Episode 86: ‘The Silver Chair’ After All?

The NarniaWeb news page is alive and well! Douglas Gresham says he wants to make The Silver Chair next, and he would like to make it independently. A seven-year moratorium prevents him from starting anytime soon. Rilan and Glumpuddle discuss the possible pros and cons of Gresham’s vision. Read the report here.

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  1. wolfloversk says:

    Finally a new podcast… (Is it sad I'm listening to this at 2:34 AM? My rabbit is mad at me lol.) I think part of the problem between Gresham and Walden is they want to make different movies… Also does working with Walden mean that he has to work with Fox? Finally, they'll have to do a lot of recasting, but I'm not so sure if I'm ready for a reboot… even now. Really 3 of the Narnia books could be made as completely independent films (LWW, MN, HHB), while it's harder with the other 4 it's not impossible. And 3 of the 4 remaining have yet to be adapted (which I think is really what Gresham is after… those 3)

  2. wolfloversk says:

    and my response to the "possibility" of Narnia being proven to be "scientifically real:" 😉

  3. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    At the moment, I really don't care if I'm going to be in high school, college, work, or a retirement home when another Narnia film comes out. I'm just glad we have some news we can speculate from.

    I'm still kind of confused about how long we have to wait for the earliest production time of SC. Why did Gresham say 3-4 years in October, but now 7? Well, we can't do anything to change the moratorium, no matter how long it is.

    If/ when another studio receives the rights, it's very obvious that Walden is not going to get them. As reported in Gabriel's comment, it seems that Gresham/ the Lewis Estate was not thrilled at how VDT turned out, though I could imagine they weren't the happiest even with LWW and PC. Gresham apologizing for how VDT turned out? Over the script? I would have never imagined him saying that, especially at a public event.

    Narnia as an independent film never really struck me, and I'm still thinking about it. An independent film probably means no major film studio like Walden, Disney, Fox, WB, or something like those. *pleads that Sherwood Pictures will not get the rights* Not that a more minor studio would mean the film would be bad. If they adapt it really well and film it well, the studio could gain its fame.

    An independent film also means no big name actors would be hired. Again, that's not an automatic terrible thing. In my opinion, there are honestly some really big talent hiding in the better known names. Just as long as they can find great lead child actors, I think we'll be good.

    I'm not too concerned for continuity if/when SC is made. Sure, Will Poulter is now too old, but now that I re-read SC, other than a few lines of dialogue at the beginning and a plot point involving Caspian and Eustace, a first time reader could understand the story without the past books. MN, LWW, SC, and HHB, in my opinion, would be great standalone films.

    I don't think Andrew Adamson would come back. He's actually been getting more projects as of late, and is probably going to keep doing so. However, I do recall that in some interview, he did say he would love to direct MN…

    Now, my biggest worry out of all things possible with this news is that I don't want SC or any other of the Narnia films to be too close to the book. Hold the tomatoes please, though. I do, in a sense, want the films to be "close to the book" and great adaptation, which I think could happen since Gresham wants more control of the script, but I want to be able to enjoy them as just films too. What I mean is that if a film stays so close to the book, it gets kind of boring for me. If the films can stick to the main themes and add it's only little things, I will enjoy it. This is kind of a problem I had with The Hunger Games.

    Well, further up and further in! (Sorry for the extensive comment.)

  4. Secrets of Excalibur says:

    As long as Michael Landon Jr. doesn't direct any Narnia movies, we'll be okay. 😉

  5. Princess Lucy says:

    Ohh I love The Hunger Games!!! I agree with you it was really close to the book but they changed the ending…well slightly anyway…..its just they didn't make it as dramatic as the book….

    anyway we are here for Narnia lol…..I am so glad they have the passion to make more Narnia films….It will be very exciting once it comes out…..
    I was wondering if the next Narnia film is made independendly, is that mean the effects will be different and it will not be released in theatres…this is a slightly confusing topic for me…..

  6. glumPuddle says:

    "Why did Gresham say 3-4 years in October, but now 7?"

    Gresham said he hoped to "start production" in 3-4 years. It may be that the moratorium is on "releasing" a film. Those are two different things.

    Maybe they could start making the movie in a few years and finish it just in time for the end of the moratorium.

  7. Princess Lucy says:

    With the Eustrace character, they can make him and Jill as older children possibly in the high school years rather than primary……it could work out without changing too much of their characters……..It would be great with Will Poulter in it!

  8. Princess Lucy says:

    Do you mean the director of 'Love Comes Softly' series?
    I thought those films were good…however I didn't read the books….you probably did though…..thats probably why you are saying hes not good for adaptations….thats my guess anyway 😉

  9. ernesto says:


  10. Twinimage says:

    Very enjoyable podcast, thanks! You made some great points.

    I'm perfectly fine with waiting. Especially if it means breathing new life into the series and making a good film. I'm not opposed to a reboot, but maybe it would be a good idea to continue where the current series left off. I'm actually leaning towards seeing them do traditional 2D animation instead of live action. The main reason for that is because there are so many fantasy movies out right now. Many of which are rip offs of the more popular fantasy series. Animation would help set Narnia apart from all the other fantasy movies that are being made right now.

  11. Ajman says:

    Here is how the Silver Chair would turn out if they were not scrapping the smoke monster: The Silver Chair would take place on an island infested with polar bears. They have to go underground in order to stop the Woman in Green (smoke monster) from finding the magic plug that keeps all of the magic in Narnia. In the end they would find out that the Woman in Green is actually the white witch reincarnated. In order to leave narnia and take over other worlds she has to find the magic plug. In order to stop the witch and free the people who live under ground known as "the others" the children have to free John Loch from the silver chair.

  12. Not Of This World says:

    Great podcast guys! I agree that any good Narnia film works for me now.

  13. Not Of This World says:

    I hope so.

  14. Non-negotiable Comment says:

    Philip Anschutz is in a remarkably good mood tonight. My advice to Mr. Gresham is to pick up the phone and patch things up. Otherwise, good luck with that independent thing. He's going to need it.

  15. Rilian says:

    I'm laughing on the inside.

  16. narniafreak1 says:

    was there anything wrong with Andrew Adamson?

  17. Rilian says:

    AA loved the books and mostly understood them. He got the gist of it, for sure. But Adamson missed some key themes. The emphasis on chivalry in PC is all but absent. The redemption theme is there but is not as emphasized. Also, the misunderstanding of lines like "Every time you grow, so shall I" reveals a lack of depth in understanding.

  18. Arvan says:

    Yeah he doesn't adapt books to film, he just uses the titles and a couple characters' names. Definitely not what we want!

  19. Arvan says:

    As time has passed, I've all but decided that I want a complete reboot. Don't get me wrong, LWW is one of my favorite movies, but I want to see an entire series of good adaptations, with good continuity. And I want to see VDT redone.

  20. narniafreak1 says:


  21. narniafreak1 says:

    lol the movies were so different from the books

  22. Princess Lucy says:

    Oh whoa!!! I better read the books then lol! They must be extra better than the films offcourse. Thanks guys for the info!!! I hope they don't hire this director!!!

  23. Thorongil says:

    I think leaving out 'The Chronicles Of Narnia', out of the title would be a very bad idea. Just like John carter, it was a good movie, but people didn't know what is was about.
    And beside what would critics say if they left the name out. As if the trademark Narnia is something to be ashamed about.
    I don't know if they will ever get to film all Narnia books. BBC failed too after 4 adaptations. What is needed urgently is promote the books better, cause most people only know the first.

  24. Andrew says:

    Everybody is saying that it will be low budget… I thought Perry Moore secured funding mor TMN couldnt that be used for the Silver Chair.
    I think it would be better to make TMN because the new Eustace would be to alot older in the last battle
    I would love your input

  25. Andrew says:

    I totally aagree with you with the books I introduced ALL my friends to the books and in result many new Narnia fans

  26. Anhun says:

    The problem with using the "Chronicles of Narnia" series heading is people might go in expecting a continuation of the series that began with LWW. That won't happen, and if they try to force a contrived connection between LWW and SC, it will lead to a pointless mess of a movie.

    It is much better to present SC as either a stand-alone, or a fresh beginning to a new series of diverse stories (SC, MN, HHB) set in the same Narnia universe. Perhaps call it "Tales from Narnia."

    The way I would present Tales from Narnia is to make an intelligent, exciting, mostly faithful version of SC; then HHB; then do a revival of the 2005 LWW in 4D (I don't see why Disney and Walden wouldn't take advantage of the chance to make a buck); then, half a year later, present Tales from Narnia: Magician's Nephew as a companion to LWW.