Walden Media Hasn’t Dropped Out of Narnia, Still Negotiating

We have been contacted by someone close to the production who claims that Walden Media has pulled out of making any further Narnia movies.

We are trying to confirm this news as quickly as possible. And should this indeed be the case, we have no idea what will become of the series from this point on.

UPDATE: There are a number of conflicting stories about what’s going on. We’re hearing different things from different people, so until things start to settle down we really don’t know anything for sure. What we can say for sure is that the future of the franchise at present is rather murky. Negotiations may or may not be ongoing, or may have ground to a halt for a while. We’re going to just have to wait and see what shakes out. -Tirian

UPDATE 2: I did have a chance to speak with officials from Walden Media today. Walden stated emphatically that they are still pursing another Narnia film and that they are continuing discussions with the C.S. Lewis Estate to make that a reality. At the present time nothing has been confirmed. But there has not yet been a final yes, or a final no. If Walden does another Narnia film, it will almost certainly be The Magician’s Nephew.

I think it is clear that some negotiations are still taking place, though perhaps as I suggested earlier, they are stalled. It is likely that Walden’s option on the film will last for several more years so it could be quite some time before we know for sure one way or the other.

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  1. Not Of This World says:

    400th comment! (Sorry, I'm bored 🙂 )

  2. farsight-mssngr says:

    I think they are talking about Narnia 4 like these:
    "We will make Narnia 4!" "What if it flops again in the big-screen?"
    "This will be the last Narnia movie."
    "We will do our best to save the franchise from it's weak box office."
    "This time, we'll make sure that Narnia will earn a big box-office results"

    Make Narnia 4 epic and magical and better than the first three movies. Silver Chair is next as chronologized but it lacks in the book sales. Magician's Nephew is very magical, make this next, although it's not really next after VDT and Poulter's age will be a problem.
    Just make Narnia 4 up to Narnia 7. Film it and make it with all your heart, do it seriously and make it epic, magnificent and magical just like in the books. Be sagacious for Narnia 4.
    Further in!

  3. DaughterofAslan'scountry says:

    Another thing i just noticed. It's easy for us narnia fans who have read all the books and pretty much know the story by heart along with all the other narnia stuff out there, not to get confused if they really do make magicians nephew next. But what about all the other people who haven't read the books, or have only read the books maybe once a long time ago? There going to get confused. Most people today do not have the comprehension skills people did 50 years ago. There going to get turned off.

  4. DaughterofAslan'scountry says:

    to Anhun: That's not what I'm saying at all. My apologies if I confused you. I guess what I meant to say is their doing the stories of the movies in the same order as they published the books. I don't mean that no matter what was the third movie, it would have the same results. They published the books a certain order, and they had certain results. Maybe if Magicians Nephew was the first book published they would have made less, and LWW would have made more. We'll never know.
    What I mean is the movies follow the success patterns of the books because the sequence of stories is the same as that of the books. Get it now?

    • Anhun says:

      So, if Silver Chair comes 4th, it will be a failure, mirroring the pattern of the books, but, if a different movie comes 4th and Silver Chair comes later, we don't know?

      • Dylan says:

        Look, I dont think anything is for sure right now. I dont think you can say for sure that Silver Chair would be a fail in box office, just because they mirrored the book sales.Why then, would the prince Caspian movie have made more money in the box offfice, then VDT, even if the book sales favored VDT. My opinion is, that it was the hype for PC and the lack of audience appeal for VDT that lead to the difference. So,for the franchise, what would be the logical choice for the next Narnia movie? Magicians Nephew. Mostly because, the audience needs something new. Right now the main audience of Narnia(not including us fans) is diminishing, and if they did Silver Chair, it would diminish even more. So, what they need to do in my honest and well thought out opinion, they need to reintroduce movie goers to Narnia, and thats why Magicians Nephew is my choice.

      • Anhun says:

        "the audience needs something new."

        How is Magician's Nephew any newer than Silver Chair? I would say Silver Chair is a better bet because it can be marketed on its own merits, having a solid story and engaging characters. You don't have to rely on the (non-existent) good will left over from the other movies. On the forum, there's a thread for thinking up tag lines for MN. Almost all of them involve "Narnia" this or "Alsan" that, or "White Witch" the other. This is an issue because, at this point, Narnia has almost no cashé at the box office.

      • Dylan says:

        "Something new" means the creation story, a prequel, not just the next story in line,something unique. MN is unlike any other book in the chronicles, and is very different. You might say "well, SC is a different story, why is MN anymore different then MN". Heres my point. Its the creation story and the beginning of all Narnia. I think, for a moviegoer whos kind of lost interest in the series, this is fresh start for them, and will explain a lot for someone whos never read the books. You are right,words people are gonna think of are stuff like Aslan and so on, but they will think of new ones too,like "Lampost", "Proffessor Kirke", and "Charn". It will explain the origin story of the White Witch, and so on.

      • Stephen says:

        I think that doing MN could have a benefit over Silver Chair only because it would show how the tie-in worked/started from our world to Narnia. I think that a lot of people got a thrill of seeing various parts of London with Harry Potter's movies.
        The only other choice may be to go straight to Last Battle. While that may not be a favorite choice, I don't know if Narnia has the same continuity as other long running movie franchises and it may be best, if there is only to be one more, to go there.

      • Dylan says:

        Ummmmm……..Maybe, i dont know how skippin strait to last battle would work. But it might, because Poulter, is 18, and in the books, hes like only 12 in Silver chair/last battle, soooo, with MN in the works he will be at least 20. Thats not going to work. They better make SC first.

  5. DaughterofAslan'scountry says:

    Yes, sort of. I don't think the book was a failure, it just didn't make as much money.
    My point was that if they follow the order of the books, magicians nephew would be a success. If they don't, magician's nephew might not be a success, and silver chair could also not be a success. If money is the issue, making MN seems to great a risk.

    • Dylan says:

      Making MN is definatley worth the risk in my opinion. Heres, a question, is it just me, or this site has like no new news? I mean, is it really in that much of a pre production state, cause i sure hope there making progress at all.

  6. Queen C The Gentle says:

    Happy B-day Sophie W! Today's my b-day too!

  7. Aslan30 says:

    I just did a search under wikipedia "Walden Media" and found that they have under their upcoming releases "The Chronicles Of Narnia:The Magician's Nephew" they have it listed under as TBA I just hope they stay true to this listing.

    • Samuel says:

      Not wanting to be obvious, but you know that ANYONE can edit wikipedia, right? Anyone could potentially write in what is on some company's movie list…

  8. DaughterofAslan'scountry says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was hoping the negotations ere taking so long because they were discussing SC!

  9. King of Narnians says:

    I really wish to see Magician's Nephew be made into a movie. it was the one film I looked forward to when the series first started.

  10. Queen Emily the Awesome says:

    I really hope they do the Magician's Nephew next. In my opinion, it's one of the best books in the series, and I think it would be one of the best movies as well. It kind of stands alone among all of the other Narnia books because whereas most of them involve either an epic battle or long journey, this one is more going back and forth between London and the Wood between the worlds. I can see how it might be difficult to make as a movie because of this, however, if the time is taken to work it out it could be amazing. I really look forward to seeing the scene with the Lion's Song and the beginning of Narnia. I also look forward to seeing Charn. Of course I will really miss seeing the Pevensies since obviously this was before their time but maybe they'll work a little cameo with them into it or something.

    All in all, I can't wait for the Magician's Nephew! = )

  11. Samuel says:

    What I really want is a sequel to this article, I really want to know what's going to happen next…