Netflix News Roundup: 10 Oscar Nominations for ‘Roma’

We are still waiting on Netflix to reveal more details on their plans for The Chronicles of Narnia, but the streaming giant has not been idle for the past few months…

Roma Receives 10 Oscars Noms

Roma, directed by Alfonso Cuarón, became the first Netflix Original Movie to be nominated for an Academy Award. In fact, it received 10 nominations including Best Picture.

Ted Sarandos on Theatrical Releases

Netflix’s chief content officer said:

“I love the theatrical experience and we’re not in conflict with anyone, I think we’re a complement to each other. [Roma] is awesome on the big screen, but most of the world does not have access to do that. What I want to do is connect people with movies they’re going to love. And they’re going to love ‘Roma.’ They’re going to love it on their phone, they’re going to love it on a huge big screen.”

Could Narnia get a theatrical release like Roma?

Roald Dahl Universe

Netflix is extending the Roald Dahl universe of stories for global family audiences with an exclusive new slate of original animated event series, based on the books from the acclaimed and award-winning author’s best-selling library, including Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryMatildaThe BFGThe Twits, and many other beloved titles.

Daredevil Cancelled

Netflix has cancelled many of its Marvel shows. Most surprising of all, Daredevil was cancelled in the wake of critical acclaim for Season 3.

Carmen Sandiego Trailer

See the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the 90s computer game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? In addition to the animated series, a live-action movie is also in the works.

Raising Prices, Stock Soaring

Netflix’s cheapest basic plan will cost $9, up from $8; its most popular HD standard plan will cost $13, up from $11; and its 4K premium plan will cost $16, up from $14.

Grishaverse Novels

Another fantasy series is coming to Netflix. “The plan is for these eight episodes to adapt aspects of [Leigh] Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy and parts from her two Six of Crows novels.”

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4 Responses

  1. The Rose-Tree Dryad says:

    Fingers crossed that one day we'll see some Oscar nominations and theatrical releases for Narnia on Netflix! 😀

    Netflix's Carmen Sandiego adaptation is interesting because it's an animated series AND a live-action film, both starring Gina Rodriguez… I wonder if they're considering a combination like that for the Narnia series and movies?

  2. JFGII says:

    Congrats to Netflix on Roma’s Best Picture nominations. It’s a great film and I hope it wins Best Picture. I saw Roma in theaters before seeing it at home, and that made a lot of good difference, but it’s still great in either medium.

    I still hope that Netflix will make the last four Narnia books into theatrical films shown in theaters. Like the 2005-2010 Narnia movies. Movies have so much staying power and repute when given a theatrical release and are not just floating around on a streaming app.

    My prediction for a publication-Order Narnia adaptation:

    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2020)
    Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia (2022)
    The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2024)

    Theatrical Films:
    The Silver Chair (2026)
    The Horse and His Boy (2027)
    The Magician’s Nephew (2028)
    The Last Battle (2029)

  3. I'm really hoping that we'll get a successful theatrical release for ''The Silver Chair''!

  4. JFGII says:

    Roma won the BAFTA for Best Film (British Academy Award for Best Picture), so Roma might be on it’s way to winning Best Picture at the American Academy Awards.