Trailer for Upcoming ‘Wardrobe’ Stage Production

The trailer for Rupert Goold’s upcoming stage production of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is online. View it below, and visit for more info.

22 Responses

  1. WilliamMOseleyand Skandarcrush says:

    You know how fun it would be to be in a LWW play?!?!?!?! I've been in stage productions at a community theater near me, but doing things like swordplay and such would be so awesome!!! Being in a stage production is already so much fun,but in LWW?……….. THAT WOULD BE INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!!!!

  2. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome. I wish I could see it! Maybe it'll do really well and then tour the world…

  3. Anhun says:

    I doubt it. It's designed for this specific theatre, which looks amazing, by the way. I wish I could go. 🙁

    Maybe if it does really well, they'll do a 360 production of Horse and His Boy? . . . I can only dream.

  4. AJAiken says:

    I feel a trip to London coming on!

  5. Aslan's BFF says:

    Sounds like fun! There's a stage like that near me. Perhaps if they did tour the world … Well, I'd have to get a job to pay for a single ticket. But I can dream, right?

  6. narnian resident says:

    too bad i dont live in London 🙁
    (which is where i want to live!)

  7. Ariel_of_Narnia says:


  8. aussie_lucy says:

    I wish I could see it!

  9. WillowofNarnia says:

    I've been in an LWW play!! 😀 😀 We did real swordfighting in it too. 😉

  10. Narnianheart says:

    That looks **AAAAHHMAZING**!! If only i lived in London… 🙁 If someone does go, they should write a review. XD

  11. Aslan's BFF says:

    What part did you play? Do tell all!

  12. icarus says:

    Interested to see how this turns out… doesn't quite generate the same level of excitement as a new movie would, but will definitely warrant going to see when it opens. 🙂

  13. Thee Narnian Meerkat says:


  14. Sui-Lun says:

    Yes!! I want to see it!!!! If someone does see it, please PLEASE give us a review!!!!!!!!

  15. Queen_Emily says:

    I wish I could see this! It looks brilliant!

  16. Eowyn says:

    Wow! Sounds really cool!!

  17. narniahannah says:

    WOW! Looks so cool! wish I lived in London…

  18. AslansChild says:

    Hm…looks cool! (wish I could see it :'( ) 😛 The background music from the trailer reminds me of "Believe" from the Polar Express, at least the first part does. funny…

  19. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    Don't you just wish they'd send us tickets saying what Lucy says in VDT: "But we shan't see YOU there." And then you see the tickets. That. Would. Be. AMAZING BEYOND WORDS.

  20. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    Pray that they get professional photographers and release it as a DVD. That'd be perfect.

  21. TheEighthFriendOfNarnia says:

    Watching it, I think it's hilarious, the guy actually says "True to the original story…" It's quite encouraging to all fans who'll get to see it. (I'll be there in spirit only sadly)

  22. freshynfs says:

    Man this trailer looks better than the film versions that got put out. Too bad I can't make it there.