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As the The Silver Chair Reading Group continues, Mel and Twigs dig into the discussion inspired by chapter two and tackle some big questions. Does Aslan eat girls or swallow up cities and realms? What does Aslan REALLY think of Jill Pole? How should Aslan be different in The Silver Chair film compared to the previous three movies?

Many thanks to all of the contributors to the reading group for their insights and ideas! For those who are new, please feel free to check it out and join the fun as Narnia fans read through The Silver Chair together.

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8 Responses

  1. Aslan Return says:

    I think Aslan should look the same as in previous movies. Aslan does not change. I still hope Liam Nesson will be Aslan.

    • ChristianMan17 says:

      Same here. I don't want this movie to be like BBC where every Animal looks incredibly fake. I don't want a puppet like Aslan and a Balloon like Snake.

    • waggawerewolf27 says:

      I am not at all sure that Liam Neeson can return as Aslan, because this is an absolutely new franchise and I don't know how much this new production is going to be affected by the moratoriums in place over the three Walden productions.

      • ChristianMan17 says:

        I would be a little disappointed if Liam Neason doesn't come back. I also thought maybe Charles Dance would probably do a good job.

    • Bardu says:

      Aslan has looked very different in every movie so far, so I'm not too worried about this.

  2. Lucas N. L. says:

    I believe they will probably change as the team will be new. Aslan changes form in the books, this was not explored directly in the last films. A bird, a lamb, a black cat, a lion (he giant in the last book) and a mysterious form in the final scenes of the chronicles.

  3. Fireberry says:

    Sean Connery as Aslan!:)

  4. Caspian_Xth says:

    Where they mentioned the part where Jill went to drink water not being about trust yet, I disagree. In order to be able to get her drink of water, Jill would have had to temporarily turned her back to Aslan. This would have given Aslan plenty of time to swallow her up without her even knowing it.