Walden Media Restructuring

WaldenDeadline is reporting some big changes happening at Walden Media, the company behind the three Chronicles of Narnia films. Employees will be laid off, and the company is no longer developing original content. An official statement said:

The company will remain a co-financier of film projects originating with studio partners or independent production companies. Walden will continue its mission to seek out projects that tell uplifting and inspiring stories for the whole family.

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11 Responses

  1. Eustace says:

    Wow,I was not expecting this. I feel bad for the people who are getting laid off.

  2. Caspian Pevensie (farsight-mssngr) says:

    too bad for the unfortunates….
    but walden is still making films like Journey 3 and The Giver (lois lowry). I just hope that Narnia will be filmed and to be produced before 2018 (even it's impossible)….

  3. Corrina says:

    I truly hope the rest of the narIan films will be made…as they are such wonderful tales….come on film studios….finish the chronicles they are really worthy of film format !

  4. coracle says:

    Walden won't be making further Narnia films. You can find information on this on news items here from a couple of years back, with information provided by Doug Gresham at the time.

  5. Caspian Pevensie (farsight-mssngr) says:

    I know that thing, BUT Douglas Gresham really don't want Walden to be part in the future Narnia films. If he still want Walden to be a part, then we may have a new film now also, many decisions from both sides are different… but still, 2018 will just tell us about Narnia's future…

  6. Jewel says:

    I agree with Corrina. I hope Narnia to be continued. It's like the best series of all time. But what we got to do is put some of our money towards it when it comes out. Supporting the next Narnia at box office will help, and buying it when it comes out on Dvd.

  7. Jewel says:

    I'm probably one of the biggest Narnia fans. I certainly hope a new movie is made.

  8. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Ehh I've got the books and 2 great movies, wouldn't mind not seeing another film after what happened to voyage.

  9. Edmund says:

    I agree with Jewel. We definitely need to support a new movie. Let Walden (or whoever makes Narnia 4) that we are interested in a fourth movie!

  10. sir jack says:

    Same here.. nobody ever killed the spirit of a story, as they did in VDT. Gosh, I hate them for that!
    Do, what ever you choose do a movie or don't, just please don't repeat what you did to us with VDT.

  11. MDPD43 says:

    VDT was not the greatest film, but far from the worse film of all time. Yes omitting keys moments of the book is not the best way to win over Narnia fans I'll admit. And while I admit to grading WLW and A+, and PC an A-,and VDT a B- at best,… At least This Movie isn't as God awful as some of the other blockbuster movie sequel hopefuls such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Matrix Revolutions, Conan the Destroyer, Batman and Robin, Blues Brothers 2000, or any numerous poorly made comedy sequels, and or horror sequels you wish to include. And while I hope that they do the rest of the sequels justice, over dwelling on shoulda' coulda', woulda's of the past films is a futile endeavor at best IMO.