Ben Barnes Cast in ‘The Seventh Son’

Ben Barnes (Caspian) has been cast in “The Seventh Son,” Warner Bros’ upcoming adaptation of the first book in the Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney. He will be playing “the young farmhand who discovers he has an aptitude for perceiving the supernatural.” He joins Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. The film will be directed byΒ Sergey Bodrov, and is currently set for a 2013 release.Β Read more.

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  1. kulotz says:

    Go King Caspian!!! Fight those devils. Continue the battle outside narnia!

  2. kulotz says:

    go king Caspian! fight those devils! Continue doing battle outside Narnia. You have a wholly different witch to slay. No linger the White Witch. Now its Witch Malkin!

  3. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    I actually looked up some info on the books series, and the character Ben might play is 13 years old in the books, similar how to his character in Narnia is 13 in the books, yet is played by an older actor. Hahaha.

  4. glumPuddle says:

    That's hilarious, haha.

  5. wolfloversk says:

    Wow lots of actors from some of my favorite movies (PC, Tron: Legacy, JP2) I may have to investigate this further…

  6. wolfloversk says:

    XD well at least he has experience… πŸ˜‰

  7. Lucia says:

    Now Caspian is becoming greater hero!!!!

  8. Princess Lucy says:

    has any one read these books!!!!!!!!!!…………since Ben is in the film……I am thinking to read them haha! Thanks GlumPuddle!

  9. Princess Lucy says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHa thats funny!!!!!!……I guess Ben does looks alot younger than his age afterall…..esp when he has short hair…he looks soo young!!!!!!

  10. freya says:

    Wow! Go Ben! This is the third movie he's been cast in lately, aside from "The Words" and "The Wedding", according to IMDb at least. Read somewhere that he's been staying in LA for a bit, looks like that was a smart career move. I think Ben is a wonderful actor and I'm glad to see he's branching out.

  11. kulotz says:

    im excited! i just bought the book minutes ago. im not a book lover but ill read it for ben just like the way i managed to read the vampire academy series. there are a lot of people banking on him to play the lead vampire role there. i will definitely miss him in narnia, but of course, the narnia franchise will always have my support.

  12. kulotz says:

    because he is Dorian Gray. He never grows old. Hahahaha!

  13. Aslan's BFF says:

    Wow, Ben. You're really getting on up there in the "regular actors" group. Would this be a good movie to see? Anyway, keep up the good work. (and please don't cut your hair short like you did in Easy Virtue, ugh) πŸ˜‰

  14. narnian resident says:

    oh that is going to be so awesome seeing Ben act alongside Jeff Bridges πŸ˜€

  15. Why is everyone calling him King Caspian? He may have *played* King Caspian, but he is/was anything but.

  16. Ben Barnes is an AMAZING actor. That's one thing I think we all agree on.

  17. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    He has short hair on right now! I kinda like him with short hair preferably with the beard. Please don't ask. I hope his new movies are gonna be good! Killing Bono was a little…cough…um, yeah…

  18. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    WOOOOOOT!!!!!!! Go King Caspian! LOL! πŸ˜›

  19. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    Bhahahaha! That's smart!

  20. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I still want to see Locked In! When is it coming out?!!!

  21. 2lost4words says:

    This is one of my favorite book series and i have been following the series for several years now, and as much as i love Ben as an actor but…he is really not fit to play Tom. I'm holding all opinions till the movie is released, but i really wish Hollywood actually followed the book series properly…..but so far, this adaption looks as decent as Percy Jackson

  22. Elf Maiden Archer of Rivendell says:

    I looked on imdb and it said it was only shown at a film festival. That's not fair because I want to see it too!

  23. Aslan's BFF says:

    Yeah. But I liked his second look with the long hair and beard. I know what you mean, the beard is so cute! But In Easy Virtue it was short without a beard and gave me the eebbie-geebies.

  24. Aslan's BFF says:

    WHAAAAAAAT? Are you saying he's … I know he's not a Christian, but that doesn't mean we can't call him "King Caspian".

  25. Aslan's BFF says:

    I was on YouTube watching one of the trailers, and it said you have to sign some kind of petition to get it to be put on a DVD or in a theater.

  26. Aslan's BFF says:

    You must be disappointed.

  27. Aslan's BFF says:

    And a little strange. I got used to the long hair.

  28. Narnian Meerkat says:

    Ooo, this sounds interesting…Will it be in the US??? πŸ™‚

  29. kulotz says:

    he may not be that awesomely good looking in killing bono but gosh!!! he did an amazing job there. He was able to show that he could also sing rock/new wave type of music (different from his hyrise and jazzy voice in easy virtue); that he could do an irish accent in addition to his 4 other accents; that he can effectively act and look stupid and has the guts to look foolish despite knowing that he's HOT; whew!!! well, of course, he did a fine acting there–very relaxed and natural.

  30. Aslan's BFF says:

    And the thing is, he doesn't seem to "think" he's cool. I'm sure he knows but he doesn't flaunt the idea around. I like that about him. πŸ™‚

  31. farnia says:

    Starring alongside Jeff Bridges is he? Jeff is one of my favourite actors. I will keep an eye out for Seventh Son and Locked In as well.

  32. Bookwyrm says:

    As much as I enjoy watching Jeff Bridges, I can't see him in the role at all. Ben will be what, 30 when they film this? And Tom is meant to be 13 or so in the first book. Ridiculous. And judging by the casting of Julianne Moore, I suppose they're going for sexy middle-aged witch over the horrifying old crone depiction of the books. *rolls eyes* I don't think I'll even bother with this movie.

  33. loverforben says:

    You know I can't imagine Ben having supernatural powers. It is a little to hilarious to think about!

  34. Aslan's BFF says:

    I agree. And in the movie "Locked In" he plays a father. :S In the trailer this little girl runs up to him and says, "Daddy!" and he picks her up. Very cute, but a little weird when you stand away from the screen and think about it.

  35. Being a Christian or not was not my point. My point was simply that he didn't seem like Caspian to me.

  36. Aslan's BFF says:

    Oh-okay. Thanks for the clear-up.

  37. Liz says:

    Sounds interesting. πŸ™‚ Go King Caspian.

  38. Queen_Emily says:

    I've read the books and enjoyed them. Ben Barnes will be brilliant in the movie even if he's a bit old for the part….All the same GO KING CASPIAN!

  39. loverforben says:

    Ben, a Dad? Even Wierder! He kinda a bit young for playing dad. Don't ya think?

  40. Aslan's BFF says:

    Very. And adding the American accent just makes it worse!