Podcast: Puddleglum’s Speech and The Silver Chair Pre-Production

Posted December 15, 2016 6:45 am by Glumpuddle

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair is feeling more and more real as pre-production nears and the inclusion of a famous scene is confirmed. Rilian and Glumpuddle broadcast their reactions on Facebook Live last night. Listen to the recording and like us on Facebook if you’d like to be notified of future live events:

UPDATE: Here is the MP3 version:

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  • Aslan#1Fan says:

    I’m totally optimistic now. Thanks for the news. I’m getting to the REALLY excited now.

    From a scale from 1 – 5, I’m a 4. 🙂

  • HPofNARNIA says:

    There is someone who wants to be the director of this movie, his name is Devin Nevarez and he has been contacting the Mark Gordon Company for over a year. I really feel like I can trust him. He has a twitter account and a YouTube channel. He’s not a huge director, he just done filming school and he made a short video called, ‘Pole and Scrubb’ here’s his channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCzgbbHlFKmBvkSgN3gw1duA

    • starlight says:

      He hasn’t been contacting anyone – the only thing he’s done is beg David Magee to give him a interview on twitter for the past year. I think he’s the only person Magee hasn’t replied to…

      What has he done to earn your trust? That pathetic short film he made? I’ve seen high school students make better films in media arts class than Pole and Scrubb. Every aspect of it was embarrassing for a guy saying the film will fail if he’s not the director.

      • HPofNARNIA says:

        Why am I always getting rude replies, geese.
        I’ve looked at his Twitter account, https://mobile.twitter.com/dearmarkgordon, he said that he can bring the original actors, he wants to keep the series going, I don’t want them to start all over again.
        Yes, I know that the Pole and Scrub video wasn’t that good, but I can see him doing something like that but better, if he becomes the director for this film. He even came up with other things, like green lady’s theme.
        But there is part of me that is still worried about how it will end up. Like the ‘Brand new Franchise’ thing, if they really r gonna pretend that the first three films never happened, if they’re not keeping the original actors or even the theme music, then there’s no way ill give the film series a second chance and I will not see the Silver Chair movie whether it will be good or not. Yes I know how badly VDT was, trust me, I hate it too. But it didn’t just killed the franchise, IT KILLED THE REST OF MY CHILDHOOD! And once something in me has died, it cannot be revived.

      • starlight says:

        Well that was incredible difficult to decipher…

        Just because you are worried about a tiny quote from Mark Gordon (which I wouldn’t take so serious) doesn’t mean you should place all your confidence in a guy who’s biggest and most acclaimed achievement is Pole and Scrub – which even you said wasn’t good.

    • Jillfan says:

      Yeah I’ve seen some of his content. He might do a good job but I don’t fully trust him. He has next to
      no chance of being picked and I’d feel more comfortable with someone who has more experience.

      • HPofNARNIA says:

        I do have a career plan to become a concept artist and if the Silver Chair goes great I like it and if they make HHB I would probably join in. I’ve done a fan art of how I envisioned the Silver Chair itself to be like and it looks great, I’ve even done some amazing artwork from a book series my sister is writing called, ‘Daughter Nature’, it is very similar to Narnia.

    • Puddlegollum says:

      I have a feeling that you and Devin and very close. Dude, I don’t want to be offensive, but maybe you could try a little more humility?

  • starlight says:

    Even before this interview with Gresham, I’ve had a positive feeling about the production. David Magee is a really great choice.

    4 for me!

  • wolfloversk says:

    I’m a 4. I’m hopeful. I mean there’s a lot of unknowns with this so the spectrum for what to expect is kind of wide open right now. It could be really terrible, or it could be really awesome, or it could be neither… but what we are hearing so far has lit that star of hope for me. Hopefully in a year or too I can call myself excited, but we shall see.

  • JillandDigoryFan says:

    I’m gonna say 4 but the most important thing in the script is not to make it a ‘Save the world’ story.
    That is the huge mistake they’ve done in VDT. If SC becomes a video game, they could probably add that in it.

  • Jillfan says:

    I’m neutral but leaning towards optimism. 3.5 🙂 Can’t wait for more news!

  • narnia fan 7 says:

    Right now I’d say I’m about a 3 I’m still in a bit of wait and see mode because thare are still a lot of unknowns at this point though I’m vary optimistic about what we know.

  • MusgraveMan says:

    I think the South Dakota Badlands would be a pretty great place to have the main journey the three take on the way to the giants, especially when they see the giants rise up from the rocks, but I have no idea if it would be expensive to film in the U.S. and the fact its a national park, or if it would not be expensive since its a state with a small population. Anyways, just a thought.

    • HPofNARNIA says:

      Omg that would be perfect, I don’t live too far from the South Dakota badlands, if they do film there, I can go and visit the set.

  • Son of Rillian says:

    I can see Silver Chair having a Chamber of Secrets feel to it and maybe it will let some Harry Potter fans know that’s how Rowling got the idea.

  • Gandalf the Grey says:

    Give Mel Gibson the director chair for the upcoming SC film, he will do it well.

    Consider Mel Gibson:
    1. He can bare christian themes (extremely)
    2. He can make GREAT movies in just low budget.
    3. He got this UNIQUE style and has good experience.
    4. He got very high imagination – Narnia was written in high imagination.
    5. Image the Aslan he will bring into the stage: the voice, the shot, and the power.
    6. Gibson’s best is the clarity of any messages he can bring in a movie: casts, score, visual, and deep soulful lesson. Imagine Aslan appearance moment without having to said anything, Gibson will definitely create the feel, you know.

    If you are agree with me, please promote my idea to the team and the studio to address Mr. Gibson. I’m just hoping for the best Narnian film to produce, not another insufficient adaptation.