Prince Caspian Discounted Tickets for NarniaWebbers

The Logos Theatre sent us this video, offering NarniaWebbers 25% off tickets to see their acclaimed stage adaptation of Prince Caspian!  The video also includes a fantastic glimpse of the opening scenes (just a rehearsal, but still exciting to watch).

For discounted tickets, call 864-268-9342 and say NarniaWeb sent you. Summer performances in Taylors, SC will run June 15 – July 15. Stay tuned for our review!

5 Responses

  1. Chloe says:

    I so wish I could see this!!! It looks really awesome!

  2. Lord Argoz says:

    Very nice.
    However, I still don't think the great discount will offset the price of me flying out from Prince Edward Island Canada:)

  3. Jerry says:

    This is really cool. I watched the whole thing. I like it a lot.

  4. coracle says:

    I was pleased to read that actors from the Living Like Lucy Ministry will be visiting the theatre for a few days this week and next week. This is worth following on Facebook if you are interested.

    They posted:
    "Our ministry is preparing for an epic journey back into the land of Narnia with the amazing artists and performers of the Logos Theatre! We plan to be there this Thursday-Saturday, the 6-8th and also the following weekend of Thursday-Saturday, the 13-15. The Logos has been putting on simply the best Narnia production currently out there at their theatre in Taylors, SC.
    We will be journeying down to join them in their celebration of C.S. Lewis' amazing story of Prince Caspian, one of the enchanting stories in the Chronicles of Narnia series.
    Several of our performers will be hosting a special addition to the Logos Theatre's Backstage Pass, which is an opportunity for patrons of the show to come backstage after the show and meet the actors, Caspian's horse, and of course Aslan! We will be adding to this amazing experience the opportunity to see the real movie props and costumes of Narnia as used in the Narnia films! Come and see the gifts of Father Christmas that include Susan's bow, Lucy's cordial, and Peter's sword. You will also get to see Lucy's iconic orange dress from Prince Caspian, the Miraz royal family costuming, as well as the London Train Station outfits and the final passage outfits worn by the Pevensies! These are not replicas or theatre made- these are the real deal! And of course there is likely to be a few surprises you will just have to come take a backstage pass tour to discover! So make the journey and join us at the Logos Theatre and support the performing arts and this great theatre's amazing work!"