“Tumnus Isn’t Who You Think” | Video

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A new YouTube channel, “Into the Wardrobe,” has begun posting informational videos about characters in The Chronicles of Narnia. Both Narnia nerds and novices are enjoying them. Above is an episode about Mr. Tumnus, including his mythological background and where C.S. Lewis might have found the name.

For the comments section:

  • Did this video teach you anything about Tumnus?
  • Do you think he is an underrated character?
  • Do you wish Lewis had developed him more?

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7 Responses

  1. Hasdrubal says:

    Tumnus was definitely the power behind the throne during the early years of The Pevensies’ rule. From lowly spy to chief minister of state, my boy Mr T playing the long game 😀

  2. Cleander says:

    He was probably eyeing the throne after the Pevensies disappeared…

  3. Mrs. Beaver says:

    I was going to cry for all of the uncredited artists whose works are featured in the video, but then I discovered that they are actually credited in the description on the YouTube posting. Whew.

    I learned about where Tumnus’ name might have originated plus the difference between satyrs and fawns, but the rest was pretty familiar.

    I don’t think Tumnus is underrated. Has anyone actually said that? He’s quintessential Narnia.

    C.S. Lewis could have developed many characters further, Tumnus included. *shrug* I don’t get the impression he was hung up on everyone having a solid backstory or character arc.

  4. Keeper of Lantern Waste says:

    I was surprised to hear the difference between fauns and satyrs, especially in their overall attitude/goals (I suppose this is what happens when much of your Greco-Roman mythology knowledge is from Percy Jackson?)

    I don’t think Tumnus is at all underrated, particularly when he’s often on the cover of many LWW copies.

    I think Tumnus’ arc is fine as it is. While I would be interested in knowing stuff like “Why did he agree to be a spy in the first place?” I don’t think it’s particularly story relevant (I would guess unanswered questions like this would be the basis of those possible Narnia spin-offs, if Netflix ever starts/finishes the main series)

  5. AJ says:

    What a clickbait headline.

  6. Larry W. says:

    I like this YouTube channel. There is much information about Narnia’s characters and many other things from the seven books. The name of the channel is same as the website Into the Wardrobe. I guess it is legitimate, although a different name for it might have been better and more original so that the channel and website won’t be confused. I subscribed to it since it is lively and interesting and has much information about Narnia.

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