Netflix Film Chief Looks “Beyond 2021,” Mentions Narnia

In Netflix’s recently released slate of films for 2021, The Chronicles of Narnia was nowhere to be seen. However, in an interview with The New York Times, Netflix’s Head of Original Films spoke about projects beyond 2021 and mentioned Narnia:

Mr. Stuber said he was encouraged that “the quality of the filmmaking continues to grow” on Netflix but would like to increase the company’s focus on big-budget action films. He sees Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” as one example of that this year, but is also looking beyond 2021 to movies like “The Gray Man,” starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, from Joe and Anthony Russo (“The Avengers”) and a new adaptation of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

The New York Times

This interview snippet follows a recent update from Narnia producer Mark Gordon, who stated that Narnia films and television series were still in the works at Netflix. As of now, we have no word on when the upcoming Narnia adaptation will be released. Here’s everything we know about Netflix’s Narnia.

How do you feel about Netflix’s upcoming Narnia adaptation being listed among big-budget action films? Share your thoughts in the comments below or the discussion forums.

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  1. Cleander says:

    Still over 365 days until it comes!
    Seriously though, it’s good to see it getting mentioned this frequently by the folks at Netflix- I think we can take this as a pretty good indicator that Narnia was not simply bought as a speculation and then forgotten about. Aslan is on the move!… albeit rather slowly….

  2. fantasia says:

    We have been assuming (or at least I have) that Covid has postponed production of Narnia, but I’m starting to question if that’s actually the case. The only thing that would have likely been postponed is filming, and I don’t think they’re that far along as we’ve heard nothing. In the meantime they can certainly write scripts, storyboard, cast people, and do all sorts of other preproduction planning. Possibly even as far as start to put together props and costumes.
    I’m thinking that filming later this year and a release in 2022 is not impossible. It even seems to be loosely implied here.

  3. JFG II says:

    I’m a “patterns” person: Concerning Narnia (specifically Wardrobe), Walden’s Wardrobe was released 17 years after BBC’s Wardrobe. I’m hoping Netflix’s Wardrobe will be released 17 years later in 2022. 😉

    BBC ‘88
    Walden ‘05
    Netflix ‘22

    That’s assuming they do Nephew & Wardrobe at the same time, or they just do publication order. 😉

    • Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

      From the business perspective, it will be very interesting to see which order they choose. Personally I’m betting chronological because publication might not produce enough interest with no new stories until after VDT.

      • Geekicheep says:

        I agree. And if they know any Narnia fans at all – and I sure hope they do – they’ll understand that MN ranks high on most people’s lists. It would make a lot of sense for them to start with MN, because it would get serious fans (like us) excited, and get casual fans (like my family) curious. I absolutely love LWW, but if I were trying to generate new interest in Narnia I would go with MN.

        To answer the main question though, I knew Netflix would not forget Narnia. On another show of theirs, “Locke & Key” they made several (hilarious IMO) Narnia references. More importantly, they shelled out a ridiculous amount of money – I’m no business savvy entrepreneur type, but common sense says you invest that much in something you gotta use it. 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    10,000 years later, bunch of business bs, many have given up hope, I only have a little, I waited 10 years and forgot about it for several cause I have a life but this is just sad, should’ve filmed all 7 books YEARS AGO, at least BBC filmed 4, they didn’t wait a freakin decade to film a movie that takes place after VDT, it’s pretty sad when Eustace is almost 30

  5. Dianne Reif says:

    Please produce NARNIA series as soon as possible. Everyone wants this.

  6. Andy Harrelson says:

    Patience is a virtue, I sure hope it’s worth the wait!

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