Saoirse Ronan Asked Greta Gerwig For Role in Narnia Movie

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Irish actor Saoirse Ronan teased the possibility of joining Greta Gerwig on her upcoming Chronicles of Narnia movies for Netflix. Ronan has starred in two of Gerwig’s previous movies: Lady Bird (2017) and Little Women (2019).

You can watch the clip here.

Saorise Ronan: I was asked to be in Barbie but I couldn’t do it because I was doing [The Outrun]…

Interviewer: Are you giving Greta a call saying “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe… I can get in there! I can get in the snow.”

Saorise Ronan: Yeah, (nodding) yes.

Interviewer: Okay, so we might see you in Narnia?

Saorise Ronan: We have that kind of relationship where I’m like “so I’ll be in the next one!” I’m so happy for them, that [Barbie] did well. I’m so delighted. But it didn’t feel right that we were away from one another. So even if I’m just making tea in Narnia. I don’t really care.

Here is a clip of Ronan in Gerwig’s Little Women:

Ronan has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards.

Gerwig is set to write and direct “at least” two Narnia movies for Netflix. At this time, the titles of the films have not been announced.

While the conversation does not confirm any official involvement in a Narnia adaptation, this exchange will certainly have fans speculating.

What role do you think Saorise Ronan should play in Narnia? Discuss further in the NarniaWeb Forums.

16 Responses

  1. Jonathon says:

    I could see Saoirse Ronan as Jadis. Sure she’d have made a good Susan or Lucy, or even been a great Jill Pole opposite Will Poulter had Walden kept going with the franchise, back in the day but given that she’s almost 30, she may be a bit too old for those parts,

  2. Cleander says:

    There’s only a limited number of roles from the books an actor her age could play, so it shouldn’t be too hard to narrow it down…
    I’m guessing Jadis, Jadis’ sister, Helen, Queen Swanwhite (if they even show her) adult Susan or Lucy ( though I think most of us would be seriously bummed out if Anna and Georgie didn’t come back) Lasaraleen,(maybe) Mrs. Pevensie, the Green Witch, or… a dryad. Or maybe Hwin.

  3. Impending Doom says:

    Expected news, but welcomed news. Saoirse would be a great addition to Narnia!

  4. HeartAttack says:

    THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! Give her the role of Queen Helen in The Magician’s Nephew!

  5. Caspian DLF says:

    Honestly if it’s chronologically (MN and LWW)
    I can’t think of a substantial role she couple play. Too old for Aravis, Susan or Lucy. Wouldn’t be my first choice to play Jadis (should be Gwendoline Christie)
    That would leave female voices. She-Beaver and Hwin.

  6. Joseph Ian Simmonds says:

    Ooh, I think she would be a wonderful choice for The Lady of the Green Kirtle. Or, if they film The Magician’s Nephew first, what about Diggory’s mother? A small part, maybe, but also the motivating factor of the entire book; her character could be fleshed out. Imagine a version of the Magician’s Nephew where you REALLY cared about the mother, almost as much as Diggory. It would make the dreadful decision in the garden of youth all the more difficult and poignant.

  7. Anna says:

    She’s be great as “old” Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Think about it. Lucy was blonde in the books and it would be a perfect transition to a Horse and His Boy movie where she could have a bigger acting part.

  8. Anna says:

    Would she be too young for Diggory’s mother in Magician’s Nephew? So many possibilities!

  9. Bolton says:

    I think Gerwig should cast new faces for these roles. I want to be immersed in the world rather than feel like I’m recognizing all these famous people from other movies.

    Of course, well-known actors can still ‘become’ the role but it’s more difficult I find. A small cameo as a talking animal or an extra in London would be acceptable.

  10. Cloudbirth says:

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I think she’d be a great Jadis. Sure, she’s on the shorter and younger side but I know Saoirse would kill in that role!

  11. HTP says:

    I’m sure Saoirse would fit a role in Narnia nicely but I’m now wondering how much longer before we hear the obligatory Timothee Chalamet rumors? I’d be less thrilled with that LOL

  12. Jo says:

    Making tea? Mrs Beaver???

  13. Jonathon says:

    “Would she be too young for Diggory’s mother in Magician’s Nephew? So many possibilities!”

    Not necessarily. Considering the average age upon which a girl was married in the 1890s ( when TMN is set), was about 23.5, at least in the US, and in England a girl had to be 21 to be legally married, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Mrs. Kirke married young and could in fact be approaching 30 when she got sick. And considering Diggory is more or less inspired by Lewis who lost his mother to cancer when he was 9, it could work. Plus nothing is more of a gut punch then the young mother dying of cancer.

  14. Col Klink says:

    @Jo, I don’t think Mrs. Beaver made tea in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mr. Tumnus and Father Christmas did that.

  15. Moonwood the Hare says:

    I could definitely see her as the Lady of the Green Kirtle (what about Chalamet as Rilian, just kidding) and I’d be curious to see her play a mother too, tbh!

    Not Lasaraleen though, she’s way too fair-skinned for that and anyway, her age doesn’t fit, she would have to be younger, as Aravis is 13, I’d expect her to be around 17 max.

    What about Ramandu’s daughter? She might be a good fit for that too and appears in two books.
    Her character could be developed more in both stories and beyond.

  16. I think Saoirse is such a talented actress that she could pull off almost any Narnia role given to her. I would love to see her as the Lady of the Green Kirtle. Which is still possible if Gerwig doesn’t make SC as one of her two films. Of course if she was going to be TLOTGK, hopefully she wouldnt be cast in an on-screen role in MN/LWW/PC or HHB (which are all potentials to be the first 2 films). I actually think Saoirse would be great as the voice of Mrs Beaver! Haha – that would be awesome!