Episode 89: ‘Prince Caspian’ Book Commentary (Part 2)

Rilian and Glumpuddle pick up where they left off. Trumpkin has finally finished telling the Pevensies his story, and they realize their purpose is to help Caspian take back his throne. The journey to Aslan’s How leads us to one of the most discussed chapters in the series: What Lucy Saw. Please post your thoughts below! We want to hear from you.

Running Time 27:24

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  1. Wimbleweather says:

    Wooooooooo!!!!!! Can't wait to listen to this. Downloading it now. Thank you Rilian and Glumpuddle.

  2. Eustace says:

    I love these discussions! Thank you so much for doing them.

  3. The Doctor says:

    I love these, please continue them all the way to the last battle, I guess with the current movie situation I'm afraid this series might stop halfway through also even though I don't want the to make another movie if its going to be like voyage. Thank you guys for the great podcast. FURTHER UP AND FURTHER IN

  4. Not Of This World says:

    In the movie. Aslan's line is odd. "Every year you grow, so shall I." But now imagin there's a 'that' in there. "Every year [that] you grow, so shall I." My interpretation: ASLAN- "Every year that you grow, ever year you become closer to me, I will grow also because I look bigger to you, because you understand me more." That's my interpretation. I don't know if the film makers intended it to be that way. I would of rather wanted him to say the line that's in the book, though.

  5. glumPuddle says:

    Thanks for posting your thoughts! In my opinion, that's reaching a bit much. In the movie, Aslan says that he grows every year Lucy grows. I have this funny image of Aslan stepping on the scale and seeing he has gained a few pounds… "Hmmm…Lucy must be growing." Really weird idea: Aslan growing because Lucy is growing.

    In the book, Lewis was very careful to make it clear Aslan was not changing. It was just Lucy's perception of Aslan that was changing:

    “Aslan" said Lucy "you're bigger".
    "That is because you are older, little one" answered he.
    "Not because you are?"
    "I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger".

  6. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Are you guys every going to do a commentary on lww? I loved the pc one, great book commentary also can't wait for the last battle one

  7. Bilbo Baggins says:

    *movie commentary on lww

  8. Wimbleweather says:

    "The High King Peter makes mistakes, but he always owns up to them."- I needed to hear that. I owned up to a mistake I made and much healing and good came of it. Thank you.

    Concerning "What Lucy Saw", It's my favorite scene in the entire series. The trees hadn't come fully to life before, but now they are fully awake in Aslan's presence and for his honor. This shows that things are already on the mend with Aslan's mere presence. Lucy's love for Aslan is so…childlike as it should be when we come to our Lord Jesus. Aslan's patience over bringing Lucy to the point of choosing to be brave and follow is inspirational. It makes me want to be brave and follow when it's difficult. Also, the movie indeed made one of their biggest mistakes when they changed "You will find me bigger" to "So shall I". They just didn't get it. Thankfully Lewis was much more skillful and we have the books to read and love.

    Another excellent book commentary guys. Well done and I vote for you to keep going and do the whole series. Please!

  9. glumPuddle says:

    I hope we will one of these days.

  10. Sir Jack says:

    Have you never wondered, why Lucy didn't find Aslan bigger when she was older and still lived in the golden age as a queen? I mean, we know, that in archenland she saw him again and she was way older. Or do you think you only grow older in that way in your own world?

  11. glumPuddle says:

    Interesting thought. I'll be thinking about that one.

  12. PhelanVelvel says:

    You know, after hearing your commentary on What Lucy Saw, I think of the scene a bit differently now. I actually used to think that whether they could see Aslan was based on whether they believed Lucy/whether they believed he was really there. So because Edmund believed Lucy and was willing to believe Aslan was there even if he couldn't see him, that was why Edmund saw him before the others. That's how I used to think.

    Now I see it as Aslan waiting to reveal himself to each person. Aslan could tell/feel/know somehow that Edmund was willing to trust in Lucy and believe that Aslan was there, so he rewarded Edmund for his trust by showing himself. Like, "You trusted Lucy, you trusted me, and here I am." And maybe for Susan, he waited until the very last moment, waiting for her to let go of her fear and just trust that he was really there, but she was never able to so he just had to reveal himself and accept that she had failed.