See Will Poulter in ‘Detroit’

As Narnia fans continue to wait for more Silver Chair news, previous cast members are involved in many other projects.

Ben Barnes will be appearing in “Marvel’s The Punisher” on Netflix. No release date for the series has been announced, but Barnes recently discussed his role in an interview.

Will Poulter stars in ‘Detroit’, a docudrama about the 1967 riots in Detroit, Michigan. The film opens world-wide August 4.

Watch an interview with Poulter here:

And view the trailer here:


Georgie Henley stars in “Access All Areas”, a comedy about a gang of teenagers at a music festival.

6 Responses

  1. Does this mean that Will Poulter will return as Eustace?? That would really be fantastic!

  2. Anfinwen says:

    The problem with Will Poulter is that he still has the same babyface. That is why people can't seem to let go of him as Eustace. In fact the face is the least important thing as it can be de-aged with makeup and digital. It's the voice and height that disqualify him for Eustace. They would take more effort than they are worth to fix.

  3. He was the best part of the movie.

  4. Bob Hume says:

    Wait, what about William Mosely in 'The Veil'?