Watch Trailer for C.S. Lewis Biopic “The Most Reluctant Convert”

A biopic tracing C.S. Lewis’s early life and his long journey to Christianity is set for release on November 3rd.

As a one-night film event, The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis will be shown at venues in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Miami Beach, San Francisco, and many more. Find a location near you here.

The Most Reluctant Convert features award-winning actor Max McLean as the older Lewis and Nicholas Ralph – breakout star of PBS Masterpiece’s All Creatures Great and Small – as young Lewis. Beautifully filmed in and around Oxford, this engaging biopic follows the creator of The Chronicles of Narnia from the tragic death of his mother when he was just nine years old, through his strained relationship with his father, to the nightmare of the trenches of World War I to Oxford University, where friends like J.R.R. Tolkien challenge his unbelief.

Directed by Norman Stone, the movie is based on the one-man stageplay starring Max McLean, who is reprising his role in the upcoming film. The play’s script frequently quotes directly from Lewis’s writings, such as his autobiography Surprised by Joy and other works like The Problem of Pain and God in the Dock.

Watch the trailer:

18 Responses

  1. Col Klink says:

    Is this story really that untold? I mean there have been several biographies of C. S. Lewis. As this article itself mentions, he even wrote a memoir.

  2. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    That’s a common Hollywood marketing tactic. They’re only counting movies and books don’t count, and other than Shadowlands, I can’t think of any films released about C.S. Lewis’s life.

  3. Arianna says:

    So, from what I understand it’ll only be released in the US? :’-(

  4. Cleander says:

    Looks good. Don’t know if I’ll see it, but I like the effort.

  5. Filomena Jürgens says:

    Waiting anxiously to watch but Iwhat If IT IS Not released in Other places.

  6. Rosemary Haslam says:

    When is it coming to the UK, after all he was born in NI and was professor at both Oxford and Cambridge universities, England!

  7. Lord Paul anthony Cope says:

    Clive staples Lewis a great man whatever the film does or does not get perfect on the forensic side of his life is irrelevant it will be a enchanting watch unless you were actually there at the time this is always the case with films and documentaries

  8. Sam Victors says:

    I can relate to Jack Lewis. I didn’t found God in the Bible or prayer, but in fantasy, myths, and fairy tales. Though I don’t think I lost my faith, it just went on a little lunch break and I was tired of the cliche of faith restored by miracles or any of that fundie evangelical Pureflix garbage. God just speaks to me through my love of fairy tales and myths.

  9. Col Klink says:

    What makes you think it’s God?

  10. Eustace says:

    I am so excited it seems to be showing really close to me. Waiting to buy tickets!

  11. Jo says:

    Hoping this is available in the UK too!
    (also, just discovered I’ve been pronouncing Phantasies wrong – and I’m British! Oops)

  12. JFR says:

    Excited to take my kids since we’ve read the Narnia series and a few others

  13. J.R.R.T says:

    Agreed! Better than a lot of other junk out there. And who doesn’t love an old time British movie!

  14. J.R.R.T says:

    Stop trolling

  15. JEK says:

    I’ve seen the live play and loved it, was afraid a movie might diminish that-but the trailer was lovely ,gives me great expectation that the movie, by using other actors and settings, does very well at respecting and fleshing out his story. I have read many of C.S.Lewis works-honest intellectual thought, and clarity with huge depth, so rare!

  16. Catherine Boyle says:

    If I miss the showing on Nov 3, will it go to streaming services soon?

  17. Susan Lueck says:

    Has God ever spoken to you through theBible?

  18. Mav says:

    Yes, definitely. He speaks His Truth, His Life, His Love, His constant faithfulness, His Redemption for mankind over & over right through the pages of the Holy Word of God! Jesus Christ is the Word of God. Bless His Holy Name…