Kickstarter for Narnia Swordplay Documentary

The team behind last year’s Reclaiming the Blade documentary is planning to release a new documentary called Reclaiming the Blade: Sons of Fire. This documentary will feature Ben Barnes and William Moseley and will be of particular interest to Narnia movie fans and any who are interested in swordplay. The Kickstarter is looking to raise $150,000 for this film – learn more about this initiative. Thanks to Sui-Lun for the alert.

8 Responses

  1. Where can we see it?

  2. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    Cool!! I wanna see this when it comes out! (Might just have to look at the first one too!)

  3. Skangie says:

    Why only Ben and William? What about Skandar?!

  4. Skangie says:

    The "reclaiming the blade" hyperlink is no good.

  5. Blait says:

    Reclaiming The Blade is very good! So I'll support this one

  6. Trendlover says:

    Here is the website to support this film, it will not be made unless all of us come together. For only $3 you get access to Ben's and William's interviews and pictures for the film. I already donated and just helping spread the word

  7. Trendlover says:

    I heard he wasn't doing any movies until he is done with study, but may be he'll make exception here, who knows.

  8. I hope that this film will be released
    I hope that Narnia 4 movie is also like this even it's impossible because of the moratorium.