Detailed ‘Dawn Treader’ Blu-ray Review

Just as he did for the Prince Caspian release, NarniaWebber ‘Griffle’ has sent us the most detailed review of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Blu-ray you will find on the web! It includes a description of all the extras, including the deleted scenes.

The following review is for the 3-disc Blu-ray edition, which also includes a DVD and Digital Copy.

‘Griffle’ writes:



The film looks gorgeous from beginning to end, but really shines during the arrival at Doorn. The sunlight falling on Reepicheep’s fur and on Caspian’s burgundy velour jacket is exquisite. Another scene worth mentioning here is the scene at the Campfire on Goldwater Island. The blacks are solid in this scene and the contrast levels are perfect as the light of the fire fall on Reep and Dragon Eustace. I could go on…You can pick any sequence from the film really.

VDT doesn’t really reach the level of quality set by LWW and PC, but it does look really good on Blu-ray. Even though the colours might not be as lush as in its theatrical release, there’s nothing wrong with the colours on the BD.


I find it a bit weird that Fox have decided not to include a 7.1 mix on the Blu-ray and instead opted for a 5.1 mix. But, The sound on this disc is amazing though so there’s nothing to complain about. The bass sound is really impressive throughout the film, starting with the roaring sound of the planes flying by in the opening sequence (or not flying by as in this case as they are digital) and peaking during the storm and Sea Serpent attack sequences towards the end. Surrounds are always active and constantly engaged. Take the sequence where Lucy walks down the corridor leading to the big room with the Book of Incantations for instance. Her steps against the floor echoing down the hall, the wind blowing…. Wow.


The extras menu is shaped like a map with the Dawn Treader in the middle and the five islands in a circle around it. Each island, and the Dawn Treader herself,  has a clickable unrolled scroll with its title, also known as a submenu. What this means is that you don’t really get a good overview of what’s actually on the disc just by looking at the extras menu.

Let’s start with the Dawn Treader and then move from island to island in chronological order…


King Caspian’s Guide to the Dawn Treader  (04:13)
Of all the extras on this disc, this is the one that I was looking forward to seeing the most. Unfortunately, it’s also the most disappointing feature on the disc. When I first read that there was going to be a feature with “guide to the Dawn Treader” in its title, I naturally though that we were going to get an actual tour of the Dawn Treader set. You know, see the ship in detail, both inside and outside. No such luck. This, like many of the other extras on the disc (you’ll see) consist almost entirely of clips from the film with a bit of narration laid on top of it. Ben Barnes as King Caspian in this case. There are a few still photographs here and there, but there is no video footage shot specifically for this extra. When you click on this feature in the Dawn Treader sub menu, you get to another sub menu where you can choose to have a look at a specific section of the ship or view it all at once. Viewable sections of the ship are Main Deck, State Room, Poop Deck, Map Room and Oar Room. As we’re talking about a feature that is around four minutes with the Play All option, I don’t really see the point of watching it in parts.

The Secret Islands: Untold Adventures of the Dawn Treader  (07:20)
Again: disappointment! I was so expecting this to be a fully animated.  What we get though,  is not a total waste of time. I mean, you do get to see Pauline Baynes illustrations come to life and they’re as colourful as ever. I guess what you think of the actual content and how it’s presented with its Ben Barnes as King Caspian narration is up to you. I can’t say I care that much for this myself.

In Character with Liam Neeson of The Chronicles of Narnia: VDT  (05:06)

In Character with Georgie Henley and Will Poulter of The Chronicles of Narnia: VDT  (05:20)
Direct Effect – Michael Apted of The Chronicles of Narnia: VDT  (06:27)
Making a Scene – The Chronicles of Narnia: VDT  (09:11)


Okay, so now we’re getting to the Smoke & Mirrors parts of the disc. There are two type of extras that you’ll find  under the Island submenus that consists of nothing but clips from the film with a bit of narration. The first type is called “Island Explorations”, dealing with the islands of the movie and the second type is called “Narnian Discoveries: Friends and Foes of Narnia, dealing with… yeah, you got it…friends and foes of Narnia. They’re obviously aimed at children.

I’ve taken the liberty of transcribing the narration of them for your entertainment making them take up just as much space in this review as they do on the disc in number:

Explore Narrowhaven  (00:42)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Tread carefully here, for you have reached the Lone Islands. An isolated place where Treachery and Greed have been known at times to corrupt the hearts of men. One such figure was Governor Gumpas, who pursued a path of wealth and power even if it meant enslaving the island citizens. But there is also much beauty in these islands, which are three in number: Felimath, Dorn and Avra. The latter being a land often visited by Narnia’s noble men and women.”

Minotaur Discovery  (00:51)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Tavros is the Dawn Treader’s First Mate. A strong and intimidating Minotaur, his size and might are a boon to the Dawn Treader crew, especially in the rowing, sail hoisting and heavy lifting departments. Despite his sharp horns and stern visage however, this half man, half boar does have a sense of humour (clip from film: ‘Was it something I said?’) and is loyal to his King. Especially when the going gets tough. (clip from film: ‘Man the long boats, furl the sail and prepare to drop anchor!'”

Deleted Scenes  (04:27)

— Scene 11: The Kids in Narnian Clothes  (00:35)
This is a short scene in which we see Edmund and Lucy in their Narnian clothes for the first time. Lucy is a bit uncomfortable with wearing Caspian’s clothes and he makes fun of her for wearing them saying “Excuse me lad, I don‘t suppose you‘ve seen a young girl around here?”. Lucy responds by giving him a jab to his left arm and saying “all …right!”. This scene contains unfinished VFX work. The feet of a satyr needs to be added and the backgrounds have to be fixed.
— Scene 14: Eustace is Ill  (00:43)
This is a  great scene in which Eustace is lying in his cot under deck as he’s visited by Lucy. He’s sick and obviously delirious as he mistakes a Faun bringing him some soup for his Mother. “Lucy, why does Mother smell like a Goat?”. That line is pretty funny! Worth noting: Lucy sure doesn’t value the content of her cordial the way she once did in this scene as a huge drop of Fire-Flower juice is seen trickle down Eustace’s chin as she gives him some to make him feel better.
— Scene 65: Mutiny  (02:23)
I love this scene. It never comes to mutiny, but it’s really close. Caspian tries to speak to the crew but fails and Drinian has to step in and take command. How humiliating.
— Scene 90: Caspian “Doubt”  (00:55)
The first ten seconds of this is in the film. Caspian tells Edmund that they can’t be sure the other  lords even made it to Ramandu’s island and asks “How do we know they weren’t tempted too?” Edmund ensures him that they should be alright if they never yielded nor faltered as the first lords did.

The Epic Continues  (02:15)
This is from the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and it’s a trailer + interviews mix in which the director and actors try to explain the plot of the film.


Explore Magician’s Island  (0:42)
Unknown Female Narrator:  “Welcome traveler! You have arrived at Magician’s Island, which takes its name from its most brilliant and mysterious resident: Coriakin. The island is also home to a remarkable race known as the Dufflepuds, who are no less wondrous although far less brilliant. Some visitors to this island mistakenly believe it to be abandoned; so silent and empty is the land around its sandy beach that those that stay, to listen and look more closely, will find many signs of life and a hint of the ancient magic that lies deep within it.”

Dufflepud Discovery  (01:01)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Short and often fat with round faces, unkept hair and of course: One giant foot. Dufflepuds inhabit the island of Coriakin, the magician. They coerce Lucy to undo a spell that has made them invisible. They need her help, because they themselves are illiterate. Although mostly simple and good natured, they believe Coriakin to be the oppressor and live in fear of his magic. They spend most of their time manically guarding Coriakin’s grounds grooming the bushes and hedges into strange and fantastical formations. They are also know to rest on their backs, using their giant feet for shade, and can also float on the water, paddling about, using the foot as if it was a kayak.”

Commentary by Director Michael Apted and Producer Mark Johnson  (1:48:03)
Dry, humourless, boring. Mark Johnson even loses his voice halfway through the thing, that’s how dry it is. The highlight  (if it can be called a highlight) of the track , is the fact that Johnson says they seriously thought of using Skandar’s sister’s voice to dub over Skandar’s performance when his voice started to break during the shooting of LWW.  Apted briefly mentions the Green Mist and says that the movie needed a great villain (how good a villain a Green Mist is, is not discussed however). As for the seven Lords being substituted by seven Swords: That’s not mentioned at all. There’s also no mentioning of the critique against the film, leaving me to believe that it was recorded before the theatrical release. They talk about the Queen wearing 3D glasses though, so it’s recorded after that.


Explore Goldwater Island  (00:50)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Enchantment can take many forms, both beneficial and deadly. Here, on tiny Goldwater Island, you may find both kinds of enchantment in a single spot. It was King Caspian that gave the name Goldwater to this 20 acres of land, when he and his friends found the magic within an island pool; a magic that turned all it touched into gold. But beware of that water, or you may find yourself beneath it; a forgotten gold statue like the unfortunate lord Restimar. Fate is as changeable as the weather here, which can shift in a moment, from sunshine to showers.”

Dragon Discovery  (00:56)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Well known throughout mythology, Dragons are large winged reptilian creatures that can breathe fire. Eustace becomes a dragon when he thinks greedy dragonish thoughts while picking through a Dragon’s enchanted treasure horde. This unfortunate condition can only be reversed by Aslan’s power.”

Theatrical Trailer  (02:12)
This is the third trailer that was released, the one in which we got to see more of the bit at Aslan’s Country at the end of the film.

Digital Copy “How To”  (03:35)
An infomercial explaining how to make use of your Digital Copy. I’ve personally never used any of my Digital Copy discs. Not because I’m against them all that much, but because most of the discs that I buy are US imports, making them useless as they are region locked. It’s a shame, since it would be pretty cool if I could get VDT onto my iPod Touch. Most if not all US released Digital Copies are iTunes friendly but they always use Windows Media over here, so I guess it’s never gonna happen for me. Sad but true.


Explore Ramandu’s Island  (00:59)
Unknown Female Narrator: “You have now reached the island of Ramandu. Breathe deeply and you may detect a pleasant aroma. It’s rather like the colour purple, isn’t it? The calm you feel is reflected in the gentle slopes and hills that surround you. This is a fitting home for Ramandu, a figure who was once a star before he descended to this island along with his daughter. You will find  a reminder of Ramandu’s past at night if you look up into the silver stars that glitter, then disappear in the greyness of an Eastern Sky.”

Reepicheep Discovery  (01:10)
Unknown Female Narrator: “A valiant defender of Narnia’s glory and a firm believer in the existence of Aslan’s Country at the end of the ocean. The mouse Reepicheep’s enormous sense of honour and his skills with a rapier belie his short stature. He’s delighted to see Lucy and Edmund again but turn a sceptical eye toward the insolent Eustace. After magic and battle (wow) reveal a new side to Eustace however, Reepicheep realizes he’s indeed a kindred spirit. Reepicheep is descended from the common mice who gnawed through the ropes (I actually own a piece of this holy relic) that bound Aslan to the Stone Table  when the White Witch demanded his sacrifice. To honour their service, Aslan gave the mice the gift of speech. Reepicheep is noble, fearless and exceedingly courteous. Except when his honour is insulted or if someone touches his tail, which Aslan himself restored after it was severed during battle with the Telmarines… and Prince Caspian.” (Say what? Reep fought Caspian!?)

Aslan Discovery  (01:02)
Unknown Female Narrator: “The Great Lion, the Emperor Over the Sea and the Creator of all Narnia. Aslan is the protector of all that is good in this land, although, as is often pointed out: he’s not a tame Lion. As the Dawn Treader’s voyagers speculate about the existence of Aslan’s Country, which may or may not lie at the end of the Eastern Ocean, the Great Lion makes his presence felt in very subtle ways. Helping them chose their own destiny and confront the evil that they are pursuing.”

Lilliandil Discovery  (00:52)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Seen in the sky as the Blue Star in the East, beautiful, luminescent Lilliandil, presides over Aslan’s Table. She is the daughter of the Star Ramandu, upon whose island, the Dawn Treader’s crew lands for much needed provisions. Before confronting the Green Mist and the mysterious Dark Island, Caspian is very taken by her and hopes to meet her again.” There’s actually a brief shot of Lilliandil smiling at the end of this that’s not in the film.

Search for the Seven Swords Match Game
This is a memory game in which you get to see the seven swords, or in this case seven Rhindons, with Peter’s Shield in front of each one of them. The handle on the swords and the lion’s crests on the shields all have a different colours to them and you get 15 seconds to try and memorize their positions before a yellowish fire effect cover them. Colours are Red, Green, Pink/Bright Purple, Bright Blue, Dark Blue, Bright Orange and Dark Orange. This is pretty tricky if you ask me. It’s all about luck when it comes to how they’re placed on the screen. It took me about four tries to get it right and did I get anything for getting them all right? Nah…you get to see a clip from the film where the three Lords at Ramandu’s island gets freed from the spell they’re under. You’re then asked if you want to play again.

VFX Progression with Optional Commentary by Director Michael Apted and Producer Mark Johnson
This is my favourite extra on the disc. I’m in awe of the amazing visual effects work done for this film by VFX companies like MPC, The Senate, and Framestore. This is so cool! But why have Apted and Johnson to do the commentary for a visual effects progression reel? What do they know about VFX? Apted admits to this being his first big VFX film elsewhere on the disc and Johnson is just a producer (who, by the way, claims that the naiads are creatures created specifically for this film. At least that‘s what it sounds like). Why not have one of the visual effects supervisors do the commentary? Like Adam Valdez of MPC (the creator of Reepicheep for PC and the Telmarine Soldier killed by Reep in the battle at the end of PC btw) for instance.

Anyway, highlights include the “Footprint boat”, the boat that they used to created the wake of the Dawn Treader and the many iterations of Tavros and Reepicheep. This feature covers all the VFX shots in the film from MPC’s impressive Reepicheep and Dragon Eustace characters to Framestore’s wave that never breaks, with one notable exception: The entrance to Narnia. I guess they figured they had that covered.


Explore the Dark Island  (00:57)
Unknown Female Narrator: “It has been called the Island where dreams come true, but not all dreams are pleasant and sailors have found how frightening the nightmare can be when it manifests itself in the dead of night. Many an illusion may appear before it vanishes into a smooth solid blackness. Your nerves may find some consolation in the bright blue water that surrounds this misty place. But beyond that water, lies utter darkness, as if you have reached the edge of a moonless, starless night.”

White Witch Discovery  (00:36)
Unknown Female Narrator: “The White Witch that appears to Edmund on the Dawn Treader is merely a figment of his imagination unleashed by the mind bending Green Mist, but she remains a reminder to him that that which tempts us is always a threat and our vanquished foes still live on…in our minds.”

Serpent Discovery  (00:42)
Unknown Female Narrator: “Conjured from the depths of Edmunds worst nightmares, the Sea Serpent that attacks the Dawn Treader is a relentless force of evil that will not stop until its prey is dead or destroyed. It is over 300 feet long; 311 feet to bee exact, or 95 meters, and when provoked, it reveals a hood like a Cobra’s, ringed with a layer of fangs.”

Portal to Narnia: A Painting Comes to Life  (07:22)
This is the second of the two featurettes focusing on the entrance to Narnia on this disc. Being that they’re both about the same subject, we do get to hear a lot of the same stories being told again and yes, there is a bit of overlapping as well, but not as much as I thought.

So, what separates this from the “Making a Scene” featurette? Well, first of all, it’s better produced with fancy graphics showing us who the people being interviewed are. Another thing this has that “Making a Scene” doesn’t have is Barry Robison. Barry actually built the sets for the scene, (or at least designed them) so I thought it was a bit strange when he wasn’t represented in the “Making  a Scene” feature. We also get to hear from visual effects supervisor Adam Valdez.

Producer Mark Johnson shortly discusses the difference between Lewis’ version of the scene and the version that is in the film. There’s also more of Will Poulter being humble as he is. What a nice guy! Oh, and there are storyboards!

Good Vs Evil: Battle on the Sea  (10:55)
It’s funny, but you get to see more of the Dawn Treader set in this feature than in King Caspian’s Guide to the Dawn Treader, which is really appreciated. This is a great featurette in which we get to see them film shots from the Sea Serpent battle inside of a huge studio with Blue Screen all around. You get short interview clips with people like Michael Apted, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Will Poulter, Allan Poppleton, Howard Berger, Adam Valdez, Dante Spinotti, Barry Robison , Douglas Gresham (only appearance on the disc I believe) and Mark Johnson of course. Johnson is everywhere! You also get to see early concept art of the Dawn Treader and of the Sea Serpent, which btw looks a lot better in the film.


You can choose between “What’s New” and “Exclusive There’s a Place for Us by Carrie Underwood Music Video” here from the main menu. I’ve tried to access the What’s New feature several times now and I get to a blue screen with some fog that is displayed for like a second before the screen goes black, and all of a sudden I get the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo in my face followed by the lame Digital Copy commercial and the birds and dogs of Rio and Marley & Me: The Puppy Years. I haven’t clicked on the Music Video yet, but I’ve already seen it and I don’t really care for the Carrie Underwood version of the song.


Absent from the BD (and the DVD for that matter) are the International Music Videos many thought would be included on the disc. They’re not. They will however make it onto the UK release according to a newly posted announcement by FOX on The same announcement also claims this release will have five deleted scenes instead of the four included on the US disc. (says “x5”, might be a typo)


DVD Picture/Sound

The blacks are grey instead of black and the colours are far from as vibrant as on the Blu-ray, but other than that; it looks great for being a DVD. Good old Dolby Digital 5.1 still delivers. It’s not as nuanced as Blu-ray audio but it still sounds great. Dialogue is clear and surrounds are active.

DVD Extras

The DVD includes the Deleted Scenes and the Audio commentary, that’s it. There’s a 2-Disc Special Edition available to buy as well, but this 3-Disc set does not include the second disc of that release.

(Note: If you buy the DVD edition of the film, you will be able to watch all the extras, except for the ones marked “Blu-ray Exclusive” of course)


I’ve never been able to get this to work due to the region and format difficulties, so I have no experience at all of using Digital Copy discs. There’s more than enough information on how it all works between the flyer, the commercial and the “How-to” though, so there shouldn’t be a problem for people that want to be able to watch their movies on the go.


Beautiful, sure, but practical? Remember the Clam Shell packaging Warner used for their DVDs in the early days? Whatever happened to those? There’s no reason  for this type of packaging not to join the Clam Shell in the DVD mortuary. It’s layer upon layer upon layer of packaging. Takes half a minute just to get the discs out. Durable? Eh….nah…not really. In fact, the true die hard fans of this film will probably end up with both ripped packaging AND scratchy discs. (at least when it comes to the DVD)

The 3-Disc set also comes with a booklet containing a number of collectible Postcards. As a collector, I’ve never really understood the point of these. Who would ever want to use collectable postcards as actual postcards? Why detach the postcards using the perforation and destroy a perfectly fine picture book? And such an elegant one at that.

There’s a Digital Copy flyer as well, explaining how to make use of the Digital Copy disc when not using it as a coaster. (Yes, I’m making the same joke as I made the last time, it‘s still applicable)


Well, this is a HUGE disappointment of a release, you can’t really say anything else. Fox have deliberately used the submenu system to hide the extras and to make it more difficult for us to get an overview of what’s on the disc, and even if we did get an overview, what we would see would be a lie. There are thirteen “special” features on this  disc that are around a minute long. To be fair; there are a couple of worthwhile extras to be found here , like the BD Exclusive VFX Progression Reel and Good Vs. Evil: Battle on the Sea featurettes, but you better memorize where they can be found if you don’t wanna look through up to six menus to find them.

You have to give Fox something for trying though, and you do get stunning picture quality and amazing sound so if you’re not into extras; it’s all good. The down side is that you have to get the 3-Disc set if you want it on Blu-ray as there aren’t any alternatives.

If I was a DVD/Blu-ray producer and was handed the job to do the menus for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I would definitely have gone with a book illustrations theme and used the white, mother of pearl coloured backgrounds found during the end titles of the film. If you want to make a tribute to Pauline Baynes, why not go all the way? I would have tossed the Island sub menus in a second.

So…Three films, three DVD/BD releases. Which movie have had the best set of extras so far? In my opinion, it’s a tie between PC for features like “Big Movie Comes to a Small Town”, the Commentary with the Kids, Bloopers and all the extras on the sought after Bonus Discs, and the 4-Disc Extended Edition of  LWW for the wonderful C.S. Lewis documentary, the Picture in Picture documentary (before it’s time) and for the inclusion of Art galleries.

Bring on The Magician’s Nephew (my favourite)! Why not bring back Andrew Adamson for MN? 😉 😉

130 Responses

  1. Ugly Pig says:

    My Norwegian copy certainly had the international music videos on it.

    • Griffle says:

      It's already released in Norway? That's strange. It's released in Sweden May 25th. It would make more sense to release it on the same day in all of Scandinavia.

    • freya says:

      It certainly is released here in Norway. I received it in my mailbox Monday this week and have watched the movie twice since. I buy the dvd for the movie, I'm not all that fussed about the extra material, it is what it is.

      • Sugar Mouse says:

        In Russia it was released in January but without English audio.
        About Blu-Ray – I'm so dissapointed!
        No bloopers? REALLY? How dare you, FOX!
        I wanted to see that scene with 4 Pevensies in Narnian clothes, and the scene whith Susan-Lucy – I wanted to see Georgie and Will Poulter, they also were in it but it was deleted (you can see Georgie on the set of this scene here on 4:24 + I've seen somewhere picture of Will in the scene.

      • Arvan says:

        The scene where all four were in Narnian clothes was a single shot made for the trailers, nothing more.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        i wish they included that shot/trailer bit in narnian clothes, that was awesomeeeeeeee for the dvd

  2. Narniac4Aslan says:

    Hmmm, interesting…
    Disapointing? I hope not, but…bummer
    Were are the bloopers? The ones on the LWW were fantastic and I always look forward to them… I hope they're on the features…:/

    • Christ's girl says:

      Me too! 😛

    • Griffle says:

      It is a bit strange, yes, especially since there WAS talk of a blooper reel being included on the disc before its release. Something they called "Seasick Gag Reel". I can imagine a lot of people got seasick during the production. Might not be that fun to watch though. 😉

      • Griffle says:

        Could be that it turns out to be an Easter Egg. I've searched through all the menus on the Blu-ray without success though, so it would have to be on the DVD if this is the case.

      • wolfloversk says:

        I haven't looked for easter eggs yet, but if I find anything I will give you all a heads up!

    • WilliamMoseleyandSkandarcrush! says:

      Yea, I was looking 4ward for the blooper 🙁 Too bad this is explained as a "HUGE disappointment." I just hope that the next films will bring better news: especially The Last Battle. If they ruin the last movie of the Narnia series, I'll be SUPER disappointed!!!!

      And I hope they don't focus or show the Pevensies and Jadis in all the films. So far, Jadis has been in every film, and if she is in the rest: it won't be so scary or intense if (emphasize on "if") she appears in the Last Battle. And I hope she is in the Last Battle!!! But at the same time, I hope they don't ruin the reason WHY she should be in the Last Battle.

      If Aslan loses his Christ-like character in the last film, that would be the biggest disappointment of all!! I think even people who aren't Christian will see how important and how much Aslan's Christ-like characteristics really give him a powerful and wonderful appearance outwardly and inwardly.

    • Hiking Peter says:

      Hey, anyone going for the movie itself? Not just the bonus features????? Only three more days……….

  3. 8SilverSky says:

    This is an interesting review. It's too bad about the special features, but I'm glad the overall movie itself is presented well.

    The VDT review was also just released on If anyone's interested:

  4. Not Of This World says:

    So, no bloopers?

  5. Browncoat1984 says:

    Typical. They always pull this crap with children's movies. Honestly, you have this amazing format yet nobody makes great use of it. I have a few in my collection that are stellar examples of how to properly use the DVD/Blu ray format – Star Trek 2009, Lord of the Rings EE, Alien Anthology Blu ray, but you can tell there was little effort put into this set.

    I hate it when they go for flash over substance with the menus and stuff. WB did this with the early Harry Potter movies where you had to go through stupid mini games to get to the deleted scenes. I don't care about flash, I get my movie I want easy access to my movie and the extras.

    I also can't wait for the day where we won't get forced DVD copies with our blu rays. I have never used my DVD copies and honestly its just an excuse from the production company to stick something extra in there and charge us extra money. I bed if they didn't force us to buy three versions of the movie in one box that it would cost a little less and it would take up less shelf space. Disney pulls this crap on ALL their blu ray releases. I just want the blu ray and special features, that's it.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      I mostly agree on all points.
      Only thing I'll say in defense of getting an extra DVD copy is that some of my friends do not have a Blu-Ray player and I might like to lone them the DVD copy so they can watch it.

    • Aslan George says:

      It would be smart if the movie companies would give you a 1-2-3 release … # 1 would be strictly BD, # 2 would be BD + Digital Copy and # 3 would be BD/DVD & DC. I too buy the 3 disc version so I can loan the DVD copy to my daughter & son-in-law who do have nor want a BD machine. My other big complaint is about the DC which can only be played on the computer you originally download it too. So, if that computer breaks down and you replace it you can't move it over to the new machine. Dumb. I paid for it but I can't keep using the Digital Copy into the future on new machines?

      • wolfloversk says:

        What about strictly dvd? I have no Blu-Ray, but my computer has a dvd player, so I have no use of a digital copy either…

        This is totally off topic, but do they make VHS tapes anymore? I recently had a conversation with another freind on the subject

    • Will says:

      I didn't know this was a Disney release (Fox took over the third movie) ?? I do agree that Disney does too many combo packs (which end up being less expensive than Blu-ray only – IF Blu only is ever released). I'd just want the Blu-ray and maybe a digital copy. Could the digital copy even be an optional download, or would people abuse that system of distribution? At least with a hard copy, you don't have to worry about it getting deleted.

  6. Arvan says:

    I kind of expected this from Fox. They let me down with the film itself, and their attitude comes through now. They obviously think that Narnia is only "children's stories" and that they can get away with anything.

    • wolfloversk says:

      Which is what upsets me the most. Yes they're kid's books, but when you read them as an adult they still have the same attraction, infact they only get better.

      Narnia is so much more than a bucnh of children's stories

      • wolfloversk says:


      • Anhun says:

        I actually enjoyed them as an adult more than as a child. Granted, I no longer had the BBC Pevensies in my head. Talk about bad casting. 🙁

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        yeah, ive only known narnia as an adult and im now a fanatic. only someone who does not know the stories and their deep meaning would write them off as just "kids stuff." what gives? this is not a literary classic because it only appeals to ten year olds. get with the program, Fox.!

  7. Christ's girl says:

    I know I'm repeating a question, but just in case you didn't see it before…

    I was wondering…
    Do they notify Narniaweb with a casting call?

    • Christ's girl says:

      Anybody know?

      • Christ's girl says:

        Does the mayor know? 🙂

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        Sadly, I don't. 🙁

        I do seem to remember news stories on here from previous movies about casting calls for dwarves and the like. And wasn't there something about the need for that Gael girl in "VDT?"–I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. Honestly, I'm not sure if they are pre-notified of casting calls.

      • Thanks Mayor! 🙂 Maybe if I go back to stories posted about the time of the green-lighting of VDT, I'll see something. Thanks again. 🙂

    • -centaur- says:

      Yes, narniaweb will usually let us know when a casting call has been announced. 🙂

  8. Aunt Letty says:

    Thanks for the information, Glumpuddle. Wish more special edition dvd releases came with this much info about the "extras". It's always such a gamble, putting out the shillings and pence.

  9. Skilletdude says:

    The special features don't seem to be very exciting or extensive and it's kind of annoying that they are cut up into little segments that are mostly only a minute long. Looks like I won't be missing much when I buy the standard DVD.

  10. nic says:

    For the double dvd release, i found the format fun and liked the Discovery stuff with the narrator – gives more backdrop to the film, and thought that was a great idea. And the hopping from one island to the next was good also as all the features are pretty short so don't get too bogged down.
    On the down side, there isn't really anything else – so while liked the innovation with the format/content, while fun going through and everything, you get through it quite quickly. A couple of 40 minute docs on making film itself as well and would have been perfect:)

  11. Not Of This World says:

    I don't know if I should believe this story after all those jokes yesterday 🙂 Just kidding 🙂

  12. Daniel says:

    The Silver Chair is my fav, so Im sad they are going with MN, but I agree, bring back Adamson! after the first two, I think he is my most liked director. I think with the content of MN, his "introduction to wonder" style he used on LWW would fit very well. and than he would be set up to play PuddleGlum on SC!

    • nic says:

      Bring back Andrew Adamson too…..for Horse & His Boy – after Silver Chair 🙂

      • James says:

        Aramaic needs to be brought back. If anything his skills will be able to redeem the franchise. VotD is actually my least fave, just because I didn't really feel like I was in Narnia. This is our most desperate hour. Help us, Andrew Adamson, your our only hope. 😛 Sorry, I just had to put a Star Wars quote in there. 😉

      • James says:

        Adamson needs to be brought back. If anything his skills will be able to redeem the franchise. VotD is actually my least fave, just because I didn't really feel like I was in Narnia. This is our most desperate hour. Help us, Andrew Adamson, your our only hope. 😛 Sorry, I just had to put a Star Wars quote in there. 😉

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        agreed , adamson started off "the narnian look", VDT seemed to not match the others. broke continuity. andrew, come back, bring HGW with you!!!!!

  13. stateofgreen says:

    Thanks Griffle! Most disappointed about the exclusive blu-ray extras especially Portal to Narnia: A Painting Comes to Lifebecause I don't have a blu-ray player. I won't be able to see the extra interview bits with Will Poulter. Sad.
    *Cries* 😉 Hope there's an extended cut edition later….

    • nic says:

      It's a very fine film as it is, but they will need to get the balance better, in the again episodic MN, between 'plot driven' & 'character driven' (as the first 2). Won't have the amazing Georgia Henley center to bridge (& help carry Narnia banner)in a similar proposition for MN.

      Maybe less budget thrown at marketing hype for a more word of mouth – Narnia is playing – nature of franchise audience & more into extra 10/15 minutes of run time for balance of film approach & feel.

  14. Reepicheep says:

    I got it on Friday, noticed just how cheap the movie looked! Maybe because it's made for bigger screens therefore all the fine details are bigger and spread out and don't look as fake. I'd have to more or less agree with Griffle on how the Blu-ray was, I'm all for 'making of' features, and there were hardly any, the biggest disappointment being NO BLOOPERS!!!! AARGH!!!! The bloopers of the first two were HILARIOUS!!!!!! I think the best home release of the series was probably Caspian's.

    • Griffle says:

      Cheap looking? I can't agree with you on that. It looks really good IMO.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      the cheap look i believe is from shooting digitally instead of warm looking film. what a poor decision to cut corners on the 2nd most important book out of the 7. bummer

  15. narnian says:

    I founded the Narnia Blu-ray combo pack one week earlier!!! yey!! i sepent every penyy I Had lol to have it! im really happy with the purchase!! the movie looks amazing but i have not seen the Bluy blu-ray beacuse my blu-ray player is old and I dont know how to upgrade it!! =(

    • Will says:

      To "upgrade" your Blu-ray player, do you mean getting the new firmware? There should be links on the manufacturer's website, depending on the model number. Some players can even connect to the Internet (wired or wirelessly) and download the newest version.

  16. Mayor Wilkins says:

    The picture looks lighter. Is it lighter than the theatrical version, or just that the film is lighter than the trailers were? The only thing I'm worried about is the look of the White Witch. Are her eyes as shockingly green as they were in the theatre? I hope the lightness of the blu-ray image hasn't compromised this detail. It was one of my favorite minor details.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      Sorry, forgot to mention earlier…. VERY good job on the review. Thorough and nicely written too. 😉 I'm not big on extras, but it's good to know what's there.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      Thank goodness!
      I know it seems like a silly detail to get hung up on.
      But those eyes captivated me.

      Ultimately, the picture quality seems fine otherwise judging by the images. I was worried about the aspect ratio, but it seems fine too.

  17. Matt Taylor says:

    Some of you might be interested in this –
    The Narnia theme played and recored by me, on guitar!!!

  18. Heythere says:


  19. Does it have bloopers? 😉

  20. High Queene Shelly Belly says:

    what is the difference between the regular 2 disc dvd and the specail 2 disc dvd? anyone know? and what if you want a digital copy buT dont have blu RAY? I DONT KNOW what to do-

  21. Cierra says:

    Disappointed that the gag reel and commentary with the actors is missing. I'll buy the 2 disk because I have LWW 4 disk and PC 2 disk.
    Hopefully they will bring more to the table next movie in bonus features.

  22. BreehyHinnyBrinnyHoohyHah says:

    Great Review! Allow me to be picky and point out some things that bothered be about Unknown Female Narrator..
    Minotaur discovery- I don't think they're half man, half-BOAR…a typo maybe?
    If I remember correctly, Reep named it Deathwater island, not Goldwater island, and Caspian said he didn't know why, but that struck him as a very good name. Is it called Goldwater island in the film? I can't recall…
    Aslan discovery- Aslan is'nt The Emperor Over The Sea, He's the SON of The Emperor Over The Sea…right?

    Maybe it's just me, or maybe they just could'nt get everything perfect, which i understand.

    anyway, hope i don't sound critical. Can't wait to go buy it this weekend! *does Narnia Geek dance*

    • Arvan says:

      They do call it Goldwater in the film, but other than that you're right.

    • Griffle says:

      She does say "half-man, half-boar". Boar = "The adult male of any of several mammals…" (

      • BreehyHinnyBrinnyHoohyHah says:

        Oh, yes, I can see how that would work now. That makes me wonder…are there female minotaurs? lol, seems like there wouldnt be, but then…i'm going to quit while i'm ahead.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      The only one of those that bugged me was Aslan as The Emperor Beyond the Sea. Not true. Not true. But certainly a forgivable error.

  23. Bob says:

    So is there no commentary with the kids and Ben? That was the highlight of the last two releases. This is disappointing, but seems to fit in with the generally lower production values of VDT compared to the first two films.

    • stateofgreen says:

      Yeah it's sad they don't have one, considering this is Will Poulter's first Narnia movie. A commentary with him, Georgie, Skandar, and Ben would have been most fun to hear. 🙁 Silly Fox.

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        I thought the "Prince Caspian" commentary with the children was quite hilarious. 😀
        It is a shame.

    • WillowofNarnia says:

      Yeah, Ben had said that they'd be back. 🙁 Now they aren't. 🙁 I had a feeling even when they hadn't started filming though that they weren't coming back to do another commentary. "Things never happen the same way twice." Or three times in this case. 😉

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        hey maybe narnia web can call up the actors on conference call or skype and have them do their own podcast/commentary!! that would be awesome!

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      that was a crazy decision not to have the kids commentary- CRAZY

  24. ajSilverX Farsight says:

    Wow! "Dawn Treader" blu-ray have many special features! If April 8th will be the release day in America, when will it be releasing worldwide? And how about the DVD version? Can't wait to have "Dawn Treader" movie in blu-ray or in DVD!

  25. reepicheep's_fangirl says:

    Yes! Bring Admason back!!!!! I may disappointed that MN is being made instead of SC, but i still care about whether or not it's gonna be worth the change. Adamson would TOTALLY rock it, and Harry Gregson Williams needs to make a grand return too! I was looking forward to a kid's commentary, especially this year with Will Poultler. 🙁
    I'm a little disappointed, even with the movie itself, but i'm not letting that ruin my hopes that MN will be slightly more enjoyable. I'm most upset about the fact that i won't see Will again. *tear* 🙁

  26. WillowofNarnia says:

    Well, I really don't care what you think of it. I will love whatever they *do* put on there. I have to admit though that I think Disney and Andrew Adamson should come back. I'm thinking of writing to him and telling him so.

  27. skandarlover says:

    so there aren't any bloopers? 🙁 cause the ones in the wardrobe and prince caspian were fun just cuz we got to see the personalities of the actors come out

  28. This is off topic of the post but I'm writing it anyway. How many of you think of HHB as your least favorite in the series? Reply back with the answer. Thanks!
    P.S. Please click on my name! 😛

    • BreehyHinnyBrinnyHoohyHah says:

      LEAST FAVORITE?! NO! I love it, It is among the top three to me, for it's themes, it's parallels to so many things in my life. I find new meanings in it every time I read it. Out of all the Aslan encounters, the part of HHB when Shasta asks Aslan who he is, gets me a little chocked up. "Myself," Aslan answers.
      I could say alot more, but couldn't possibly type everything…

    • The reason I have posted this is because I used to think it was my least favorite. But a few days ago I reread it and found I enjoyed and understood it better. Now it is one of my favorite in the series. And BreehyHinnyHoohyHah, I can see by your name that you really really like this book. 😉

      • BreehyHinnyBrinnyHoohyHah says:

        🙂 I really really do! It was the first book I read oddly enough, before I discovered the others. That was in…wow…fifth grade. That's probably why I love it so.

      • As much as I hate to say it, here goes, 'My brothers were right' 🙁 *gag* They used to tell me in my HHB dislike days that it is a really great book. And it is. Although the chapters where Aravis is hiding and hearing the conversations Rabadash and his father could have been shortened in my opinion. 🙂

    • Arvan says:

      Sorry, my favorite.

    • Griffle says:

      HHB is my second favourite of the books after MN. Least favourite of the books: SC, followed by VDT.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        i'll bet you read them in chronological order first, not published order.

    • nic says:

      HHB is my favourite Narnia book.

      And in the PC film (one of my all time Top favourite films), right near the end in the courtyard when Caspian lets Aslan, Susan & Peter know everyone is ready or assembled, that environment look/scene really really really makes me think of Horse & His Boy – I'm not sure why.

    • wolfloversk says:

      HHB is my #1 favorite, admittedly when I first read them it was my least favorite, but that was only because I had mistakenly expected more of the Pevensies. Best book ever is HHB, Best character (besides Reep and Lu) is Bree

  29. claireyy says:

    i agree on bringing andrew adamson back! hope he isn't busy!

  30. AslanIsOnTheMove says:

    Hey guys!!! I don't know if this story has been posted somewhere or not, if it has I missed it. Dawn Treader has been nominated best fantacy film at National Movie Awards and Ben and Georgie are up for best performances XD acording to Aslan's GO VOTE!!!!!!!!

  31. Queen C The Gentle says:

    I love Narniaweb! You can't just chat with different people about Narnia! Maybe Narnia does exist…

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      it does exist, I've been there! 🙂

    • Queen C The Gentle says:

      I meant you CAN just chat with different people about Narnia. I've always believed Narnia exists.

      • reepicheeps archer says:

        Narnia is real! Ive always thought this world was somewhat of a remnant of Narnia. Ive also seen some simalarities like when the wind picks up and shakes the trees I feel like Im really there!

  32. I NEED to see that shot of Lilliandil at the end; go ahead, call me an idiot, but even as a boy I love this couple.

  33. Pepper Darcy says:

    no! Don't bring adamson back! He didn't even care about Lewis' version of Narnia. He said for PC: 'the narnia in *my* mind…'

    Oh well. My opnion doesn't count. But honestly though, what makes a good adaptation vs. a bad one? I don't think it means following word by word, cuz then it gets dragged out, but it certainly isn't what Adamson did either.

    *gag* I'm to the point where it's just not worth having an opnion anymore on these things cuz you get killed for what you think… I can't like Apted's version of DT, but I can't *dislike* Adamson's story choices either… why the devil do people care if I like DT but not PC?

    I give up… this narnia franchise is really starting to stink.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      If you like the movies or dislike them, so be it.
      Never let someone else tell you what you can and cannot like. 😉
      For example—
      I like all the movies. LWW, VDT, PC In that order.

      I think The Green Mist is awesome, and a better villain than the Telmarines (see my Green Mist theory for more).

      I LOVED all of the White Witch cameos in both sequels. In fact, my favorite scene in VDT was the White Witch's final temptation of Edmund.

      And…. In some ways, I even like the films better than the books.
      Yes. That's what I think.

      • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

        me too Mayor. I like watching the movies over reading the books. but maybe cause I'm new to narnia.

    • 8SilverSky says:

      Don't worry Pepper Darcy,

      I know people that don't like the movie, because it's not a 100% faithful adaption. Well, that's their opinion. You can discuss all you want, but you can't change someone's opinion about something by giving facts.

      I love VDT. Probably my favourite of all the three Chronicles adapted so far. I'm an art student, and VDT shines above the first two in that department, among other things. The minotaurs, for example, look much better in Narnia 3: they feel real; not like people with a giant minotaur-"mask" on their head.

      I agree with Mayor Wilkins; I actually like the addition of the White Witch in the movies. Yes, Jesus defeated the devil, but he's still luring around every corner to tempt us. You can clearly see in the movie that she is powerless unless someone actually FALLS for her temptations, unlike LWW, where she was able to physically do damage without anyone's help. I hope that made sense 🙂

      Also, I agree that I like the movies better than the books. Both are good for their own reasons.

      Don't give up on liking Narnia 3; you're not alone. Definitly not. You like VDT? Awesome, me too! Already pre-ordered my copy!

      • Mayor Wilkins says:

        "I actually like the addition of the White Witch in the movies. Yes, Jesus defeated the devil, but he’s still luring around every corner to tempt us. You can clearly see in the movie that she is powerless unless someone actually FALLS for her temptations"

        YES! YES! Someone understands!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  34. 100th comment! Thought that was cool when I saw the 99 COMMENTS written… 🙂

  35. Dancing Nymph says:

    Found a clip of one of the special features "King Caspian’s Guide to the Dawn Treader" looks good. I can't understand why this movie underperformed at the box office, it was easily the best installment to date.

  36. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    I don't know about the blu-ray, but the DVD has probably the best picture quality I've ever seen!!!! Unfortunately, several scenes are lighter than they were in theaters, but there's a lot more detail visible. It's also rich in color and the sound quality is great! Haven't checked out the bonus features on the 2-disc version yet.
    I miss the bloopers! (I'm suprised because I've seen Fox add bloopers to DVDs before.)

  37. Uhh, the packaging was awesome! I LOVED it! The reviewer must've been eating sour grapes…

  38. Rob Case says:


    I bought the 3 disc pack this morning, and what I found was not pleasing. Although you have to give Fox credit for their time and effort in the design of the packaging (which is incredibly impressive), the downside is that there was not enough thought spent on preserving the discs themselves.

    In the 3 disc packaging, there are no hubs to contain the blu-ray and the DVD. The discs roam "freely" around the package, making them suceptible and vulerable to scratches. And that's what happened. The discs were scratched heavily. So I went back to Walmart (where I bought this set) and tried to exchange it. The same thing again. All together three boxes were opened all with the same problem. I then asked for a refund. Yet on the plus side, Walmart (probably exclusively) sold a blu-ray version separate without one having to buy the whole set. Yet to get a disc without scratches, you have to buy it individually for the same price that you would otherwise pay to buy all three ($19.99). If Fox could have had a fold out packaging with a hard plastic lining containing good hubs (like they did with The Simpsons seasons)to hold the discs in place, I wouldn't be writing this today. But they decided to go the cheap route. And yet, I still would like a DVD copy, but on a hub in a stable packaging case.

    • Mayor Wilkins says:

      I was surprised by this detail as well.
      Why hold the digital copy in place, but not the actual movie discs?
      Just a stupid idea.

    • Rob Case says:

      When examining the disc, I noticed that when you purchase the blu-ray by itself (on the hubs) it doesn't have any of the special features that the blu-ray (in the 3 disc package) contains. It's movie only. So if you want any of the special features, then I guess you will have to tolerate scratched media.

    • High Queene Shelly Belly says:

      just to let you know, walmart's movies are of inferiior qulaity cause they make their own (cheapo) copies in their own plants. I have dwason's creek box sets – 1/2 from FYE and 1/2 from walmart. the walmart ones look noticeably faded and washed out.

  39. ak says:

    As someone whose job is working on audio for DVD/Blu-Ray release, I feel the need to address the 7.1 comment in the review.

    I'm not at all surprised that the BD doesn't include 7.1. Not many people have even a 5.1 setup in their homes, much less 7.1. In the past two years, we've probably only had five movies mixed for 7.1, and those were usually for re-releases in the theater.

    5.1 speaker setup is 5 speakers and a subwoofer: Left, Center, Right, Left Surround (back), Right Surround (back), and a sub. 7.1 just adds two additional surrounds. There is hardly any information in the two surrounds in 5.1 so adding two more really makes no difference in someone's home.

    In order to mix for 7.1 you need a mixing stage set up for it. (And there almost always winds up being technical difficulties involved) Most restoration facilities have their editors work in edit bays, often on headphones (we've got 5.1 headphones, but I know some only use 2.0) on many different movies at once. It isn't cost-effective for a facility to set up every bay with 7.1 and it isn't cost-effective for a studio to pay for a stage and the extra time it takes to make a 7.1, especially when hardly anyone has that setup. In fact, most of us at work don't even have a 5.1 setup on their TVs at home, and we all work in audio!

    It's amazing the amount of work that goes into making a DVD/BD after it's left the theater and, especially with more and more people switching to digital/online methods of watching, the studios have to decide how much they want to spend on the physical products.

    Hey, I love special features, so I'm a hard-copy girl through-and-through. Audio files are smaller than video, but they still take up space, so if leaving off an unnecessary format leaves more space for special features, then bring it on! Or at least include a track for the Blind. Those are AWESOME!

  40. Josh says:

    I was really impressed with the 3 Disc Blu Ray version of VDT. My only real complaint is the way 2 of the discs were sort of "glued" into the packaging. I had to clean off sticky glue from the back of the Blu Ray disc and from the DVD disc. It was kind of frustrating. Its possible I just got a bad one or something but the Discs play fine.

    • Rob Case says:

      Actually, it's funny you mentioned that. I wrote a letter to Fox about it in hopes that they will do something about it. What's funny is that the girl at Customer Service was struggling to get the discs out of the package because of the glue. She was really wrestling with it. She was getting really frustrated. I then started laughing, because in order to get the scratched discs out of the box, she had to immerse it with fingerprints.

  41. The Narniad says:

    Urgh, I'm so disappointed with the special features! They really don't live up to the past two films at all. For a start: WHERE WERE THE BLOOPERS?! I really missed them, they were brilliant in Caspian and Wardrobe! And the actors' commentary! Where was that? It's such a loss, especially just because the rest of the special features have almost nothing to do with the actors on set and the crew (at least not in the DVD edition). I could rant for ages, honestly.

  42. Will says:

    I'm kind of disappointed, too. The other films were 2.35:1 (or maybe 2.40:1?) widescreen. This one at least fills a whole HDTV, but I haven't even tried watching it yet. The special feature menus weren't a big deal for me. A bigger shock was the fact of how they're so short or simply regurgitate what you already know about the plot (on Goldwater island, things in the water turn to gold – so THAT'S how it got the name! [sarcasm]). Only a few actually show the main actors, and they're recorded in a distorted format (4:3 ratio stretched into 16:9), with no way to change the setting. Based on seeing some pictures online, I thought the discs would be in a regular Blu-ray case with a decorated slipcover. Nope. Now I'd have to buy an empty Blu case just to protect the main movie disc from scratches and make it easier to access. Why is it that you can hardly buy any new release movies WITHOUT a DVD combo pack? I understand, maybe for portability (watch a DVD in the car, or bring a portable player), or for future compatibility, but I already own a Blu player. I don't want any new DVDs, unless they have SD special features. What I really hope is that they DON'T film "Magician's Nephew" next, because it would break up the continuity (the next book in published order ["The Silver Chair"] affects Caspian's family – his son Rilian, I think), and waste the set up they already did in this movie (green mist to show the underworld preparing for battle, the Jill Pole reference, etc …).

  43. Will says:

    Today I did attempt to play the Blu-ray version of VDT and discovered something else the hard way. Never mind 7.1 sound – how about NO 5.1 sound in English? I have my player hooked to a Dolby Digital receiver via an optical digital cable. All I can figure is that, because they encoded the soundtrack as DTS, and my receiver is Dolby only, it can't convert the DTS into Dolby format. What's strange is how they have three other languages as DD 5.1, and a DD 2.0 commentary track, but no regular 5.1 English DD. "Prince Caspian" on Blu came in the mail today, and has the same problem. I never noticed that until now, even with other Blu-ray discs (including the first Narnia), probably because the HD audio was Dolby's format and my receiver played it back as regular DD 5.1 sound. Arg! So, I'd either have to spend a lot and get a newer receiver for full surround sound on some newer Blu-rays, or watch the DVD to at least get 5.1 (assuming that has a DD track in English).

  44. kelley says:

    Im really upset at how there is hardly any extras about the kids, especially Eustace you would think they would have something about him and his first movie. But maybe there is and I just didn't find it in the reading, i havent been able to watch my special features yet because I don't have a blu ray player at college 🙁

  45. I was in these movies

  46. Aussie says:

    The music videos are included here in Australia, they include Stan Walker the Australian Idol singing "Standup" which was produced by my son. I am so proud of him.

  47. yepilovenarnia says:

    What? No bloopers or actors commentary? That's so depressing.

  48. destinywriter17 says:


  49. he really needs to come back and fix Narnia. 'cause right now, it's broken.