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How well do you know The Chronicles of Narnia? Can you stump a NarniaWebber?

We are answering trivia questions submitted by listeners to determine who the Nerdiest NarniaWebber is!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this episode! If your question did not make it into this show, it may appear in later episodes.

WATCH the video or just listen to the audio:

17 Responses

  1. Anfinwen says:

    That was great! Please do it again sometime! Some of those were really hard.

    • Monty Jose says:

      I agree:D do this again next season:)

    • The People like me that want Narnia: The Silver Chair to be made in to a film, Shall make a comment and vote yes to those people who don't want Narnia back in theatres shall say no but still comment.

      I want Narnia: The Silver Chair to hit theatres in 2020.
      who's with me on that.

      • Cleander says:

        Yes! As optimistic as I'm trying to be about the Netflix series (which I was initially kind of upset about), I still would love to see the Silver Chair come out in theaters like a normal movie. I don't know if that's possible right now or not, (the general consensus around here is that it's not) but I would love to see the theater release come out as a complete surprise! You never know; it was never officially announced that they'd cancelled it; Joe Johnston is still down as "Currently directing The Silver Chair," so… we could just be in for a lot of Narnia stuff in the future! Keep hoping, bro!

      • Col Klink says:

        I'd love a theatrically released movie adaptation of The Silver Chair. But I think it's silly to demand people voice their opinions, positive or negative, on the idea in the comments section of a podcast episode that was about Narnia trivia in general. If you really want to drum up support, why don't you comment on a post that is more closely related to movie adaptations or Narnia adaptations in general?

  2. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    This was legend, wait for it… DAIRY! Please do this again! Also, the fact that you used one of my questions made my day:)

    Also, the lighting was superb!

    • Rilian says:

      Gp did all the lighting, so he gets the credit for that. It was a lot of fun—much more fun than I anticipated.

  3. Julie Allen says:

    I still like the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

  4. Mrs. Beaver says:

    I agree; that was fun. (And the fact that you used one of my questions made my day, also.)

    I looked up "pavender" for extra nerd power, thinking it was a British thing. No, it's apparently a Narnian fish referenced first in "Prince Caspian." (Thanks, internet. I'll have to go look at the book now.) I am impressed that C.S. Lewis worked a made-up fish that simply serves as a food source into two of his Narnia books.

  5. Col Klink says:

    This was a lot of fun. (And not to pat myself on the back, but I got half the questions right.) Can anyone who worked on the contest tell me what the categories mean? I got most of them but I still don't understand what "whistles and whirligigs" signifies.

  6. Col Klink says:

    (Don't read this comment if you haven't watched the video yet.)

    Congratulations, Daughter-of-the-King! BTW, I knew that it was elevenses and not elevensies. 🙂

  7. Lord Argoz says:

    I really enjoyed this. Thank you for putting it together – and using one of my questions!

  8. Monty Jose says:

    Is “Voices of Narniaweb” still going to be a thing? I’ve been meaning to make one, but I kept forgetting. But now I don’t want to send one in unless it’ll potentially be used haha

    • Glumpuddle says:

      We stopped receiving submissions, so decided to take a break from it this season. But if listeners want it back, we'll do what we can!

  9. Cleander says:

    I got maybe half of the questions right (and no, I couldn't remember the three servants' names either).
    And I also cracked up every time coracle said "This question was submitted by IMPENDING DOOM!" XD
    Congrats, Dot!