Georgie Henley: “Narnia Gave Me Everything I Have Now”

The Chronicles of Narnia star George Henley recently gave an interview with WhatsOnStage where she talked about her memories of Narnia, her life after the films, and her newest role and professional stage debut in the Southwark Playhouse play Angry. (Check out the trailer for Angry here.)

When asked about being cast as Lucy Pevensie, Henley says:

“It was my drama teacher at Moorfield School in Bradford who actually started the process. It came out of nowhere, at first I thought I was auditioning for a local pantomime at the Alhambra in Bradford! My parents at one point took me out of the process because they had reservations about the whole experience, they’d heard about how it can corrupt young child actors, but my sisters talked them round.”

She also shares these words about her experiences filming The Chronicles:

“Narnia gave me everything I have now. At the time I really felt like I’d jumped in at the deep end – on my first day I had to be told not to look in the camera. But travelling the world and meeting all those people gave me the hope that I could carry on with acting as a career.”

In talking about dream roles, Henley offers praise for Lucy Pevensie:

“I do find it very difficult to find roles that I as a woman would want to see portrayed – 80 per cent of the roles that I read I just go “really?” I’m lucky that Lucy was a character who was independent, confident and entirely firm in her own convictions. I want to avoid being there as a device, so the lead actor can learn something. I want characters with journeys. That’s the great thing about Angry; I get to take five different characters on their own paths.”

Angry debuted at Southwark Playhouse in London on February 14th and is scheduled to run through March 10th.

8 Responses

  1. I'm glad Georgia Henley is happy with her career. Wouldn't it be nice if she could come back as an adult Lucy Pevensie in some of the remaining Narnia books, if ever they were to be filmed?

    • Tiriana says:

      Oh, absolutely! I really really really hope that if/when they do The Last Battle (my favorite book) that they'll bring back the original Pevensie actors. It simply wouldn't feel right without them. Same with The Horse and his Boy. I'd so love to see Georgie pull off that awe and wonder she has when she is in the new Narnia. I want to know if she can still play a realistic Lucy. I believe she can. I think most of her acting problems in VDT was due to bad script/directing, because she still had some great moments in there (especially at the end of the world through to the end of the movie). The problem I think is that the movie messed up Lucy too much. The parts that were more like the book were great as far as acting, etc.

      Ok, that went all over the place. Sorry!

      • JFG says:

        It would be wonderful if Georgie Henley DID return for those adaptations, but I don’t think that will happen at all. Georgie could cameo as a different character, etc., but I think the new Narnia films will emotionally detach themselves from the first 3 films by scrapping and recasting all the previous actors (Liam Neeson), while still acknowleging that those 3 stories DID happen. I look forward to whoever will play the Pevensies in The Last Battle. Like King Tirian, we would be meeting the legends for the first time…

  2. Jilian says:

    Ithink it’s really cool that Georgie is choosy about what roles she takes.

  3. lumosdeus says:

    Amazing how she acknowledges her career kickoff. Some actors/actresses who got big doing a movie when they were little, want to kind of "hide" that in some way. I understand it sometimes, but its amazing seeing Georgie still loving Narnia!

  4. Fireberry says:

    Here is an audio interview with Georgie and Tyrone Huntley on Curtain Call Theatre Podcast.