New Behind-the-Scenes Videos on iTunes

New The Voyage of the Dawn Treader behind-the-scenes videos can now be downloaded for free on iTunes (the second video, “Making a Scene,” was released back in December). Download the videos here.

1. In Character with Georgie Henley
2. Making a Scene
3. In Character with Liam Neeson
4. Direct Effect: Michael Apted

You can also view the videos on YouTube: (1) (2) (3) (4)

The video about Michael Apted is probably the most interesting. He talks about the elements they injected into VDT’s plot:

“[VDT] is a sort of double adventure story. It’s an exciting chase for clues as to who is about to attack Narnia. But underneath that, there’s another journey which is into your own self. To find out who you are, what you’re made of, and whether you’re worthy to be what you are.”

“The book was very difficult to transfer onto a screenplay. It’s full of wonderful incidents, hopping from island to island which is wonderful as a bedtime book. […] It doesn’t necessarily have to follow on with great urgency, but in a movie that’s a death. A movie has to have a drive, has to have a motor. And there wasn’t really a motor in the book, so we sort of had to find a way to put one in. And the way we did it was entirely honorable because we looked forward into the next book, Silver Chair, and found there was a big chunk of that missing. For example, SC is about Narnia being attacked from the underground, but there is no mention ever of how these people get into the underground, how these people are kidnapped and sent underground to prepare for war against Narnia. So, that’s the element we injected into VDT to give it a kind of thrust to give it a slightly stronger sense of dramatic purpose than the book has.”

–Director Michael Apted

Of course, the big question fans are asking now is whether or not they will ever be able to connect this element to “The Silver Chair.” Right now, it is almost certain that if they make another Narnia film, it will be “The Magician’s Nephew.”

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  1. Heythere says:

    P.S. The fact that you liked that sick-agenda of a film "Black Swan" tells me a lot

  2. Bookwyrm says:

    I think you're getting his YouTube videos confused with the news stories. Unless you consider facts negative.

  3. Bookwyrm says:

    You're playing the victim card again? Perhaps that might fool those who haven't watched your immature posting behavior over the last few months, but for the rest of us it is sadly transparent. Your posts rarely ever consist of something as reasonable as "Well, Glumpuddle, while you’re entitled to your opinon, not everyone disliked the movie, I really liked it, actually". No, the vast majority of the time you post to whinge, complain, and insist that all who dislike the film shut up and stop posting. I've yet to see gP or any of the purists who post intelligently engage in name-calling, but I've seen plenty of the pro-film people do so. The problem here is not gP or any other of the frequently commenting purists, it's the select irrational few of the film fans who apparently go into "Hulk Smash!" mode whenever they see an opposing opinion.

    And spare us the claims that you were "throwing in the towel". You posted your "whatever" comment in reply to gP to be deliberately provocative. If you were genuinely tired of arguing with him, you could have simply just stopped posting. No, this is a rather obvious case of Has-to-Have-the-Last-Word syndrome.

  4. Talvi says:

    Well said.

  5. Clodsley Mole says:

    My concerns about the changes in this film:
    a) they don't fit in with the next book; the scriptwriters should have been asked to READ Silver Chair properly, to find out WHO the underground people were. They would have discovered these were gnomes from deep underground. No need to kidnap Narnians.
    b) they never explained or finished things off properly – I suggest they watch a few Dr Who stories to see how you manage these things. It's distracting to be sitting wondering where the people went to, how the rowing boats got taken out of the harbour full of people (did none of them try rowing back?), and where they were during the long time before being rescued.