Douglas Gresham Remembers C. S. Lewis’ Death

cs-lewisMuch was written this past weekend about the 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis, who passed away less than an hour before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Lewis’ stepson and co-producer of the recent film adaptations, Douglas Gresham, shared his memories of that day in an article by The Independent.

“It was a cruel blow,” he says. “Most of us regarded [JFK] as a great hope for Western civilisation. But it was only the first blow of the day. Soon any thoughts about Kennedy would go completely out of my mind.”
“I didn’t think much about the timing,” he says. “I didn’t intellectualise the whole thing. It was a situation of being numb and carrying on, irrespective of what was going on in the wider world. Because my world had suddenly become very small and I ceased to be interested in anything else. Grief is a selfish thing – it shuts out everything except your own pain.”
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Lewis was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure in mid-November 1963. Days later, he collapsed in his bedroom and died in his brother’s arms a few minutes later. It was one week before his 65th birthday.

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2 Responses

  1. coracle says:

    The poor Independent didn't know the difference between a "ministry" (which is what Doug had in Ireland) and being a "missionary" (a person sent to share the gospel of Jesus Christ).
    Other that that, nice wee article.

  2. Reepicheep775 says:

    Imagine having C. S. Lewis as a stepfather. What an incredible honour!