Podcast #106: Silver Chair Movie Wish List

Posted August 22, 2014 6:01 am by Glumpuddle

sc 1997-harper-collinsWe do not expect to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair hit theaters until at least 2017, but it is never too early to hope and dream. Rilian and Glumpuddle each share 3 things they would like to see in the film, and then read some desires other NarniaWebbers have sent in.

What do you want to see (or not see) in the movie? Post a comment below!

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  • Bethany says:

    Will Poulter back as Eustice

    • Reepicheep775 says:

      I’m with glumPuddle on this one. I think its important that the characters from our world are children. Having 20-somethings go to Narnia just doesn’t feel right. That means recasting Eustace.

      • Lisa Marie says:

        I think Gene Wilder would be a perfect Puddleglum. I still love watching him as Willy Wonka!

      • Reepicheep775 says:

        ^ I didn’t know he was still around. Now that you mention it, I think he would make a great Puddleglum.

      • Rorimac says:

        Gene Wilder is 81, so probably a bit old for the part. In fact he’s older than Tom Baker, who played the part in the BBC production in 1990.

      • Shieldmaiden says:

        They have to recast Eustace. Puddleglum ideas: Geoffrey Rush or Tom Hiddleston?

      • Steve says:

        Bruce Spence would make an excellent puddleglum. An excellent actor who fits the physicality perfectly.

      • Kazuya-Mishima says:

        I think they should keep Will Poulter. I hate it, when characters change actors in movies. And Will Poulter doesn’t look too old. He would still be a good Eustace 🙂

      • Mary says:

        I felt the same way at first–that Will Poulter should come back as Eustace–but he is getting too old now. I’m sure most people will forgive any inconsistencies with VDT.

      • Nathan says:

        I think Christian Bale would be a good Eustuce, and Mel Gibson would make a good Puddleglum.

    • gretchen ortner says:

      Yes i hope he does. the only problem is, is that who knows what he’ll look like and he might be too old for Eustace. 🙁

  • Laura says:

    Puddleglum. Puddleglum. I can’t emphasize enough that they have to get Puddleglum right. Otherwise, the whole movie will flop.
    There are a ton of thing that I really want to see in this movie, but if Puddleglum isn’t right, then it will fail in my eyes.

    • Mary says:

      I agree, if they don’t get Puddleglum right I will be very disappointed and it may in fact ruin the movie for me. I think Glumpuddle hit the nail on the head. He is a deeper, more complex character than JUST the "wet blanket". It would be so easy to oversimplify Puddleglum, but I think the BBC version with Tom Baker set a good example to follow.

    • paula says:

      I think Bill Nighy would make a perfect Puddleglum….walk and everything! Rhys Ifans would be great physically, but he probably smiles too much!

  • Reepicheep775 says:

    Thanks for continuing to put out podcasts all these years, guys. Keep up the good work!

  • Pepper Darcy says:

    I’d just like for them to keep the allegory and the themes in tact… the last three were… idk… this one would be hard to take if they messed it up because it’s my personal favourite. I rewatched the first two felt two as an adult ‘icon-Disney slapstick’ to take seriously… and I’m afraid of rewatching the third.

    I just hope this one isn’t screwed up and the allegory isn’t thrown out the window. Because these stories are priceless <3

    • Pepper Darcy says:

      I’d honestly just like to see DreamWorks Animation get the rights, and for them to start over at the beginning and animate the whole series. They proved with HTTYD 1 and 2 that animation can be beautiful and adults can appreciate a well developed, deep animation film and animation doesn’t have to be ‘just for kids’ or crappy 🙂 Narnia animated would be breathtaking, if given the right director… and then we wouldn’t have to worry about ageing for the kids especially with the character jumping we get in the books 🙂

      • Juniper Berry says:

        Nah, live action is better to bring Narnia to life. Anyway, they’ve done a great job with effects and appearance in the films. They just have to get the story right!!

  • CEA777 says:

    I want the movie to be as close to the book as possible. Too many things were changed in the last three. Please keep Liam Neeson as Aslan. And please keep Will Poulter as Eustace.

  • jiří says:

    chci se zeptat. Spekuluje se že další díly Narnie nebudou pokračovat v příběhu prvních 3.( nebudou na sebe zavislí ). Jak to teda vlastně je?
    byla by škoda nenavázat na příbeh ne?
    Prosím napište mi jak to tedy ve skutečnosti je 🙂 . děkuji

  • FriendOfNarnia2 says:

    I like how you included more fan comments in this one. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

  • Roger says:

    Outstanding. I agree with just about all your comments. This movie should be a character study of Jill, not an action movie. Keep the major studios away from the film except for distribution. Studios will want control of the script. Follow the book. Most of the dialog should come straight from the book. We only need to see the green witch at the bridge and at her castle.

    I would like to see the actors be young, but that is impractical. Young actors can only work four hours a day and need tutors and handlers. To keep costs down the film would need actors over 18. A little older actors are much better actors. Very, very few nine year old actors can really act. For example, as good an actor as Georgie Henley is, on LWW she did not quite hit the mark at the Stone Table.

    I agree that the more money spent means that they are more likely to mess with the script. I would like to see beautiful sets though. There is no reason to shoot on location (more money).

    • Eustace says:

      I don’t know, I see your point on the hours, but, I have seen plenty of good child actors. I think there may be ways go get around the hours though. Or they could have doubles.

    • Casa says:

      I agree with casting older actors.
      There are plenty of older actors and actresses who can come across as teens/tweens. It all has to do with their acting skills and the right costume/make up and of course their physical build. They can’t be too muscular/busty lol

      If they can find a great child actor then well done otherwise, they shouldn’t disregard talented actors who are in their 20s.

    • ajmcrill says:

      I think there are plenty of good child actors. Take Game of Thrones, for instance. The 3 main child actors playing Bran, Sansa and Arya are really good. In fact, either Sophie Turner (Sansa) or Maisie Williams (Arya) would make a good Jill Pole, but by the time they will shoot this film, they may be too old.

  • George says:

    I would like to see the guy that played john carter play prince rillian….tilda swinton too

  • PuddleCheep says:

    I would like to hear the book commentary on The Horse and His Boy next on the podcast. It’s my favorite book. Plus, we’ll be discussing SC more and more when we get more movie news.

  • ernesto says:

    I think: What, the movie of narnia crónocas; the silver sedan that ….. the producers, must fall to new actors and Jill Pole Eustace; and the Green, Witch antua already in the new production. the chronicles of narnia the silver saddle in ‘ 2015, and 2017 aparescan yet; a few, trailer; the chronicles of narnia, chair of the money.

  • Avocado says:

    As much as I want to see Will Poulter come back as Eustace, his role in We’re the Millers has spoiled it for me lol! I’m afraid that if he comes back as Eustace in SC. all I’ll see is Kenny the virgin lol!
    Of course, I’m sure he’s a brilliant actor and can make it work. It would honestly be weird for anyone else to be Eustace. Especially for those narnia fans like me who are not so familiar with the books (I’ve only read SC once).

  • Aslan1980 says:

    I would like to see Will Poulter as Eustace and a cameo appearance from Tilda Swinton as Jadis as a spirit taking possession over The Lady of The Green Kirtle who I think Cate Blanchett should play…she looks similar to Tilda

  • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    Yay, new podcast! 😀 Amen to Puddleglum not being a gloomy character.

    I honestly would be really surprised if they cut out the bullies’ comeuppance at the end. This is primarily because I fully expect the filmmakers to expand on the Experiment House scenes at the beginning of the movie—partly due to the fact that we need to have a better understand of Jill as a character and to establish how utterly alone and faithless she is, but also because bullying is always a popular theme in family films. If they introduce the bullies and the dire circumstances at Experiment House at the beginning, then I think the movie would feel unfinished if they ended it without offering some resolution to that situation.

    It’s also important to include the part with Caspian as well because without the scene where he comes back to life… well, the movie would have a rather sad ending. Caspian’s just died in Narnia, leaving a grieving son and kingdom behind. The joy of finding out that Caspian is all right and the sweet justice of the bullies getting their socks scared off are largely what gives the book a happy conclusion. It’s also one of the three times where Aslan appears in the book; they really don’t want to cut it out for that reason.

    So, keeping my fingers crossed that the filmmakers include both in some capacity. I don’t think the movie would have a very satisfying ending if they didn’t.

    • Mary says:

      I agree, both scenes are important. Maybe there is a way to do the bully scene really briefly at the end, or even just allude to what is going to happen next without having to show it? I’m hoping there is a way to squeeze that in, but without cutting the Caspian scene.

  • PhelanVelvel says:

    Yay, I’m so glad Rose sent in this wish, because it is mine exactly. ^__^

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      I know; I thought of that when I saw your new thread in GMD the other day! Great minds think alike, lol. XD

      • PhelanVelvel says:

        I’m surprised they said the scene where Aslan talks to Jill had the most important dialogue. Aslon has some great lines, like the one about swallowing up kings/emperors/realms, etc., but Rilian’s are more important to me. 😡

  • PhelanVelvel says:

    I dread them skipping through the "there is no Narnia" scene! @__@ How could they even dare? It’s integral to LotGK’s role in the story.

  • Narnian232323 says:

    I too, want to see Caspian’s resurrection scene in the movie.

  • RavenWolf360 says:

    Caspian’s resurrection, the rock-throwing giants,and eel stew

  • Danielmybrother says:

    Stay faithful to the book. I was so disappointed in VODT. They strayed so far away from one of the best fantasy’s ever written and made a horrible movie. I’d like to see Will Poulter back.

  • Jane says:

    I’d like Will Poulter back as well. I don’t mind if he’s slightly older. I lose patience watching kids on screen. Reading is a completely different experience.

    Even for the Horse and His Boy, I hope they pick older kids for Shasta and Aravis.

    • Cal K says:

      Ahh can’t wait for Horse and His Boy!

      And yes, I think Shasta and Aravis should be in their late teens in the film.

      • Kalie Marry says:

        Yeah they should get actors in their late teens/ early twenties to play Shasta and Aravis. BUT that doesn’t mean they should make it all lovey dovey and add a blossoming romance between them. I would cringe if that happened. They clearly have a love/hate relationship. I’d like to see them as close friends who bicker a lot and then add a wedding scene at the end of the film and then their crowning as king/queen of Archenland and then the birth of Ram the Great.

  • Kalie Marry says:

    Since Hollywood is obsessed with kissing (ahem..PC…) I have to say that I hope the Jill Pole and Eustace relationship remains platonic. They’re can’t be a kiss!!! PLEASE DON’T LET JILL AND EUSTACE KISS. It will ruin everything.

    If anything, it’s Shasta and Aravis is Narnia’s only ‘love’ story.

  • Angie says:

    I want to see what happened to the 4 pevensies (peter,susan,edmund and lucy) and also eustace:)

  • Future Narnian says:

    I would love to see Pierce Brosnan as Puddleglum. I think he’d be perfect.

    I would want to see Eustace recast. Will Poulter kind of drove me crazy in the first one and he’s just too old to be believable anymore.

    Liam Neeson HAS to stay as Aslan.

    And keep the script accurate! There’s more than enough book material – BBC’s adaptation went 2.5 hours and that was with a bit of a choppy feel.

    At least 2.5 hours if not three. I couldn’t believe how short VODT was – not even two full hours. You can’t do a Narnia story justice in under two hours – you need to do 2.5 hours at least.

  • Beth says:

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  • Farsight says:

    I want it to be a long movie. I know some things have to be cut – but don’t cut it to 2 hours. Puddleglum needs to be right, and the scene of him telling the Lady of the Green Kirtle that there is a Narnia, and even if there isn’t he’s going to look for it – *has* to be in there. Jill can’t be too snooty, and don’t even think about making a romance between her and Eustace. I want SC to stay true to the book. There are a lot of allegorical references as well. Don’t loose them.

  • Knight4Jesus says:

    Now that I am somewhat older since the first two movies came out, I can look back at them and see them from a different perspective. I really feel like they could have done a LOT better with the first two movies. They seemed to strip them of their classic "British" feel (a feel that The King’s Speech did phenomenal on), not to mention that they were directed by someone who created a crude green ogre and couldn’t seem to handle the seriousness of live-action. And yes, creating a Susan-Caspian he-loves-me-she-loves-me-not romance was TOTALLY uncalled for and really dishonored Lewis’s intention for the stories. I agree with getting older actors to play Jill and Eustace. I’d say somewhere between 15 and 18. It’s just my personal opinion that they need to give the rights to some other studio and start from scratch; staying true to Lewis’s vision of the stories. Yeah, take some artistic license and fill in the gaps. But not to the point where we hate the movies.

  • Knight4Jesus says:

    And unlike most people (again just my personal opinion) I believe that Tilda Swinton was a BIG miscast as the White Witch and the character wasn’t scary at all and was nothing more than a new-age fashion statement. And I’m no actor, but I also detected that William Mosley and Anna Popplewell couldn’t act by the time the second movie rolled around. Will is just to nice of a guy to play a conceited jerk. And Anna’s part felt kinda forced.But this could just be poor direction. Feel free to disagree cause maybe it’s just me.

    • Eleanor says:

      I think Tilda was definitely scary. Sure, she’s a little more seductive than expected in a children’s story but that adds to her evil charm. (And anyway Narnia is for all ages.) I even felt a maternal nature in her when she first met Edmund. She did a great job acting. A fashion statement? True, her entire ensemble is similar to what you would see on a Chanel runway lol but sometimes being ugly and grotesque isn’t that scary, it’s just unappealing to look at. Overall, she did a great job.

      As for the Pevensies – Will is great as a conceited jerk and also a caring brother. In fact, for the first two movies I wished that the four kids would stop bickering and get a long as siblings who’ve grow closer to each other during such adventures. None of the Pevensies are very good actors but they play their part all right and altogether make a nice story.

      Anyway we won’t be seeing much of the Pevensies until they film the Horse and His Boy. That is my favorite book and I hope they make it after SC!!! I know it’s mainly about Shasta and Aravis but they could also shine some light on the Pevensies as Kings and Queens and give them a second chance to bring their characters to life.

      • Bono23 says:

        The Horse & His Boy is definitely an opportunity for the Pevensies to grow as characters and actors. I too hope they make that after The Silver Chair.

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  • Amisadai Monger says:

    I really want Will Poulter in the movie again! He was a wonderful Eustace! I would like to see Time asleep please!
    I love your movies.
    From Amisadai

  • Winding Arrow says:

    I hope they bring back all of the children from the previous films. I also hope that the scene where the witch turns into a snake will be scary. C. S. Lewis did say that all the other children were out of school except Eustace and Jill. I also hope they keep the scene where the owl picks Jill up out of her window out of the castle.

  • Larry W. says:

    I hope that Prince Rilian will be better in the new movie than in the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. He was a bit overdone in that drama (his voice was irritating under the Lady’s enchantment). I liked the Focus on the Family version otherwise and hope that the new film will adapt the story just as well.

  • Koby says:

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  • Winding Arrow says:

    Will Poulter is staring in the Maze Runner that was released Friday morning

  • Winding Arrow says:

    It is rated pg

  • Purvi says:

    I wanna see myself as Jill Pole in Narnia.Too bad I can’t.

  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    I hope this movie won’t be a flop. Keep Will Poulter as Eustace. I’ve seen the Maze Runner and he hasn’t changed that much. Please keep all the big characters in there, including the bullies. I think all the people doing this movie need to read the book before they write the script. I love the Silver Chair and I hope it doesn’t end up like Prince Caspian. Please do the part where they scare the bullies at the end, that was my favorite part. Try to keep the film as close to the book as possible, but don’t make it boring. If it isn’t going to be close, I’ll be mad. Please keep out the "word" Jill said in the first chapter if you know what I mean. No love story whatsoever. NONE!! PLease also make the part where Prince Rillian’s mother, Lilliandil, dies. DO NOT RECAST EUSTACE! An idea for Jill is Sophie Nélisse. Please make this a good movie! Please also make the lady of the gk have blonde hair. Thank u! 🙂

  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    Btw to everyone out there. I’m 13. 🙂

  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    Don’t ask where I live because I’m not telling.

  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    I’m going to try some of the faces
    🙂 🙁 🙂 :'( 😉 😛

  • BookSeriesWorm says:


  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    I’m going 2 try a few other faces
    😀 😉 🙁 =) :0 :-} 8-| :> :\ 😡 :]

  • BookSeriesWorm says:


  • BookSeriesWorm says:

    I guess that one didn’t do anything. I’m done commenting for the day. Btw I’m a Christian.

  • Christopher says:

    I just hope the movie gets made. I do NOT want to see ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ run out of steam, like ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events, ‘Inheritance (Eragon)’, or other films of the like.

    I personally have no disappointment in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, or ‘Prince Caspian’ (still awaiting the extended cut aired on ABC family to come out on DVD). Those were perfect movies, and I don’t care what the majority of Narnia fans say about ‘Prince Caspian’. I saw that movie 3 times in the theaters, AND… I bought the ‘Reepicheep’ Weta statue to match my gift set bookends that came with ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Extended Motion Picture’.

    Granted, I’ll admit that ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ could have been better, such as putting opening credits at the front of the film so it matches the rest, but having the 3-disc Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack gift set with the collectible card booklet, I personally think it deserves a little more love than it’s gotten. It takes some warming up to, but it really isn’t a bad movie. Seeing Eustace’s attitude change and seeing him hug Reepicheep was moving. The end of the film felt right.

    Again, at this point, I just hope ‘The Silver Chair’ gets made. This stage of ‘development hell’ is hard on all of us. There’s no denying.

  • jill says:

    i don’t want tilda to be the lady, because she isn’t for gods sake. Also the contrast of england and narnia should be preserved, unlike in the past two films.

    • waggawerewolf27 says:

      But how would you preserve the contrast between England & Narnia in Silver Chair, when basically all you see of England is Experiment House?

  • Jewel says:

    Bring Will Poulter back!

  • Danielmybrother says:

    I seen Maze Runner and Will Poulter is over six feet tall. We need a new Eustace. I love Will But he’s too old and tall.

  • Winding Arrow says:

    Man! I really wanted Will Puolter as Eustace. 🙁

  • Jesus-Aslan Freak says:

    I know this comment won’t be popular, that’s why I posted it so late in the game, but coming from a film-making and business stand point, I think Will Poulter NEEDS to return. Even if it requires slight changes from the book to make Eustace 16 or 17 (as he will need to be in the Last Battle anyways), if I was Mark Gordon, I’d be scrambling to do everything I could possibly do to get Poulter on my film. He’s fresh off of "Maze Runner" and "We’re the Millers" and recently received a BAFTA award. He a good, up and coming actor that people are noticing and want to see what he does next. He just happened to be a part of the Narnia movies before all this, and Eustace just happens to be the male lead in the "The Silver Chair". It would be a big mistake on the film-makers’ part not to get him on board.
    Also, I am not a Prince Caspian hater, or even a Voyage of the Dawn Treader hated (though I’ll admit to being disappointed). Its okay, in my opinion, if Tilda Swinton has a cameo in the movie. Its okay if they add action scenes, or change the structure of the book. Its okay if they give the Lady of the Green Kirtle a backstory and name. Just give me a good movie. Give me a movie that doesn’t disrespect Lewis and make it full of mindless action and cliches. Give me something emotional, exciting, funny, intelligent, and adventurous. Give me something beautiful and worth watching again and again. Give me something artistic, respectable, and original. Make the characters real and relatable. Make the story engrossing. Give me excellent film-making: the cinematography, the score, the lighting, the acting, the visual effects, the production design, the costume/makeup etc.
    The books will always be there. In all their beauty and magic, just as Lewis wrote them. The film won’t change what I love about the books.
    But give me what I did not get in 2010 with the so-so (though visually beautiful) adaptation of my second favorite book in the series…
    By the Lion, give me a good movie.

  • Yerdif says:

    What do you guys think about Sam Claflin as Rilian?

  • Lucy says:

    Are they still looking for someone to audition for the 4th film?

  • Jill says:

    I think they should get Will Poulter back as Eustace. And get Johnny Depp for Puddleglum, Sam Claflin or Brenton Thwaites as Rilian. That would be awesome! But I’d still go and see it no matter what.

  • StandUp4Jesus says:

    I am personally happy that they decided to stick with the original series order for the movies. I saw on a talk show recently that they said "The Silver Chair" was the second to last written…which is false. It was the fourth book written and published. I’m hoping and praying that this movie will be different than the last two. Since it has a new directer, there is a chance that it will be closer to the book.
    As for having Will Poulter come back, I was surprised at his appearance for "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader", but that was only because I saw the old 1990’s version. I think Will Poulter did a fantastic job at portraying Eustace, and he could do it again. It is possible to make him look younger, but as some people have mentioned before, it is a problem with him growing up so much. Maybe this is the chance to start fresh with actors. But don’t replace Liam Neeson!!! He is the best!

    • Peepiceek says:

      Yes and according to the publication order, after Silver Chair will be Horse and His Boy, the best book in my opinion after lion, wtich and wardrobe!

  • Aslan's #1 says:

    Um, guys? I just found THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE SILVER CHAIR listed in IMDB with a slated 2016 release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peepiceek says:

      I saw that too! Is that real or a predicted date?

    • Glumpuddle says:

      No this is not official, and also highly unlikely. IMDb has a history of posting placeholder release dates when there isn’t one.

    • Alexander says:

      I have a feeling that it will be done by 2016 and released Jan 2017 (maybe New Year’s Day?) because of that darn contract with the C.S Lewis estate. Or maybe they will re-negotiate and release it before 2017!

      For all the Narnia films, I’ve noticed that after principal photography starts, it takes about a year and a few months to be released.
      1 year + 6 months for LWW
      1 year + 3 months for PC
      1 year +4 months for VDT.
      (if Wikipedia is right)

      So if they start filming in december 2014, it might be done june 2016 (1 year + 6 months)

      As you can see, I am a die hard fan…lol
      Personally, I can’t wait for The Horse and His Boy to be filmed. I’m a film student and I wish I could be on the team for that. I’ve envisioned it countless times.

  • NarnianTourist says:

    I honestly am starting to doubt that this movie is ever going to happen….I think the first two turned out very well, and we all know what an abysmal, lazy, half-hearted mess VDT was. As sad as it is, general audiences are not crying out for another installment. It’s one of those franchises that started strong in the public eye, but soon lost everyone’s interest after the last film. Aside from this site, who else on the internet is actively talking about another film? Mark Gordon may want to do this, but I doubt any major studio is interested. We have heard so little news, after all…

    • Glumpuddle says:

      The wheels are turning, but not publicly . Consider this: They are far enough along in the screenwriting process to realize they need a name for the LotGK. So, David Magee is hard at work on the script, and they are probably shopping around studios looking for the money.

      We also believe that, legally, 2017 is the earliest it can be released. So I think it will get made, but not for a while.

      • Jesus-Aslan Freak says:

        Lots of scripts get written and the movie is never actually produced. You know what they say, you don’t know if a movie’s actually going to get made till the catering company shows up. I will say when a studio buys the franchise and then gets a screen-writer to write a script, the odds that a movie will actually get made is much higher than if it was the other way around. David Magee tends to get really involved in his scripts. Just looking at his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already somebody in talks to to direct who is working with David right now…

    • Alexander says:

      I definitely think it will be made. I mean come on… One bad sequel shouldn’t stop an entire series from being filmed (and I’m a film student!). That’s not having any faith in it. It just depends on learning from mistakes. Maybe to us who know all the Narnia stories inside out disliked Dawn Treader but I know others who haven’t even read the books and they really enjoyed it.
      Tons of people would pay to see another Narnia film.

  • Jewel says:

    And a close adaption of the book!

    • Paul says:

      Yes, please let the screenplay be closely adapted from the book. But I’m not holding my breath.

      I just watched VDT for the first time with my daughters, after having read them the book. Our tradition is to read the books together, and then we’ve watched each movie. More than the first two, we were collectively aghast at the train wreck they wrote for the screen. Even my 8-year-old could see the seemingly endless glaring errors.

      Like others have said, I have no problem with the necessary shortening of a screenplay to meet the time constraints of a movie, but when they don’t have time to include necessary plot points, it’s completely unacceptable to conjure up completely new elements to the story, like green mist and swords.

      Sorry for the rant. It’s a bit misplaced here, I realize, but it’s relevant in that if they want a successful series, my belief is that you trust the story maker who wrote the book in the first place.

  • NarniaFan1 says:

    I am going crazy waiting for updates on this film. I check Google news alerts and Narniaweb at least once a day. I just can’t wait!! It’s driving me insane!!