Gresham Shares Plans for Next Narnia Film

It has been over six months since we last heard any kind of update on the Narnia films. Now, we finally have something to report.

Kristi from The Lion’s Call has posted a brief report on Douglas Gresham’s (co-producer, Lewis’ stepson) comments at Oxford earlier this week. He revealed his hopes for the future of the Chronicles of Narnia films:

  • There is a seven-year moratorium on producing any Narnia films outside of Walden Media.
  • He might have future films made independently.
  • The Silver Chair is the film he would like to make next.
  • He would like to see Andrew Adamson return, but thinks he would be too expensive.
  • In the meantime, he will focus on a film adaptation of Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters.”

Read the full report here

We previously believed the moratorium period was 3-4 years, and that the next film would very likely be The Magician’s Nephew. Now it appears the wait will be longer than we thought, and Gresham will maintain the original published order and continue with The Silver Chair.

To clarify the issue: By law, no Narnia films can be released by anyone without Walden Media until the moratorium ends, and it appears that Gresham would prefer to make the films independently. Assuming the moratorium began just after Dawn Treader‘s release, the earliest we could see the next Narnia film is probably 2018.

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  1. mixedfiction says:

    I don't know about Lerman and Horner, but I agree about Dakota Blue Richards.

  2. mixedfiction says:

    Yes, she'd do great for LGK, and did great as Galadriel. 🙂
    How about Charlize Theron? 😛

  3. VALERIE says:


  4. Son of Adam says:

    Logan Lerman is Percy Jackson in Percy Jackson and the Olympian: The Lightning Thief, and Craig Horner was in the TV series Legend of the Seeker.

    Charlize Theron was an excellent choice as the Green witch, but same problem, she got the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman, I'm afraid people will feel the similiarity. We need someone new… 🙂

  5. Son of Adam says:

    I think if I'm director, I'll choose Logan Lerman as Rillian, and keep Craig Horner for The Last Battle as Tirian. 😀

    I'm just thinking is Rachel Weisz fit as the green witch?

  6. Son of Adam says:

    or….. Craig Horner as Rillian and Logan Lerman as Tirian. XP

  7. NarniaFan#1 says:

    WHHAAATT! 2018?! 🙁

  8. mixedfiction says:

    Oh, yes; I google searched Lerman and Horner, but I haven't watched any of their films, so I can't judge them.
    Agree about the idea that Charlize Theron might be associated with 'Snow White & the Huntsman's Evil Witch.
    Rachel Weisz is a good choice too. 🙂
    But I'm thinking, (as my sister suggested), that they should find a group of people who are not exactly "well-known and world-wide". 😛

  9. mixedfiction says:

    I'm thinking that they should cast people the way PJ does for LOTR, such that when you see the names you'll say "What? Who are these guys, where'd they come from?", and then when you see them in the movie you'll find out that they have great talents. 😀

  10. Son of Adam says:

    Yeah! I totally agree! Just like the 4 Pevensies, Georgie Henley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes and William Moseley, before they work for Narnia movies, people don't know everything about them, that make people feel "fresh". 😀

  11. Son of Adam says:

    Sometime, famous stars make me feel boring…. XD 😛

  12. mixedfiction says:

    I know what you mean. Especially in roles like these; hollywood stars aren't always fitting for all major characters.

  13. mixedfiction says:

    Amid all this fuss and waiting, I can manage to say that there are awesome films coming up! 😛

  14. Taisia says:


  15. Jasmine says:

    WHAT?!?? REALLY??? Why does he HAVE to make the films independently?? Why can't they just keep going with the series so we can keep the same actors before they get too old and all? WHY?!? And who says someone else can't make a film with Walden Media, if this guy doesn't want to? Gahh.

  16. andrew says:


  17. mixedfiction says:

    Did any one watch TDKR this weekend? I did! ;D

  18. Taisia says:

    Nope…I looks really good! Have you seen Brave? I just saw it recently and I thought I wouldn't like it very much, but I really liked it! I wouldn't say it was one of Pixar's best, but it was still pretty good.

  19. mixedfiction says:

    Yeah, TDKR is amazing! I haven't seen Brave yet. It will only be released on Aug 1 here. 🙁 It looks great to me too. 🙂

  20. mixedfiction says:

    But just to compare with the others, I wasn't laughing the whole time I saw Brave's trailer, although I'm already sure I'll like Brave; whereas the moment I saw M.U.'s trailer's first shot, I burst out laughing until it ended! 😀

  21. mixedfiction says:

    Thanks for everyone's reply!

  22. Christ's girl says:


  23. Christ's girl says:

    What about Lily Collins for Jill?

  24. Taisia says:

    I can't wait to see Monster's University! It looks hilarious! 🙂

  25. Son of Adam says:

    Not bad, but I think she is older than Will Poulter, but, nevermind, these movie maker is great in make-up. 😉

  26. mixedfiction says:


  27. Son of Adam says:

    I bet, if VDT B.O. got 600mil above or just like LWW did, they will do the next Narnia movie immediately! As fast as they can!

  28. Gio says:

    He's crazy!!!!!!!!! He can't do it!!!

  29. mixedfiction says:

    Maybe. If we'll only look at the acting abilities

  30. Tinidril says:

    This saddens me, The Magician's Nephew is the best book. I waited my entire life to see these on the big screen, and I fear I will never get to see all of them … why not make TLWW, Prince Caspian (which they messed up completely), Dawntreader and Silver Chair and forget the other stories … oh wait, somebody already did that back in the 80's 🙁

  31. Taisia says:

    I agree with you about Prince Caspian. They didn't go by the book. If I hadn't read the book first I might have liked it more, but it really bugged me that they put Prince Caspian and Queen Susan together *yuck*.

  32. Son of Adam says:

    But I like Prince Caspian movie more than the book. 😛

  33. Taisia says:

    Really?!!! :O Why?

  34. mixedfiction says:

    Yeah; as a fan, I was disappointed with Susan and Caspian's love story, plus he was supposed to marry Ramandu's daughter in the next book! and about what they did to Peter's character.

  35. Son of Adam says:

    I don't really like Susan & PC love story as well, but I think Prince Caspian was better than LWW and VDT, the acting is better, great emotional and intensity. I think Peter is great in PC, just like a true warrior, and Edmund as well. 🙂

    I can accept the change, but the change must be good, I think they did the little change of PC nicely. Yeah, I don't really like Susan & PC's love story, but it's acceptable for me.

  36. Christ's girl says:

    Definately! Love your name by the way.

  37. Christ's girl says:

    She is four years older than Will Poulter, but she's also four inches shorter. I also think she did a magnificent job in Mirror Mirror, as well as The Blind Side. She doesn't exactly look twenty three either. At least not in Mirror Mirror.

  38. Christ's girl says:

    When Craig Horner has long hair he looks like Ben Barnes in VODT!!!!

  39. Taisia says:

    Prince Caspian was supposed to be ten years old (that's not too much of a big thing, but that's only one of the BIG changes they made from the book). Yeah. I agree with mixedfiction about Peter. They changed him. But I think it was partly Prince Caspian being so touchy.

  40. Anhun says:

    Caspian's supposed to be the same age as Peter. Since movie-Peter was older than book-Peter, Caspian had to be aged up as well.

  41. Taisia says:

    Aaah! That makes sense! Thanks 🙂

  42. YAY! says:

    But it will be worth the wait DEFINITELY! i am so glad that the next one will be The Silver Chair because William Poulter s such a brilliant Eustace Scrubb and it would be such a shame if they missed out that film as it is in my opinion one of the best stories and the film companies wouldn't be doing C.S.Lewis any credit if they left it out.

  43. YAY! says:

    yes he can and he WILL!!!! LONG LIVE ASLAN!

  44. Austra says:

    If I were choosing, I'd having them make "The Horse and His Boy" next. It's my second favourite of the whole series, after "The Last Battle", and it's NEVER been used in cinema.

    Of course, neither has "The Last Battle", but I'm rather glad of that, seeing as "The Last Battle" is made of stuff that I doubt anyone could properly portray or interpret.

    At any rate, things being what they are, I know that's not even in anyone's sphere of thinking just now.

    So if they were going to make "The Silver Chair" next, I don't see why Douglas Gresham doesn't just do it with Walden Media. I guess I'm a little impatient for the next movie to be out! 🙂

    Personally, I don't know about Andrew Adamson as the director, but of course what I say counts for very little.

    There's a "Screwtape Letters" movie?! Why did I not know this before, and why have I not looked into it?!

    I'm leaving to go see if I can find a trailer or something…ta-ta!

  45. Son of Adam says:

    But I worry they will do something even worst, a flop movie or something like The Golden Compass and Eragon, unless they got a better director like Peter Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Nolan or…. atleast Andrew Adamson.

  46. Son of Adam says:

    And Matthew Vaughn.

  47. Son of Adam says:

    and Joss Whedon.

  48. Son of Adam says:

    If they use that Michael Apted again, then is no more hope.

  49. Son of Adam says:


  50. Son of Adam says:

    Aslan say "Things never happen the saem way twice." , learn from that.

  51. Son of Adam says:

    Maybe they should do this movie, THE GIANT SURPRISE: A NARNIA STORY.

  52. Black shadow says:

    Oh come on 2018!!
    I can't wait that long and why the silver chair?
    there are better one's than that and they should start by finishing this seres they have not done the magician's nephew and the horse and his boy both very good book's

  53. QueenLucy says:

    I know this is totally random but I think that if Emma Watson wasn't so famous and was a bit younger she would make a good Jill Pole. 🙂

  54. Son of Adam says:

    Agree, especially when she is in Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, if they decide to do Narnia movie earlier.

    I think Harry Potter and LOTR was the hottest movie of that time, which around 2001 – 2003, that's the greatest time for fantasy genre's movies.

  55. NarniaGenius101 says:

    I loved the first two Narnia movies, but Voyage of The Dawn Tredar wasn't that good. I think it because, Andrew Adamson didn't direct it.
    BTW, I was Susan Pevensie for Halloween.

  56. NarniaGenius101 says:

    Totally! Although, my fave one is Prince Caspian. I think it's because of the number of battle's they had in it. But they did it so wrong!

  57. NarniaGenius101 says:

    Michael Apted version of VOTDT was a horrible mistake. I wish Andrew Adamson would have done that one to.

  58. NarniaGenius101 says:

    I know. 'Cause in seven years, Peter will be in his thirty's!!!!!!

  59. nic says:

    Two hundred & ninety eight…

  60. nic says:

    Two hundred & ninety nine…