Rachel? Her husband (is she married?)
    sorry…just curious