Mark Gordon on “The Next Series” of Narnia Movies

Red Carpet News TV interviewed producer Mark Gordon at the premiere of Molly’s Game during the Toronto International Film Festival. You can view the brief interview here. 

“We’re starting the new series of Narnia books, The Silver Chair,” Gordon said. “We have a wonderful director, Joe Johnston, very, very talented man. And I think that the last movie’s been about ten years ago, and so I think we have an opportunity to reinvent it with wonderful actors and an interesting setting. The world of visual effects has been much more sophisticated then it’s been in a long time, and we think the next series of movies are going to be great.”

Thanks to Bartek for the alert.

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  1. narnia fan 7 says:

    Nothing we didn't already know.

  2. HPofNARNIA says:

    I, unfortunately, don't see a 2018 release date. So it may not be released until 2019

  3. Fireberry says:

    Slightly off topic. Just saw BLADE RUNNER 2049, and they've brilliantly expanded that first story into a deep, rich saga. (Lewis of course did it first!) Let's see if Silver Chair '19 takes gold!

    • JFGII says:

      Blade Runner 2049 is bombing at the U.S. box office. Too bad. Really liked the film. But Blade Runner is a one-time sequel. If the Silver Chair bombs, no more Narnia movies. (Until a 2049 post-apocalyptic reboot, that is).

    • JFGII says:

      You made a good short review of BR 2049 Fireberry

    • Glumpuddle says:

      I saw it last night and loved it. Probably way too smart and daring to be really successful at the box office. 🙁

  4. Hiking Peter says:

    This is exciting! I think it'll be nice to get some fresh minds in Narnia.

  5. Ariel_of_Narnia says:

    "The world of visual effects has been much more sophisticated then it’s been in a long time…." Here's hoping that they do better with their VFX than The Hobbit trilogy….

  6. Mark Hunt says:

    This is encouraging. I liked the Silver Chair, but it's the three movies after that that's going to be interesting. They have to do the Horse and His Boy(my favorite book out of the Narnia book series) then the Magicians Nephew and then The Last Battle. Unfortunately so much time has past since the first three movies that I'm not sure if it's not just wiser to redo all of them starting with the Magicians Nephew and then ending with the Last Battle….
    Either way can't wait till they make another one.

    To Narnia and the North!

  7. Josh says:

    If the Silver Chair was to bomb (which I really hope doesn't happen), the CS Lewis Company needs to sell the rights to Netflix and allow them to make all 7 books into live action or animated films.

    • pattertwig says:

      If this film really were to bomb I think a TV series could be the way forward. Nowadays big money is being poured into TV series and big actors are more than happy to ditch films in order to sign up for TV series.

      Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Series first part 'Golden Compass/Northern Lights' bombed at the box office and is now being adapted as a TV series by HBO/BBC.

  8. Gandalf the Grey says:

    I think – with Joe's now experience – the SC is going to be a very good adaptation, and I think after this it will be an on-going thrill with the Final Battle as the next film.

  9. Lion's Mane says:

    Let's just hope they get Weta Workshops back for Silver chair and the others, (to the best of my knowledge) Weta wasn't working on the Dawn Treader and it showed..

    • Gabrielle says:

      I hope we do, it was so cool to see the beautiful work in the movies, and read the WETA book and know they were actually trying to male the design of the movie authentic.

  10. Dreamm says:

    Urgh sounds SO exciting! I really would like to audition for this film. I wanna be part of telling these great stories. Anyone have any ideas regarding what I could do? 🙂

  11. HELLO says:

    I was wondering if any open auditions have been confirmed or if cast already has been confirmed. I would love to audition

  12. JFG says:

    I wonder how far in preproduction the Mark Gorden Company is with 'The Silver Chair'.
    I'd love to know who director Joe Johnston wants as The Music Composer, to score the film.
    I'm pretty sure Johnston would have wanted James Horner, if he were still with us.