Caspian’s Resurrection (And Other Things We Hope to See in The Silver Chair Movie) | Talking Beasts

It looks like a release date announcement might be on the horizon for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair! In this episode of Talking Beasts, we discuss what we want to see in the film adaptation of a book we love so much. Should Liam Neeson return to voice Aslan? Can The Silver Chair work as the first in a new series? How will the film handle the multiple climaxes?

NarniaWebbers: Rilian, GymFan, Glumpuddle

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19 Responses

  1. Eustace says:

    I went and listened to Brian cox's voice. And I have decided now I have a new personal favorite for the voice of Aslan. I would love to see Brian Cox play Aslan because I want to hear his take on Him.

  2. farsightings says:

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  3. Eric Geddes says:

    I want Father Time. I want him to look imposing and mysterious. And I would like to see Bisum since it adds more to the world of Narnia.

    • Glumpuddle says:

      I agree. Both of these would be so easy to cut because they are not plot-essential. But I don't think Narnia is a plot-driven series. It's the atmosphere I remember most. I love the idea bizarre unbelievable things being at the bottom of the world.

  4. HPofNARNIA says:

    Whoever music Composer they choose better makes the scores sound magical (this is one of my wishlists for the film).
    No huge epic music, have flute or clarinet sound in it and have the vocals sound like Angels.
    I know a lot of fans really want Harry-Gregson Williams to come back but i, unfortunately, don't see it happening. There r other great Music composers like James Horner, he's done great music for 'Titanic', 'Balto' and 'Jumanji', but sadly he died a couple years ago.
    I enjoyed a few scores that David Arnold did in VDT but most of it just doesn't sound like Narnia to me.

  5. fantasia_kitty says:

    Ready to see 'The Camel and His Boy' now…. Or hopefully not. 😉

  6. Larry W. says:

    The death scene of King Caspian was so moving. I hope they do it well– including Eustace driving the thorn into Aslan's paw. The blood of the Lion flows into the stream and makes Caspian young again. It's much like the crucifixion of Christ. Here Aslan is the most like Christ in Narnia. The BBC series was very faithful to the story in showing this, although it did not have today's technology. This is a wonderful part of the book, and it certainly deserves to be in the new film.

  7. waggawerewolf27 says:

    Yes, it would be great to see Caspian's resurrection scene. I'd prefer though that the person whom the old actor metamorphoses into would be a young adult such as was Samuel West in BBC VDT or even Ben Barnes in PC. Or at least or someone in that age group. The young idealistic prince, as Eustace met him, in VDT, rather than a ten year old child.

  8. Anfinwen says:

    The name Brian Cox sounded familiar to me, which is odd since I'm not a huge movie watcher; I have heard him as the emperor Nero in the "Beric the Briton" audio drama. He does have a really nice voice, and I hope he is at least considered for the role.
    Narnia and LotR fans may recognize a few other voices in "Beric the Briton"

  9. Skilletdude says:

    The film series will never have its major focus on the character of Aslan.

    That is, unless Douglas Gresham and/or the Lewis Estate miraculously convinced these filmmakers that a big-budget fantasy movie could be profitable with a story involving two children learning to understand, trust, and obey an anthropomorphic Christ-like figure. Even in your conversation here, this central theme of the series (and Lewis' point in writing the books) was vaguely boiled down to something like "hope outside of ourselves".

    These books wouldn't be considered classics unless they were just straight-up great stories that were masterfully told. Yet, I think the interwoven Christian theology gives the series its primary reason for existing.

    Thus far, the the filmmakers have either been rendered spineless, or maybe just woefully clueless, when it comes to preserving many of these messages Lewis intended for his Narnian world. Will the creators of The Silver Chair achieve this fine balance of entertaining the masses and purposeful storytelling? We'll see.

    Great podcast once again, guys. Thank you!

    • Glumpuddle says:

      Although, overall, I think the first two movies get more right than wrong, I agree they did fall into generic feel-good shallow "believe in yourself" territory too often. I think the Narnia books resonate with me much more than other fantasy because they are NOT that.

  10. TheLukeskywalker2 says:

    I hope they stop at the Silver Chair and take the moment of the fourth sign in. And the tension that causes.

  11. Christian says:

    If Liam Neeson, Ben Barnes, and Harry Gregson-Williams wouldn't be in this film, then everything we thought how Narnia feels and looks like have to be changed. Until now, whenever Narnia comes to my mind, I'd listen to the first two films music. If it's really a reboot, they should start with the first (chronological one) of the series. But then again, it's better to have a film adaptation than nothing.

  12. narnia fan 7 says:

    One nitpicky hope I have is for better dialogue. In each the first three films there was some dialogue that sounded a bit to modern for my liking. Hopfuly with David Magee we won't have that.

  13. High king Peter says:

    I believe Ben Barnes should return as Caspian.. The ending of Silver chair (Spoilers!) , Prince Caspian dies in a sad, emotional way. But keeping a new Caspian for the role could be less convincing to audiences. Ben Barnes is the best choice as Caspian in SC since the audiences saw him in PC and VDT, it
    will be emotional and soothing scene to see an old character from Narnia pass on.
    And Lilliandil, trumpkin can be played by their previous actors.
    ( let alone Eustace, he'll be re-casted anyways)

  14. JFGII says:

    As a Narnia Movie fan, I can't help but secretly want a surprise return of the Pevensies at the end of The Silver Chair. Talk about fan-fiction (bare with me):

    After the events of this movie at Experiment House, Eustace introduces Jill to his cousins at a fancy dress ball on Christmas break (Jill is still wearing her beautiful Narnian dress). After all the talk and praise of the High Kings and Queens, Jill meets Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, and they turn out to be just kids and teenagers. The Friends of Narnia are established.
    This is not in the book, but it would be a sweet ending if done well.

    However, I understand that not only do the filmmakers want an all-new cast, but that they also want this film to stand on its own. Therefore, no Georgie Henley and no freshly-cast Lucy.
    But hey, you can't please everybody.