The Silver Chair is Mark Gordon’s Next Project?

In 2015, it was announced that The Silver Chair producer Mark Gordon and Entertainment One (eOne) had formed a partnership, and a recent article in Variety discusses this partnership’s first film headed to the silver screen: Molly’s Game, an acclaimed, based-on-a-true-story drama centered around an underground poker game. The article also offers some insight into the general vision for the company and its next project, which Narnia fans will likely find encouraging as we wait for further news on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair:

The goal is for Gordon’s group to produce anywhere from two to four films a year. The company thinks that “Narnia: The Silver Chair,” a revival of C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” film series, will be its next project.

While the article suggests that Mark Gordon will be “venturing into big-budget fantasy territory” with The Silver Chair, this quote from Gordon also indicates the diversity of eOne’s projects:

“The great thing about eOne is that because they are so strong in terms of their distribution operations, we are developing and making films that are anywhere from $5 million to $150 million. There are no particular dos and don’ts as far as what movies to make. We just want them to be creatively strong, commercial pictures with an accent on quality.”

Thanks to ‘Bartek’ for the alert.

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  1. Eustace says:


  2. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    The possibility of Idris Elba voicing Aslan has been bandied about by some fans, so it's interesting to see him already involved with a Mark Gordon/eOne project.

    • Glumpuddle says:

      Hmmmm. That's the first name actor I have seen suggested that kind of intrigues me.

      But my general thinking is that the role desperately needs an unknown. Much like the challenge they had with Superman in 1978. You don't want audiences to be thinking about a famous actor when Aslan speaks. Aslan is Aslan.

      • Molly says:

        Amen you beautiful person! Aslan is Aslan! Before I knew who Liam Neeson was I saw the movie and it was as if every part I had ever read about Narnia had come to life in that voice…….I feel I would be dissapointed if anyone else voiced him.

      • Vanessa says:

        Does not really matter how much you got to pay him. Liam Neeson's voice cannot be redone. Aslan is now Aslan with that voice. It is clear, meek, humble and strong. Don't change this too!

    • Christianman17 says:

      My possible theory was Charles Dance because his voice is similar to Liam Neason's

      • Gandalf the Grey says:

        I think it's better young actors for Aslan's voice unlike the old which could die during inter between films.

  3. narnia fan 7 says:

    Makes sense given all the major pieces have been in for several months now. Maybe we'll finally get a release date in next few months.

  4. Is "Narnia: The Silver Chair" the actual exact title? This would be a healthy middle ground between the original model of the film's names and GlumPuddle's idea to drop "The Chronicles of Narnia" from the title altogether.

    • Impending Doom says:

      Interesting. I hadn't even noticed that until I read your comment. I just went back to the latest press release (Variety) announcing Joe Johnston as director and it uses that exact same title. The only time it uses "Chronicles of Narnia" was in reference to the books…

      Looks like this could be the official title. Although I like the Chronicles of Narnia as apart of the title, I also understand the need to differentiate itself from original set of films. This would be a subtle but effective way of letting audiences know that The Silver Chair will be different.

    • narnia fan 7 says:

      I suppose that's possible, but I kind of doubt it. Seems like Variety is the only one calling it "Narnia:The Silver Chair" All the official press releases on and even director Joe Johnston social media page's refier to it as 'The Chronicles of Narnia – The Silver Chair'

  5. Lo says:

    Exciting news! Looking forward to this one.

  6. Narnian Elf says:

    This means we'll be getting casting announcements in the near future! The production team has impressed me thus far so I'm intrigued to see how this turns out.

  7. Rick kuhn says:

    He's doing skyfall next

  8. Rick kuhn says:

    Star fall?

  9. John says:

    Please don’t change the cast for the silver chair it would ruin my childhood