Georgie Henley to Make Professional Stage Debut

According to, Georgie Henley will be starring in a new play, Angry by Philip Ridley at the Southwark Playhouse next year. The play is a set of monologues that will be performed by Henley and a male actor whose casting has not yet been announced.

The Southwark Playhouse’s website has a fascinating synopsis:

 A spaceship hurtles towards a black hole. A book-loving couple flee a burning city. A bloodshot eye conjures up kisses and wild animals. Angry is a menacing, magical, and darkly comedic collection of stories that vibrate with the lingering unease of our times.

Jack Silver, the Artistic Director of the producing company Tramp, said that he was expecting Henley to be good, but her auditions “absolutely blew us away”.

“She’s a major acting talent and I think audiences are going to be surprised at just how mature and versatile she is.”

6 Responses

  1. coracle says:

    This is exciting. I think she always had plenty of power,even as a young girl. I hope she won't always be doing dark material though!

    • Tiriana says:

      I agree on hoping she doesn't keep doing the dark stuff. When I see her in LWW and see how innocent and cute she looks and think of what kind of stuff she's doing now, it makes me quite sad. The other kids were a bit older, so it doesn't make me AS sad with them (particularly the older two) doing darker things, but with Georgie it makes me want to cry! And thinking of her "potty mouth bucket" during the filming of LWW, and now she swears very badly on Twitter. Why, Georgie, why?

      • Hermitess of Narnia says:

        That's why I haven't gone out of my way to watch other movies that the people who played Narnia characters are in. Okay, I did watch Dr. Strange and that had Tilda Swinton, but it was still a little weird to see her play a different character.
        Overall, I wish Georgie would do family friendly things. But she is her own person and probably has been told this will expand her career. We can hope and pray she'll be offered better roles instead.

  2. Fireberry says:

    Cool! I know the Southwark Playhouse. It is a small, very groovy little venue, just blocks away from where Shakespeare's Globe Theatre once stood.

  3. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    Congratulations, Georgie!!!!!!

  4. Puddleglum says:

    Great to hear! I hope she does well. But I also wold like to see her do lighter stuff.