New German Narnia Audio Drama Includes 4 Songs

A new German audio dramatization of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was recently released by two regional public broadcasting corporations, SWR and NDR. It includes four songs.

Listen: Part 1, Part 2

Song #1

The opening song is called “Das Unrecht wird geh’n,” which translates to “The Wrong Will Go.” It is inspired by the two sayings Mr. Beaver recites about Aslan and the four thrones at the dinner table.

Song #2

The second song is called “Komm kleiner Junge, komm,” which translates to “Come Little Boy, Come.” It is the White Witch tempting Edmund.

Song #3

The third piece is called “Verschlungen ist der Tod vom Sieg,” which translates to “Death is Swallowed up in Victory.” It is Aslan singing about the Deeper Magic to Susan and Lucy.

Song #4

The last song is called, “Auf der Pirsch,” which translates to “At the Stag Hunt.” It is Tumnus comically introducing the hunt for the white stag.

The drama is based on the translations of the book into German by Wolfgang Hohlbein und Christian Rendel, and features a full cast, sound effects, and original songs by Tobias Unterberg.

Thanks to Inkling for the alert and translations.

2 Responses

  1. AG says:

    A youtuber from Argentina made a musical for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but the songs are in Spanish without English subtitles.
    Here is the video with the songs and their lyrics in Spanish:

  2. Matthew says:

    It’s so cool to see people from other countries adapt radio dramas or musicals into their own languages! I don’t know German but I understand Spanish and it was cool to hear the first perspective songs the Argentinian guy created. I’m working on my own project at the moment, compiling musical themes I notice from Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre productions of the 7 Chronicles of Narnia, and I’m hoping to eventually make a website or document similar to what Eric Rawlins did for the Lord of the Rings themes. I recently finished going through all 7 and have found around 30 themes, now I just need to figure out what format to put them in. Any suggestions?

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