Episode 90: ‘Prince Caspian’ Book Commentary (Part 3)

The conclusion to Rilian and Glumpuddle’s commentary on “Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia.” The podcasters try to re-think the ending a few times… only to come to the conclusion that Lewis knew what he was doing.

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Running Time 29:35

13 Responses

  1. Sir Jack says:

    You said 'they' had been planing to make a good king out of caspian, who is 'they'? Wouldn't it make more sense, if Aslan led every thing it's way? I mean, most of the time, when Aslan takes care of things, he's not visible, like when he tells Shasta how he took care of him his whole life.
    Second: I think the flashlight joke in the end is a good way, to take the reader completely back into the real world.

  2. glumPuddle says:

    By "they" I meant Nurse and Cornelius. The fact that Caspian had two tutors, and they both told him stories about Old Narnia and were part-dwarf implies a relationship between them. Perhaps they were working together to make Caspian become a good king who believed in Old Narnia. Cornelius was a good friend of Caspian’s mother, so that was probably a factor too.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Roger says:

    I enjoyed your podcast. I hope you keep it up.

    I have started to reread the series again, as I have done many times. I noticed that Lewis foretells some of the events in PC in chapter two of LWW. I had not noticed that before. There is so much detail in these books. PC may be the weakest of the books, but it is still a very good book. PC is the best of the audiobooks, Lynn Redgrave did a great job. Narnia suffered a great loss with her passing.

    I hope that when you do VDT that you get past Reepicheep and the undragoning of Eustace. There is so much more in this book. There is the journey of the ship, but also the journey of the people. Caspian becomes valiant at the Lone Islands. Lucy virtually becomes the high priestess of Narnia at Dark Island. These items were almost missed in the movie. The main characters really mature in VDT. I hope you show that the book is so much better than the movie.

  4. kadyrod says:

    Perhaps there has been a dwarf conspiracy for years to indoctrinate (in a good way, of course) the future leaders of Telmar. Hmmmmm interesting…

  5. The Doctor says:

    Yes, love these podcast. Cant wait for voyage 🙂

  6. The Doctor says:

    I always find it weird that everyones least favorite narnia book (pc) is everbodys favorite movie while everyones favorite narnia book (vdt) is everyones least favorite if not there most hated movie. Sad. If they could get PC right I don't understand why they couldn't get VDT right. Sad. >:(

  7. waterkid72 says:

    Excelent Podcasts guys, glad to see new podcasts, especially now that they are about the books! 🙂 I just feel there is a lot to talk about this books, and the podcasts are a great way to explore the themes of the boks from the prespective of fellow fans.

    Regarding the book, the part in the book were Aslan turn the kids into pigs was actually pretty creepy to me, not funny. I mean, a good roar to scare them, or make them believe they have turned into pigs for a moment would have been funny, but to me it actually was pretty scary.

    Regarding PC's structure, thats one of the best parts of the book in my opinion. I mean, I know its feel weird how Lewis pulls you from one story arc to other one, but this is an excellent way to make you actively involved in the story. You are not reading, you begin to especulate, to imagine what will happen next. You begin to actively put the story together, and that was pretty amazing experience compared to other books.

    Keep the good work 🙂

  8. PhelanVelvel says:

    I looooove these podcasts. I think I'm dying for the Silver Chair one. But I can't wait to see all of them done, I'm sure VDT will offer (boat)loads to talk about. 😛

  9. Emily says:

    I love these podcasts. You can definitely hear the knowledge, understanding, and love you both have for these stories. I'm looking forward to the upcoming ones! Thanks for doing them!

  10. glumPuddle says:

    The sole female reader of the series does a great job indeed. She does a much better Reepicheep than Derek Jacobi (VDT).

    My favorite is Jeremy Northam (SC). I actually like all the readers except for Michael York (LWW).

  11. Roger says:

    I agree that Michael York was overly dramatic. Patrick Stewart fell short in a few places. There were some great performances in the audiobooks. Derek Jacobi was also great. The Narnia books are a great read and a great listen. Try both. I am looking forward to giving them to nieces and nephews. The perfect gift.

  12. Kingeustace says:

    Glumpudle you rule

  13. Kingeustace says:

    Hi gp love your YouTube vids can you uplode your podcasts there too