William Moseley’s Ancestry Reveals Royal Connection

William Moseley was a fresh face cast in Disney/Walden’s The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to capture the role of Narnia’s High King. Looking back 15 years later, his performance may have been more natural to him than previously thought.

A recent article published by ‘Hollywood Ancestry‘ has revealed that William Moseley is a “descendant of pretty much every royal house in Europe” and the 21st great-grandson of Scotland’s most famous King, Robert the Bruce, who fought for Scotland’s independence against England.

This family lineage was new information to Moseley. He responded on Twitter saying “It is just amazing. I had no idea about a lot of this…” and in a separate tweet “I appreciate this to no end. Any one who has their family tree explored by you (Hollywood Ancestry) should count themselves very lucky. I love the way you have put everything together.”

You can trace Moseley’s family line in its entirety here.

7 Responses

  1. Impending Doom says:

    Is this the ultimate Narnia trivia question?!

  2. Cleander says:

    It’s especially fitting that he’s a descendant of Robert the Bruce, whose royal banner bore a red lion!

  3. Icarus says:

    That’s an interesting fact…. Untill you realise that everyone in Europe is descended from Royal Blood.

    Studies have shown that for any given person in Europe living today, you only have to go back 900 odd years in the past to be guaranteed to find someone of Royal Blood in their family tree.

    Partly it’s just a statistics thing – your number of ancestors increases exponentially with every generation you go back in time, such that if you go back for any significant number of generations you will exceed the number of people alive on the planet at the time. Even once you account for duplicates it still means you are related to pretty much everyone else at some point.

    In fact, almost all Europeans can trace their lineage back to King Charles the Great, Charlemagne. Not sure why him specifically, but there you go.

  4. SonofStone says:

    Well… ok. It is kind of cool, but what you say makes sense. The fact that he descended from Robert the Bruce does spark your imagination though, especially seeing as he is one of my favorite European monarchs.

  5. coracle says:

    It’s true, I guess, but isn’t it fun when Hollywood has an interesting story, well presented, for fans!?

  6. EJH says:

    I clicked on the website, and they have 4 other articles about Moseley’s more recent relatives. He has an influential architect, physicist, sailor, and promoter of development of a Bible in Chinese in his family tree. It seems that his family works pretty hard at their jobs.

    The Robert the Bruce connection is really overrated as Icarus pointed out, but still fun to hear about.

  7. Geekicheep says:

    Wow, two new incredibly awesome facts I learned tonight!
    I’ve heard of Robert the Bruce, but never knew that about the lion. If you look up his name on DuckDuckGo, there are pictures of people who played him in movies and stuff. The red lion definitely looks like something the High King of Narnia would wear lol. What are the odds? That’s so amazing!