Greta Gerwig on “Barbie”

Earlier this week, news broke that Greta Gerwig will write and direct “at least” two Narnia movies for Netflix.

Her upcoming film Barbie, is one of the year’s most anticipated releases. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gerwig shared insights into her approach to the film, its distinctive visual style, and thematic influences.

Despite the magnitude and mainstream appeal of the Barbie movie, Gerwig believes that the film still maintains a personal quality akin to her previous works;

“I’ve never been part of anything like this,” she says. “But in a funny way, it feels like the fundamentals are the same. Even though it is Barbie and it is an internationally known brand, the movie feels very personal. It feels just as intimate as Ladybird or Little Women.

‘Barbie’ is out in theatres on July 21st.

You can read the interview in its entirety here. Please note that it does contain some story spoilers!

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5 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    Sigh. She’s gonna ruin it.

  2. Rick Kuhn says:


  3. Rick Kuhn says:

    Hopefully not

  4. Edward Peterson says:

    I was hoping for good news, not silly news with a crazy director that can easily ruin the story! This is not C.S. Lewis Style! This is the new modern stuff we know is terrible! Sometimes, (I guess) the world just has to let out junk, even if it’s usually all the time; hopefully, they open their eyes in regret to follow the original path. C.S. Lewis Style.

    Overall, I do hope something turns around. I doubt Netflix would ever listen to a sign petition. But, nevertheless, trying is making. All in all, if they do open their eyes, they need to know what the public assembly thinks. Hopefully that is what they will consider. What matters the most is our voice, it megaphoned by the signatures, criticism from public assembly, and websites, etc. *You can take this idea if you want, I don’t mind* Unfortunately for us, it’s not VERY likely they’ll listen; the more signatures the better. But it is worth to try.

  5. Denis says:

    I am not sure I can trust Netflix concerning a project with such values as Narnia. My hopes are in the Douglas Gresham’s hands.