Pick the Name for the Lady of the Green Kirtle

The Silver Chair MovieThe official Narnia website has opened up an amazing opportunity for fans to submit name ideas for The Lady of the Green Kirtle (view character profile). In The Silver Chair, the Lady is never named. The production team of Mark Gordon, David Magee, and Douglas Gresham will pick the winning name from the submitted entries.

Here is some background from the official entry page:

We are inviting Narnia lovers everywhere to take on a simple challenge – write a name for Lewis’ character that will be used in the forthcoming The Silver Chair movie. Being known only as The Lady of the Green Kirtle doesn’t make for easy dialog. We want to add a name for this character by which other characters can address her in the script. And, we’ve opened the door for anyone to submit a suggested name for this character.

Please visit https://www.narnia.com/us/sweepstakes to see the official rules and enter your pick.

If this is the type of fan engagement that we can expect from the Silver Chair production team we may be in for a real treat over the next few years.

How do you feel about The Lady of the Green Kirtle having a name in the movie? Go back to our homepage and VOTE! (bottom-right corner)

Thanks to ‘narniafan7’ for the tip.

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  1. glumPuddle says:

    Very interesting news indeed. Hmmmmm….

  2. imaginatvytitle says:

    This is kind of interesting and it's cool that they're involving the fans, but I don't think a name is necessary. "My Lady" seems usable enough in dialogue. Although at this point, I'm just excited that we're hearing from them! I've been starved for news!

    • imaginatvytitle says:

      I feel like the production team could have come up with a name for her themselves, just like with Lilliandil. This seems like they are actively trying to engage the fan base (and get them on board with giving her a name). I don't really care what it ends up being. She'll still always be The Lady of the Green Kirtle to me. But hopefully this will get people engaged.

  3. Milt says:

    For crying out loud, leave it alone! If C.S Lewis didn't see fit to name her, then you certainly shouldn't either, no matter what it does to dialogue.

    • glumPuddle says:

      She only appears in a couple scenes in the book. Perhaps she has a more prominent role in the movie. In that case, it might be awkward to write a script where people don't ever address her by name. *shrug* We'll see.

  4. Swanwhite says:

    I like the anonymity of her having only titles, but it's conceivable that they could have a good reason for this. It makes me wonder whether they will have scenes that call for it or if it will just be tossed in there like Liliandil.

  5. Swanwhite says:

    Basically anyone that needs to address her in dialogue can call her "lady" or "queen"… we shall see

  6. Thunder-Fist says:

    There is really no point for this. They say it is for dialogue reasons; it's not like there isn't dialogue in the books. And who exactly will be addressing her by her name so often? Certainly not the earthmen or the three travelers. That pretty much leaves the prince who addresses her by title of Queen and Lady most of the book. I actually like the aesthetic of the witch being nameless, too. But all that being said, I'll probably submit an idea just for fun. Also, this is the first hint of news I've heard in awhile, so apart from anything else it's encouraging just to hear anything to confirm something is being done.

  7. narnia fan 7 says:

    Cool that there getting the fans involved, but I don't see why she needs a name.

  8. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:



  9. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    While I'm dancing in the street because we finally have some news… I honestly don't see a need for her having a name, from looking at the book, anyway. Queen and milady and ma'am seem to work just fine.

    I wonder if they're planning on expanding the role and putting the LotGK in situations where it seems that such formal language would be out of place? Or maybe they're intending to show her character early on as someone who is NOT in a position of power or influence (perhaps appearing dominated by the Black Knight instead of the other way around), therefore creating a need for a more "normal" name?

    It's also possible that they want to give her a name to make her seem more friendly, open and personable. After all, she enchants everyone she meets and makes people trust her, but not giving them a real name might make her seem less trustworthy.

    Wow, naming the Lady of the Green Kirtle… what an amazing opportunity. Very exciting, and it's certainly not the worst thing that could happen… unless they name her something horrible. 😛 I like what Tirian said about fan engagement; that's a very uplifting thought.

    • coracle says:

      I don't see that everyone she enchants likes and trusts her. The gnomes from Bism and the Earthmen are all working out of fear. She appears pleasant to Jill and Eustace because she is snaring them, and her words and manner are bait. Rilian was similarly snared.

      • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

        Hmmmm, I don't think that it was fear but rather that the gnomes genuinely did not know what else to do. Obviously, they didn't seem to *like* her (although they do refer to her as the Queen's grace), but they revered her and obeyed her without question. Golg even said that the gnomes realized they had been enchanted after the LotGK was killed and they started having their own thoughts again because her spell was broken.

        In terms of the KIND of enchantment they were under… their behavior strikes me as what Rilian, Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum would have become if the Lady of the Green Kirtle's final attempt at enchantment had been successful. The gnomes had forgotten who they were, where they came from, what they loved and what they believed in, and they were a gloomy and despairing group because of this. They didn't know anything except what the LotGK put in their minds and didn't do anything other than what the LotGK wanted them to do. I think it's quite similar to the LotGK's nearly successful attempt at making Rilian and the Questers only believe in "the real world, this world of mine."

  10. glumPuddle says:

    No ideas for a name right now. But here are some thoughts:

    1. Even though I'm sure most of us feel like NOTHING is happening, apparently they are far enough along in the writing process to decide they need a name for LotGK, and to decide to get the fans involved. I'm sure that idea didn't happen overnight. It took them a while to decide to do that.

    2. They apparently feel that she needs a name, though I think Lewis clearly intended her to be a mysterious character. The details of her origin and precise motivation are slim in the book. If they are coming up with a name for her… are they also coming up with a backstory? I’m open to the idea.

    3. Is her name a crucial plot point in the movie? Maybe it's a big revelation? …

    4. … Probably not, because I don't think they would let the fans choose the name if it was super important.

  11. Peter says:

    The names I think kinda fit her character:
    Neidr (which is welsh for snake)
    Lady Telern

  12. Uncle_Andrew says:

    Huzzah for the news about the movie! I really like how they are trying to get the fan base involved, and I think it is a positive move on there part.

    I agree with most in that a name for LotGK is unnecessary. In some ways, it takes away the intrigue and draw of her character ( I like the mystery of her appearing as a nameless foe of Narnia and Aslan). Still, I think that the directors know this and will do their best not to make the name too integral to the story. They are almost sure to provide some background to her character (whether that is a good thing remains to be seen), but I think that they will end up chiefly referring to her as "my lady" or "queen."

  13. Jane Potocki says:

    Belinda (since she's beautiful and a snake),

    And YAY I'm so super excited about the movie..!!

    • coracle says:

      Jayne, did you see the link above for putting in your entry?
      Names suggested here are nice but we are not connected to the judging.
      Just making that clear to any else.

  14. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    I wish I knew if you're allowed to submit more than one name… it's very hard to pick just one suggestion!

    Perhaps the craziest thing to ponder is that one of the names that's sent in by the fanbase will likely become almost synonymous with one of C.S. Lewis's greatest villains someday. That just seems surreal.

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      Finally found the "Rules" link underneath the submit button… it says one entry per person.

  15. nic says:


    …Goddess of Necromancy & Ghosts…..

    …Hekate led the ghosts of the dead to the upper world at night. Her passing was heralded by the baying of dogs….

  16. doorintheair says:

    I think this is a cool idea. Im sure it will be a small detail in the movie that are allowing a fan to be apart of. It is exciting that they are far enough along to be able to know what the script needs and to claim things will be in the credits! I AM SO EXCITED!!! A director or cast listing announcement may be soon!!

  17. InLoveWithAslan says:

    I do agree with most of the comments about her not having a name in the book, and would prefer it be kept that way, but since we all know you are not going to stay true to the book 🙁 my name suggestion would be a name that is evil, enticing, and seductive: Delilah. Since the name in the Old Testament refers to a woman with that same name who was evil, enticing and a seductress.

  18. Lilygloves says:

    I was thinking about how often the name "Jadis" was used in LWW and I can only remember the two times when Peter read the note from Maugrim and when Ginnabrik was announcing her presence in Aslan's Camp. They were both in passing and no one (outside of us big fans) really refers to her as Jadis. I guess it automatically establishes more depth to the character, so that adds something but I don't think it's necessary to the script, even if they added a number of scenes with her. I guess it could be a nice touch but I could probably do without.
    It sounds like they're trying to win us over by letting the fans give input, which is a nice gesture and at least we know something is happening.

  19. AslanJudah says:

    Apparently you can only enter one time per email address. I had two names I came up with and tried a second time and it told me that my email address was already in the system.

    Also, I think they need an explanation field, in case your name isn't immediately obvious as to why you chose it, or what it means.

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      The rules for the sweepstakes — the link is underneath the submit button — say that you can only have one entry per person. If you really like the second name you came up with, maybe you can have a friend enter it?

      If you'd like to talk about the reasoning behind the names you've chosen, you could always post in the "Name the LotGK" thread that Fantasia_Kitty posted in the Cast and Character Discussion section of NarniaWeb forum. =)

      • AslanJudah says:

        Good point. But I was really more referring to explaining to those who are deciding on what the name will be, the meaning behind the name I chose. Like one of my names was Kesna, which is just rearranging the letters of the word "snake" but it might not be obvious to them if they just saw the name.

      • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

        Right, I understand! You never know, though: the filmmakers may browse NarniaWeb forums themselves, so it might be worth a shot. =) Kesna is a cool name! I like it.

  20. fantasia_kitty says:

    For as much as people aren't happy about this news, I'm thrilled that they haven't gone with Jadis. I find that very telling with the direction they plan to take this character… and makes me a very happy FK. ;)One big fear I can set aside.

  21. Aslanisthebest says:

    This is interesting news. I am not particularly happy that she will be named; a name is a significant thing in that world and the worlds that Lewis was probably inspired by when creating Narnia, and there is some anonymity by just being called "Lady." I agree, though, with joy that it's not "Jadis."

  22. Roger says:

    I hope that the script does not expand the role of the green witch. The book has a good balance and does not take away from our three main characters. Less is more when it comes to the green lady. The only time she is important is when she gets back to her castle. The audience should find her mysterious until that point. After that point she is no longer useful. The scene after that is not about her but about the temptation of Prince Rilian and Jill finding grace.

    I hope the movie follows with the book, and the script is not "Hollywoodized". Just tell the story, a great story. No battles, no great escapes. Keep this movie rated PG.

  23. David says:

    I have a concern in this news. In my opinion the primary lesson learned from making the first three books into movies was/is, "To the degree you change the original story you lose the genius of the author." Lose the genius of CS Lewis and you end up with a product the Disney Studio was eventually willing to pass on. Name a character that CS Lewis chose not to name? What difference does it make to give this character a name? Chances are CS Lewis asked himself the same question and we know the conclusion he came to! Like I said, just a concern.

    • Roger says:

      I agree with your lesson. The studios have taken great stories and ruined them. Just tell the story.

  24. coracle says:

    I am not yet happy that they want a name for her. It feels too Hollywood – 'all characters have to be known by their name'.
    I am still not happy that Ramandu's daughter had a name, but her father failed to appear in the movie – surely there could have been a 2/3 reduction in the silly scenes and room for more human actors?
    The lack of a name for LOTGK is part of what makes her harsh and fearful. This is in the same way that the White Witch (whom Lewis did not name in LWW)remains unsoftened by a personal name.
    I don't think I want this evil creature softened by the introduction of a name.
    But I may change my mind.

    • glumPuddle says:

      Lewis actually did call her Jadis in LWW (Maugrim's note), but I do agree that a lack of a name and backstory is a very notable part of the LotGK. The website indicates that the dialogue they are writing is feeling awkward by constantly calling her lady of the green kirtle. I do not want awkward dialogue, so I'm open to her having a name.

      • Reepicheep775 says:

        Ehhh… I think they could find ways around it. Rilian could call her "Lady" or "My lady"; Scrubb, Pole, and Puddleglum could just call her "Ma'am".

  25. GlimGlum says:

    It's news and things are happening. 🙂 Good luck to all who are trying on coming up with a name. 😀

  26. Ivan says:

    On the official page https://www.narnia.com/us/sweepstakes there's another interesting information. It's not about the Name of the Lady, but I could not miss it. Here's the phrase:

    Mark Gordon, Producer, David Magee, writer, and Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’ stepson, will make the FINAL choice on which name will appear in the FINAL movie.

    What does it mean – final? Have they already decided that the SC would be the last film in Narnia series???

    I think it's too early to make such statements. SC may be a very successful movie, and there's no any reason to "cut" the series right now.

    • Aravis says:

      I think they mean final as in the end product. (To clarify that the name will be in the actual film and not just in a special feature or something)

      Anyway, if SC was to be the last Narnia movie, there would be a whole article dedicated to why.

      • Ivan says:

        Aravis, thank you very much for explanation!
        I suppose that "final" may have another meaning here, except "last". But English isn't my native language, so I wasn't absolutely certain in this.
        Now, let's wait SC movie and hope to see another films!

  27. utterReep says:

    I submitted Duessa, the name of the duplicitous villainess in Edmund Spencer's The Faerie Queene, the late 16th century epic poem that Lewis would have been very familiar with as a professor of Medieval and Renaissance Literature. She lies about her identity to the nobel knight Redcrosse and drags him into a dungeon. The character (Una) which means "Truth" and Prince Arthur end up facilitating his rescue. Redcrosse is on a quest to free Una's parents from a dragon. Una encounters a lion, who serves as her protector. A lot of interesting parallels to Silver Chair here…

    Duessa actually presents herself to Redcrosse as "Fidessa" (faithfulness), so if someone is still looking for a name, that might be a good suggestion.

    • Uncle_Andrew says:

      I really like your submission! I did some research into the Faerie Queene, and it does indeed contain motifs similar to those used by Lewis in The Silver Chair. Duessa is, on its own, a subtle name that works well for both a protagonist or an antagonist. I think that Fidessa would also be a good option. The hag used that name, meaning "faithfulness" when she seduced the Red Cross Knight into the Palace of Pride, and I think that it would be what Rilian would call his Lady while still under the enchantment, when her name is, in reality, still Duessa.

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      Whoa, I love that! I'm pretty sure that Lewis would approve. Great submission!

  28. CEP Paul T says:

    Good with it, really. Had fun figuring a name. Heh.

  29. Hiking Peter says:

    BRÍDIN: Diminutive form of Irish Gaelic Bríd, meaning "little exalted one."

  30. Liberty Hoffman says:

    Dominae Viridis
    it means Lady Green in Latin 🙂

  31. Eustace says:

    I, as most of us, do not see a need to name the Lady, but, I do love the fact that they seem to be trying to involve us. It does not really matter how they are trying to involve us, but, that they recognize that they should appeal to us as fans. It will be a step in the right direction with this series.

  32. Digory says:

    what about Jadah?

  33. Crystal Carstairs says:


  34. Uncle_Andrew says:

    I haven't yet decided upon my name submission, but I think it would be a huge plus if it had at least one "R" in it. As LotGR trills them so well, I think it would be a good idea for her to be able to show that when she declares her name, it has a cheer and musicality that hides her true nature. Just a thought…

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      Ditto, I agree!

    • Daniel J says:

      That's EXACTLY what I thought of when I was trying to think of a name! I finally picked "Esmira", partly because it has an R, and partly because of its similarity to "Emerald," which is green. It also has that "beautiful but dangerous" ring to it, especially if you pronounce it correctly, slightly drawn out.

      I just wish they'd added a paragraph text field into the form, where fans could explain why they picked the names they did.

  35. Uncle_Andrew says:

    I haven't yet decided upon my name submission, but I think it would be a huge plus if it had at least one "R" in it. As LotGK trills them so well, I think it would be a good idea for her to be able to show that when she declares her name, it has a cheer and musicality that hides her true nature. Just a thought…

  36. lionlass says:

    This /does/ seem to indicate that we're not going to get Tilda Swinton playing her as a re-run of Jadis. Which is good news. I was worried that they were going to tie the green mist in VDT to SC and then blame it all on the White Witch, but maybe this is a sign that they're branching out?

  37. Reepicheep775 says:

    NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSS!!!… of a sort. At least it means things are in fact moving forward. I don't know if I like the idea of the LotGK having a name, but it's cool that they're involving fans and I'll probably submit a name at some point.

  38. Eliseo says:

    I think she needs a name. Yes I know some of you aren't happy about it, but giving her a name won't affect whether it's a good or a bad script. Besides, she can still have her original title – ex. Lenora, Lady of the Green Kirtle.

  39. Simona says:


  40. princess lucy says:

    I have submitted Sirabis 🙂 I thought it matched with Jadis but had a snake/serpent feel to it especially with the 's' used…..

    Other names I also made up include:

    • princess lucy says:

      ohhhhh…I forgot to mention….I had in mind that Sirabis is pronounced/read out loud like this——-Sir-ray-bis or si-ray-bis 😉

  41. Narnian says:

    Whatever, giving a name is my weakness. 😛
    As long as the name is not related to Jadis, don't give LOTGK a similar name as Jadis.

  42. Reepicheep775 says:

    I entered by saying that I don't think she should have a name in the movie. I won't win, but at least I got my thoughts out there.

  43. Daniel J says:

    I picked "Esmira", partly because it has an R, and partly because of its similarity to "Emerald," which is green. It also has that "beautiful but dangerous" ring to it, especially if you pronounce it correctly, slightly drawn out.

    I just wish they’d added a paragraph text field into the form, where fans could explain why they picked the names they did.

    • Daniel J says:

      Oh, and it has an "s" sound too, like a serpent's hiss. Here's how the name Esmira should be pronounced out loud (for movie purposes): "Essmeerra."

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      I really like that name! It has a magical quality to it. I can easily imagine it sounding sweet or formidable, depending on the circumstances. =)

  44. Narnia and the north says:

    considering that jadis is turkish for witch i thought it would be cool if LOTGK also had a name that linked to turkish. So i submitted Entari which is turkish for kirtle so then there would be some sort of link!

  45. Narnian says:


  46. Impending Doom says:

    What a fantastic way to get the fans engaged earlier on in the production! Good move

  47. Blathmac's Song says:

    Beelzebabe, of course!

    Just kidding. The argument that no name is in the book's dialogue is weak because there will undoubtedly be greater amounts of dialogue in the film (and rightfully so). The trick will be to keep extra names/characters/dialogue from detracting from Lewis's themes, but instead flesh them out.

  48. Sword says:

    Yay for fan input! Also, is there any indication of which company will distribute the film yet? I know it is highly unlikely that Disney will return, (probably a good thing), but does 20th Century Fox still have a contract? The Mark Gordon Company has a history of working with smaller distributors, like Summit Ent. (A division of Lionsgate). I think a whole article could be written on why Lionsgate is a good fit. (i.e. Fastest growing film company in current existence)

  49. Linden says:

    Well, I don't mind them sticking with Lady. I think it's part of what makes her mysterious. And the more mysterious the better, imo. But Tanith means serpent lady, which is ideal, so maybe some form of that?

  50. Christopher Scott Hiller says:

    A good name I believe would be: The Lady of Harfang.

  51. Jono says:

    According to the books, Jadis is the daughter of Lilith and the Lady of the Green Kirtle is of the Same brood as Jadis. Lilith also has strong connotations with snakes, and therefore, if the Lady of the Green Kirtle really needs a name, I think Lilith would probably be the most appropriate name.

    • Linden says:

      I considered Lilith. In one way, I do like it a lot. I think the sound of it (Lilith sounds very sweet, but in the context of Narnia, I know it isn't) fits quite well. But at the same time, I don't want her to be associated with Jadis any more than necessary. But I'd be pretty happy if Lilith was chosen. It's sounds SO much more Narnian than an Elvish knock-off like Liliandil.

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      According to the internet, Lilita is the Latvian version of Lilith, in case anyone's interested in that possibility.

      While I like the sound of Lilith and the fact that it seems to suit the LotGK, I feel like it would tell the audience early on that the LotGK is not a good person since Lilith is a relatively well-known demon from Jewish mythology. It's possible that they might only reveal her name after it's clear that she's the villain, though.

    • coracle says:

      Unfortunately "Lilith" is far too similar to "Liliandil".

  52. The Lady Arwen Undómiel says:

    I've entered! This is so exciting; just imagine LotGK will one day be known by one of these names!

  53. The Heir says:


    I know, many have mentioned a better name than these. Just for fun. ^^

  54. Peter says:

    Hmm…interesting news. Glad to hear the movie making plans are progressing. I think the poll on the home page needs an addition, because I would probably vote somewhere in between "I love the idea" and the "probably necessary I guess" one. 🙂 I think it's an interesting idea and I *like* I think it can potentially be a good idea. 🙂

  55. Anastasia says:

    I think her having a name would be wonderful! I wish they'd go with something like Emerald. That would be cool! Overall, I just can't wait until they make the movie!!

  56. Dee says:

    Interesting…I just read where apparently that Green Mist from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie was created by the Lady of the Green Kirtle per those who made the movie, though this is not revealed in the movie, that supposedly it would be explained that she was using it to kidnap Narnians to enslave them to rule over / build her kingdom.

    Anyway she should probably have a name for the reasons they state.

  57. Raven says:

    So how do we know if they picked our name? I'm sure tons of people will submit some of the same names but what about unique names? Will they contact us to let us know that our name was picked if it was indeed one of a kind? Just curious how they plan to handle this. I submitted a name that I made up years ago for a character I wrote a story about. So does anyone know how they plan to give credit or whatever? Thanks. 🙂

  58. TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

    I don't want a name for The Lady of The Green Kirtle.

  59. "Kadis" based on Turkish queen/Kralice + witch/Cadi

  60. District 12 Quarter Quell Victor Tribute says:

    I already inserted Lenore as the name of the Green Lady it seems fitting. So happy that they are making another Narnia movie!!!!!!!! 😀