Video: Andrew Adamson Discusses ‘Mr. Pip’

Narnia director Andrew Adamson’s next film Mr. Pip, based on the novel by Lloyd Jones, releases October 3. In a new behind-the-scenes feature, he talks about the challenges of adapting the story for film, and why he wanted to direct it. View it here.

“I know my agents would wish I was much more available for casual meetings, because things come out of those – you happen to just be sitting with somebody and they talk about an idea and you respond to it and before you know you’re making a film. And to be honest, Shrek and Narnia both happened that way.”

Mr. Pip trailer

6 Responses

  1. coracle says:

    I have read the book, and think I should warn people not to rush into seeing this film without knowing that the story has a lot of violence and bloodshed in it.
    The setting of the events are fighting between two groups, and the people who are the main characters are the victims of harsh treatment. There is no happy ending.

  2. Faithfire says:

    Thanks for the heads up, coracle. I am NOT a fan of books with a lot of gore and violence.

  3. Savber says:

    The background is one of the bloodiest civil war in the world.

    I'll be pleased if they don't sanitize it.

  4. Michael says:

    Has anyone heard word of a possible US distributor?

  5. nic says:

    Definitely gonna see it at movies.

    Highly recommend Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away,

    was pretty great in 3D at movies but cool film anyhow.

  6. farnia says:

    The movie is currently showing in my part of the world and no I have not read the book but it is one of the movies at the top of my list to see. The events that took place during the period in which the book is based was a very sad chapter in history.