April Fools: Magician’s Nephew Screenplay Leaked

Hope you enjoyed our April Fools jokes this year!

It’s a phrase that sends shudders down the spine of any NarniaWebber: We have a leaked script.

A page from a purported script was posted yesterday at Twitpic. You can see the leaked script below. The story seems to be sticking very close to the book, in fact some of the lines are verbatim from the book.

Click for a larger view

Please be aware that this has not been confirmed by the production, but it does appear that they may already be working on the screenplay for the next Narnia movie.

70 Responses

  1. Peter's BFF says:

    They "got" me too. Until I started reading what everyone was posting. I've been doing NarniaWeb since the beginning of VDT so I guess I'm still a naive new-kid-at-school. 😀

  2. Peter's BFF says:

    Even if this isn't a real script, whoever did write it did a good job of it. As in the actual writing on the script seemed what someone "adapting" the book would do — kinda like the book but not really … accidentally-on-purpose as my sis says.

    I'll give "whoever" a B+ for their writing skills. A C- for the ability to get me to glance twice. And last of all, an A for the script layout.

    Being an English teacher, one can do these things! 😉

  3. yeswelovenarnia says:

    I have to admit, out of all the April Fools jokes, this is the one I wish could be so true!! I really wish they would stick to the book a lot more than they have been!

  4. narniafreak says:

    A LOT of us don't get into the april fool stupidity!! We just want to read interesting info about Narnia. Please NO more!! Oh and A LOT of us Narnia fans are huge fans of the movies and NOT the books. The movies have been awesome, especially Prince Caspian. I have only read one of the books, Prince Caspian,and was not deeply impressed. And I very much appreciate Narniaweb!! Thanks!!

  5. Not Of This World says:

    Wow you guys must love April Fools Day 🙂

  6. Anhun says:

    to put it succinctly:. . . huh?

  7. TheLion'sMane says:

    Of course this couldn't be the real movie; it is actually following the book!

  8. Krista says:

    Well I liked the book I haven't seen the movie yet.

  9. melissa says:

    you know it might actually be a good idea to keep to the books basic words and phrases because it would sound more like the time and people. just add some funny thing and it would be great.

  10. Kezia says:

    i really love the chronicles of narnia.
    i've been a huge fan of narnia since its first movie.
    gosh! i can't wait for magician's nephew to be out in theaters.