The Next Narnia Film: Where We Are Now

For quite some time now, Narnia fans have been waiting patiently for news on whether or not there will be another Narnia movie. But in the past few days, many rumors and bits of news have started circulating over the internet and our forums–both that more films are actively being scripted and that work on the Narnia films has ceased entirely. We were hoping for an official statement before posting any more news on the situation, but now we feel that things need to be cleared up immediately.

During the negotiations between Fox, Walden, and the C.S. Lewis Estate, the film option that Walden Media owned was allowed to expire and Walden Media no longer has exclusive purchasing rights to any further Narnia films. (What’s the difference between a film option and the film rights? Check out Wikipedia’s article here.) This has been confirmed to us by representatives of the C.S. Lewis Estate.

And while Walden and Fox have confirmed they are both interested in making more Narnia films, our understanding is that, by law, the C.S. Lewis Estate must wait a certain period of time (called a moratorium) before they can sell the film option for the Narnia books again. And when they do, it will be available to any film company out there interested in bidding on it, not just Walden and Fox.

So what does this mean? It means that the ball is entirely in the C.S. Lewis Estate’s court at this point, and they have to wait this mandatory period of time until they can sell the film option again. We here at NarniaWeb don’t know exactly how long this moratorium is, though it is likely several years. What we do know, however, is that Doug Gresham has mentioned many times that it’s his dream to make all seven Narnia books into movies so he probably won’t rest until he’s done that. This is not the end of the Narnia movies! We’re only going to have to wait a while before we see another one.

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  1. narniafan16 says:

    oh yea and by the way, i think i might be getting into singing aruditions tho! Me and my friends are making a singing band. And i'm gonna try to audition for the next school play if possible 😀 Or maybe i should just take acting class cause i dont even know enough abt acting! My friends mom makes commercials and she knows some agents…and she told me that she left a note at this guys office to see if he could reccomend agents or something like that. But he hasn't ever replied 🙁 Wish you guys and me luck! 4 NARNIA!! I can't wait to get posters!! 🙂

  2. narniafan16 says:

    Yay finally a new page! And I'm the first to comment on it. LOL 😀

    • Narniarox says:

      So guys, has anyone heard anything new about the making of the next movie?? I keep hearing different stories! It's gonna be SC, it's gonna be MN. Will they make up their mind? a high school not too far away from me is putting on LLW and they just had auditions but I couldnt audition for it because I dont go there! grr. but I guess it's fine becuase I dont know how, but they're making it a musical… strange. but my school is doing Alls Well that Ends Well by Shakespeare and I'm going to be playing one of the gentlemen :).

      • narniafan16 says:

        And i also heard that they might re-boot it! But that would kinda suck to be honest. But then we could all have a chance of playing lucy, and that is the character that i REALLY would want 2 play but obviously i cant x) They still are making up their mind so we'll probably have to wait until they finnaly make the descision. But theres so many problems that go along with each movie they could play…cuz when they made LWW they didnt plan ahead x(. First of all, Will Poulter! He's like 19 years old!!
        And jill…was 9 or 10 in the book. Maybe they could re-cast eustace? Idkkkk.

  3. Narniarox says:

    well they made him look young in VDT so they can probobly do it again. And i think all of the characters are older than C.S. wanted them to be. if they start casting and writing the script now, I think they might be able to finish SC by the time he's 21. and then it depends if they decide to do MN after. lets not forget Eustace is also in LB. actually all of them are in LB! but then again it all depends on timing and whether they want to change it a lot.

    • Narniarox says:

      and I even think this is the re-boot! I have a bunch of Narnia movies that my mom bought me and they are NOT our actors. they combined PC and VDT. they also did SC. I wanted to watch them but I haven't found the time. I think they might be the Narnia from the generation before. who knows?