Flaherty: “Multiple Opinions” On Fourth Narnia Film

This Monday will mark two years since Fox/Walden’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader hit theaters and ultimately performed below expectations in the United States, but pretty well internationally. At this point, most fans have accepted the fact that we should not expect to see another Narnia film made for some time (view our ‘Narnia 4’ summary page).

One of the reasons for the hold-up is disagreement about what the next step should be. Micheal Flaherty (Walden Media president) would like to make The Magician’s Nephew while Douglas Gresham (co-producer, Lewis’ stepson) favors The Silver Chair. Here is a clip from World Magazine‘s interview with Micheal Flaherty:

Q: So, with revenue going down and production costs remaining high, so what’s next for the Narnia movie series?
MF: There are multiple opinions on all this and a lot of different players: The C.S. Lewis estate, the studio, our company—and we’re not all of one mind. I would love to find a way where the economics work, acknowledging the decline. I’d like to do The Magician’s Nephew. Other people want to do The Silver Chair, and there’s disagreement about the economics and the overall vision of where the franchise should go next. My hope is that we may all become of one mind, but unless something providential happens there, I’m focusing on a number of other stories.

Q: So, at this moment, no deal?
MF: Nope.

Flaherty talks more about Narnia in the full interview.

Back in May, Douglas Gresham indicated there is a seven-year moratorium on producing any Narnia films outside of Walden Media. He also wants to make The Silver Chair next as an independent film.


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  1. Farsight-messenger says:

    ok, a report of mine……
    Now that we all know, 2018 isn't the earliest for narnia 4, it can be earlier or later than 2018…. Let's see, Michael Flaherty like The Magician's Nephew to be next; Douglas Gresham wants The Silver to be next…. big disagreements eh. as for me, they should have a really serious negotiations about this… hurry up! they can make both MN and SC at the same time but not at the same release…. they must recruit Will Poulter again for Esuatce's character…. Do MN to save the series…. well, just do another Narnia film….(As Soon As Possible!)

    Further Up! and Further In! 🙂

  2. "Douglas Gresham indicated there is a seven-year moratorium on producing any Narnia films OUTSIDE OF WALDEN MEDIA." (Emphasis mine. I apologize for the all caps.)

    Wait, so… if they get these disagreements ironed out, could they go ahead and make another film if they stay with Walden Media? Or is it that Douglas Gresham and the Estate don't want to work with Walden Media again, so they're going to have to wait seven years for the moratorium to expire?

    • glumPuddle says:

      The situation is still fuzzy… But as far as we can tell at this point, yes, that seems to be the deal.

  3. LIFE OF PI says:

    Still no any decision. I said just do Silver Chair, if they begin to do MN 1 year ago, then it's fine to do SC about 2014 or 2015, because Will Poulter age still fit for the role.

    If they start doing the next film now, then it should be Silver Chair, because it will be too late if you still choose Magician's Nephew!

    If you really want to make the 4th Narnia film, you should just decide now, and start the production now, don't just talk and enjoy cup of coffee in the aircond room.

    • mixedfiction says:

      Yes; they talk and talk about what's next and nothing is ever decided. Soon it will be too late to make any film.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Yes, if they want to do MN, they should do it 1 year ago, now it is too late, now they should do SC 1st, because the actor can't wait anymore, unless they are already gave up Will Poulter, and looking for new guy to replace him.

  4. Garenex says:

    Hmm…Well I wouldn't like to see another film get made if there's disagreements going on behind the scenes, but I also want to see them actually get through all seven films, especially within Douglas's. lifetime. Personally, not being happy with Voyage, I wouldn't mind a remake of that film (I'm good with the other two, but could probably deal with a complete restart).

  5. Joanne says:

    I have read all the books over and over again to myself, my kid as well as to classrooms I've taught. I like BOTH story lines MN and SC although MN is a bit more exciting. I personally think Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the least of the books….thus the drop off in "sales". I agree with what someone said…to make both at the same time yet release them at separate dates. Is that biting off too much? For once I'd like to see SOMEONE finish the whole Narnia theme. The Last Battle is a GREAT book!! Personally I'd like to see you keep the original order. Narnia fans will go see it as well as buy it when it comes out on dvd (I have all of them so far as well as other versions..animated…BBC version…etc.). What is more concerning is that you won't be able to use the same children is future story lines because these actors/actresses are getting older and won't be able to "carry" it as kids. Whatever you do….DECIDE because the actors/actresses are growing up. It always takes away from a series when you have to replace the people with others because the original ones grew up….so please DECIDE!!

  6. mixedfiction says:

    PLEASE Do Silver Chair!!! Poulter's gonna get too old soon. And story wise, it would be more logical to do The Silver Chair. It should be LWW, PC, VDT (as it was done), then SC; then the others should be made as such: MN, HHB, then LB.
    Gresham should, in my opinion, give the Final Decision; and he should stick with his personal choice: SC. 🙂

    • Taisia says:

      Yes! Please do! Eustace will be way too old if you don't!

      @mixedfiction: I was going to reply to your question, but then I couldn't comment at all 😛 No, I'm not on any LOTR fansite, but I keep up with theonering.net and thehobbitblog.com 🙂

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yup, that's okay; I think there's some sort of expiration in the span of time that people can post a comment. And yay! I'm on TheOneRing.net too! 🙂 Although recently I couldn't post a comment there anymore 🙁 Thanks!

      • Taisia says:

        Welcome 😀 I've got a different name on there, though…

      • mixedfiction says:

        Really? What? I'm also mixedfiction there, but as I said, I couldn't post a comment anymore. Do you have any idea about the Disqus accounts?

      • Taisia says:

        I use "Siliverien" there. Disqus? Sounds familiar…what is it?

      • mixedfiction says:

        Siliverien… that's beautiful 🙂 Actually, I don't know what Disqus is; all I know is when I enter my username and email to post a comment, a grey-box appears saying "That email address is already registered with a Disqus account. Log in or enter another email." 🙁 I gave up trying to solve it.

      • Taisia says:

        Thanks 😀 Hmmm…that's weird…

      • mixedfiction says:

        K. Taisia, did you see LIFE OF PI's post? He/she is Son of Adam, telling us that s/he changed his/her username to LIFE OF PI. 🙂 I'm not sure if you saw it, just saying.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        I'm he, that's why my name is Son of Adam, and not Daughter of Eve.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh, ok. Well, I didn't want to presume because not everyone's usernames agree with their actual gender. 🙂 But yes, I did think you were male because of "Son of Adam". I hope you're not offended. 😀

      • Taisia says:

        No! I didn't see it. Thanks for telling me! 😀

      • mixedfiction says:


    • mixedfiction says:

      Actually, right now I think Poulter is getting too old. 🙁

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        With some makeup, he still fit.

      • Taisia says:

        Well…he's supposed to be a bit older in the silver chair. It's been a while since I've read it, so I'm not sure how much older.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Yeah, a bit too old he is, but I think still ok if they start doing the movie right now, just do some make-up will still fit, if 7 years later, then I think they need to find new young actor.

      • Anhun says:

        The silver chair takes place a couple months after VDT. So, he's supposed to be about the same age. Even if they make SC without concern for continuity with VDT (as I think they should), Eustace and Jill's behaviors and responses to situations place them in their pre-teens. The actors have to be 12, maybe 13 tops, or able to pass for that young. Will Poulter already looks like an adult. No amount of make-up can turn him into a 12-year-old.

  7. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    Silver Chair!!! Silver Chair!!! Silver Chair!!! Silver Chair!!! Silver Chair!!! Silver Chair!!!
    It makes the most sense to do Silver Chair next!!!!!!!
    I mean come on! If they are going to make the decision "logically"(lol) I think they should do Silver Chair and as soon as possible!

    I don't understand why it's taking so long to make a decision. As time goes by people are forgetting about it more and more. I was hoping that The Lion Awakes when increase Narnia buzz again, but I can't even find that movie on IMDB. I think we as Narnians (so to speak) and Narnia fans should help out. We need to not forget Narnia!!!!!!! By word of mouth, merchandise, the internet and simply our fandom, we need to spread the word and get people interested again. Who knows? Maybe Narniaweb should send out a letter to the filmmakers saying that we really really really really want more Narnia movies. I pray that there will be more movies everyday and I still have hope.

    One thing that I think should be improved for the next film is publicity, for I think Fox dropped the ball on promotion.

    It will certainly be hard to forever watch VDT knowing that Aslan's words to Eustace/Will of "Narnia may yet have need of you" will never come true. So they need to come true, for sometimes I think filmmakers only see short term and forget what effect an beautiful, yet incomplete series will have on generations to come, for no future version of Narnia will ever be as good as Disney/Fox/Walden's in my opinion. Yes there is economics involved, but film is more than simply a way to make money.

    For Narnia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Starlily says:

      I would like to see Silver Chair too, especially if they could get Will Poulter. I think they should keep the continuity if possible, and I was really looking forward to seeing Puddleglum (yikes, I almost typed glumPuddle! So used to reading your stuff, glum). However, if a Magician's Nephew movie would save the series, I would be glad to see it. I love MN, and since they've never done a movie of it before, it would be very exciting–provided they don't ruin it by deviating too far from the book, and trying too hard to make it like today's popular action/fantasy movies. All of the movies could be great if the filmmakers tried to follow Lewis's original storylines. Of course, I guess it's hard to agree on what is faithful to the books, and what isn't.

      I agree that it's frustrating that they haven't finished the series, though. It seems wrong that Dawn Treader ends with a promise (or almost-promise) that will never be fulfilled. And as I said before, I would really like to see Will Poulter again. I think they filmmakers might be hard-pressed to find someone better than him, and I think it's sad that his personal Narnian journey might be over.

      Right now, I'm kind of fed up with the whole business of the Narnia movies, because I think they messed up, blamed their mistakes on movie-goers ("It didn't make money because no one likes Narnia" –No, it didn't make money because it wasn't done properly), and then they dropped the ball. I'm losing hope that any new Narnia movies will be done "right"……..but just give me a smidgen of hope, a hint of a new movie, and I'll rally again, and look forward to it with almost as much excitement as the last ones. I say to the filmmakers, try again, and don't rush it or force it. Don't try to please everyone. Just try to make a great movie–or at least a decent movie–that tells either of SC or MN's great stories. If they just do ONE more movie, and make it a good one, I'll be reasonably happy–though I'll be sad that I never got to see the Horse and His Boy, which I have always wanted to see. :/ We can't have everything.

      I'm glad to have some news anyway, even though it's not exactly promising news….at the very least, the filmmakers are still talking about Narnia…a little bit.

    • Bilbo Baggins says:

      If the silver chair is made don't tie the white witch or the green mist into it at all in fact let's all just forget the dawn treader movie ever happened. I personally want to see dawn treader made next (what do you mean dawn treader was all ready made? No that was not a narnia movie, that was a shipwreck of a film about a voyage with a hole filled plot) think about it , we all want all the books to be made but not if its a horrible movie, especially if its of one of the best books of the series. I never thought a pc film would be better than the vdt film

  8. glumPuddle says:

    Disagreement is not the only reason for the hold-up. If VDT's box office had met expectations, people would have resolved their differences quickly. That's the reason in a nutshell: A lack of confidence that future films can make money.

    • Christine says:

      What was their expectations?

      • Anhun says:

        I think they expected to break even in early DVD sales. If VDT had performed comparably to PC, they would have achieved that.

      • Bilbo Baggins says:

        Wait but voyages worldwide total was only 3 or 4 mill. away from pc, they should be more concerned about making a good adaptation to make narnia fans want to see the movie instead of making a movie that makes narnia fans want to break there t.v.

  9. tom says:

    as i said a few years ago when dawn treader came out, if USA had supported the film better – we would have def been another film already. Overseas the fans came and supported the film, but the USA numbers really had to be stronger for another film to be made. As its made by a USA film company – they need to break even in there own country before looking at income from else where. Its just a pity the support was not there – thank you usa

  10. Louloudi the Centaur says:

    News at last, even if not really new!

    Let's face it. A majority of fans, and a good handful of critics were not happy with how the film turned out. Even the Lewis Estate was not so thrilled at the turnout. I would much rather wait until I'm out of college for a good, low budget film to be made than a blockbuster budget, mediocre-bland film. I don't want the remaining books of the series filmed and made to look like a cheesy knock off of many modern franchises.

    In other news, it's kind of hard to believe it's already been two years since VDT was released. Let's just say from my perspective, opinions really do change.

  11. Brian in Calgary says:

    Sigh! Ideally, and morally (in my never too humble opinion), Doug Gresham should be given the final decision as to which book is the next one to be translated to the silver screen.

    However, that said, the terms of 'his' contract with Walden Media probably takes that out of his hands, legally speaking. So, I must say – reluctantly, because all along I've thought Silver Chair should be the next one made – that Doug Gresham should agree to disagree with Walden Media, bite the bullet for the sake of getting the movie franchise saved, and do Magician's Nephew next.

    Perhaps Walden Media would agree to film Silver Chair right afterward (kind of like was done with the second and third 'Back to the Future' movies).

  12. narniafreak1 says:

    I'm just glad there is still talk going on with the C.s Estate and Walden

  13. Not Of This World says:

    I don't think Gresham wants to make the next film with Walden. I think he wants more control of the script. And personally I would prefer an independent film where Gresham has more control. He knew Lewis personally and I think he can do better with more control. LLW and PC (except for the romance) were great, but VDT was just good (the more I think about it I don't like the Green Mist that much, but it didn't ruin the film. It was still a good film, but not great). I prefer a independent film where Gresham has most if not all control.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      But that will have to wait until 2018, I can't wait that long, if this happen, then I'll just let it go, I'll give up Narnia series.

    • I'll point out that Douglas Gresham was only 18 when Lewis died… and he's not a filmmaker or an author (besides his own autobiography). He's not qualified to be a director.

      And the alternative? As a filmmaker myself, I would hate to have a creative advisor hanging over my shoulder all the time. Especially as the impression I'm getting is that he's encouraged faithfulness to the letter of the books over faithfulness to the spirit of the books… Narnia was more than just a bunch of moments and Christian themes. It was a *story* and that's why it mattered so much.

      • Not Of This World says:

        So 11 years isn't enough time to know a guy? He met him in 1952. Lewis died in 1964. Name one person still alive who was closer to Lewis (other then Douglas's brother – not sure if he's still alive). And after producing three movies don't you think he has experience? And Gresham even said he wanted to hire a director (Andrew Adamson – though he thinks he might be to expensive). He didn't say anything about directing.

      • Not Of This World says:

        Typo: He died in 1963

      • Douglas Gresham was not a real producer on the film. (I believe he was written down as an executive producer, which is a title often given to investors who never set foot on a film set) I've seen all the behind the scenes footage – he was just an on-set advisor. They had other producers all over the place who did the heavy work.

        I think that knowing C. S. Lewis personally as a child is irrelevant. He was under 20 when Lewis died.

  14. The Silver Chair makes the most sense. All the same, I've got two songs written for Magician's Nephew and Last Battle. Still impatiently waiting for the next movie.

  15. Farsight-messenger says:

    I think Gresham should have the final say, for he is the stepson of CSL, as for Walden, I think they need to consider Gresham's decision… We all know that Gresham wants SC next, so they need to focus on that, just like what they did in LWW, they should do it again in the fourth one….. As for the release date, 2018 is too late. LWW was released 2005, PC in 2008 and VDT in 2010. 7 years ago when LWW was released. So do SC next and recruit Poulter again….

    -This December, Return to Narnia-
    click on the link, watch the preview of Narnia Best Scenes and read the description as well….

  16. Interestingly, I view the Narnia films' ultimate failure with VDT as a problem of too much oversight and too much attempting at making the film Christian-friendly and family-friendly.

    Gresham had too much oversight, IMO, because it turned into a checklist of 'you must have this, this, and this from the book' instead of an actual adaptation.

    At the same time, I believe that Walden Media is not the best match for the Narnia franchise. Yet there are NO indie companies I would trust any more. Independent filmmaking is a difficult, difficult world.

    My solution to this is to pitch it to a larger company as a classic British fantasy-adventure story that needs a faithful big-screen adaptation, not an update. (I feel like LWW was updated) Capitalize on the Anglophilia going around. Push the classic elements of high storytelling. Get it into the hands of a director who loves a good story over a good message.

    Oh yes, and keep Douglas Gresham off-set. Remember, Lewis died when Gresham was only 18. All this talk of "Gresham knew him best" is pretty rubbish in that perspective. What we're really getting is Gresham's interpretation of Lewis' work heralded as the end-all because he is related to Lewis by marriage. His perspective is fine. But if you're going to have a Narnia film, I'd rather have the director's perspective – the director has a hard enough job without keeping a creative advisor from the Estate happy. =P No wonder VDT was such a mess.

    • glumPuddle says:

      This is a wonderful post.

      I think that Gresham's presence did a lot of good. I shudder to think what Hollywood would have done with LWW and PC without him there… But I do agree that one unfortunate side effect was the "checklist" mentality it created.

      I also agree that Gresham's opinion is given to much weight by fans. Yes, he is Lewis' stepson, but there are plenty of people who know far more about Lewis than Gresham, and he is not an author or director.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      Hmm… I think I'm going to agree your point you have made, I think the same as you about Douglas Gresham, but I'm too coward to point out this. Thanks! 😛

    • Michael says:

      I think I agree pretty well with this post. At this point, I think for the Narnia series to be saved, it has to be started over with someone different. After 7 years, it will be a lot harder to use some of the current actors. Also, different hands would be better. Someone like Peter Jackson who can stay close to the books, bring out the lessons, make an excellent quality movie, and keep it engaging for everybody.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        But I don't think PJ will do it, he is too busy, unless he love Narnia as much as he love Middle Earth.

      • mixedfiction says:

        That is why — like he said "Someone like PJ"— we need someone who loves Narnia wholeheartedly but is a great moviemaker too.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Andrew Adamson was the only director I can think about, and these were great director to me, but were these people love Narnia or Fans of Narnia?

        1) Matthew Vaughn, have you heard about Disney's Star Wars news? This guy maybe director of Star Wars VII.

        2) Andrew Stanton, have you seen John Carter movie? I think not everyone will agree with this, but I do think he is a great director, I love John Carter movie! 😀

        3) Ang Lee, I love LIFE OF PI, so automatically he is my favourite director now. 😛

        4) Ridley Scott, I want to see another epic like Gladiator. 😛

        5) Martin Scorsese?

        Anyone else do you think good enough for making Narnia? And honestly sometime I don't trust Andrew Adamson as well, I don't like LWW very much, I like it, but not very much, not as much as LOTR.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        If I'm the one who in charge to choose the director, Matthew Vaughn was my 1st choice. I know not everyone is going to agree.

      • mixedfiction says:

        I understand your opinion of these directors, but I don't think they'll do for Narnia if they're not fans. And I agree with the last paragraph of your 2nd-to-the-last post. 😀

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        What about David Yates or Alfonso Cuaron, they also did Harry Potter.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Hey, I found I'm the only one who talk about the directors, what is other people's thought, which director are you going to suggest? Don't make me just looks like a stupid guy.

      • mixedfiction says:

        About those two you mentioned, I haven't quite heard of them; I didn't watch any Harry Potter movie.
        About you're the only one who's talking about directors.. I join you a bit there 🙂 And I don't know what these people are thinking. But to me you don't look like a stupid guy about being the only one who's bringing the topic up. 😛

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Then which director do you think is good, who do you know the best.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Well…right now I can't give an answer, sorry. I can't see any director – among those I know – to do Narnia films.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Actually, I was thinking that – the same way I didn't know of PJ until he directed LOTR – the perfect Narnian Director would be someone I haven't heard of, so I can't make a guess. 🙂

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        After I saw THE HOBBIT, PETER JACKSON was the only director that I want to direct Narnia!! PJ is perfect!! 😀

    • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

      Yes, I agree. STOP ruining it by stuffing more stuff into it that wasn't even in the books in the first place, and STICK-TO-THE-ORIGINAL-STORY. I thought LWW was great. The best Narnia film. It would be awesome if someone could make the other Narnia films like that one, or possibly even BETTER. >:)

  17. J. G. Heck says:

    I believe they need to let the time pass 10 or so years and then Reboot the series with "The Magicians Nephew". I know it will be long to see a new one but I think it would be for the best. I want to see a new Narnia movie insanely bad but, this allows change for the mistakes they made in the previous movies (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and the already to old actors.
    There are several reasons to Reboot the series, or continue them in the same track. But rebooting the series should be best.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      I can accept the reboot with better filmmaker and director.
      But that mean we have to wait more longer to see Silver Chair, Magician's Nephew, The Horse and His boy and The Last Battle.

      And we still have to take risk that the reboot doesn't mean it must be better than previous, that will causes there are no more chance for us to see SC, MN, HHB and TLB.

    • mixedfiction says:

      You've got a good point there. And I agree. A reboot would be good.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        I saw Gladiator again few weeks ago, and it make me hope Ridley Scott will direct them. I think he is very good for making movie which about knight, I'm wondering how Narnia movies will look like if he direct it. 🙂

      • mixedfiction says:

        Well, I saw some of his films, but not Gladiator. I don't think I want to see him directing Narnia movies, No offense though! 🙂

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        That's ok, everyone have their own thought and opinion. Because I want Narnia to be a true epic, and I'm thinking if Ridley Scott was in the top form again when doing Narnia film, what if he done it as great as Gladiator again. Just can't stop to wondering. ^^

    • Bilbo Baggins says:

      I don't think they will reboot considering gresham wants to have all the books made into movies before he dies. I think they will do want incredible hulk did where it picked of in India where the first film ended but could be seen as reboot/sequel or like tron legacy. And if they do that all the actors will be old enough to play the older versions of themselves in horse and his boy, if they get that far and make it at the same standard as lww

  18. nic says:

    Sounds just like a Narnia Web talk back thread then 🙂

    Seriously, if they could just put together a creative team who makes the movie they want to see as a take of whatever Narnia story it is, that would be enough. At least that way, any creative mis-steps of the vision are all going in the same direction all the same.

    I too, think MN would be best half-way mark movie to make of the series, but as long as above creative consideration was sorted, it wouldn't matter too much as that is main thing i would guess by some stretch, & i can see the POV that if Mr Gresham will be happiest with SC next, he has the background that surpasses probably anyone else in that his wishes should come first.

  19. Farsight-messenger says:

    Reboot is not so good… first of all, if they'll reboot the series, 1) of course new cast, and production team, (and it can mean that Gresham will not be in the reboot; 2) new title, how can you say Narnia without the chronicles of? (because every film reboot has new titles); 3) new cgi of Aslan; 4)it can start in MN or LWW (again) meaning, that we will see SC, HHB and LB the longer than we thought……

    Now, Douglas Gresham should have the final say….. Just focus on SC and think how to make a blockbuster film just like what LWW did to continue the series. Re-recruit Adamson as the director and Harry Gregson Williams as the score composer…..

    I say, that the final decisions should be made not later than feb 2013 and start filming Narnia 4 not later than march 2013…..

  20. LIFE OF PI says:

    I have been thinking for a while, I want to say…. just let them do what they want to do.

    I don't really care now, although I'll still happy if there is 4th Narnia movie, now I don't care that we have to wait until 2018 or earlier, I don't want to care.

    Anyone seen LIFE OF PI? It was a great movie, I'll see LIFE OF PI as a replacement of Narnia movie.

    If the next Narnia movie is done, I'll see it, if there is no more, then I'm ok with it.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      To mixedfiction and Taisia , I'm Son of Adam, nice to meet you here again. (;

    • mixedfiction says:

      And nope, I haven't seen LIFE OF PI. But for now, I'm extremely excited to see The Hobbit! Less than a week of waiting left! Hooray!!! 😛

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        I think you should see LIFE OF PI, I think this movie should not be miss. This movie help me clear up many thing in my life, and I doubt it change some of the way I'm thinking.

        You know, LOTR was my no.1 movie of all-time, and before I saw LIFE OF PI, I thought there are no more movies will make me love it equally as LOTR, but LIFE OF PI did it! I spoke about this everywhere I can reach in internet.

        And yes, yeah! The Hobbit is coming, I'll see it this Thursday! I'll see it atleast 3 times, 1st time was in 2D(normal), 3D for 2nd times, and 3rd times 2D again. 🙂 I have already promised this when I signed the online petition few years ago, "I have made a promise", like Samwise Gamgee! 😛


      • mixedfiction says:

        I don't know about Life of Pi…sorry, but I don't think I'm gonna see it. 😐
        Yay! I'm going to see it on Thursday too, if possible! 😀

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        That's too bad, you are going to miss something great, this might be this year's Oscar Best Picture, it's so beautiful.

        Yes, that's great! Haha!
        Have you signed any The Hobbit movie online petition before they greenlit The Hobbit movie?

        I have a t-shirt of LOTR, one badge which I won from lucky draw 8 years ago, and 1 DIY badge which I made it myself when 2003, the year of Return of the King, I think I'm going to wear these to the theatre this Thursday, Haha! And yes! I got tattoo stickers, also won it 8 years ago, but I don't think I'm going to use it, others will thought that you are just like "gangster", hahaha!

      • mixedfiction says:

        No, I haven't signed anything. And I don't have any LOTR fanstuff. 🙂

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        You just enjoy everything without doing anything…. Do you know how many we have sacrifice for making this movie happens? T_T Hahaha! XD

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yup! XD And you know what? The Hobbit's tomorrow!!!

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        About 5 more hours, I'm going to see THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY!! 😀

      • mixedfiction says:

        LIFE OF PI and Taisia, goodbye for now! I'm going to see The Hobbit so you won't be hearing from me this afternoon, the next would probably be tonight. Goodbye!!! (Sorry if the timeline confuses you, I'm probably on the other side of the world. 😛 )

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        I'm back and I saw THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, and I love it more than LIFE OF PI!! Hahahah!! I have never seen something like this before!!

        Actually I have a very long review, but I'm not going to post it here, because it have something agaisnt Narnia. 😛

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yup! I'm back too!! And of course we haven't seen anything like this before. I'd say it was Incredible!!! if ever there are words that would/could describe it. 🙂 Watching it was just thrilling, exciting, and fun; especially when you hear and see details that were from the book! 😀
        And I'm sad that we have to wait one more year for the next part. When the movie was nearing the end, I thought "Oh no, that's it. It's done! It can't be, but I know it is. And the next part is Dec next year!" Well, it's done; so we wait all over again. 😛

      • mixedfiction says:

        I wonder, where's Taisia? Has she(I presume based on the username 🙂 ) watched The Hobbit?

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        You know, I have a wet eyes when near the end when Bilbo save Thorin and fight that Pale Orcs, this moment was so so epic, I'm wordless, and the eagles scene…. it's so beautiful!! 🙂 And the Riddle in the Dark, so happy to see Gollum again!! (:

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        It's great to return to the Middle Earth!! :')

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        My comment awaiting moderation. 😛
        Dear Narniaweb owner, if my comment disturb, just delete it. Sorry! ^!^

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yes! It was so epic and dramatic, but with a touch of fun and lightness in it. That was a Bilbo-Thorin "moment"! When I saw that shot I knew it was climactic and I was afraid the movie was going to end, and it did. :'(
        I hope we're not spoiling the ending for some people 😐 There is so much more about the movie that I want to babble about, but of course I can't; not everyone saw it already and this is a Narnia fansite. 😀

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        I think I have lost control, I'm too excited and happy!! XD You know, I even have a big smile last night when I went to sleep, I can't sleep until late night! XD Many great feeling running in my mind, the feeling is almost like 8 years ago!

        Yeah, I know this is Narnia fansite, and there's another reason make me talk about Middle Earth, it's because Tolkien and Lewis was a good friend, so I think it was ok to talk something about Tolkien. XD But I'm sorry if this annoy some others Narnian. XD

        And I think I shouldn't use some word like "d**it" or d*mn" Haha! XP

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yeah, we should not be rude. You have a point about the Lewis-Tolkien thing.
        And Yes!!! I had many a big smile and many a good laugh while watching, and smiles and laughs more when I went home, where I belong.

      • Taisia says:

        Oops! Completely missed this conversation! I've been really busy finishing up with school for Christmas. I can't wait to see it! I've only heard good things about the Hobbit and CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!! 😀 But I have to wait 🙁 I've got a countdown…only four more days…just wait for four days…

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oops, sorry for talking about the ending, Taisia. 🙂 I'm sorry you have to wait so long.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Wait, you were finishing school? Just wondering, what year are you? 🙂

      • Taisia says:

        Can't tell 😉 My parents prefer me to not say too much about myself.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yup! I completely understand; well, I expected that answer. Your parents are right. Why, I'd say the same! 🙂

  21. david white says:

    Another Narnia would be great.
    The order being the lord of the rings style ie. The Silver Chair followed by the Last Battle then The Magicians Nephew. But come on guys make it soon 🙂

  22. Skilletdude says:

    I no longer trust Michael Flaherty or Walden Media with Narnia. After the Dawn Treader disaster, he failed to owe up to the boatload of mistakes they made which means he and the company cares nothing for the original stories. Narnia in moratorium is a good thing. As much as I wanted The Silver Chair, I don't want Walden Media messing another one up.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      Disney and Fox now have did Narnia movies, I would like to see Warner Bros. do Narnia movies, this studio did so many great movie these day, maybe if they do Narnia, they will have David Yates do direct it! Hahaha! He did Harry Potter so successful, right?

      If Douglas Gresham decide to do it independently 7 years later, then I hope he go to find Warner Bros., I'll accept the delay if he do this way.

  23. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    I can't believe it's been two years!

  24. Fireflower says:

    I would prefer them to do SC next, but at this point, I would take anything Narnia! 🙂

  25. Farsight-messenger says:

    what they did in LWW: spectacular!; in PC: wrong release date, suspian? ( is that in the book?); VDT: what happened to the island timeline? (re-shuffled?), where's the love story of Ramandu's daughter and King Caspian? Eustace the dragon for half an hour?

    • mixedfiction says:

      I agree; you're correct! I'll add that I was disappointed when they put a hint of SC in VDT (the Green Mist).

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        well, that would really do mean that Narnia 4 will be SC. but because of the box-office problems in the US, the 4th one is not being filmed. I guess, the swords, green mist, white witch, eustace's dragon form (for almost half of the movie), line-up for the islands are not so good in the film. It's better if they removed these and stick to the book and make a REAL cinematic live action film!

        please watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIuc9XGX2kM

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yes, Farsight-messenger. It'll be my pleasure to watch that; but can you give me some time? I don't think I have one straight hour to sit and watch; I'll watch it part by part. Is that okay? 🙂

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        Of course it is!
        I hope you'll enjoy it when you watch it! 😀

      • mixedfiction says:

        Hey! I watched it (part by part) and it was awesome! (I'm not a flatterer, so this means it's my true opinion.) I was wondering what scenes you would mark as Top 10, and I was surprised! Yes, I did enjoy it. 😀 I do agree that the Best Scene was "Aslan's Country"; I love it the most. Thank you very much. (Or Thag you very buch if you're an LOTR fan too.) XD

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        Very Glad you've enjoyed it mixedfiction! thank you very much… I'm an LOTR fan too, but not as much as a Narnia fan….
        really thankful that you've enjoyed my Narnia best scenes video! 😀
        God Bless!!!

      • mixedfiction says:

        😛 You're an LOTR fan?! Then, did you watch THE HOBBIT? ;P

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        not yet…
        and I still need more movie reviews before to watch the movie… have you watched it? was it good? 🙂

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        Don't wait for the reviews, see it for yourself, don't follow others feeling, it's yours, go to see it and feels it for yourself. Before the movie was released, I heard many negative reviews from the top critics, but everyone is different, this is just what they thought, I go to see it on the opening day of this movie. I won't care about the critics or others review, this is the spirit of Middle Earth and Bilbo Baggins!! 😀

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        great point you have!
        still, I think I'm going to see part 1 anytime….
        just so, I really want to read the book first before seeing the movie.
        btw, when did the part 1 ended in the book?

      • mixedfiction says:

        Yes, I have seen it. It was GREAT! I couldn't imagine enough. And yes, don't listen to the non-fan critics. Lonely Mountain is right. It ended after six chapters. 😛

  26. Farsight-messenger says:

    Return to the magical world of Narnia and discover the top 10 best scenes of the Chronicles!
    here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIuc9XGX2kM
    happy holidays Narnians!

  27. LIFE OF PI says:

    I heard some people said if you could get hurt by something so badly, it is because you really love it, how much you get hurt is how much you love it.

    Why I love Narnia? Sometime I just want to say to everyone that I don't love Narnia anymore. And it make feel like I have betray all Narnian….

    No more negative is allow, good or bad it's just an entertainment, don't be too serious about this, enjoy the true life was the most important! This is an entertainment, don't let this influence your live/life!

    Hahaha!!! 😛

  28. narniafan16 says:

    omg they should just do SC cause that's whats continued from TDT right?

  29. LIFE OF PI says:

    Douglas Gresham and Michael Flaherty, I'm sorry because I blame you, hope you won't angry.

    But I have to say, please find Peter Jackson to direct Narnia, he is the man who can make a great fantasy film!! THE HOBBIT is something I have never seen before in theatre, I'm going to say one thing which Narnia fans maybe not happy with, it maybe just my 1 person opinion, but it's true feeling of mine.

    Those 3 Narnia movies is nothing if compare to THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY!!!

    All Narnian, I'm sorry.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      But we must have enough luck to hire Peter Jackson, hope he read Narnia and love it, and atleast have good impression to Narnia!

    • mixedfiction says:

      I agree with you; and I understand that you want PJ for Narnia: he's just so great and true to the book! But I still have one issue: Is he a fan of Narnia? If he is, how much? If not, our hopes would probably be dormant and down for some time. He was only able to make Middle-Earth so great because he was a die-hard fanatic.

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        If PJ accept the job, he atleast have very good sense in fantasy movies, I believe Narnia will be so epic!! Just like THE HOBBiT! What about he shoot it in 48fps again!! Hahahah!! 😀 I'm so excited to imagine about this!! I can't wait to see how Aslan will look like if PJ do it!! XD

    • Farsight-messenger says:

      you really have a great point. Peter J. to direct Narnia…. hmmmm…. BUT there is a big problem. Maybe (or should I say 'really') he will be very expensive if he'll direct it. And what if the movie flops with his hands? then Narnia will be no more…. Just to say: Andrew Adamson, Steven Speilberg, Peter Jackson are most likely great directors that can save the faith of Narnia….

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Ok, if you think PJ is expensive, then Matthew Vaughn was the most suitable for Narnia.
        LOTR Trilogy is actually have quite low budget, it was just about 100mil for each movie, and just look at LWW, PC and VDT budget, how much it cost for each movie? LWW is about 200mil I think, and PC is about 250mil and VDT is about 150mil, I'm not sure, I don't remember, but I think it is.

        Most movies of these day were all expensive, Matthew Vaughn was the most economic director, and he is a great director, I have never disappointed by his movies, although I have only seen 3 movies of him.

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      If Peter Jackson do Narnia, I'm going dancing, like Merry and Pippin!! Hahaha!!! XD

      • mixedfiction says:

        If it would be as successful as LOTR and The Hobbit, then I'd go
        "Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go
        To heal my heart and drown my woe!" X)

      • LIFE OF PI says:

        Oh, I don't know what's the name of that song, thanks for telling this! 😀 And I remember there's another song which they sang in Return of the King, when they have won the battle of Helms Deep and way back to Rohan. 😀

      • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

        YES!!!!!! I can always trust Peter Jackson with a film…He has to be the BEST director…

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      And maybe Howard Shore will be the composer for Narnia movie. Hahahahha!! XD

      • mixedfiction says:

        He's the most talented (and thus terrifying in his skill level) musician I've ever known! 😉

      • Taisia says:

        Howard Shore is very talented, but I'd love to see Harry Gregson-Williams do it. It just wasn't the same in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader 🙁

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      But I think PJ still have other movie project after THE HOBBIT TRILOGY, such as MORTAL ENGNES or TEMERAIRE…. 🙂

      It's so difficult to have a GREAT NARNIA MOVIES, so many obstacles for NARNIA movies….
      Disney gave up Narnia, Andrew Adamson no more director of Narnia, Fox pick it…. and…. Douglas Gresham want SC, Michael Flaherty want MN, and Gresham want it 7 years later…. and Will Poulter is getting old….. and still no any decision…. or…. maybe they have no more interested in making another Narnia movie…..

    • LIFE OF PI says:

      Ok, if we can't have PJ or Matthew Vaughn, atleast they should find Andrew Adamson, but I guess Andrew Adamson won't be so happy for the return…. because….
      I am one of those who compare him to other directors, I enjoyed PC the most, and I think Andrew Adamson is trying to improve it and make it better than LWW, atleast I can feel that he is a good director, the filmmaker that working hard and try to do the better job was a good filmmaker, even though they have failed to make audiences feel satisfy, and I appreciated what he is done.

      So…. I should respect Andrew Adamson. I would love to see him return.

  30. LIFE OF PI says:

    To mixedfiction, Taisia and all Narnians, I think I won't come here for awhile or reply the post.

    Actually, there are nothing to talk about now, we are just repeating and talk about the same topic, and answer the same question, and even our answer is still repeating…. with no ends! 😛

    So I'll be back if Narniaweb have posting new good news about Narnia movies.

    So… see you all again! And hope they will have greenlit the next Narnia movie and start the filming as soon as they could. Hope this is not the end of the Narnia movies franchise. Good luck!!

    This year's Christmas was the best Christmas of mine since 2003!! Thank you so much SIR PETER JACKSON and ANG LEE!!

    "I'm going on an adventure!!" 😀

  31. mixedfiction says:

    Taisia, have you watched THE HOBBIT already? 🙂 I'm so excited to hear your opinion. (I'm trying to control my excitement.)

    • Taisia says:

      No! I haven't! I can't wait to see it!!!! 😀 My sister saw it and said there were lots of part in it where she thought, "That's exactly how I imagined it!" And if my sister loved it, I'll definitely love it too 😀 I'm going to see it on Tuesday!

      And just out of curiosity…are you on the Underground? It's a forum for people who like Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper's books 😀

      • mixedfiction says:

        Your sister already watched it but you haven't? 😐 You didn't watch it together?

      • Taisia says:

        Nope. 🙁 She watched it with her boyfriend. But we wanted to have a sister's night last night…and we were wondering what to do…and I suggested we go see the Hobbit 😀 IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! 😀 I loved it! Martin Freeman did a brilliant job of Bilbo! The cast was perfect!

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh. That's sweet! I'm glad you saw it already!! 🙂 Now I can talk about it. It was incredible, wasn't it! Freeman was perfect for Bilbo, both in characterization and appearance. I love how PJ was able to make one paragraph in the book into a whole scene in the movie! XD
        One of the best moments of the film was the Thorin-Bilbo bromance in the end. Ah, I'm so happy! Can't wait one more year, but we have to. 😉

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh, sorry I forgot about this. I'm not on the Underground forum. I'm not familiar with Batson and Hopper.
        And I'm wondering, do you know of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea? 😉

      • Taisia says:

        I know! It was amazing! Did you know that they've already filmed everything for the next two?! And they aren't releasing them until next year and the year after that?

        Hmmm…which Ursula? Whenever I hear Ursula, I always think of the Little Mermaid…

      • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

        Oooooh they should DEFIANTLY make The Door Within Trilogy into movies…Another Peter Jackson film request please!!! haha

      • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

        I thought King Thranduil riding that BIG elk was like OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME. I was like, "What…" Haha can't wait for the next two! It's going to be sooo long…Or either that maybe not since this movie came up so fast!

      • mixedfiction says:

        @Taisia: Yes, I know that. And I'm keeping up with the video blogs/ vlogs. Are you doing the same? They've released vlog#10 recently. 😀
        Haha! About Ursula Le Guin, she wrote the Earthsea Cycle: The Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, Tehanu, The Other Wind; and Tales From Earthsea.
        @TheeNarnianMeerkat, I'm glad you're an LOTR fan too! And I'm glad you already watched THE HOBBIT! I remembered this: http://images.wikia.com/avatar/images/c/c4/Saber-tooth_moose_lion.png when I saw his elk.

      • Taisia says:

        Yes! I've seen all the production videos 😀 No! I've never heard of her! I'll have to look her up 😀

    • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

      Whoa, where the hey is that from?? Lol.

  32. TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

    Silver Chair, Silver Chair, Silver Chair, Silver Chair, Silver Chair…PLEASE DO SILVER CHAIR 'CAUSE WILL POLTER IS GETTING OLDER AND OLDER! That would be the WISE decision…And pllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssse….Peter Jackson DIRECT THE REST OF THE NARNIA FILMS!!!! The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was AWESOME…

    • Lonely Mountain says:

      Yes, Peter Jackson please!! ^^
      I can't wait to see THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG and THERE AND BACK AGAIN, I hope they just releasethem now!! ^__^

      • mixedfiction says:

        Me too! Haha, XD. It's a relief that the wait after The Desolation of Smaug is only half a year. 🙂

      • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

        Wait, half a year? What do you mean? Part 2 isn't supposed to come out till next December…

      • mixedfiction says:

        I meant after DoS, it will only be half a year before TABA is released. I know DoS will be released next December (Dec 2013); and TABA will be released June/July 2014. So that's one year wait before Part 2, and one and a half before Part 3 (from the present).
        (DoS = The Desolation of Smaug
        TABA = There And Back Again)

    • Farsight-messenger says:

      if Peter Jackson will direct the rest of Narnia films, he'll be able to return the magic of LWW or better. and he can make MN magical! SC and HHB epic! and as for the LB, the movie phenomenon will do! as for Adamson, he 'can' return the magic of LWW if he'll do the rest. for Apted, he just made VDT a little childish and why did he jumbled the islands?

      all is well…..

      THE SILVER CHAIR! please do it now! I hope, you guys will start to film SC next year!

      happy holidays Narnians!

    • Not Of This World says:

      Speaking of Peter Jackson, I have a LOTR question. I haven’t seen LOTR yet or the Hobbit but I’ve been looking it up. It says that Gandalf is a wizard. Is he a "wizard" in the sense of being something that practices witchcraft or a wizard in the sense of a "wise person -a wiz" ?

  33. TheeNarnianMeerkat says:


  34. Ainran says:

    I have searched the site repeatedly, but can't find a place to create an account… I hate to post this here, but how do I create an account?

  35. 2lost4words says:

    I think they need to make SC next and cast Tom Hiddleston as Prince Rilian. He could be a big draw in, after his amazing performance as Loki in Thor and Avengers. Also, after watching The Hollow Crown, I just can totally picture him as Rilian.

    • mixedfiction says:

      What?! I agree that Hiddleston's a great actor. But to be cast for Rillian? I wholly respect your opinion but I honestly don't think he's for Prince Rillian. Besides, he looks too old for the role.

      • Taisia says:

        I've never imagined Prince Rillian to look like Tom Hiddleston, but I guess it could work. Like I didn't imagine Elrond to look like Hugo Weaving. I think Liam Hemsworth would fit the part better.

      • 2lost4words says:

        I'm confused how you think Hiddleston is too old for the role. I mean no offense by this and I respect your opinion as well, but that just threw me for a loop.

        I always thought Rilian was about 30 in SC (I could be wrong, but that's what I always thought). And Tom Hiddleston is in his early 30's.

        It was not until after I saw the BBC mini series the Hollow Crown and read the books again that I started picturing Hiddleston as Rilian. There was just something about him in that mini series that really made me think he could pull off Rilian.

        But we all have our own opinions and envision different things while reading the books. So what do I know besides what my imagination paints for me?

        I just hope that if they do make another movie it's SC.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Taisia, I agree (except with the last line). But I honestly don't think Liam Hemsworth would fit either, he looks too much of a jock to me (no offense though!).

      • mixedfiction says:

        2lost4words, right after I posted that comment, I thought about Rilian's age; and I think you're right. My estimate ended up with him being late twenties; and Hiddleston's 31, I think. Sorry for throwing you in a loop.

        I didn't see the Hollow Crown, sorry. But I do understand why you picked Hiddleston for Prince Rilian now. However, I don't want all his fangirls watching SC just because of him.

      • Taisia says:

        <quote>I don’t want all his fangirls watching SC just because of him</quoute>

        Yes! *rolls eyes*

        I'd have to actually see it before I can say whether he'd make a good Rilian or not. I've always had a hard time changing from what my imagination already has pictured.

  36. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    Hey, where's the Santa hat on Aslan??????? It's Christmas Eve and no Santa hat! What's wrong with this picture?

  37. Farsight-messenger says:

    Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays Narnians!!!
    Let us not forget the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!
    God Bless Us All!!!

    And this video is a special holiday video….. please do watch it!

    Happy Christmas Narnians!

  38. Luis says:

    Hello! I'm Brazilian! I love Narnia Web and your comments. Well, I prefer MN than SC. Even because LWW won more money,…

    Flashbacks of Charn is a dream…

  39. Rand al'Thor says:

    ……. :'(
    So tired….. I hope there's a place for me to scream or to cry….

    I can't breath, I can't breath…..
    Please give me a place to lay down and rest….
    I don't want to be awake for some time, I hope I could sleep for few years, and wake up when I was finally don't remember anything that I don't want to remember….

  40. Rand al'Thor says:

    When can I stop to worry, why it seems like no ending….
    I need rest, so I could gain the strength to face it, but it never give me enough time to have a good rest, and it's so tired and feel no more energy to carry these….

    • Rand al'Thor says:

      What is happened to this world? If this is a life test, I don't think I can do it now, atleast the world never give me enough strength to face it….

      I know I shouldn't giving up hope, but I'm very tired, am very tired, I just want to sit down, I hope this is the end of all thing, I want to stop it.


      • Rand al'Thor says:

        I need strength, please…. I need strength, please….give me strength….


      • mixedfiction says:

        What are you tired of? But I hope this might cheer you a bit: 🙂 just to know someone's listening to you, or, in this case, reading your comments

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        I don't know where to begin, it just make me feel tired to think about it and tiresome, now I feel very difficult for me to focus on something, I'm worried I'll get some mental problem, sometime I can't control my emotion….

        I think I'm sick, seriously sick….
        I hope everything around me give me a break, give me a chance for my mind to calm down, I need some peace moment, a fresh air for my soul.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh, sorry if I made you feel worse by asking. I hope you get better; so for now I'll leave you alone to have your fresh air and peace. 🙂

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        I'm sorry to make you misunderstood, I appreciated what you said to me, what I mean above was the things that happened around me, I come to Narniaweb it was because I don't know where I can share my feeling, and this is still not enough, I hope I can say out loud about these in my real life, with my real voice….. but I can't….

        Anyway, it's 2013 here, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        wait, if you are literally ill, then what is it? and why it seems like you're losing hope?
        please don't loose hope I know you can surpass your problem(s)……

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        As I said above, I don't know where to begin, please don't ask me this question, you are torturing me actually, because there are some problem that happened few years, I can't recall it, but it did always make me feel the pain even I have forget them, just like subconscious, and there are something that just happened about these 2 years and recently, but I don't want to talk about those problem, it was too heavy for me if put these all together, it was a great pressure.

        Ok, I'll point out 1 thing. If, you found one of your family have done something wrong, and you still need to help them to proceed the thing, never stop, everyday, you need to make lie to everyone everyday….

        Can you see the problem? And I didn't tell everything yet, and there are still many thing, not only just this problem…. And I have nowhere to share, I have no friend I can talk about, because people that around me won't understand, and they will still blame me that I'm the one who make/start a trouble, they won't listen to my advice, and I have to continue to betray myself to making lie….only just this 1 problem already make me feel tiresome, I lose strength everyday, I have to fight these all alone, there are no one who stand at by my side, my shoulder is now so painful, I don't to continue this, I hope I can give up all these…

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        wait, first of all, I'm sorry for what I've said and please don't blame yourself…..
        As I can understand that is one simple big problem you have that other families also have too! But many of them passed this test. And I believe that you also can!
        Don't blame yourself and don't think the bad side, think for the good side….. I hope you can fix this problem of yours….
        God Bless!!!

      • mixedfiction says:

        Rand al'Thor, I'm sad to read all this, and I'm sorry for you. I hope you solve your family and personal problems; I don't know how to console you, but I want to.

        I've known a little about people with family problems, so you should sort those problems out no matter how painful or difficult. And be persistent in your goal to find contentment and peace. And pray, pray everyday. It works. I've known people who succeeded past these issues.

        Happy New Year too and God Bless! 🙂

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        Now everything in my head is I want to leave this place, almost of my brain cell is dead, I can't think anymore.

        For example: You sell food, some people have health problem, there are something they can't eat, and when they ask you is your food mixing something like chicken, and yes, the food added other thing just like chicken, but you have to make lies and tell them "no", but you know this is going to make harm to them, the doctor already told them not to taken some food like this…. Maybe someone don't think it was a serious problem, but I do, sometime I just want to tell the truth to everyone, but this make like I was betray my family, but I keep tell the lies to everyone, then I'm betraying myself, I have no way to choose, I have no choice, and I keep this all only for myself, quietly.

        If this is the only problem, then it's ok, but…. the world is never give up to torturing me, more and more trouble is given to me, until now, I don't have anymore strength for those…. I can't carry anymore.

        Some people have family problem, they got passed, this is because they have enough strength, but I don't….
        I never gain the strength which is enough for me to keep going, it's enough, really, enough….

        From the day I was born, the world is never stop to torturing me.

        I even not sure that this is the right place for me to share, but I have no place to go, the world never give me an option.

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        In my opinion, this world is finish….
        And I'm sorry, I won't share anything like this in Narniaweb anymore, thanks to spent your time to read and listening these. Goodbye.

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        Nothing different, still a disappointment….
        Now I really hope I could sleep, but I know the world will never give me chance to have a good rest.

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        You know, 1 day ago, the day before yesterday, I can't believe I have done something foolish, I hit my neighbour's car which parking out side my house and block the way of my house gate, and I have never do something like this before…. I know I have start to lost control with my temper…. I'm lost…. I'm tired to listen to the advice….. No help will come. The only hope I can see is leaving and began the new life in other place.

        Really, nothing different, almost everyone sound like one of them.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Well, my help is: Start by telling the truth at all times, from the smallest things to the biggest issues. Don't tell lies, no matter how small; if someone asks you "Is this this?" or "Is that that?" and it is, say yes, if not, be sure to say no. That's the first thing you should do: stop the lies. Stop lying to everyone: to your family, friends, and to yourself.
        Don't lose your temper; don't lose hope. Have you ever held onto something? Something you've always believed in? You can start by having Faith. And maybe you'll find the strength you need.

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        I'd say never loose hope.
        and in all your ways and plans make God control them all. Pray to God all the time and always believe in Him. He will not forsake you for just having Faith, Strong Faith in Him! 🙂

      • Rand al'Thor says:

        Thanks, but, sorry. I'm going to disappoint you.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        mixedfiction, I have gave up the thing you are trying to mention about, it was one of them that I don't want to talk about.

        It was fine, you can't help me. I was just find a place and say something, I don't expect any help. Thanks!

        This is the end of this talk, no more reply. Thanks.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        I'm losing strength on focusing.

        Sorry, I have too many nickname in Narniaweb, Son of Adam, LIFE OF PI, Rand al'Thor, Lonely Mountain.

        Rand al'Thor was the name of the main character of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels.

        I'm happy because of THE HOBBIT and LIFE OF PI, but…as I said the world never give me a good rest.

        Sorry, I'm weak. I don't want to bring any trouble to Narniaweb any more, I always make this site mixed with some negative messages, this disturbing other Narnians to leave a proper comment. This place is for discussing all about Narnia, I shouldn't bring any personal problem here. Sorry.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        And yes, Richard Parker as well, it was the name of the Bengal tiger in LIFE OF PI.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Well, I can't help replying. Because… I knew it!!! You were Son of Adam, yes, I was talking to you; and then when I read Rand al'Thor's comments I remembered Son of Adam, thinking "Hey, this guy's got problems too, just like Son of Adam." but it never occurred to me you were the same person. Then when I suddenly saw Lonely Mountain talking as if he was Rand al'Thor, I was freaked out! So you're all one person, it makes sense now. I keep saying to myself "I knew it!" Sorry for freaking out.

        I'm sorry for you, Son of Adam. I just hope you get better. Talking to Rand al'Thor really felt similar to when I was talking to Son of Adam. It was a pleasure exchanging ideas with you, so thank you too. 🙂

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        I don't use Son of Adam as nickname anymore, because I don't want anymore memories about those, you know what I'm talking about, right?

        Be honest, I have gave up Narnia, when it's time, I'll give away all of my Narnia DVD collection. I feel so sorry to Narniaweb. There are so many Narnia fansite, Narniafans, ASlan's Country etc. but Narniaweb was the 1st Narnia fansite I have found, and I always like to visit, and I seldom go to other fansite, this is not the 1st time I come here to express my feeling.

        I can't always call Aslan's name now, something like "for narnia, for Aslan", soon this is going to be like a stranger to me. I'm not a Narnian anymore. There are few Narnia friends that I really miss about, and feel so sorry to them, but I have no choice….

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        And I hope I can mention the names of those friends, but I think it was not a good idea, I just hope they will understand me, that I have no choice.

      • mixedfiction says:

        I don't want to presume too much, so…. are these narnians you talk about people on Narniaweb? And I pity that you're not a Narnian anymore, you used to sound so passionate about it.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        They are not here. I'm not going to expose their real name here.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        Yeah, giving up Narnia was really painful, but I don't want to become a crazy man, just do something while I still can do some control, before it was too late, good for my own mental health. But I still keep the 7 in 1 edition novel which with Aslan as cover. You know, actually these 3 movies have been done very different than my own imagination when I read them for 1st time, the whole tone is different. I imagined them in the way/tone like LOTR.

      • mixedfiction says:

        I'm glad you do have some friends, people you can really talk to.
        I also keep all 7 books of one edition! But my edition is the one that has a different art on the covers. And I agree about the movies having been made very differently.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        No, I can't talk to them anymore, because I leave them, that's why I said I feel sorry to them, because I have no choice.

      • mixedfiction says:

        One more thing, why'd you leave them if they were your friends? And why do you say you have no choice?

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        Errrr…. That's something I do not dare to talk about, I don't have enough courage for that. I wasn't leave them with purposely.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        Ok, it was some mixed feeling, yeah, this need some courage, maybe I'm a coward.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        I don't know how to face it if failed.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh. Sorry.

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        It was ok, I feel better today.

  41. Farsight-messenger says:

    This yearend, discover the monthly top grossing films of the year 2012!
    The monthly top grossing films of the year 2012!
    here's the link!

    • mixedfiction says:

      Wow! Some of those were great movies too! I haven't watched all of those, however. Have you? Looks like the Hobbit's box-office has yet increased! Haha 🙂

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        yes, the box-office of the hobbit is going stronger, you may want to read the description for further information. But still, I haven't watched The Hobbit. 🙁

  42. Ash says:

    I really mean that they should do Silver Chair, Will Poulter is now too old and if they want to do Silver Chair in 2018 it will be too late. But I will be happy for every another Narnia film.

    • mixedfiction says:

      Yeah, you're right. I just hope they check out the comments here to see the fans' opinions and thus decide better.

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        Right you are! if only if the production team will see all our thoughts, hopes, comments, and wishes for Narnia franchise, then they will have their final decision…

        Or simply they should say, "Let's hear what the Narnia fans(Narnians) want and we will respect their thoughts and do it!"

        Just make Narnia 4, SC next please!

  43. Farsight-messenger says:

    This yearend, let us forget all those bad memories we had in 2012.
    Discover all the mistakes we've done and change them from wrong to right.
    Remember the good memories and make them your inspirations this 2013.
    Start your 2013 with good hope, good dreams and good inspirations.
    Always treasure your Friends and Families.
    And let us thank God for a new year He has given to us.

    "A new age has begun!"
    "The old has gone. The new has come!"
    God Bless us all and a good new year!

  44. Rand al'Thor says:

    I'm so stupid, and naive….

  45. Farsight-messenger says:

    thanks mixedfiction….. 🙂

    • Rand al'Thor says:

      thanks to you too

    • mixedfiction says:

      Thanks for what? What have I done for you?

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        for your reply:
        "I’m Catholic. I asked out of curiosity, and because you said "God Bless", and you have a nice way of speaking."

        thanks for that….
        Rand al'Thor, why? looks like I've done something terrible. If so, I'm so sorry 🙁

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh! ok. You're welcome. 😀

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        I can't think any word, so I can only simply say a "thanks". I just hope tomorrow's the 4th viewing of THE HOBBIT movie will atleast make my mind more active.

        Visiting Narniaweb already become a habit, but now it looks like it should be HOBBITweb for me, I can't always talk about Narnia now, that's why I feel so sorry for Narniaweb. Everytime I feel sad I came here, this become my habit since 2005. Few years ago, I think I still remain some heart/thought of children, and it was good to have a children mind, so something you won't bother of, just a pure wonder mind, and it's easily forget something unhappy when I came here. And now…. always an empty mind.

        Sometime, I found something make me happy, such as THE HOBBIT, but too exciting sometime was a bad thing, maybe tomorrow you will get something that make you fall down, fall from the high place, and suddenly feel like everything became so dark. LOTR always was the best pillar of mine, that always gave me the support of my mind and soul, but there are sometime it didn't work very well, the only thing is I have made a promise to LOTR that I'll not going to kill myself, I made this promise since 2003, before that, yeah, I always thinking about how to leave this world in peace.

        This time, it didn't work to give me strength, it only make me not to do something foolish, such as to end my life, because I have made a promise. But seem like I have to give up something and do some sacrifice, Narnia was the thing I'm going to give up. There are more thing I have to give up, I'll find out soon. Sometime, I have to be little bit selfish. And… I'm sorry. Everything have a limit.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Oh my! How shocking that you almost thought of committing suicide! Keep your promise. Do you sometimes feel that you just want to die to leave this world and all your problems behind?
        I hope you continue finding something in your life to support you! ( I just sure hope you're not making this all up. )

      • Lonely Mountain says:

        Yeah, that's before 2003, after that, I have never think about those foolish thing, I have made a promise.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Thank God for that.

  46. Aslan32 says:

    OMG!!!! I CANNOT WAIT until 2018…I mean really??? I will be almost 40 years old. There has to be some way for it to be sooner..if not Reboot the movies and then maybe do The Magicians Nephew first and then go right down the line until The Last Battle…just a suggestion for us NARNIA LOVERS…we cant wait that long

  47. Richard Parker says:

    Just figure out, I don't belong here. As always.

  48. Lonely Mountain says:

    Far over the Misty Mountains rise
    Leave us standing upon the height
    What was before, we see once more
    Is our kingdom, a distant light

    Fiery mountain beneath the moon
    The words aren’t spoken, we’ll be there soon
    For home a song that echoes on
    And all who find us will know the tune

    Some folk we never forget
    Some kind we never forgive
    Haven’t seen the back of us yet
    We’ll fight as long as we live

    All lies on the hidden door
    To the Lonely Mountain bourne
    We’ll ride in the gathering storm
    Until we get our long forgotten gold

    We lay under the Misty Mountains cold
    In slumbers deep, and dreams of gold
    We must awake, our lives to make
    And in the darkness a torch we hold

    From long ago when lanterns burned
    Until this day our hearts have yearned
    A fate unknown; the Arkenstone
    What was stolen must be returned

    We must away, and make the day
    To find our song, for heart and soul

    Some folk we never forget
    Some kind we never forgive
    Haven’t seen the end of it yet
    We’ll fight as long as we live

    All lies on the hidden door
    To the Lonely Mountain bourne
    We’ll ride in the gathering storm
    Till we get our long forgotten gold

    Far away the Misty Mountains cold

  49. mixedfiction says:


    • Lonely Mountain says:

      And why are you so care about the numbers.

      • mixedfiction says:

        Can't I have some fun about getting exact numbers such as 230? I put the 230th comment! Other people do that too. It's fun when you change an awkward 229 to a satisfying 230! XD

  50. Lonely Mountain says:

    Once, I'm one of the King of Narnia.

  51. Lonely Mountain says:

    Maybe, tomorrow I'll go to see THE HOBBIT for the 4th times! I hope I can made it.

    • mixedfiction says:

      I envy your watching it three times already! I've only seen it once, and I want to see it again. I hope I get to see it a second time. 😛

  52. Farsight-messenger says:

    Any Tolkien fans there?
    It's J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday!
    Happy Birthday Tolkien!

  53. mixedfiction says:

    To Middle-earth fans out there, is this thing official? http://behance.vo.llnwd.net/profiles3/156056/projects/5679153/496dbd3578d251f8d808f4c4e1cddd80.jpg
    Or is it fan art?

  54. Lonely Mountain says:

    There's one other place which I always have a visit, but it's sad they have closed it on 2011, offial Hobbit community, when you sign up, you will get a blog for yourself, it looks a bit like Myspace, I really hope they didn't close it or change it, then I don't have to make this all disturb to Narniaweb, atleast there's another place I could go. Everytime I made this negative messages on Narniaweb, I just feel an uneasyness.

    To my old Narnia friends, I don't know is there any of you come here and found out who am I. There are once that I really believe in the LORD, and I always pray for what I want, but it never happen, especially something which I really need, which is very important to me, sometime I found it even getting worse when I pray.

    One more thing, I just don't know why you all did that to me. Until today, it make me very painful when I think about Narnia, because Narnia will make me think about you all, and recall those memories, that make me have to gave up the thing that I loved — Narnia. I always waiting for your apologize, but nothing happen, that make me have a bad image about some Christian, they don't even know what is right and what is false, ofcourse, not all Christians.

    When I'm still together with you all, I know I have done something not right, but I did say sorry, and I did many thing and try very hard to mend it, but seem like nobody care, even when I was in the hard time, when I need friends for that. Maybe you suspect my sincerity?

    That make so disappointed about friendship.
    By the way, I still want to say thank you to 1 person who was from Netherland, you are the 1st person who came to talk to me in my FB, I really thanks for that, before that I seldomly to have any conversation to any person, I always appreciated those friends that came to talk to me, before that I always to talk to others, then they will only reply me and talk to me by this way, this make me gained so much self confidence, I still remember you leaves your 1st message on the picture of Father Christmas. I still have so many words which I want to tell, but I think it's better I made a conclusion here. For Narnia and For Aslan!(Although I have begin to gave up Narnia)

    • Lonely Mountain says:

      Sorry Narniaweb….

    • mixedfiction says:

      I don't think I quite understood what you said. Was I – or were we – cruel or mean to you? Do you mean that when you said sorry in some comments we/I didn't accept it? And what did you mean by "I always waiting for your apologize", did we do something wrong? Do I need to apologize for anything? (By "we" I mean we people on Narniaweb who answer you.)
      Sorry, but I just didn't get your meaning.

  55. Lonely Mountain says:

    To Narniaweb, I hope you block me/my IP address, to prevent me to leave any further messages or comments, I can't guarantee about my attitude here, if you block me, I'll feel better and I'll thanks for that.

    Thanks for creating this Narnia fansite, it allow me to spent my time when I surf internet these year, since 2005.
    I do love Narnia.

    I hope you read my post, Narniaweb.

  56. GandalfSteve says:

    No God…No Peace!
    Know God…Know Peace!!

    John 3:17

    • Lonely Mountain says:

      I think He only help those who believe HIM or worship HIM, and there are many others which is not a Christian in this world, other religions, they didn't pray to HIM, so HE ignore them?

      If I'm god, I'll help everyone which in problem, I don't care if they believe me or worship me or not, as long as they are good guy, I'll help them, and those evil person, I don't care if they believe me or are they a Christian, I'll still kick them out!

      Let's talk about Japan's earthquake, how many of them have sacrifice? HE don't even know how to help them, should we have to help others when they prayed, so others never pray just let them die? Is GOD blind or deaf? He can't see the people which need help? Or GOD himself was a selfish or a hypocrites?

      If I'm GOD, I don't want everyone sing to me every Sunday when they go to the church, especially something like Hillsong and everybody wearing clothe and make-up just like they are going to wedding ceremony, I like to be an equal friend.

  57. Jake says:

    I personally think they should just get rid of Flaherty and bring back Andrew Adamson, because Flaherty's work on Narnia botched up VDT, while Adamson tended to stick more closer to the books. ;D

  58. Anonymous says:

    Check out these verses. http://voices.yahoo.com/10-inspirational-bible-verses-strength-3628877.html?cat=34

    Main one: 1 Corinthians 10:13 NIV
    No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

    It always helps to pray for strength. Even then, sometimes we need to step out in faith, even when we KNOW we can't do it on our own and don't feel like we have the strength. God is faithful and will give us the strength to do the things He's called us to do.

  59. bastian says:

    I really don't understand all the Gresham support. HE'S the one keeping the next movie from being made. Walden wants to hurry up and do The Silver Chair while they can still use the same Eustace actor, but Gresham is being tyrannical and basically saying "No, and if you don't agree with me, I won't let you make anymore movies." So because of Gresham we have to wait until Walden's rights run out in 2018. That seems pretty dumb.

  60. Farsight-messenger says:

    Did anyone noticed????

    George Lucas' Star Wars franchise was first released in 1977 then the sequel The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980 and finally, The Return of the Jedi was released in 1983 concluding the Original Trilogy of the franchise…. After 16 years, Star Wars hits again in the big screen starting with The Phantom Menace in 1999, then Attack of the Clones in 2002 and in 2005, Revenge of the Sith to complete the saga of the franchise…..

    Now, the first film of Narnia franchise, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was released in 2005, following in 2008 with Prince Caspian and the latest in 2010, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. More than two years it's been after VDT hit the theaters, and now the future of the franchise is still in hold. But notice the franchise of Star Wars….. Well, yes: Will Poulter's age is the main problem of the franchise if SC will be next. Now, if they'll do The Magician's Nephew as the fourth one, they should do The Horse and His Boy next then The Silver Chair and The Last Battle to conclude the series…. Just so, Narnia should now be in pre-production and should be released in 2014 or 2015….

    This is just my opinion……. Any more thoughts about this?

    • mixedfiction says:

      Whoa, you got me there. I never noticed! But if you're paralleling The Chronicles of Narnia with Star Wars, then the first of the next four Narnia films should be released sixteen years after VDT (2010)… Although this would be indeed very sad for us Narnians. If it would be so, then we'll have to wait until 2026! Oh dear! Think of all those years! If that will happen I'll be over 20 when the next Narnia comes out. 😐 But even if what I'm saying won't come true, it looks like we'll still have to wait a long time before the next film, if ever there would be one.

      • Farsight-messenger says:

        I was saying "IF" and not telling that Narnia 4 should be 16 years after 2010. I'm saying that after years that Star Wars was concluded, they returned to the big screen with the prequel of it…. If they'll do this to Narnia, then it will explain how the world of Narnia was created and concluding on how Narnia will end. And I'm saying and hoping that Narnia 4 should be released sooner and should be before 2018… 🙂