RUMOR DEBUNKED: Report about August 2024 Filming Has Been Removed

Update 5/3/24: What’s on Netflix has removed their report.

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  1. Forrest says:

    Big if true. Sounds like things are swimming along quite nicely. Gerwig’s interviews were always a bit murky (probably on purpose) as to where she was in the process, but she often sounded as though she was still writing the scripts, but then info came to light that she’d been signed on to Narnia and had a script years ago, before she began work on Barbie. I’m sure she’s been finetuning the script(s) all this time, perhaps will continue to even up to shooting. All of which is to say, it sounds like pre-production has been ongoing for a while now.

  2. Impending Doom says:

    August is so much earlier than I expected given the “late 2024, early 2025” estimate Deadline gave.

    Hard to believe we could only be 4 months away!

  3. Icarus says:

    Filming in August (less than 4 months away) seems ambitious if they haven’t even started the casting process for the children yet – I seem to recall the casting process for the children roles in the Walden Movies taking the best part of a year?

    Unless of course they have already begun casting and it’s just been kept under wraps within the Casting Agency circuit?

  4. Eustace says:

    Yeah, I would have expected them to start casting by August not, start filming. Maybe they will announce casting soon if this timeline is correct. Honestly, I am not sure why they wouldn’t do an open casting call for at least some parts.

  5. Caspiancrown says:

    May or may not be true. Hard to believe it could be only a few months away with no news on casting or writing at all. We don’t even know what book they’re doing.

  6. It does seem fast, based on what we know. However Barbie came out last July. It is still fresh in our minds as a new movie, because the awards season for Barbie was only this year. However, Gerwig might have been working on Narnia stuff since July. (I hope she had a vacation though! She works so hard and probably needs it!)

    And I would not be surprised if casting has started or been finalised. With most Netflix shows you don’t hear much news and you only really get a trailer about 3 months before release!

    Having said all that, I do feel surprised – but hopeful – that they could be starting filming in the next 6 months. It might mean we get a Narnia film before Christmas next year! ❤️

  7. jasmine_tarkheena says:

    The countdown will be coming on real soon! What would be the odds if the new Narnia film was released in December 2025, when it will be the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Walden film?

  8. As for that 20 year anniversary, if that did actually occur, it would be more a fan-acknowledged thing. I don’t really think the promotion of the Netflix film would be “20 years ago, the first Narnia movie came out. Now we’ve got a reboot for you.”

    I think they’ll want to ignore the earlier franchise in their marketing, unless they are making Silver Chair next, as a continuation, as was suggested as a possibility on the Talking Beasts Podcast last year. Of course they might acknowledge the average person’s awareness of Narnia, but that could easily just be linked to the books.

  9. jasmine_tarkheena says:

    I also kind of wonder if Greta and her team have figure out a filming location. I’ve thought of like maybe England or Wales or Ireland or even Scotland. Another I thought was Spain or possibly Scandinavia. I would be interested in hearing news about where they decide to film.

  10. Cleander says:

    Hoping that’s true! Seems a bit early given the lack of ofher preproduction news though.
    Countdown on standby!

  11. Anfinwen says:

    I am becoming increasingly excited about her adaptation. She has done a variety of things, to the point that I don’t think we can put her in a box of expectations, except when it comes to one thing: it will be thoughtful. I may not agree with her thoughts or their connection to Narnia, but it will be deep and full of meaning. I also believe it will be artistic, something Glumpuddle has advocated for for some time now. I am certain there will be some truly beautiful moments.

  12. Jake says:

    I am so worried about this, to be honest. After that Barbie disaster of a film, I don’t have much faith in her.

  13. jasmine_tarkheena says:

    @Jake I am a skeptic myself still, but then who knows? She could actually surprise us! I am willing to wait to see how her take on Narnia turns out.

  14. @WhiteStag says:

    Glad to have clarification on this rumour, even if slightly disappointing. I’m trusting that there’s still lots of exciting activity happening in the background, regardless!

  15. WhiteStag says:

    Glad to have clarification on this rumour, even if slightly disappointing. I’m trusting that there’s still lots of exciting activity happening in the background, regardless!

  16. DaughterOfTheStar says:

    I’m not really surprised that this news is debunked. Sad as it is. It felt too fast when after all we don’t have any news in casting or a casting call. Doesn’t mean they ‘re not working on that. As @WhiteStag says, there’s still activity in the background we may not know of yet.

  17. Cleander says:

    Bother these rumors!
    In all seriousness, it did seem a little early, considering casting and preproduction haven’t even been confirmed yet.
    That said, my internal countdown clock has been wound up for far too long. I must insist on a reveal of which book they’re doing first by the end of the year, or I shall be VERY CROSS INDEED.

  18. jasmine_tarkheena says:

    Well, I can’t believe everything you read circling around the web anyways! I guess it shows that if they are just rumors, it doesn’t mean they’re fact.

    That aside, they should at least reveal what they’re going to do first- MN or LWW.

  19. Just Queen, not High Queen says:

    I’m not surprised that it’s debunked because it would feel rushed if they were to start filming in August. For one thing, I’m guessing this would probably require more than the standard twelve weeks of pre-production for most films because of vfx, which means things would be rolling along right now even at twelve weeks and we’d be receiving a lot more news. If they film in 2024 at all, it would be toward the end of the year, but we also have to keep in mind that the industry is really slow right now. With a potential IATSE strike, a lot of new productions are not being greenlit, so this could delay Narnia further.
    Besides, I’d have a feeling they’d announce which film they’re doing before they announce when they’re filming.
    I am curious, was Narniaweb informed directly by Netflix? I’m wondering if you have the same relationship with them as you did with Walden.

  20. Well I suppose it sounded a bit unrealistic 🙂 I’m glad a site like Whats on Netflix is still thinking enough about Narnia to post something about it.
    Looking forward to more news sometime soon 🙂