Opinion: Sequel? Prequel? Reboot? What now?


In the middle of a news drought, fans have a tendency to let their imaginations run wild on what the future could hold. In this video, I embrace that tendency and examine possible routes Walden Media could take for a fourth Narnia film.


1. Sequel: The Silver Chair

  • Fourth book to be published (1953)
  • Logical next chapter
  • Will Poulter’s age
  • Set up in Dawn Treader film

2. Prequel: The Magician’s Nephew

  • More popular book
  • Clear connection to the first film
  • The opportunity to give Tilda Swinton a prominent role again.

3. Reboot: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

  • Start from scratch: New cast, new crew
  • Would need to be fundamentally different from Adamson’s version. (Animation? PG13?)

4. Reboot: The Magician’s Nephew

  • Re-cast Aslan and The White Witch

5. Prequel (to VDT): The Horse and His Boy

  • The Pevensies would likley be given bigger roles

6. Re-read the books! I have read each book a dozen times, and I’m still discovering new things.

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  1. Linzi says:

    Happy 20th Birthday Skandar <3

    • Dylan says:

      20 already…. well at least he was the right age for his part… sort of. Anyways, Poulter is 18, so if they dont get started, hes gonna be a 20 yr old playing a 12 yr old. WEIRD.

      • Linzi says:

        Yeah that would be rather strange. I suppose at this point we've all learned how to use our imaginations in order to justify for the lack of accuracy in these films!

  2. Matt Wills says:

    In that case, I think we should hope for The Silver Chair as soon as possible, and on a mid-range budget, using Tilda Swinton as TLOTGK (to drum up trade). That gets around the (awful) problem of losing Will Poulter in Silver Chair if they wait too long. There can then be a hiatus before MN. I don't think it matters too much about the ages of WP and Jill in Last Battle (if it ever got that far). Made properly, it ought to be a much darker film – protagonists in their mid/late twenties would be fine.

    • just jill says:

      i think they should start over, have a clean slate to work on.
      they should make the films in this order
      1. the magicians nephew
      2.the lion the witch and the wardrobe
      3.the horse and his boy
      4.prince caspian
      5.voyage of the dawn treader
      6.the silver chair, and
      7.the last battle.
      that way there will be no hmmm should we do a sequel or a prequel? everything will be clean crisp and oranized.

  3. always narnian says:

    Wow… When are we gonna hear what's going on????

  4. aslan1980 says:

    Make Magician's Nephew then remake Lion, witch and wardrobe. Hopefully it would be as successful as the first LWW film and use that strong platform to make Horse and His Boy as a stand alone Narnia story. Then make the Silver Chair without any of the backstory of Eustace being in Narnia before as this would just confuse the general audience. Much better if it was also just a stand alone Narnia story with two new actors playing Jill and Eustace who discover Narnia for the first time. I dont think they will ever make PC again even though it was an excellent film because it didnt make the required money.

    I really think it will be about 5 years before we see a new Narnia film as the disaster of the Voyage of the Dawntreader will take a long time to erase from the memory. I dont think people appreciated how good Prince Caspian was. It was an epic. Voyage of the Dawntreader was truely a massive disappointment.

    • Dylan says:

      You are right, people dont give PC the credit it deseveres. People are very truefull about VDT though. My biggest problem is this, what would the general audience think? Theyd be like "WHAT?!?", "WHAT HAPPENED???".

    • Timo says:

      How would that work? Eustace having already been in Narnia is an important part of the Siver Chair..

      • Dylan says:

        You can market Silver chair as an individual story, but his being in VDT is crucial to the story. Think if PC was made first and the Pevensies had never been tto narnia before, that would be weird.

      • aslan1980 says:

        If it is going to be a long time beteen the filming of The Voyage of the Dawntreader and Silver Chair and there are going be other Narnia films in the meantime it would be best, so as not to isolate the general audience, to mention the VDT alot in any Silver Chair production. Perhaps at the beginning of the Silver Chair Eustace can explain to Jill about his adventure in Narnia with Prince Caspian but in a way so as not to alienate those who want to go and see the Silver Chair and not worry about not knowing about the other Narnia movies in particular VDT.

      • Anhun says:

        I've known people who read SC first out of the series and liked it the best, so knowledge of VDT isn't crucial. Because there's very little plot overlap between VDT and SC, the audience does not have to know the whole, or even most of, the VDT story in order to appreciate SC. You only need to know that Eustace has been there before and that he was friends with Caspian. Eustace himself explains that early on.

        I think the relationship dynamics will work better if Eustace has already been to Narnia. The thing to do, would be to set up Jill as the central character, which she is in the book, really, and Eustace as an experienced guide. If the filmmakers focus on Jill's experience as a Narnia newcomer, who is just learning about Aslan, and Caspian, etc., the audience will be able to understand what's going on and relate to her journey of discovery all the better if they are just learning about it, too.

      • Dylan says:

        My reason for his being in VDT being crucial is because in the book people mention that he is a changed person, and that it is strange that he is acting that way. The question is, why is he a changed person? How did he change? Thats why his previous involvement is crucial.

    • Will says:

      VDT wasn't that bad when I saw it. Recently, I watched it again and still liked it. Of course, they could've made the video and aspect ratio consistent across all the movies, not changed Reepicheep's voice, had Adamson direct it, etc. There are still plenty of interesting characters. I realize the green mist wasn't there in the book (which I only read once), but it made more sense how they're trying to set up a dark underworld theme for TSC. That's why it's strange how they're unsure which film to make next. I'll pay to see any of them, but you need more than just diehard fans to earn back the investment on making a modern movie.

  5. aslan1980 says:

    correction: "not to mention the VDT alot in any Silver Chair production."

  6. QueenLucytheValient says:

    Uhhhhh this waiting is driving me crazy! NO reboot, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aslan's #1 fan says:

      I don't know QueenLucyTheValiant, anything is beginning to look realy good at this point. I'm getting depressed everytime I go to this site. Everyone sounds depressed and nothing really postive is being said.
      Three cheers to those who still have hope like Lucy. πŸ™‚

    • MCM says:

      I agree I don't want to see/wait for a reboot. It will take a long time to do all those movies to get to the last one,If they even got that far at all. This isn't like HP where modern kids grew up on those books and had Harry fever. Narnia is a old series which means people can get bored VERY quickly if the movies don't deliver. Rebooting would just leave people scratching their heads. I think they're just caught up on the 700 mill the first movie made and are stuck trying to shoot for big returns. I say do the MN because it answers all the questions about the 1st movie while completely standing as it's own story. Then do the SC. I'm not excited about HB to be honest I can't really remember it.

  7. Kristena says:

    Hmmm, if there was a re-boot I would not like an animated version (it would be cheesy) or a pg-13 version…The problems with the second two was the company's push to sell to an older audience when the books are children's stories…

    Also, I had never thought of it before, but a modern version might actually be interesting (maybe not to the extent of the hamburger-turkish delight exchange lol, but still interesting…)

    I am nervous about them making The Horse and His Boy though…its my favorite and I would rather them not make it at all than ruin it by making the Pevensies the main characters, when they are secondary ones…

    • Dylan says:

      The white witch: " My house has rooms and rooms full of hamburgers" lol. Im sorry, i dont know if kids now a days even know what turkish delight is, so it kinda wouldnt work. The reason i dont want it done in a present day setting is beacause the time period in the books is very important to the overall feel of the story.

    • thePHfactor says:

      The main problem with rebooting is that the LWW was SO good. It was pretty much perfect. I don't see how they'll be able to recreate that. The best idea I think is to get Adamson back in a creative role (remember, he wasn't writing, directing, or anything in VDT) and shoot The Horse and His Boy or The Magicians Nephew. Then come back and recast for a thrilling ending with PC. Trying to make a movie of The Last Battle would end in it being completely changed. There are so many elements in PC that make it a perfect end: saying goodbye to Caspian, the "last link" to the pevensies in Narnia…etc. We get a sense of closing.
      Also, I recently re-watched PC and was surprised at how good it was. The production design was amazing, even though the story had some weak points.

  8. Emily says:

    I don't really agree with all the dissapointment over VDT. I think it was the best rendition of the voyage of the dawn treader ever made. sorry-dont mean to be rude, but I just don't agree.

    • Non-negotiable Comment says:

      "I think it was the best rendition of the dawn treader ever made."

      You mean, the best from all TWO of them? The other being a television adaptation made for $1.99 with the special effects equivalents of stone knives and bear skins? An awful looking adaptation that, at least, had the best of intentions, I might add. The film was a highlight reel of "moments" from the book, without any comprehension of what those individual moments contributed to the collective soul of the story, carelessly crazy-glued together with a ridiculous, sloppy "Elf Quest" like scavenger hunt, and shockingly replete with woefully clichΓ©d humanist nonsense. A film so bad, that it has spawned the 100 Year News Drought.

      Emily, it's your right to disagree. Love what you love. That's a great thing. But, please use a larger sample size than two to make a "best ever" proclamation. And, in terms of cinematic adaptations, a sample size of one. The disappointment is real, widespread, and deep.

      On topic, no reboot. Not that there is even a remote possibility of that ever happening, but I wouldn't want it, regardless. Make the other adaptations, and let's have one relatively complete set, (considerable) warts and all.

      • Dylan says:

        Hmmm…. actually the bbc version was closer to the book. And it sucked too. Theyve only made 2 movies so there is no need to say "out of all of them". Truth is, one is close to the book, with the budget of a homemade video, and the other is very, very loosely based on the books witha budget that was meant for theaters. So its up to the you wich one you like, but im going with the one without a creepy midget in a mouse costume.

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        I agree Dylan. The old VDT was lame. Even when they did go with the book which I do applaud. But the latest VDT was amazing even with not going with the book. It was more blatantly Christian than LWW. I have read alot of reviews from athiests that didn't really like the first one but literally balked at VDT. And I don't see why it's humanist, I think people should define what they mean before they just slap a word on something. And second of all when VDT came out in all it's glory I had to make a choice. To hate VDT because it didn't go with the book or enjoy it the way it was. Movies based on books will never be the same so why get upset? It wasn't really a surprise that it didn't go with the book. I hope I was not rude and yes everyone has a different opinion.

      • Dylan says:

        You are right, nobody can always expect a movie adaption of a book to be true to it. But, some movies can be really good and not follow the book exactly. Like the LOTR trilogy for instance, i love the books, and even though the movies arent very close to the books, i still like them. VDT was different for me, mostly because it was VERY far off the book. But like you said, its the only good adaption so far, so it will do. I really wonder what Lewis what say if he saw these movies. Anyways, I can see how athiests would hate this movie in particular, especially with Aslan mentioning that he also goes by a different name in our world, and that we must know him by that name. Very clearly christian, which Im happy that they decided to include that bit from the book into the movie. Wait… is it in the book? I cant remember, but i think it is.

      • Anhun says:

        "To hate VDT because it didn't go with the book or enjoy it the way it was."

        You're oversimplifying the issue. People are dissatisfied with VDT for all sorts of reasons, infidelity to the book is just one. Personally, I didn't have a problem with VDT being different from the book. The book is not written in such a way that it can be translated faithfully to a 2-hour movie, or even a 2.5 hour one. My biggest problem with VDT was that they took out almost all of Lewis' witty dialogue and replaced it with cheesy humour and dull, obvious exposition.

        "An awful-looking adaptation that, at least, had the best of intentions."

        Their intentions may have been nobler than Walden's, but they were not the best. The BBC's treatment of Dawn Treader was painfully literal, almost like a documentary. You know exactly what happened to the characters in the book, but they made not attempt to convey the book's soul or spirit.

        Lewis once said that "Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." Dawn Treader discusses that idea in a fantasy-metaphor. The BBC version made no attempt to draw you into the characters and their struggles for virtue. Bad acting was one part of that. The other was a lack of pause. In a story with an important psychological component, you need moments of pause to build anticipation, or process what has just happened.

        The BBC version took an interesting metaphor for the psychology of virtue and turned it into a series of weird, pointless adventures. Even if they had had Walden-caliber special effects, it would have been a lousy movie.

      • Dylan says:

        The whole thing just seemed a little dull… even with bad acting, is it possible for something to be that boring lol. The LWW bbc version was only somewhat interesting because of the lady who played the white witch, which she did do an alright job. But my question is, did she really need to scream all her lines??

    • Non-negotiable Comment says:

      Television, especially 1980s television, rarely allows for "moments of pause". "Best" or "more noble", however you wish to phrase it, the BBC adaptations certainly are more faithful to the source material than Walden have been thus far. "Painfully literal"? Better than painfully misrepresented, as the story was in the film.

      Given the restraints of the format, budget, and technology of the day, and cringe-worthy acting/production values aside, I find them significantly more endearing than the offensive "Lewis by Committee" approach of Walden.

      "they made no attempt to convey the book’s soul or spirit"

      They certainly made a better attempt than Walden's horrific transformation of a beautiful tale of nobility and honour into a simply dreadful scavenger hunt movie. They missed the entire point of the story. I just don't know how anyone could have started with THAT book, and ended up with THIS film.

      Oh, and, yes, fidelity to the spirit of the book is but one of my complaints about the film. That's just it–it's NOT "just" a bad adaptation. It's a bad FILM. It just reeks of compromise, mediocrity, and the path of least resistance with every mind-numbingly bland frame. Apted's indifference is all over this thing, and, if the director doesn't care, the audience needn't bother to, either. I repeat what I've said several dozen times already: no one here WANTED to hate this film. It went out of its way to make many of us hate it. If Walden feels that they can't proceed with any more films at this point, then, really, they've gotten what they deserve. And so have we, for not demanding more.

      • Talvi says:

        Well said. No, brilliantly said. I agree with every single word in that post.
        I did not go into the cinema thinking I was going to hate it – far from it. I walked in with a smile and high expectations, and left close to tears. They… they just desecrated it. It was awful.
        I had my qualms (small ones) with the first two movies, but you could tell that the movie makers CARED. There was so much effort lavished onto those movies. Though PC did deviate from the book, I still loved it. (I just wish Adamson had kept in the picking the marshalls scene…. *sighs*)
        That's the thing – they cared about it, they worked hard, they tried to make the movie GOOD. But not for VDT… not even close. You could just tell no one cared about the movie. The choppy, bad editing, the lines, the plot… it horrified me. Even the advertisement was awful. They left the scaffolding on the ship on the final DVD release… the scaffolding?? Really?!?!?!
        Little things like that really hurt, because it just seems like they don't care, and they don't think much of their audience, either. Instead of a movie the entire family could enjoy, they seemed to gear the plot and lines towards 5 year olds and then scare them all with a random too-scary serpent. (The serpent didn't bother me, but there were several screaming kids in my theatre.) What was with that, anyways? I look in my book and the sea serpent had about 5 pages, even less in my other edition. Not worth 20+ minutes of screen time for some random unneeded battle. πŸ™
        They ignored the book so many of us treasured. It felt like I hardly even knew the characters I'd grown up with. :'(
        These are just my opinions… feel free to flay me alive for them, but I'm sticking to them. this VDT adaptation took away things that I am never going to get back. πŸ™

      • Dylan says:

        Non negotiable comment, you are absolutlety correct. They did actually try to make a good film with LWW and PC. They did stay with the spirit of the books. I just wish they had one more chance on VDT, but they kinda dont. I say, lets just move on. Bring Adamson back, he was a briliant director, and lets pick up where we left off with PC

      • Non-negotiable Comment says:

        Talvi, I drove over an hour in an horrific blizzard to see it on opening night. I DESPERATELY wanted to love it. I would have even been happy just LIKING it, as I appreciated 'Prince Caspian' for what it was. But they just… ruined it. They laid WASTE to everything that was precious about the story, and beat it into a lousy, dull, generic, kiddie movie. It wasn't just disappointing, either. There was one particular moment when Lucy says something that is so completely out of character for her, that it was like a dagger in my heart. I just knew: "No. That's NOT Lucy."

        I don't begrudge anyone for liking it. But, to those who dismiss criticism of the film as nitpicking or… for whatever reason… I would urge you to read the book again. Try and understand its heart. Reepicheep's desperate (DESPERATE) longing for Aslan's Country. His complete and utter joy in discarding his sword–the instrument of violence that was so much a part of his identity and insecurities–because he knows he'll never need it in that most beautiful of all places. The nobility of Caspian keeping a pledge for the sake of his honour. Not to "save" anything, or "find" anything. His brilliance in NOT fighting it out on the Lone Islands. His bitter disappointment in not being allowed to journey to Aslan's Country, but the resulting leap in maturity he makes, when he realizes his place in his own world. Yes, there's adventure, and sentient stars, and one-legged whachamacallits, and a lot of other kinds of "candy" in the story… but, ultimately, it's about coming HOME. Having the courage to take the journey to where you were meant to be, and to trust in the one who sent you on the journey in the first place. That's what it should have been. What it ended up being was a silly, dull, waste of some TREMENDOUS talent and an amazing opportunity.

        I will say this about the film: the last two minutes or so, where the children are in the bedroom, silent and reflective, thinking about what they've been through and what they've lost, and how it culminates in Eustace's voiceover and Lucy, literally, closing the door on Narnia for the rest of her natural life… THAT was amazing. THAT was the same gentle, subtle beauty that should have been the fabric of the entire film. And none of the dialogue is in the book! It's a scene based entirely on half a sentence:

        "and then β€” the back bedroom in Aunt Alberta's home in Cambridge."

        It's not "the book" we love, per se. It's the wondrous story that's told IN the book, so beautifully. This last scene is perfectly evocative OF the book, and translates the sentiments of that moment wonderfully to the screen. THAT is what we wanted to see. But, it's just so disconnected from what came before it. THAT was the ending to the 'Dawn Treader' film that many of us were dying to see. Unfortunately, it seemed like it was from a completely different film. Why, oh why, did it take them two hours to have a single moment like that? The Pauline Baynes credits were beautiful, too, but, again, far too little, much too late.

      • Dylan says:

        Couldnt agree with you more. Just one scene, one scene, was like the best part in the whole movie. I so wish they could have a do over. They should have left out the green mist, have no searching for lost swords, and please dont make Lucy worry about being beatuiful enough, I mean please.that was just so ridicoulous. she already knows what she is going to look like in the future, and she isnt ugly.

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        I hope I'm not blind but what compromise????

      • Non-negotiable Comment says:

        Aslan's #1 fan, I am not an opthamologist, so I can't diagnose your vision. What I can say is, if you liked the film, then you're probably not going to see (or care to see) its flaws. And that's fine. I'm never going to debate "like" with anyone. But, since you asked…

        1) They mentioned Caspian's pledge to search out the lords briefly… but that wasn't "important" enough a reason to go on a voyage by itself, so they replaced the primary motivation of the journey with a scavenger hunt. The essence of the nobility of the story is COMPROMISED.

        2) Reepicheep is almost indifferent to the lure of Aslan's Country. His rabid obsession with finding it, which verges on an almost deathwish-like scale in the book is COMPROMISED into a ho-hum fanciful afterthought.

        3) Eustace's undragoning, as portrayed in the book, was feared too violent for a PG-rating. The emotional release of that so-important moment was COMPROMISED into a non-contact, paw-dragging, CGI-fiery joke.

        4) The ambiguity of who Edmund, Caspian, and Lucy think was responsible for saving them (Eustace or Aslan) once again diminishes Aslan's importance. His majesty and supremacy are COMPROMISED in favour of the empowerment of the children. This is a CONSTANT theme of the films that annoys me greatly.

        5) Edmund regresses from the previous film, in order to once again cower in fear at the "sight" of Jadis. His emotional and spiritual development have been COMPROMISED for the sake of a shamefully cheesy, utterly needless, cameo.

        6) The Lone Islands segment, which is BRILLIANT in the book, for how Caspian AVOIDS a conflict he CANNOT win with the numbers he has, is replaced with some corny "battle"… stuff… to make it "more exciting". Intelligence is COMPROMISED for the sake of generic, bloodless, "violence". Yay Hollywood.

        These are just SOME examples of what I mean by "compromise". To further their very silly plot, they had to constantly DIMINISH some important, or noteworthy aspect of the book, or recognizable trait of a character. The film is very, very insidious, in how it gives tastes and touches of the story, but subtly warps and twists everything into a completely foreign product. It's very Dawn Treader-ISH in bits and pieces. But everything falls apart when you look at it as a whole.

      • thePHfactor says:

        I think taking Adamson away from the film is at least somewhat the cause of this. He had a real vision for the series, especially for the first one, and they hired him based on his vision. Apted & Co. are just trying to please his audience and so naturally fail miserably. Just look at the credits, and the differences in crew. The only original ones left aren't even involved in the creative process. (except Isis Mussenden)

      • Dylan says:

        Its not only that but the previous films done by Adamson had a certain feel, like the whole spirit of the movie was in stride with the book. the first one was so good and accurate that a reboot would be sad. VDT seemed to me to be a totally different movie, it didnt seem like it belonged in the series.

      • Dylan says:

        Why did they have to add the White witch in this movie? Why would Edmund be afraid of her? He has already defeated her in his mind and should not be afraid of her at all. They made the movie cheesy, and I am afraid that the other movies are going to end up like that. I am begging Apted and company to not mess up this next movie whichever it may be. Oh, and another thing, I am pleading for them to NOT add the green mist in any other Narnia movie. Another thing Non negotioble comment pointed out is the un dragoning. Why make it so "safe" for kids. OK, kids read these books all the time and should they take out the parts that may be too "harsh". OK, they did the same thing in Prince Caspian, by making Aslan roar at Trumpkin instead of pick him up in his mouth and shake him. I can see how they wouldnt add that scene. If they do the Horse and his boy, im just alittle bit worried about the scene were Aravis gets scratched by Aslan, I just hope they dont take that scene out and make it " kid safe" because its an important part in the book. As they say HE IS NOT A TAME LION.

      • Aslan's #1 fan says:

        I think I agree with you in some ways in most of your statements except for #4. It was in a sense a real life context. God uses us Christians to farther His Kingdom but It's undeniably His power that did it. Thanks for clearing that up though! I agree with you that VDT had it's issues but Aslan wasn't taken out of the picture like in PC which I really appreciate. And also God used the film to open my eyes to things He was trying to teach me. Yes it had its issues but God used it. πŸ™‚

      • Dylan says:

        Point number 4, was that hes not a tame lion? If so, my reason for defending it is this, C S Lewis was the writer of these books, and what would he think if we didnt portray Aslan in the right context. He described him as being noble and kind, but wild none the less. A lion is the king of beasts, but it is still a beast. Its fine with me that they dont add some scenes that might come across wrong, but can you imagine if they added the scene with Rilian and Eustace smacking bullies with their swords! That wouldnt go well with parents.

  9. Edson07bs says:

    Just trying to be honest, but I really think that Narnia is already over for us (at least the movies). All this waiting for nothing.

    • Aslan's #1 fan says:

      I'm getting to where you are Edson07bs. I don't see very much hope…though I still hope.
      And besides later in this century their bound to restart the movie series so its not all over.

  10. Arvan says:

    We're getting closer to a year since VDT's release… I'm giving up hope for a sequel, MN or SC. If I'm proven wrong, great. But I doubt it's gonna happen. πŸ™

  11. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    To try to console the Narnia news drought sufferers, here is an older article that might give you a little comfort from March of this year.


    "We are starting to talk to Fox and talk to the CS Lewis estate now about the Magician's Nephew being our next film," said Michael Flaherty of Walden Media, which owns the screen rights to the Narnia series. "If we can all agree to move forward, then what we would do is find someone to write the script. So, it could still be a couple of years." -Flaherty

    Now, we have to be patient sometimes. If I am getting this correctly, and while I know it went through way different issues "Narnia 4" may or may not be going through at the moment, The Hobbit took years to even get the greenlight, and fans almost gave up.(If I'm not correct, please forgive me. I'm still reading Hobbit for the first time. πŸ˜‰ )

    Now, did the Narnians ever give up on Aslan? Yes, at times, but they over came when they saw Him. Right now, I'm not depending on Walden Media, 20th Century Fox, or the CS Lewis Estate, or any body else for the future of Narnia, but I'm relying on God in this case. Let's not debate on this matter, but I am honestly not sure who else to trust at the moment. Rumors are flying, and the nets aren't going to catch them too well. I am not going to believe any thing on here from now on until we have actual proof.

    That's just my current opinion.

    • Dylan says:

      I hope it comes through. so you are reading the Hobbit? That is my fav book of the LOTR series. Tolkein was an amazing author, cant wait for that movie!

    • Anhun says:

      Not to be a downer, but one issue we know Narnia 4 is going through is a connection to a failing franchise. The Hobbit doesn't have that stigma.

  12. Anhun says:

    I think an anime Narnia would be fun.

    • Dylan says:

      Actually, ever since Gpuddle brought up the idea of a Narnia cartoon, Ive been thinking that an anime styled cartoon movie would be cool.

  13. Scot says:

    great video. and i do hope they make more narnia films. Glad that this was put up, been kinda missing the website. I do not like the idea of a anime Narnia movie however I am sure if they made one because it was Narnia i would watch and enjoy it. Really do NOT like the modern day idea. Cheese burgers?? Really? HA. Anyway, thanks for the info.

  14. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    VDT was good, but what I appreciated about it the most was Aslan. They actually had him in it unlike PC (even though I still like PC). Some would disagree with me about this but I thought Aslan was betrayed wonderfully.

    Oh please be news…anything…please….

  15. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    They shouldn't drop Narnia just because it didn't make as much profit as expected (even though their profit was pretty good) because the economy is so bad right now.
    Walden, please don't be stupid like Disney!!!!!!!!!

    • Anhun says:

      No it didn't make a good profit. I could be wrong, but I suspect that they still haven't made their money back.

      • Dylan says:

        Compare LWW and how much that movie made compared to PC and VDT. LWW was almost VDT and PC combined! Now that is not what I would call very successful. I agree with Anhun, I dont really think that they have made all theyre money back yet.

      • Dylan says:

        "Walden, please dont be stupid like disney"
        Actually, it might have been a good idea for disney because they would have lost a lot of money. And to add on to my comment above, Prince Caspian and VDT actually made less combined vs LWW's box office in North america. PC had $141,621,490 and VDT made $104,386,950. But LWW made $291,710,957 at the box office in North America. VDT was just saved by its international box office, other wise it might have been a disater.

    • Non-negotiable Comment says:

      Disney are the only ones coming up smelling like roses out of this whole affair. Tron: Legacy did much better than Dawn Treader, domestically. The international numbers are, relatively speaking, insignificant.

      • Dylan says:

        Thats why Dawn Treader was a box office failure. The lack of north american box office killed the movie. Now as much as i do hate to say it, it might be a good idea for Disney to stay out of the project because of its declining popularity with critics and moviegoers alike.

      • Non-negotiable Comment says:

        Speaking of Disney/Narnia, I found this kind of funny and ironic…

        I went to see 'The Lion King' today, and, they showed a trailer for some new Matt Damon Disney family movie about a zoo, or something. Anyway, the trailer music was "This is Home" by Switchfoot, from the 'Prince Caspian' soundtrack. So, they may have dumped Narnia, but they're still finding ways to exploit it. Heh. I love The Mouse. Gotta get every last cent out of that abyss!

      • Dylan says:

        Nice. I dont think Disney making any plans to take up the Narnia project again.

  16. NarniaGirl says:

    OMG how long is it gonna take for them to decide!!!!!!

  17. always narnian says:

    Hey GlumPuddle! Just watched your video the other day. You pointed out alot of good things, with good reasons backing them up. I still, as an avid book fan, want them to make The Silver Chair next. It just seems right. πŸ™‚ And would make the most sense. As you pointed out, they kind of hinted to making the Silver Chair next in VODT–like when they even mentioned Jill Poll.

  18. Azon the Narnian says:

    I know how I'll pass the time. Ill just write screenplays for the movies myself. I can make them as geeky close to the books as I want!!! =)

    • Dylan says:

      Hey, can you re write VDT too? lol

      • Anhun says:

        I think a generation or so from now, they should reboot the series starting with a good miniseries of VDT, setting up Eustace as the main "hero" rather than the Pevensies, so that people aren't turned off by the fact that the Pevensies don't return in central roles. Then do a big screen version of SC, then possibly do HHB as a same-universe story.

    • Aslan's #1 fan says:

      Go for it Azon Narnian!!! I want to do the same and see how close you can get it to the books in movie form. Go for it.

  19. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    Remember that one of us could be the director of the remakes of Narnia. It's not all over, the next generation is the going to have to step. So step up and don't give up hope in Narnia. Aspiring Authors and Directors lets do this…

    • Dylan says:

      Thats true, good point! Wow, look at us narniawebbers, coming up with ideas for the next naria movie, look at all the hopw we have lost for this series! Even a little bit of news would be a miracle right now.

  20. farsight-mssngr says:

    It's not over! with all our supports, we can make Narnia 4 the best! Production team, let's all help each other for the better future of Narnia franchise! Never stop believing! Narnia will be back soon!

    • Dylan says:

      With our supports? We are just fans, and have no power to decide what to do with this franchise.That being said, how would we make it the best ever? THEY could make it the best ever, but I highly doubt it based on how bad VDT was. I wish we did have a say in the matter. 2 decisions I would make right off the bat are 1- I would bring Adamson back and 2- Make it close to the book.

      • I am a Narnian says:

        Yes, I agree…They should bring Adamson back to make the succeeding movies πŸ™‚ He makes a very good and fascinating movie πŸ™‚

      • Dylan says:

        His movies felt different too, VDT seems a little out of place when comparing it to the other movies.

  21. Praying Pevensie says:

    Excuse me, but……am I missing something here?

    Narniaweb is so dead! I have been gone for only 7 months and only two new articles?

    • Not Of This World says:

      Depressing, isn't it πŸ™

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Completely. And why is it like that ? I mean, if I had a website I would update it everyday. Is Narnia dead? Why is it so…….dull?

      • Dylan says:

        It is very depressing, the big problem is that they dont have anything to report, because right now the franchise has screeched to a halt. Dont worry, once we get some news on the next movie, this site will be hopping.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Ok. But still, can't they find anything? Like interveiws, anything! Even stuff about the actors, I mean-come on! I bet I could find new stuff. Too bad I can't have my own website………I probably would write about Western horses anyway.

  22. Noogah says:

    600th comment…..sorry. πŸ™‚

  23. WarriorMaiden says:

    My advice for Walden would be go back to the beginning and follow the books to the letter. If they do that, people will love the movies and flock to see them. People loved LWW because it mostly followed the book and had so much charm to it. It wasn't concerned with being "epic" or "dark." Why did Narnia's box office go downhill after LWW? Simple. The movies stopped following the books, and people got wind of it before going to the theaters.
    The reason I think they need to go back to the beginning and do remakes is that fans have lost faith in the series. Walden failed to deliver twice, and once you do that, people don't bother with a series anymore. The trailer comes up and people automatically go, "Oh, another one of those Narnia movies. Not interested." Even after one failure, people will judge the series. I don't think even MN could save the Narnia franchise now. Also, they need to pick younger actors and not wait so long between filming each movie.
    The thing I wouldn't like about that would be the change in actors, especially not seeeing Will Poulter to play Eustace again.

    • Dylan says:

      What?!?! why dont you want Poulter as Eustace? I say they couldnt have picked a better actor then him. I disagree with you, a reboot is not the way to go. Imagine if you were just an ordinary person whos not a big Narnia fan person, and then you see a trailer for Lion the witch and the wardrobe. My first thought would be "What? I thought they already did that movie, wait, is this even the same series?" it would cause for a whole lot of confusion. I say, just continue on with the series, but stay close to the books

      • always narnian says:

        Dylan: WarriorMaiden did not say she didn't want Poulter as Eustace- she said the opposite-"The thing I wouldn’t like about that would be the change in actors, especially not seeeing Will Poulter to play Eustace again."
        I would miss Poulter as well and the Pevensie actors, but a reboot might be for the best—I could've told Walden what they needed was to stick to the books!

    • Aslan's #1 fan says:

      I can't see a more perfect actor for Eustace, Will Poulter was the bomb, how can you say that???

    • WarriorMaiden says:

      Sorry about the ambiguity. Thank you alwaysnarnian for clarifying that. πŸ™‚ Will Poulter captured Eustace perfectly, and losing him would be the saddest thing about a transition to MN or a remake.

  24. Aslan's #1 fan says:

    How about we read the Silver Chair or Magician's Nephew and talk about how we envision them??? Hey at least it's something other than watching Narnia slowly die, but I refuse to think Narnia dying.

    • always narnian says:

      good idea. I don't know if I have exactly time to read them, but I know the stories pretty good. πŸ™‚ It would be better than nothing! πŸ™‚

  25. Zach says:

    Why is this ongoing? Walden Media is being stupid they should just give up and hand it over to someone else or recruit andrew adamson as main director again because he did a awesome with prince caspian and the lion,witch, and wardrobe. Those are my thoughts

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      Agreed to the fullest. But I thought they were ok even without Adam. Have you seen him? He looks like one of the minataurs!

    • always narnian says:

      Adamson did good on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But that's it. Prince Caspian was a very unfaithful adaption. Prince Caspian & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader were just stories the directors wanted to make using the Narnia name.

      • Dylan says:

        Yes, PC and VDT were very loosely based on the books, but i will say this, PC was a whole lot better then VDT.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        I'll ecmit that PC was alot cooler than VDT and I thouth VDT was diffeent-alot! But I don't think LWW did great either. I think PC is #1. Why does everyone like LWW?

      • Avra says:

        PC WAS EPIC…period.Better than LWW And WAY better than VDT(even though I LOVED Will Poulter as Eustace). No offence to any narnia fan's who think otherwise.A good director is important in the way a film comes out but,If you don't have a good screenplay you are not getting a good film.VDT's screenplay was lame to put it nicely(and so was the editing). Somehow when I saw PC I knew they would not be able to top it, they had achieved their pinnacle.VDT seemed hollow .PC felt so…real.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Thanks Avra!!

        You took the exact words from my mouth! I thought the exact thoughts that you just said. PC…..I don't think violence is cool-no way! But I LOVE reepicheep in PC. In VDT he sounded weirder. And everytime I watch it…the song at the end, the screenplay……it always makes me cry.

      • Dylan says:

        "Why does everyone like LWW so much?" Praying Pevensie, the reason its the best undisputably is because it stayed so true to the story, and the struggle was on more of an epic scale. The movie I think, represents the books and the series so well, that its hard to find reasons how it was bad. Now PC might have had more action and amazingly coreographed violence and totally all so epic battles scenes, but I like LWW better mostly because it is the story of the ultimate sacrifice payed by Aslan.

      • Dylan says:

        I do agree with you that Eddie Izzard had a better voice for Reep, the guy in VDT just sounded kind of too Britsh (no offense to Brits on the site). He just sounded so much cooler.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Alright, I'll ecmit that it stayed to the story, but there was some they left out. Have you read the books? Anyway, Who is Eddie Izzard?

        No offense to the British people but…….
        I really dislike british people and don't like Reep at all

      • always narnian says:

        Well, LWW may have left some out, but PC and VODT left out 10x as much and added in 90% of their own story.
        Praying Pevensie, how can you just say "I don't like British people." isn't that a little harsh? Maybe you have a reason for not liking one or a few British people, but how can you just put them in one group and say "I don't like them." I'm thinking from a Christian perspective– everyone is made in God's image. It's sometimes hard, I know to sometimes overcome something like that because you may dislike one person.
        Dylan- I think I like the new Reep's voice better, mostly probably cause I like his character better in VODT. Reep in PC was not the chivalrous knight he was in the book.

      • always narnian says:

        And, Praying Pevensie (trying to sound nice, it's hard to communicate when typing, you know what I mean?) C.S. Lewis was Irish/British and all the characters (Pevensies, Eustace, Jill, and even all the Narnians are descended from King Frank an Englishman–besides the Telmarines). Why then do you even like Narnia?

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        ( We'll just say; bad experience. Or school )

        Anyway, I know that your right because I am a Christian, but sometimes….-never mind.
        C.S. Lewis was British, but I guess ( no help to my brother who acts like them 24/7 ) I just think that Ebgland is the home for Sissies. It's also hard when you live on a farm and have to actually manually work. I see british as just drinking tea and redcoats. -No offense to C.S. Lewis. I want to be a writer too. ( And a farmer! And a radio host! Maybe even a missionary! )

      • Dylan says:

        Ok, to say I dislike British people very much is prejudace and wrong. Praying Pevensie, there are ALOT of farmers in England. so dont hate Brits because they are lazy bums who sip tea all day. Heres another question, if you despise England so much, why read Narnia? Narnia's culture is based on Britain and Europe. Do you like the movies? Because if you do, what do you think the actors would think about you saying that? I can imagine they wouldnt be pleased. Just for the future, please dont say anything like that again on this site, Im sure there are many British people that go here.

      • Dylan says:

        Oh, and Eddie Izzard is an actor. And i kind of agree that Reeps voice sounded more knightly and chivalrous in VDT then PC.

      • Praying Pevensie says:


        I read Narnia because unlike some others, he was…..interesting. Even in the U.S. I don't care for some of our things either. I could sit here all day and say bad things about every country, but I won't cause why? Jesus never said to do things like that! We are really wrapped up in the Revolutionary war now too and that don't help. ( My siblings and friends are splitting! It's like another war! ) You can guess what side I'm on. My brother and his friends are on the other. Well, most of his friends. We have a battle this evening planned. ( if they show up) = )
        Never mind.

      • Dylan says:

        What the hec??? What do you mean by "We are in a Revolutionary war" and then you were referiing to Brits as redcoats. The Revolutionary war ened 200 years ago, and since then Britain has been an allie of the US. And then the whole thing about you bro and his friends……?

      • Dylan says:

        Oh and another thing, on narniaweb can we just stick to talking about narnia, not odd personal life issues.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Sorry I guess it's a habit. Too bad I can't have my own blog. From now on: Narnia. Know any horse sites like this where you can comment?

      • Dylan says:

        I dont know, betcha theres bound to be one out there. Just google it, i betcha somethin'll show up.

      • Praying Pevensie says:

        Lucky me……..

  26. Queen Susan the Gental says:

    No, no no!!! I totally think they should keep going. Don't reboot the first ones! William Mosely, Anna Popplewel, Skandar Keenes and Geogie Henly or AWESOME!!! As to the Silver Chair, The Magician's Nephew or The Horse and His Boy, I personally would chose the Horse and His Boy as it is my favorite story next to LWW…plus the Pevensie, and Mr. Tumnus are in it along with four more likeable characters. (Bree, Hwin, Shasta and Aravis)

    • Praying Pevensie says:

      Reboot! Reboot! Reboot!

      Well, I have to ecmit that I can't wait for HHB and everything you said about that is soooo true, BUT Q. Susan. I really dislike them scripting our imagination. I love books so much that I have my own library in my room! BUT every book that I've already seen the movie is such a bust. Ya know what I mean?

  27. WarriorOfNarnia says:


    This is new's worthy people!

  28. Praying Pevensie says:


  29. David says:

    Not where I hoped we would be at this point.

  30. Athelflad says:

    Hey glumPuddle, I loved your video! I am thinking of making a short film of my own, what software programs did you use – especially for the graphics (which were awesome)?
    If anyone else has advice feel free to reply. :o)

    ~ For Narnia and the North!

  31. YOJAR says:

    PLEASE NEVER THINK AGAIN IN REBOOT THE MOVIES, DONΒ΄T REBOOT THEN!!!!! i mean i can't see the other pevensies,…. William Mosely, Anna Popplewel, Skandar Keenes and Geogie Henly fit perfectly!!!!! in that characters and I'M WTIH "Queen Susan the Gental" and "QueenLucytheValient" on this, these movies are amazing!!!!! I LOVED VDT MOVIE, and here in latinoamerica people were crazy about it!!!!!!! and at list 3 funtions i been.. people were clapping, prince caspian were amazing!!! i love the books too!!!! and i realy would like to see MN next because will be really stunning see diferent worlds before narnia, and to see a creation of a new world would be awesome and see tilda again !!!! and something in me tell me we don't have to wait longer for see a new movie being greenlit

  32. YELIM says:

    oh No! I can't believe this is happening i don't want a reboot! as yojar said i can’t see other pevensies!! And it's gonna take too long to long!!