Douglas Gresham to Host Live Twitter Chat

Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’ stepson and co-producer of the films, will be hosting a live Twitter chat this Wednesday, November 16th at 2:00pm Eastern Time (find your time here). Harper Collins is launching the official C.S. Lewis twitter account @CSLewis with this event.

According to NarniaFans, “Gresham will be tweeting answers to questions and giving insights into Lewis as a man, an author, and a thinker that continues to shape the conversation around faith and life. Ask a question to @CSLEWIS and you could win a C.S. Lewis Boxed Set.”

Please join us for an exciting event with Douglas Gresham on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Follow along here even if you do not have a Twitter account.

30 Responses

  1. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    Interesting. 🙂 No Twitter account here, but at least the interview will be able to be seen still.

  2. glumPuddle says:

    I still don't quite get Twitter. I know just enough to tweet for NarniaWeb.

  3. Braden Woodburn says:

    Twitter is a little boring. Why not Facebook? 🙂 Has anyone see the Opinion Poll today? How can people say Prince Caspian was a better sequel than Voyage of the Dawn Treader?? =O

  4. thenarniafan says:

    well, for my personal opinion, prince Caspian is better than the third one. Why? Well just because i felt in Narnia, the cinematography, the characters, the story (even it had its differences from the book, but it make me feel that i was in the Narnia I know), for the third one, is a really good movie, but there are some things that i did not like from it, like the fact the the underwater world was not even presented and they just put some CGI water mermaid instead, and that bothers me allot. Still i LOVE THE THIRD ONE, BUT NOT LIKE THE FIRST AND THE SECOND ONE =/.

  5. Well that's annoying….I was the first comment and it disappeared….

  6. WarriorOfNarnia says:

    Haha! Yep!! Me too!

  7. Will says:

    You don't actually tweet the questions to @CSLewis. You twee them to #CSLewis. @CSLewis will just link to the account

  8. Dylan says:

    I have to agree. Prince Caspian was Narnia, it had the same director as the first one, the same composer as the first, and most importantly the same aptmosphere as the first. The Voyage of the dawn Treader felt completely void of any feel of the other movies, yes it was good, but was it Narnia? It sure didnt feel like it.

  9. Dylan says:

    That tends to happen a lot here.

  10. I know! I was like…Ah, kind of neat! I've never been the first comment, cool! And the funny thing is I posted 2 comments, and they are both gone!

  11. Dylan says:

    Ive seen it happen before. Really strange, almost as if it was deleted…..

  12. Braden Woodburn says:

    I think it didn't feel like Narnia for 2 reasons: 1, they are mostly out at sea traveling and visiting certain places where in the first two they were in Narnia altogether itself in one area. Reason 2 is because there isn't really much battling going on. We have the battle of The White Witch and the characters in LWW and then we have the battle of the Telemarines and the main characters. I dunno, I am just the type of person who always feels any sequel (for any film) tends to be better than the previous.

  13. glumPuddle says:

    No doubt in my mind that PC was better.

    PC was a decent movie. VDT was a disaster.

  14. glumPuddle says:

    I always delete a post if all it says is "first comment." Rather than "first comment," why not say something about the topic?
    (I still cannot figure out what is so amazing about having the first comment)

  15. Dylan says:

    I agree GPuddle. For how much hype there was surrounding this movie it was a complete fail. Now I do understand they were at sea, and i guess that does make it feel different, but if Adamson was directing and HGW composing, I think it might have a totally different feel.

  16. Dylan says:

    I guess its just a cool thing too say. Now I see whos behind all this…..

  17. Aslan's BFF says:

    And you guys thought it was all over! Whatever is meant to be, will be, aye?

  18. O….But I did say "wow, that's interesting," about the topic. That doesn't seem very fair… :\ It was just interesting to be the first comment.

  19. ..and lots of these comments really have nothing to do with the topic half the time…. :/
    O well….I guess being the first comment isn't really that important, just interesting….

  20. glumPuddle says:

    It doesn't bother me that it was different. It bothers me that it was terrible. Cheesy dialogue, bad acting, sloppy story.

  21. Dylan says:

    Yeah, to telly ou the truth alot of the comments are offf topic anyways lol. I dont see why deleting those comments makes a real difference GPuddle.

  22. Physchoe says:

    Two places of interest:

    1) Must get a twitter account now…
    2) Dawn Threader was a better story than Caspian by far, and thus resulted in a better movie in my opinion. It did not drag on for 20 mins in the ending, and was far more magical. Both were missing interest parts, but Dawn Threader was also more original (not just "we have to fight another war with someone" like the first sequel to LWW). Regardless I love all three, the first is the best and most faithful adaptation of any fantasy novel, period.

  23. anon says:

    the books are my fav the movies suck

  24. taco says:

    i cant wait yay yay i am doing a project of c.s lewis at my shcool!!!!!!!

  25. Dylan says:

    Yeah, the dialoque was extremely cheesy.

  26. GlimGlum says:

    Keep up the good work, glumPuddle. 🙂

  27. Dylan says:

    I actually do agree with you on the fact that LWW was the closest movie made on a book that ive ever seen. There were only minor scenes missing, but for the most part it was exact to the book. I think LWW is my favorite out of all the movies.

  28. Fireflower says:

    I agree! VDT was good!

  29. DaughterofAslan'sCountry says:

    I think I've pinpointed the reason for the response to Dawn Treader. I think there are certain parts about VDT that have more of a Narnia feel than PC for sure. It wasn't that VDT was a bad movie, it was that everyone had very high expectations. PC is a one of the hardest books to adapt into a movie, with the different timeframes going on, and how character building is done in film today. PC was off the book quite a bit, e.g. with Peter being a brat. But it was a great movie, if you don't compare it to the book. With VDT,we had higher expectaions. They did the same thing they did in PC, taking out elements and replacing them with new ones, but it wasn't done as well as PC. As a movie, with no thought to the books, VDT wasn't as well done as PC.

  30. narnian resident says:

    well, the dialogue was all THAT bad. there were plenty memorable things the characters said (Reepicheep had the best lines!) but there is that one line that Lucy says that makes me cringe everytime. i cannot make myself like it. in fact, thats my biggest dislike of my dislikes.