RUMOR: The Silver Chair Releasing Late 2018?

Actor William Moseley (High King Peter) sounded confident about The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair‘s production schedule while promoting his latest film, Carrie Pilby. In a video tweeted by a fan, he says:

The Silver Chair… My character, as you probably know, isn’t in that book… until The Last Battle. That starts filming in autumn of this year and will come out one year later. September 2018 or Christmas 2018, the next Narnia will be released.”

High King Peter is also mentioned, but does not actually make an appearance, in The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis.

Moseley is an unlikely source for an announcement like this, so consider it just a rumor for now. He may have been merely summarizing what many fans have speculated since Producer Douglas Gresham revealed his hopes to start pre-production early this year. We are working on getting confirmation.

UPDATE: Here’s the complete video. When asked if he would be willing to play Peter again, he responds “Yes, 100%!”

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  1. Angelo says:

    Hoping and praying that all the Narnia books will be seen at the big screen.

    • ♥LucyFan♥ says:


  2. narnia fan 7 says:

    Most fans have been speculating a late 2018 release. David Magee has mentioned this as a possibiliy on Twitter, and it would make sense of we get a director announced soon. so until we get an official announcement I'm just take this as speculation since I'm guessing he probably doesn't info we don't.

  3. Glumpuddle says:

    Gut reaction: Seems like he was just innocently summarizing what he'd seen fans speculate.

    It was just strange to see him speak of it as a thing beyond doubt. His tone sounds like he's making a big announcement.

    • Impending Doom says:

      To those wondering how William Moseley would know of such things, its likely because he's good friends with Vincent Seiber who is actually one of the producers on The Silver Chair.

      I wouldn't take this as a confirmation but it does seem likely with what both David Magee and Douglas Gresham have been saying recently

  4. Anfinwen says:

    He sounds so positive! Do you think there is a possibility that the filmmakers have been in contact with him just to put the feelers out to see if he was interested in working on Narnia again? He didn't pause or hesitate at all like "well, I think I've heard that it may start production in the fall" etc. William really doesn't sound like he is repeating movie biz gossip.

  5. Narnia follower says:

    Wait a minute… so that means auditions are open or on-going?

    • Lily says:

      Honestly, are news about auditions ever made available to the public? Even main roles?

      • Narnia follower says:

        Well before when they searched for the cast of Pevensie siblings. But that was years ago so I guess it won't be public, or it may be.

  6. Ryan says:

    How can he just be speculating if he says it will start filming in autumn. That's way too specific!

    GUYS, do you think it's possible if the director, cast, filming locations and everything else has already been chosen? After all, it has been 3+ years since they announced the Silver Chair. Can they hide this stuff from the press and surprise us all? That would be brilliant!

    • narnia fan 7 says:

      A director,cast etc will be announced when they have been chosen. Studios don't keep that stuff secret.

      As for Moseley saying filming could begin in fall, I don't think that's to specific too be speculation, as that is probably the soonest filming could start. Assuming we get a director announced some time vary soon, then at least 5 to 6 months of pre-production. It is a little odd that he seems so confident about it. But until we get an official announcement best to take this with a grain of salt.

  7. fantasia_kitty says:

    I'll believe it when I see it. 😉

  8. Glumpuddle says:

    I'm just glad this video was posted now, and not two days from now. 😉

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      Ugh, yes! XD

    • Michael says:

      Oh, the horror that is Narnia April Fools! We are probably the worst group of fans to play tricks on!
      If you don't mind me asking, can anyone post article/discussion on Narnia Web?

  9. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    Based on the way William's talking and his body language, it really seems like he's been privy to conversations that the average fan hasn't. I mean, the timeline here is very much in line with what fans have speculated, but if *I* were talking about my expectations for SC's release, I would not sound anywhere near as certain and emphatic as he does here. So taking this news item with a grain of salt for the time being, but it is very heartening to watch that clip all the same! Full steam ahead. 😀

    • Anfinwen says:

      That's what I keep thinking. Just reading the words isn't very promising; but when I watch the video, his body language, tone and over-all confidence just don't seem compatible with speculation or hearsay.

  10. Rogin says:

    This makes sense although it does seem a but odd coming from William Mosesley.

    Think about this – The Silver Chair will begin filming this year! Can't wait to learn who is going to helm this project! Further up and Further In!

  11. Lily says:

    Aww I love William's enthusiasm to reprise the role! I think they should create a role for Peter in The Horse and His Boy. There's no reason he shouldn't be in it. In fact, I wonder why C.S Lewis left him out? He is the High King and it takes place in the golden age. Does anyone know?

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      I've been wondering about whether or not the filmmakers would include Peter in HHB as well…

      From the standpoint of why C.S. Lewis didn't include Peter in HHB, I think it's because a) his presence in Tashbaan might seem like a challenge to the Tisroc and therefore he doesn't work well for a diplomatic visit, and b) he probably would have dominated the battle scenes at the end of the story, being the famed warrior that he is.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the filmmakers decided to have Peter and his army return from the giant wars in the North and ride into Anvard to provide relief to struggling defenders there. Not sure how I feel about it, but I can definitely imagine them doing it.

      • Lily says:

        Ooo I didn't even think about King Peter being the center of attention had he been present at the battle!

        But I'd like for him to make a cameo. How can there be a Golden Age with no King Peter the Magnificent??
        It would be interesting to see him honor Shasta in the end for being so brave and welcome both Cor and Aravis into Narnia or somethin like that!

        HHB is the shortest book and I think there's a lot of creative space they can work with. Anyway, Silver Chair is what we need to focus on!

  12. waggawerewolf27 says:

    The IMDb board for Silver Chair has been updated as from 9/3/2017, but I couldn't find its production status, which when I last looked was "in script". And I couldn't find the comments board which usually accompanies any forthcoming movie featured on IMDb. So only time will tell.

    • The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

      Yeah, they actually shut down all of the message boards on IMDb earlier this year. Shame. 🙁

  13. ChristianMan17 says:

    As Long Sc isn't as bad as VDT, I would love William and the rest of the cast to come back and the last of the series. I probably have a feeling we may get our director announced before the end of Spring. My votes r either Chris Columbus or Mel Gibson

  14. Gandalf the Grey says:

    Give Mel Gibson the director chair for the upcoming SC film, he will do it well.

    Consider Mel Gibson:
    1. He can bare christian themes (extremely)
    2. He can make GREAT movies in just low budget.
    3. He got this UNIQUE style and has good experience.
    4. He got very high imagination – Narnia was written in high imagination.
    5. Image the Aslan he will bring into the stage: the voice, the shot, and the power.
    6. Gibson’s best is the clarity of any messages he can bring in a movie: casts, score, visual, and deep soulful lesson. Imagine Aslan appearance moment without having to said anything, Gibson will definitely create the feel, you know.

    If you are agree with me, please promote my idea to the team and the studio to address Mr. Gibson. I’m just hoping for the best Narnian film to produce, not another insufficient adaptation.

  15. Larry W. says:

    It would make a great Christmas present to everyone if the movie is well done, no matter who is the director. I would like the film to be old fashioned, which may not require a large budget. More attention would be given to story adaptation and acting. I think that is the content these movies really need.

    • Gandalf the Grey says:

      That is why Mel is the 'best option'.

      You said a 'well done' movie. What bad movie has Gibson done?

      You also said 'old fashioned'. See the 'Passion of the Christ', 'Apocalypto', 'Braveheart' and 'Hacksaw Ridge'; are not his movie seem as they were history themselves? Image Mel creating something magical.

      You also said a 'low budgett movie. All Gibson film had never reach $50 million, and YET he made his movie far better than big budget movie. Hacksaw Ridge was done with just $20 million which was exchange into Australian $40 million for a beef up. $20 MILLION US DOLLAR FOR REASON SAKE!!

      And you said also the focus should be on acting and adaptation. Come on man, Gibson like to stay true to the source especially when it is a good story. An acting, man, he can bring out the best in people to act – Consider 'Apocalypto', all the actors and actress in it never ever had any acting role or career before.


      (please, as one narnia fan to another, I do not have great internet supply for i am down in the south pacific. You (any fan) might be my only reach of hand to any member of the team. I do believe in Mel Gibson's talent by his works and result, and that he can bring us 'that' narnian cinematic thrill)

      • Lily says:

        David Magee said on Twitter that 'they're far from looking around' for a director, so i'm assuming they've picked on but they haven't announced it yet.

        anywhoo how do you know if Mel even wants to direct Narnia? Has he said?

      • Gandalf the Grey says:

        To 'Lily':

        I do not know, it is just my suggestion to try. Gibson had said before that he might even considered doing a movie with the green screens. And i thought that this might be it. We can try contacting him, and hand over a script of the movie and see what he'll say.

        The guy has a great talent, I just want to appreciate that skill of his before he dies.

    • TheeNarnianMeerkat says:

      HEAR, HEAR!!! Encore, encore!!

  16. George Johnson says:

    Hey guys! I just found about this Narnia petition to have Liam Neeson play Aslan in the Silver Chair movie!

    • Gandalf the Grey says:

      Liam Neeson voice was good, but to me, it wasn't the voice that Lewis said in the LWW to be deep and rich. When i here Liam's voice it doesn't struct me with the feel that it is deep. Liam's voice is soft and low.

      If i would say what is deep and rich, here: 'It has to have one voice sounded from within like from a distance but clear (deep) and at the same time other voices should sound as to foil that one voice making it rich – more like a sound of many but one.'

      If one hear the voice of Smaug – the effect of it should be like that, so penetrating that one can feel the sound flowing through himself.

  17. NarniaFan20 says:

    Does William know what he's done!!!!

    • Gandalf the Grey says:

      'Nothing wrong' I would say. William is just like us being passionate for the narnian story.

  18. Aslan#1Fan says:

    Super excited! Thanks for the update!!!

  19. So happy…again there will be chronicles of Narnia..I am eagerly waiting for December 2018..

  20. TheeNarnianMeerkat says: