The Return of Talking Beasts

Posted February 13, 2018 5:00 am by Glumpuddle

The podcast is back (now on Tuesdays) for the first time in 2018! We took a couple months off to examine feedback from you, the listeners. Thanks, everyone! I’m glad people are getting something out of the discussions and I think your observations (both positive and negative) will help make the podcast better.

For this transitional episode, we wanted to invite you all into our creative process and explain our hopes for the podcast and rationale for the direction we are taking it.

One of the main goals of this show (and NarniaWeb in general) is to give fans of C.S. Lewis and Narnia a platform on which to make their voices heard. Please continue to post comments below and in the new Facebook group. Thanks for being a talking beast!


Voices of NarniaWeb: 
Send your 1-3 minute audio file to podcast[at] with “Voice” as the subject. Suggested talking points:

  • Begin with your name (or alias) and location (country or state will suffice)
  • How you discovered Narnia, first impressions
  • Favorite book, character, scene
  • Anything else you’d like to mention about Narnia and what it means to you.

Think you can stump a NarniaWebber? Send trivia questions to podcast[at] with “Stump” as the subject.

The C.S. Lewis Minute is brought to you by William O’Flaherty from

Look for our next episode on Tuesday February 27. We will begin our commentary on The Horse and His Boy.

21 Comments For This Story

  • narnia fan 7 says:

    Good to have the podcast back! Looking forward to a new era.

  • AravisX says:

    Nice to have this audio series back. I will do my best to try to get the three minute audio file(not sure if I have the technology for proper audio. We’ll see I guess. Always love love hearing stories of people’s lives.

  • Fireberry says:

    Great to hear your voices in this new year! Very glad to hear how your new angles will emphasize ways in which the Narnia books have impacted the lives of readers. Looking forward to the new chapters! Following close. Further up and further in!

  • Julie Allen says:

    I really like Narnia movies such as The Lion,The Witch,& the Wardrobe & I like Prince Caspian & the Voyage Dawn Treader.

  • HPofNARNIA says:

    Thanks for mentioning my name.

    • glumPuddle says:

      Thanks for posting feedback! Sorry we can’t do video on a regular basis. I’ll keep it in mind and look for opportunities.

  • SusansArrow says:

    Another person from a large family!!! Lol!

    I loved it! It’s great to have you guys doing podcasts again! I really enjoy listening to you guys talk about your various opinions and all.

  • SusansArrow says:

    I did like how you guys had it set it this time. It did take me a moment to figure out why different voices came on near the end, but was able to figure it out. I’ll know what to expect next time, but you may want to somehow make the change a bit more distinguished.

  • Musgrave says:

    Loved the nostalgia trip!

  • waggawerewolf27 says:

    Thank you for mentioning me, also. And I’m looking forward to the commentary on The Horse and his boy, my favourite of the seven Chronicles of Narnia books. Is a team member just going to read this book chapter by chapter? Or will each Talking beasts episode include discussion of those chapters as well?

    • Rilian says:

      We won’t read everything, but we will discuss. The first two chapters will be covered in the first episode. Reading every line becomes an issue due to the books being copywriter.

  • Jilian says:

    Yay! You’re back! I think the new format sounds great! I loved the BBC Narnia music you put in.

    • Skilletdude says:

      It was a nice surprise. The BBC Narnia theme is more beautiful than any music in the Walden films, in my humble opinion.

      • Jilian says:

        I agree! What I love about it is how majestic and antchent it sounds. I feel like it captures the spirit of Narna. I think the newer versions always tried to be too epic.

    • Col. Klink says:

      I know a lot of people like the BBC Narnia theme. But I find it pretty bland and lullabye-like. (That doesn’t mean I don’t think they should use it in the podcast though.)

  • Casey says:

    I love to read, does this come in a book format?

  • hogglestock says:

    Yay! Podcasts are back! Thank you! I like your plans for the future.

  • Anfinwen says:

    So happy the podcast is back! I really enjoyed this episode, and I’ll definitely record a clip. I can’t wait to hear you discuss HHB. Will there be a reading group for it as well? A possible way to keep including the members in the podcast in the future would be to present a specific topic or question and ask us to send in a clip with our thoughts or opinions.

  • lumosdeus says:

    I really love the podcast, I’ve been listening to a lot of episodes lately Please make more!! Tons of fans are waiting for active Narnia podcasts

  • Jonathan Paper says:

    As of May 2018, are you still taking "Voices of Narniaweb" submissions? I would like to submit one