Royal Mint Unveils Limited-Edition Narnia Coin

As part of the Classic Children’s Literature series, Royal Mint has given The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe a wonderful tribute with a brand new collectable coin.

This 50p coin showcases a detailed reproduction of the original illustration by Pauline Baynes featuring Lucy and Mr. Tumnus walking through Lantern Waste.

Rebecca Morgan, director of commemorative coin at the Royal Mint, said: “Today we are beyond thrilled to be unveiling an official collectable UK 50p coin celebrating the globally adored story of the Chronicles Of Narnia by CS Lewis to our popular series.”

A limited amount are available for purchase on the Royal Mint’s website, with pricing options spanning from £11 for the brilliant uncirculated version to £1,220 for the gold edition.

Will you be ordering one? Leave a comment below and let us know.

11 Responses

  1. EH says:

    Are these coins as common in the U.K. as our state-themed quarters in the U.S. or are they like the dollar coins that are hardly ever used? I mean, are they also in general circulation in the U.K. and is there a way to just buy the coin by itself?

    I do love the design.

  2. Anna says:

    These are a must have! I’ll be starting a GoFundMe if anyone would like to contribute LOL

  3. Impending Doom says:

    I will definitely be ordering some! I do wish there were a couple different illustrations to choose from though… maybe in the future!

  4. Cleander says:

    Seriously though, that’s one nice-looking coin. The uncirculated one might be affordable enough to be a good Christmas gift!

  5. Icarus says:

    From the looks of it, this is the sort of coin you would have to purchase, rather than find it circulation.

    I do have a lot of special edition 50ps that I’ve picked up from circulation, but none that had colour elements to them.

  6. Hopeless Tree says:

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  7. Courtenay says:

    I’ve bought one! 😀 The brilliant uncirculated colour edition, which (like the plain silver one) comes set in a card with info about the story and author. I don’t normally collect coins, but this one is just special, with one of my favourite illustrations from my favourite series of books on earth!!
    I have a feeling there will be circulation of the plain silver version — there usually is for commemorative coins — but I don’t use cash these days as much as I used to, since the pandemic, and so I haven’t seen so many coins in the last few years. In Australia, commemorative coins (usually 50c) are generally circulated as well as available uncirculated and specially mounted for collectors — I remember seeing plenty of them when I was growing up. I think it’s the same here in the UK.

  8. coracle says:

    My friend has a nice collection of the ‘special’ 50p coins, as she just keeps any that turn up in her change when shopping.
    I’ve got one, which I think is a Peter Rabbit. They are just normal coins, but I expect there are special releases and probably folders for them.

  9. NN says:

    I’m always interested in collecting anything Narnia-related, so this obviously checks that box for me!

  10. AslansWatchman says:

    Amazing, if I can I will buy a few.

  11. Varnafinde says:

    If I lived in the UK, I’d probably order one. I would go for the uncolored one, with the whole motif being “carved”. £11.00. Not too bad.
    Plus delivery to International Customers £12.50. Beginning to become too bad …
    I haven’t made up my mind yet.
    (It may seem the delivery cost is per total delivery, not per coin, so it might be worth it to buy more than one …)