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We’re checking in with The Silver Chair Reading Group in the NarniaWeb Forum again. Twigs and Glumpuddle go over some of the discussion questions and dig through notable posts. Why didn’t Jill simply write the signs down? How will the owls speak in the movie? Why did Lewis include the moment where Caspian decides not to kill his friend?

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  1. shastastwin says:

    Re: Stump a NarniaWebber, there are actually two different answers in the books. I can't remember where the switch happened, but in one edition (either UK or USA) it was 7 and then in one it was 9.

    • Pattertwig's Pal says:

      I have the USA one and it is 9. Can anyone check the UK version? Now I am curious.

    • Glumpuddle says:

      Hmm I just checked and both versions say nine. Looking at the last chapter in The Silver Chair.

    • shastastwin says:

      I'll have to double-check my Narnia Companion. I'm fairly certain that's where I remember reading about this. I think it's one of the small changes that only would have been noticeable in the very early editions.

      • shastastwin says:

        Ok, I have perused the Companion and have come to the conclusion that I am a fool of a Took.

        There is a minor change in this chapter of SC from British to American (one of the few that was kept into the post-1994 editions): the spelling of "leech" (orig. "leach" in the British editions) in regard to Cloudbirth. (The only other American change to last into the modern editions that I'm aware of is some changes in LB regarding "farther" and "further" in the last chapters.)

        However, I can't find any mention in the appropriate entries of the number of names for Aslan changing, despite my very clear memory of this being part of the Companion on my last thorough perusal of it (some 10-15 years ago).

        The best I can figure (discounting the possibility of the Mandela effect) is that my original confusion as to why there would be 9 names for Aslan instead of 7 somehow combined with the knowledge that some small changes like that made it into the now-standard editions to give me the impression this had been changed.

        My sincerest and most humble apologies for not having double-checked my facts before posting.

  2. Skilletdude says:

    Like Walden's Prince Caspian, I think the filmmakers will choose to ditch the narration with the owls. Wouldn't it make more sense to portray those story points in an intro instead of killing the film's momentum? In PC, I was quite impressed with how they seamlessly worked Trumpkin's flashback into the main narrative and it didn't feel jarring at all. I hope they attempt the same strategy in The Silver Chair.

    • Bob Hume says:


    • Lord Argoz says:

      I think that the scene with the owls could either be done really well or really badly. I hope that it is in there and done well though, as one of the scenes I reeaally want to see on the big screen and can imagine being absolutely breathtaking, is that of Eustace and Jill on the backs of soaring, Narnian owls.

      • Reepicheep says:

        I think it would be really hard to make the movie without that scene I mean I guess it could be done but that is what gets them started on there adventure.

  3. Movie Aristotle says:

    You're welcome.

  4. HPofNARNIA says:

    the Story about what happened to Rillian is very important, they have to get that in the movie. I actually imagined that as the opening scene for this film and then we go to either Jill or Eustace, and plus, one of my wishlists for the film is to have the opening credits b like in the first two movies. If I could, I would addition to voice Glimfeather. I'm very good at mimicking sometimes, just depends on how the voice sounds. Although, I've been thinking lately that it would be kinda funny if they get any of the actors who voiced the owls in Legend of the Guardians movie.

  5. Happy Narnia Day everyone!
    I think it is best to have the owls speak with a general "who" accent/voice rather than using the words in the book. I think the Focus on the Family radio theatre did it quite well.

    I expect we will see this movie come to fruition. I don't know why else they would have hired a writer and had him give interviews etc. That would seem strange to me. I suppose they could change their plans and cancel it though.

    I was surprised at a poll on twitter that about 45 % of those polled said they discovered Narnia through the live action films. This surprised me because I have always grown up with the books and many of my church friends have too. However the films have been a good thing, especially if it leads people to read the whole series.

  6. Bob Hume says:

    Can you PLEASE address this question in the next podcast? How should the new movie portray Aslan literally blowing the two children from Aslan's Country to Narnia? It doesn't seem like something that's easily translated from book form to film.

  7. Angelo Martins says:

    Jill could not write down the signs. Aslan commanded her to REMEMBER, it was the first step of the task. And it looks like this was essential to make her burden harder than Eustace's, as a consequence of her mistake on the very beginning of their journey to Narnia.

    The remembering thing is part of the rise of Jill character througout the story. Since the start she thinks that would be easy to remember the four signs. Is an essential part of the learning. Take note of the instructions looks like a smart thing to do but only if we think about the utilitarian side of this decision.

  8. Jillfan says:

    Talk about Jill’s dream and how to do that in a film. The BBC’s version of it was terrible IMO

  9. the4signs[repeat] says:

    Glimfeather storybook idea… too funny! (Or should I say tu-whoo funny?)

  10. K m skulptor says:

    Stump:who made Yenko and his brother, masters of the universe?