See Will Poulter again in “We’re the Millers”

Fans of Will Poulter can see him in the new film “We’re the Millers” also staring Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Jennifer Anniston.  The film releases on August 7th and is rated R.

Click here to visit the film’s IMDB page.

*** (Warning:  Some language and images may not be appropriate for persons under age 18)

2 Responses

  1. DamselJillPole says:

    I saw this trailer a while ago and yeah I knew that was him lol

  2. farnia says:

    I should have known that was him on the poster before going in to see the movie. My goodness hasn't he grown from the little boy in Voyage Of The Dawn Treader to a tall teenager.

    I felt that some of the language in the Millers did spoil the movie and a good storyline.