Production Company Announced for The Silver Chair

This morning the official Narnia Twitter and Facebook accounts announced that the Mark Gordon Company will produce the next the next Narnia movie: The Silver Chair.

From Twitter:

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From Facebook:

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Mark GordonNo release date has been set and there’s also no word whether Walden Media will be involved in this production. If Walden is not involved, it is likely that Silver Chair would not be released until 2018. That said, it’s not unrealistic to start planning for a new movie four years before the release date. This announcement may be an attempt to gauge fan interest in a fourth movie.

Mark Gordon is an American television and film producer and also the president of the Producers Guild of America. He has produced a number of films and tv shows including Saving Private Ryan, Speed, The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 B.C., Grey’s Anatomy, and 2012. You can see his full list of credits at this Wikipedia page.

UPDATE: has posted a story about the announcement along with some quotes.Β Vincent Sieber, the LA based Director of The C.S. Lewis Company said:Β “We are very excited by this partnership and to be able to work on this movie from its earliest conception on such a collaborative basis. It gives us the opportunity to develop a script and then produce a film with some of the most talented industry professionals whilst remaining completely faithful to this much loved book.”

Mark Gordon stated, “Like many readers, both young and old, I am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis’s beautiful and allegorical world of Narnia. These fantasy stories inspire real-world passion among millions of devoted fans around the world. As we prepare to bring the next book to life, we are humbled and excited to contribute to the outstanding legacy of Narnia.”

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  1. AslansChild says:

    Wow, this interesting piece of news came rather out of the blue. I'm hesitant that it'll be a bit b-rated, nothing will bring back the feeling of the 1st 2 Walden films. But I think back to Dawn Treader…………it can't get much worse. πŸ˜› Looking forward to more on this!

  2. narniahannah says:

    Well. This could very easily go one of both ways. Either it will be fantastic, like LWW, or it will be a PC or VDT. I can't say I'm overly excited about this, mostly because I've been sorely disappointed the last two times.
    I am also worried about Eustace. Will Poulter will be far too old for the role, but he was the most perfectly cast character in the entire Narnia movie franchise – surpassing even Lucy and the other Pevensies (I love them all movie-wise (excepting Peter and Susan in PC and Edmund in VDT), but the book characters are better… but that nearly goes without saying) and I would be disappointed to see anyone else play the role. But I would be disappointed to see him play the role as well.
    Overall, I think I'm just a tad bit irked that it's been so annoyingly long that they can't keep the same actors without drastically altering the story. And as Silver Chair was my first introduction to Narnia, and thus my favourite book, I really do not want them to screw it up as they have the last few times.
    But on the plus side, it's nice to hear from this site again! πŸ˜€

    • Reep-i-cheep says:

      Why all the hate for PC?!?!?!? I feel like people automatically hate on it because it made changes from the book even if they were good (suspian put a side) changes for the MOVIE version. Unlike VDT, PC made changes but kept the spirit, and themes of the book. "PC was too dark and lost magic of the 1st movie" is what a lot of people say, have you guys read the book?!?!? That's the whole point of it, Everything that was cool and magical is not present in narnia anymore to the point were narnia looks more like earth, then the rest of the book is about restoring that magic (and gods timing and many other themes). "Ya well, what about the castle raid and stuff, that was awful because it was a pointless scene of the movie because it wasn't in the book" Technically Lewis does mention serveral battles in briefly that the were defeated in and underwent heavy losses. The scene is the filmmakers coming up with their own version of those battles plus it is pivotal point in the MOVIE. Why you may ask. Well it doesn't just show they lost, it shows they lost because they tried to fix things them self's without aslan. Notice Peter only screams FOR NARNIA!!! In this scene and notice in the final battle when Peter sees the trees reinforcing them, he screams FOR ASLAN!!! and charges back into battle relizing the mistake he made before and he gains faith back in aslan and they win… because of ASLAN (unlike VDT were they win because Eustace attacks green mist with a sword). You as a narnia fan are not obligated to hate PC because its different from the book (VDT however is a different story). Its my favorite narnia movie and (unless he's changed his mind since the podcasts) glumpuddles too. I suggest you all give it another shot.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        I like PC better than LWW. πŸ˜›

      • silvergypsie says:

        It's not that PC was a bad movie… It's that it was a TERRIBLE Narnia Movie. It didn't just make changes from the book… it really rather took out almost all of the element that Makes Narnia so wonderful. (They managed to capture some of it briefly with the River god, but other than that… πŸ˜› ) They could have done so much more with the movie… so much to make it really NARNIA… but they didn't. And the result was something else entirely.

        In VDT, they brought back some of what made Narnia so wonderful, but they changed the story so much that it too became something else. It was a little bit closer to the mark than PC was, but still rather off point.

        What made TLWW so wonderful, wasn't just the fact that they stayed close to the book (they did change and add a few things, but the changes were minor). What really MADE that movie was the fact that they had somehow captured and held the spirit of Narnia, and it continued throughout the movie, not just in little spurts.

        (or at least, that's how I see things. πŸ˜€ )

      • Skangie says:

        I completely agree! PC was a decent film and the best Walden adaptation. It magnified the overarching theme of FAITH.

      • Reep-i-cheep says:

        @silvergypsie no offense but you just used the same arguments that I already disproved in my above comment. You basically said that PC was a terrible narnia film because it wasn't magical and made changes from the book. Again with the lack of magic and wonder, have you read the book?!?!? That's the whole point! That's why there's a whole war, its to restore the magic that's has been lost. That's why you see the narnia feel come back at the end with the river god and trees because aslan is back and narnia is restored. And with the changes from the book argument again, most all of them add to the main spirit and themes of the book (read my above comment about the castle raid scene). I feel that many narnia fans don't like PC because it actually stayed to close to the book with the darker aspects.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        Nah, this is just Apple and orange's question. No matter how true your theory is, some people will still love PC, and some still adore LWW like a diamond, you fall in love will LWW, I fall in love with PC. That's all! Hahaha!

      • Friederike says:

        Good point. I also did like it for the most( except the kiss). Thanks Not sure about VDT. On another note we're not movie makers….

      • Linda says:

        Finally an advocate for PC. I loved Prince Caspian slightly more than LWW.

    • Teena says:

      Agreed narniahannah…PC and VDT did not feel like they were about Narnia…They tried to make them into a different kind of action/adventure story than they were supposed to be; and therefore lost the Narnia "feel"…I too am cautious about their future movies. They don't seem to realize that people love C. S. Lewis' stories just the way they are and that when they are tampered with it changes the whole meaning.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        What Narnia feel? PC movie gave me the feelings when I 1st read Narnia, yes, not totally feels like what I read, but it was the most closer out of the 3 narnia movie. In LWW movie, the only part that gave me the feeling when I read the books was the scenes of Lucy meeting Mr. Tumnus and Edmund meeting Jadis. But I always adjust myself to love/accept something which I don't like, VDT was the worst, I feel 0% of Narnia spirit in VDT. Yes, LWW and VDT follows some story and the activities like the books, but stiffly. It's not enough if you only know how to follow the stories and can't tell the story wisely.

        You feel PC and VDT don't have Narnia feels, because this is how you feel when you read Narnia, but that doesn't mean everyone feel the same like you, we have different imagination about Narnia.

        But just like what I said, this is just apple and orange question, my point won't change your view and opinion, as well as yours won't influence mine. All these argument is wasting time.


    • Kal El of Krypton says:

      PC changed some of the most important things about the book.
      First, the character of Peter was totally changed for the movie. Peter was a leader and a protector of those weaker than him in the book. In the movie, he was a arrogant punk.

      Second, Caspian was in awe of the Pevensies in the book, and loved the things of old Narnia. In the movie he was an arroagant punk.

      Changing those two characters changed the whole complexion of the movie for anyone who knows the story.

      • Nathan Melia says:

        I agree, peter got annoying after a while but (not saying this was better than the book because it wasnt) I could get over that because of the story arcs the writers decide to give the characters reinforced the main theme of the book. But I definitely could have gone without Peter and caspian drawing swords at each other and arguing about who should be king, that was kind of pushing it.

      • Cebuana C.A. says:

        I definitely agree with some of the characters in PC. Yes, most especially Peter. I thought I really liked him in the first one because he acted how he was written off in LWW. But then I don't know why the producers had to compromise so much to not even make this feel like the PC I remembered reading when I was twelve. The battle scenes were drawn out more like LoTR and (I apologize for saying this) that terrible Eragon movie. The fighting scenes were not very interesting to look at, and got a little bored after watching it for five minutes into the action. I wish someone like Alfonso Cuaron should have directed this after having watched his work in 'A Little Princess'.

        And Susan kissing Caspian. I never thought I'd be mad at a movie, but I was sorely disappointed that the producers had to make some malice out of a barely platonic friendship between him and the Pevensies. I really thought that they should have never put that on screen. It felt very out-of-character for her and the prince to do that (not even jealous that she even gave him that slightly sensual touch).

  3. Jzunelee Cutanda says:

    OH MY ASLAN! This is seriously the best! I can't wait for this.. hope it'll be released sooner.

  4. farsight-messenger says:

    finally! A NEW company to produce Narnia films!!! Thank you but still in 2018 or later. anyways, great news!

  5. ShyGaladriel says:

    Well, I'm not at all impressed by the list of films to the production's name. It makes me nervous.

  6. ABBA FATHER says:

    Aslan, I'm gonna meet you again!!! Hahaha!!! 2 great news today, Desolation of Smaug trailer 2 and another Narnia movie news!!! It's worth to celebrate!!! Yeeeesssss!!!! πŸ˜€

  7. ABBA FATHER says:

    Cast for Puddleglum, I suggest Ben Stiller!!

  8. Nuna says:

    oh my… GOD IS REAL

  9. Rilian says:

    Well, it's happening. I feel like I'm back to square 1 the way I was back before LWW came out. Maybe it will be lousy, and maybe it will be great.

  10. ABBA FATHER says:

    Director choice:
    Duncan Jones (Source Code, Moon)
    Matthew Vaughn (Stardust)
    Ridley Scott (Gladiator)
    Andrew Adamson (LWW & PC)…
    Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones)
    Andrew Stanton (John Carter)

    Cast for Puddleglum:
    Ben Stiller / Alan Rickman


    • DamselJillPole says:

      Never Andrew Adamson ever again, even though I loved Shrek and LWW, he really disappointed me with PC. I love the thought of Matthew Vaughn and Ridley Scott though.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        Ok. I actually accepted the Narnia movie that without Andrew Adamson. πŸ˜›
        I would like to see the new director Duncan Jones to do it, he work together with Mark Gordon previously in Source Code movie, and looks like the movie turn out really not bad(although I didn't see any movie of him), and this director received many praise from the audiences. Now he is going to make Warcraft movie.

      • Reep-i-cheep says:

        We would be lucky to get someone close to Andrew Adamson for silver chair. I personally want him to return for horse and his boy.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        I think Andrew Adamson was a good director, he listened to the questions of the audiences, and that's why he do something in PC which they didn't do it in LWW. I believe if he directed VDT, there must be something improved too.

      • Nathan Melia says:

        without a doubt, if Andrew Adamsom directed voyage it would have been a good film, not great but good. Adamson has a deep love for the books and a basic understanding of the themes and messages unlike Apted who thought it was just another fantasy series and didn't quite get what made them great. If adamson had directed it, the green cousin of the smoke monster from LOST would definitly not be in the film.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        Yeah. If you read the comments few years ago before the PC movie has been made, many fans complaint(included myself :P) about the movie have missing something, just like Aslan's magical breathe, and something more, and when I saw PC, the filmmaker have already mended which is asking for. From that, I know Andrew Adamson is listening us. To be honest, before I saw PC, I don't like this director, after I saw PC, I began to respect and honour this director.

      • Nathan Melia says:

        Aslan's magical breath is in LWW. Also I didn't want to make it seem that I hate LWW, love it a lot, just under PC.

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        Sure, you have right to love whatever you like. πŸ™‚
        And I didn't hate LWW as well, when I see LWW movie for 1st time in theatre, I feel really disappointed, but I love the story of Narnia, a week later after that I adjust myself, put my expectation lower, and I see it again in thatre, I began to accept it. But I believe the feeling of the 1st I saw it was the true feeling, it's the expectation of my true feeling, as well as VDT, it was the same case. When I see PC, I began have the feeling that soon it will reach the awesomeness of LOTR, but VDT disappoint me again. Yes, I feel disappointed about VDT, but I didn't hate it.

        I hope they do The Silver Chair great, ofcourse, if they fail again, I'll make myself not to hate it. Although I'm a huge fans of LOTR, but sometime I feel jealous they have made it so successfully and so great, but Narnia…. this series was almost dead, I thought it was hopeless.

        Aslan's magical breath, oh yes, I forgot, when Aslan turn the statue became men again. πŸ˜› But still, I still found Andrew Adamson have mended something they didn't do it in LWW, I just can't remember what it is.

      • Nathan Melia says:

        But VDT I did hate quite a bit…

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        Hahaha!! XD
        As long as they didn't make it as bad as Dragonball Evolution, Eragon, Twilight and The Last Air Bender, I'll still able to control myself not to hate it, but this is deceiving myself, I hope I don't have to do that.

        Repeat: We need a better director, or atleast Andrew Adamson should direct it again. Look at Alfonso Cuaron's new movie GRAVITY(haven't seen it yet), look at the rating!! OMG!! Dammit he is not Narnia director!! πŸ™

      • ABBA FATHER says:

        As a stand-alone movie, forget about the book adaptation, I enjoyed Eragon movie, I did like it. As a book adaption movie, it's as bad as Dragonball Evolution and The Last Airbender.

      • Nathan Melia says:

        Gravity lives up to the hype definitely go see it. If you do, see it in at least 3D if not IMAX.

  11. Taisia says:

    Yay! Can't wait! I hope it doesn't turn out like the last two πŸ˜›

  12. Yerdif says:

    Geat news! About casting: I do hope Will Poulter will be able to return; I think if his voice isn't too deep, he could pull it off with some make-up, and ofcourse, I hope they bring back Liam Neeson as Aslan (he was great in that role). Do you think Ben Banes will return as young Caspian? Could he play old Caspian as well, or would an older actor be needed? Same Also, could Peter Dinklage, Laura Brent, and Gray Sweet reprise their respective roles as old Trumpkin, QQueen Lilliandil and Drinian respectively or would older actors be needed? Who would you like to compose? Who for the role of Jill if Will Poulter can return, and for Puddleglum? What do you think?

  13. DaughterofAslan says:

    Alan Rickman as Puddleglum ftw.